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Special Purpose Lee Enfields.  #13. Skennerton Special Purpose Lee Enfields. #13. Skennerton

Soft cover, 11¾ x 8¼ in., 48 pp, over 60 illust. in photos & line drawings, durable thread-sewn binding with laminated covers, 2001. ISBN 0 949749 25 7. Historical & technical descriptions of limited production De Lisle silenced commando carbine models and assorted gas operated conversions of the Lee- Enfield rifle in England, New Zealand, South Africa & Australia, over forty-year time frame.
(SAIS #13)

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Know your Walther PP & PPK Pistols Know your Walther PP & PPK Pistols

Covers models P.P., P.P.K., K.P.K., P.P. Super; T.P.H., and copies. Includes chapters on history, catalog sheets, development, wartime production, postwar German and French production, markings and numbers by period, experimental pistols, 4mm conversion units, operation, magazines, ammunition, and more. Illustrated with photographs of each weapon and exploded view drawings (parts schematics), etc.

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Practical Markmanship. M. M. Johnson. jr. Practical Markmanship. M. M. Johnson. jr.

Most gun people know about Melvin Johnson from the M1941 Johnson rifle he designed with his company, Johnson Automatics, as a competitor to John Garand's more successful design. Few realized that he was also a serious marksman involved in formal competition shooting.

As the name implies, Practical Marksmanship is an overview of real world field and military shooting with rifles and machine guns. While not directed specifically at competition shooting, it derives influence from the competition world, as does all high level marksmanship. Noted in the chapter, "Target Practice and the Combat Training of the Soldier":
"Target practice, properly conduced over a sufficient period of time and with correct psychological approach, is the most efficient, the most practical, and the most valuable means of creating military character, or 'Fighting Heart.' "
Johnson goes from there and give guidance for making elevation and windage corrections at unknown ranges, engaging with snap shots, against moving targets, and gunnery with machine guns. Overall, this is a fairly complete, yet concise, book on field shooting I've read to date.

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Pig Dog Knife Pig Dog Knife

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Sea of Gold. Lew Sutherland Sea of Gold. Lew Sutherland

The history of deerculling and the deercullers in New Zealand

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Loading the Peacemaker. Colt's Model P. Scovill. Loading the Peacemaker. Colt's Model P. Scovill.

History of the Colt Model P Peacemaker.
Describes the loading procedures and accessory equipment for loading and using the Peacemaker.

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303in Lewis Machine Gun.  #14. Skennerton 303in Lewis Machine Gun. #14. Skennerton

.303 LEWIS MACHINE GUN Skennerton
Soft cover, 11¾ x 8¼ in., 48 pp, over 60 illust.; photos, assembly & pattern drawings, durable stitched binding & plastic laminated covers, 2001. ISBN 0 949749 42 7.
Lewis ground and aircraft gun variants in Briti sh Empire service along with references to its US counterpart manufactured by Savage. The service details, maintenance & stripping, accessories & spares are described in this classic reference.

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Modern Machine Guns. Walter Modern Machine Guns. Walter

This authoritative guide to post-war machine-guns covers a vast array of weapons from the Gatling gun to the six-barrel Vulcan. In addition to outlining the history of each weapon type and its development, this guide cites the caliber, ammunition, length, weight, feed, rate of fire, and muzzle velocity of each weapon. Includes weapons manufactured in Britain, the US, Germany, Russia, Yugoslavia, China, Italy, Israel and Czechoslovakia.

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Standard Catalogue of Colt Firearms Sapp Standard Catalogue of Colt Firearms Sapp

Standard Catalog of Colt Firearms contains Colt classics and cutting-edge models including Tommy guns, 1911 autos, and Monitors.
Provides pricing and identification data useful when monitoring online auction sites and research online sites for the best deals.
Features a foreword from Colt Manufacturing Co. Still America's oldest continually produced firearms brand, Colt may not be making as many new models as it once did, but the value of what's out there is on the rise; creating a robust market for collectors.
With 500 large-format color photos of Colt firearms and modern Colt clones, certified pricing in up to five grades of condition, serial number data, and details about legendary (Tommy guns) and trendy (Anaconda and .28 Supers) models, this one-of-a-kind reference helps you identify arms, and inspires your appreciations of Colt.

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Australia's S.M.L.E. Variations. #19. Skennerton. Australia's S.M.L.E. Variations. #19. Skennerton.

Out Of Print

Skennerton & Labudda
Soft cover, 11¾ x 8¼ in., 48 pp, 75+ illust.; photos, assembly & armourers drawings. Stitched binding, plastic coated cover, 2004. ISBN 0 949749 49 4.
Special Lithgow models of the No.1 Rifle are described, along with the Heavy barrels, sniper model and competition aperture sights and No.6 Jungle Carbine. Wartime OA, BA, FA and WA annex production details along with bayonets and the later 7.62mm trials and conversion of No.1 and No.6 models. (SAIS #19)

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450 & 303 Martini Rifles and Carbines. #15. Skennerton. 450 & 303 Martini Rifles and Carbines. #15. Skennerton.

.450 & .303 MARTINI RIFLES & CARBINES Skennerton
Soft cover, 11¾ x 8¼ in., 48 pp, over 60 illust.; photos, assembly & pattern drawings, stitched binding, plastic laminate cover, 2002.
ISBN 0 949749 44 3.
.450 Martini-Henry, .303 Martini-Metford & .303 Martini-Enfield conversions plus exploded detail drawings of all parts with armourer maintenance & service manual stripping instructions. Many accessories listed along with List of Changes references. (SAIS #15)

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Modern military Rifles.  Walter Modern military Rifles. Walter

This handbook is an authoritative source, by a leading weapons authority, on the most important military rifles in use in the world today. Modern Military Rifles includes makes and models from leading manufacturers and examines rifles from Germany, Russia, the USA, France, Britain, China and other major producers. Modern Military Rifles covers all significant aspects of design and employment, with data for each weapon on length, weight, barrel, magazine, muzzle velocity, cyclic rate and cartridges. Based on detailed research and familiarity with rifle models and variants, this book is an outstanding and up-to-date reference source.

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Treatise On Ammunition. 1887 Treatise On Ammunition. 1887

Out Of Print

Hard cover, 480 pp, 180 illust. with 9 additional full-colour plates plus fold-out charts. Facsimile reprint 1999, with dust jacket. Very well-detailed and fully indexed treatise on British service small arms ammunition, gun ammunition, rockets, powder, charges, fuses, shot & projectiles. Especially for 19th century artillery enthusiasts, this would have to be the ultimate reference for ammunition of the period.

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Future Weapons.  Dockery Future Weapons. Dockery

Guns and gear for the battles of tomorrow...fully illustrated with photos.
From the chariot to the catapult, the army with the most advanced technology rules the battlefield. Today the U.S military is working on weapons unlike any ever devised, from rifles and other devices carried by ground troops to vehicles and heavy armor. Here a foremost chronicle of military action and weapons guides readers through the most advanced armaments and equipment of today - and tomorrow.

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Secret Gadgets and Strange Gizmos Secret Gadgets and Strange Gizmos

The relationship between war and science — as old as the wheel — entered a whole new realm with the Civil War, the first truly ""technological"" conflict. Secret Gadgets and Strange Gizmos traces this evolving connection from the deadly innovations of the Union and Confederate forces to the top secret, high-tech inventions that are making military history today. Chronicling the hits, the misses, and the important technological advances produced by the U.S. military’s high-tech hubs — aviation, wireless communication, the Internet, atomic energy, satellite technology, and space travel — this richly illustrated book takes readers from the ironclads, land mines, and ship-launched hydrogen balloons of the Civil War to the world-changing bombs of the Atomic Age.

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Ballistic Allsorts. Thompson Ballistic Allsorts. Thompson

Ballistic Allsorts is, as the name implies, the compilation of an assortment of topics centred around the theme of the ballistics of small arms, with a separate chapter devoted to each such topic.
With over half a century of professional, sports and competitive shooting behind him, Ian is well qualified to offer his readers this book. During his career as a ballistician, Ian has worked on trouble-shooting and product-improvement programmes for a variety of existing weapons systems and on research into possible future systems, as well as running the ballistic consultancy service, Baltec. This accumulation of experience, together with his lifelong interest in the 'hows, whys and whens' of shooting allows him to cover the field with an unusual depth of understanding.

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The illustrated Encyclopedia of Handguns. Zhuk The illustrated Encyclopedia of Handguns. Zhuk

Second Hand Hardcover, owners name inside, Ex Cond.
A hard to find book.

This superb reference book identifies 1080 revolvers and 1320 pistols and is an indispensable to twentieth-century handguns. More than 2600 individual drawings, all of the highest standards of draftsmanship, give comprehensive coverage and make this book both unique and exceptional.

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Colt on the Trail Colt on the Trail

Bound in a Solid cover. From the Keith Cochran reference library


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Living with Glocks. Boatman. Living with Glocks. Boatman.

Glock aficionado Robert Boatman speaks from experience when he calls the revolutionary black plastic pistol 'that rare thing you can trust with your life'. In this book he explains why. In addition to demystifying the Glock trigger, Boatman describes and critiques each Glock model. Separate chapters on the G36, G20 and full-auto G18 emphasise the job-specific talents of these standout models for those seeking insight on which Glock pistol might best meet their needs. And for those interested in optimising their Glock's capabilities, this book addresses all the peripherals -- holsters, ammunition, accessories, silencers, modifications and conversions, training programs and more. Whether your focus is on concealed carry, home protection, hunting, competition, training or law enforcement, this book covers all the basics. If you own a Glock or are considering investing in one or more, Boatman has done your research for you. This is truly the Glock bible.

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Browning Machine Gun, Caliber .50HB, M2 Browning Machine Gun, Caliber .50HB, M2

FM 23-65
a U.S. Army Manual
What makes a heavy machine gun designed and developed in the latter days of World War I still relevant to modern militaries? Reliability, durability and longevity, coupled with a hard-hitting, accurate .50-calibre cartridge designed specifically for this machine gun from the .30-06 cartridge - one of the most successful, versatile and popular rifle cartridges ever. developed.
In 1918, as the German military developed thicker armor plate to withstand hits from American rifle cartridges, American firearms genius John Moses Browning was tasked with designing a heavy machine gun to fire a new .50-caliber cartridge capable of penetrating that armour. Browning came up with his famous .50-caliber M2 heavy machine gun, known affectionately to doughboys, GIs, grunts, aircrews, sailors and devil dogs as "Ma Deuce."
This latest edition of the U.S. Army FM 23-36 Browning .50-caliber manual includes an extensive foreword that outlines the history and development of the M2 and its use by the military forces of at least 90 countries throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. This is a must-read for anyone ­interested in the operation and maintenance of this incredible weapon.

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Six Guns by Elmer Keith Six Guns by Elmer Keith

Secondhand, 1ST Edn Very G Cond, small bump to spine. Red cloth binding with grey spine covering. Dust Jacket in vg condition.
Picture displayed is of a current copy.

It is now more than 100 years since Elmer Keith developed a keen interest in handguns. As the decades became a part of the past, Elmer Keith was recognized as a great shot on the range and in the field and the leading pistol and revolver authority in the land. It is very likely that he burned more gunpowder than any man living today. Extensive experiments were conducted in arms design and with ammunition. His bullets and loads, the result of these efforts, are still in common use today.
Many friends, not the least of whom was Judge Don Martin of Salmon, Idaho, prevailed upon Elmer Keith to produce a major opus sharing his vast knowledge of handguns and shooting techniques. Sixguns is the answer to this demand.

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The German Assault Rifle 1935 - 1945. Senich. The German Assault Rifle 1935 - 1945. Senich.

This comprehensive volume details the circumstances surrounding the development and fielding of the machine carbine, machine pistol and assault rifles employed by Hitler's Wehrmacht. It also includes a complete review of the ammo, field accessories and special equipment intended for the short cartridge weapon.

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Treatise on the British Military Martini.1869 - C1900. Temple, Skennerton Treatise on the British Military Martini.1869 - C1900. Temple, Skennerton

"A Treatise On The British Military Martini, Vol.1" by Barry Temple & Ian Skennerton.
The first volume in the series covers the development , trials and acceptance of the Martini-Henry into British Service.
(246 pages, well illustrated)
Martini Henry Reloading and History

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Treatise on the British Military Martini. 1880 -C1920. Temple, Skennerton. Treatise on the British Military Martini. 1880 -C1920. Temple, Skennerton.

"A Treatise On The British Military Martini, Vol.1" by Barry Temple & Ian Skennerton.
The first volume in the series covers the development , trials and acceptance of the Martini-Henry into British Service.
(246 pages, well illustrated)

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The handbook of British bayonets: A buyer's guide. Skennerton. The handbook of British bayonets: A buyer's guide. Skennerton.

This pocket reference is a companion to ‘British & Commonwealth Bayonets’ with notes and dimensions of all the bayonets from that volume. The back cover features inch and centimeter scales for measuring muzzle ring diameters, blade, overall and scabbard lengths to assist in ready identification.

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Collecting Classic Bolt Action Military Rifles. Scarlata Collecting Classic Bolt Action Military Rifles. Scarlata

This book is now out of PRINT

Paul S. Scarlata
Bolt Action Military Rifles are the hottest field in arms collecting today - and it's easy to see why! While there are plenty of inexpensive examples out there to entice beginning collectors, there are just as many great rarities and exotic models for the experts. In this new book, author Paul Scarlata, one of the most recognized names in gun writing today, covers all aspects of this exciting field. He clearly describes all of the various bolt action systems used by the different nations, and how they differ from each other. Over 400 large photographs detail key features you will need to recognize in order to identify guns for your collection. Learn the original military configurations of these service rifles so that you can tell them apart from altered guns and bad restorations. The historical sections are particularly strong, giving readers a clear understanding of how and why these rifles were developed, and which troops used them. Advanced collectors will be fascinated by the countless historical photographs of these guns in the hands of troops. And, in order to show which rifles were superior to others and why some armies had an advantage over their rivals, Scarlata tests a selection of these rifles on the range, giving you in-depth reports on their performance, not just for accuracy, but for ease of use, durability, quality of ammunition and combat effectiveness. During the era of the classic bolt action military rifle, a soldier's rifle was his best friend, protecting him from danger and serving him faithfully. For today's collector, Paul Scarlata's exciting new book may be just as important.

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The US Enfield. Skennerton The US Enfield. Skennerton

Secondhand, Good condition, mylar covered

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The Lee-Enfield Story. Skennerton The Lee-Enfield Story. Skennerton

New Book. Long out of Print, EX Cond

Any one who uses (or just loves) Enfield Rifles will find this book absolutely indespensible. It is full of detailed information on the Enfield Royal Arsenal and Rifle Factory, and all rifle models from the earliest Lee Metfords to the Sniper rifles still in use by the British military. Many photographs, some in color, add to the narative. A must buy.

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