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Gun Digest Book of Assault Weapons. Lewis, Campbell, Steele Gun Digest Book of Assault Weapons. Lewis, Campbell, Steele

The Gun Digest Book of Assault Weapons is all about true assault weapons?fully automatic, selective-fire or equipped with mission-specific features designed only for military and law enforcement applications.
&break;&break;This seventh edition gives you all the details you need about the world's latest assault weaponry and ammunition, and the changing missions of those weapons in military and law enforcement applications.
&break;&break;Other valuable information includes:
&break;&break;Numerous field test results
&break;Training and tactics
&break;Leading schools that train special military and law enforcement units
&break;Historical insight into weapon systems and programs
&break;International coverage of Germany, Israel, Russia, South Africa and the United States
&break;&break;No other reference provides such comprehensive insight and details about the always evolving weapons America's soldiers and law enforcement agencies and armed with.

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AR 15 Vol 3.  Sweeney AR 15 Vol 3. Sweeney

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The Master of the AR-15 Has Done It Again!

The AR-15 has become America's favorite rifle-and no one knows it better than Patrick Sweeny. Now, in Volume 3 of his best-selling series on the AR, Sweeney unlocks the mysteries behind the piston AR. From factory-stock rifles to do-it-yourself conversions, if there's anything you want to know about the latest generation of the AR-15s, you'll find it in Gun Digest® Book of The AR-15, Volume 3.

It's All Here!

Piston designs
Conversions from direct impingement to piston operation
New manufacturers: H&K, Sun Devil, CMMG, among others
Magazines and other accessories
And much, much more!
Whether you're buying your first AR or building one from the ground up, there's no better reference than Sweeney's AR series from Gun Digest® Books. And now, with Gun Digest® Book of The AR-15, Volume 3, you too, will be an expert on the most popular rifle in America!

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Standard Catalogue of Firearms 2015 25th Edition Standard Catalogue of Firearms 2015 25th Edition

2015 Standard Catalog of Firearms: The Collector's Price & Reference Guide Paperback – December 22, 2014
by Jerry Lee
The reader will appreciate Standard Catalog of Firearms as the preferred desk reference guide to the world of antique, vintage and modern firearms from around the world, with over 26,000 listings of collectible and modern firearms. The hobby’s only illustrated firearms pricing and identification guide Includes a blend of features (“Sleeper” alerts, color photo section) found in no other firearms guide 16-pp. color photo section showcasing the hottest trends of the year Standard Catalog of Firearms is a uniquely valuable guide to the world of collectible firearms. In it, the reader will be not only be able to accurately identify collectible firearms but assign values to them as well. With this information, the reader will be able to buy, sell, collect and trade firearms with confidence and without fear that he or she is paying too much or selling for too little. To a collector, this type of information is pure gold.

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Standard Catalogue of Colt Firearms Sapp Standard Catalogue of Colt Firearms Sapp

Standard Catalog of Colt Firearms contains Colt classics and cutting-edge models including Tommy guns, 1911 autos, and Monitors.
Provides pricing and identification data useful when monitoring online auction sites and research online sites for the best deals.
Features a foreword from Colt Manufacturing Co. Still America's oldest continually produced firearms brand, Colt may not be making as many new models as it once did, but the value of what's out there is on the rise; creating a robust market for collectors.
With 500 large-format color photos of Colt firearms and modern Colt clones, certified pricing in up to five grades of condition, serial number data, and details about legendary (Tommy guns) and trendy (Anaconda and .28 Supers) models, this one-of-a-kind reference helps you identify arms, and inspires your appreciations of Colt.

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Gun Digest 2018. Lee. Gun Digest 2018. Lee.

The 72nd edition of the world's greatest gun book! For more than 70 years, Gun Digest has been the number one go-to source and research guide for firearms enthusiasts worldwide. Informative and entertaining articles by the top writers in the field cover every aspect of the shooting sports including hunting, personal defense, target shooting and collecting. Historical articles provide a look back at the role played by firearms in the history of our country and the greatest gunmakers of the 19th and 20th centuries. Reports from the field provide details on all the new firearms and accessories. And we present our annual photo essay spotlighting the work of our finest custom gunmakers and engravers. Gun Digest is the most comprehensive collection of firearms information in print today! It's all here!Rifles, Handguns & Shotguns Catalogue & Buyer's Guide, Ballistics Tables ,Ammo and Optics, Gallery of Fine Custom Guns, Industry Web Directory

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Hunting in the Genes. Steve Isaacs Hunting in the Genes. Steve Isaacs

Jam packed with hunting adventures from every continent. Mongolia, Zimbabwe, The Yukon Territory, Wyoming, Germany and New Zealand.  Steve has  hunted  just about everywhere.

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Our Price: $45.00