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Light at the Start of the Tunnel. Mann. Light at the Start of the Tunnel. Mann.

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Are rifle scopes off the rails?

They don't make 'em like that any more !

Big-game hunter Samuel B. Mann journeys to the dark interior of rifle scopes, to bag some big bulls... oppressing our tribe.
Among other things he takes aim at image-movement, illumination and ever-larger range multiples, comparing modern scopes with those he has collected from the 'Golden Age', and maps out the way he would like to see hunting models proceed.Brilliant.
Book is 205x140mm, 152pp, incl 28 colour pages, line drawings, tables and index.
They don't make them like that anymore.

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The Big Four of the White Star Fleet Celtic, Cedric, Baltic & Adriatic. Chirnside. The Big Four of the White Star Fleet Celtic, Cedric, Baltic & Adriatic. Chirnside.

The 'Big Four' served the White Star Line for a collective 110 years and carried around 1,500,000 passengers to and from Liverpool and New York. Arguably, they were the most successful series of ships the company ever produced, but have been entirely overlooked in maritime literature. Many features of the ships were trialled before their use on Olympic and Titanic and, in many ways, the 'Big Four' can be seen as the forerunners of the famous 'Olympic' class ships. Celtic met her end on the rocks off Ireland in 1928, and her sister ships fell into the red during the early 1930s. Mark Chirnside tells their stories in detail in this groundbreaking new book.
Book Features:
Much previously unpublished material: diaries, letters, images and research.
Expert author publishing exceptional research on arguably the most successful ships ever produced by the White Star Line.
Images reveal construction; external views; life on board, including deck games; passenger accommodation in all three classes; wartime.
Includes newspaper images and articles of Celtic's end; and Adriatic's final cruises.
Accommodation pre and post-war plans; log extracts; and menus.
The launch of the Adriatic was 20 September 1906.

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The Centurion Tank in Battle. Dunstan. The Centurion Tank in Battle. Dunstan.

Conceived in the closing stages of the Second World War, Centurion arrived too late to see action against the German Panzers that had dominated that conflict. Although designed for warfare in Europe, it was not until 1951 that Centurions first saw combat in a completely different theatre - the rugged hills of Korea. It was not a fair proving ground for any tank but the Centurion was hugely successful. Its impressive performance under difficult conditions led to many overseas sales and the Centurion was destined to fight its major campaigns in the hands of foreign armies.

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The Narrative of William Spavens: A Chatham Pensioner. The Narrative of William Spavens: A Chatham Pensioner.

Part of a series of naval and sea-life memoirs, this title offers an alternative to the usual top-down history, and has much to say on the topic of press gangs. It includes an eyewitness account of Hawke's great victory in Quiberon Bay in 1759.

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The Trafalgar Captains: Their Lives and Memorials. White. The Trafalgar Captains: Their Lives and Memorials. White.

A biographical survey of all the admirals, captains and commanding officers who served with Nelson at the battle of Trafalgar, together with details of the graves and monuments erected to their memory. Nelson's immortal fame has almost completely overshadowed the memory of those who served with him, and with the exception of a few famous names such as Collingwood and Hardy, most of the other commanding officers at Trafalgar are now completely unknown. The bicentenary of the battle, in 2005, offers a unique opportunity to rescue these men from obscurity and celebrate their achievements. The book opens with a chapter on the concept of the Band of Brothers, and looks at how many of the Trafalgar captains had actually served with Nelson before (in fact, very few of them) and highlights some of the main new insights that have emerged as a result of recent research. It then gives brief biographies of each of the thirty-eight officers. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the work is the part given over to descriptions of the graves and monuments, with transcriptions of their epitaphs, based on a survey by members of the 1805 Club; and each description will be accompanied by clear directions to enable readers to find and visit them, and specially-commissioned black and white photographs. Part travel book, part biography and a moving testimony to Nelson's faithful captains, this work will appeal to all Nelson enthusiasts and historians as well as to a wider readership inspired by the bicentennial celebrations in 2005.

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The Canons of Jihad: Terrorists' Strategy for Defeating America. Lacey. The Canons of Jihad: Terrorists' Strategy for Defeating America. Lacey.

Since the 9/11 attacks, scholars have struggled to help Westerners understand what motivates the jihadi movement. Noting that the best way to understand jihadists is to ignore statements they release to the West in favor of examining what they say to each other, Jim Lacey provides a definitive collection of writings that intellectually underpins the movement. Rather than guessing about terrorist motivations from a Western perspective, readers are offered essays including those by the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hasan al-Banna, and a leading early member, Sayed Qutb that define the movement through the eyes of the terrorists themselves. As jihadist cadres begin to rebuild, Lacey notes that they are turning once again to their original thinkers to justify their actions. This project is sponsored by the United States Joint Forces Command.

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Surface at the Pole : The Extraordinary Voyages of the USS Skate. Calvert. Surface at the Pole : The Extraordinary Voyages of the USS Skate. Calvert.

The nuclear-powered USS Skate was the first submarine to break the surface of the North Pole. Author James Calvert captained the Skate and his book details a series of exploratory underwater voyages north before he and his crew finally found a way to the top and triumphantly smashed through the polar ice-cap on 17 March 1959.

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Boeing in Photographs: A Century of Flight. Bowman. Boeing in Photographs: A Century of Flight. Bowman.

This mighty company evolved from the humble Pacific Aero Products Company, incorporated in Seattle in July 1916 and renamed Boeing Airplane Company in 1917. Boeing’s 100-year history spans decades of rich achievement and technological development, first with the manufacture of sea-planes, then fighters and, from the 1930s onwards, huge bombers, innovative transports and finally, gigantic airliners, missiles, rockets and vehicles for moon exploration. Boeing constantly evolved, setting out to develop an entirely new jet transport, and in 1954 the innovative 707 appeared. The 727 and 737 airliners quickly followed and in 1969 the revolutionary 747. By 1975 the "Jumbo Jet" was being produced in seven different models and new versions continue to be developed to this day.

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Allied Bayonets of World War II. Carter. Allied Bayonets of World War II. Carter.

Secondhand, small tear to dust jacket, mylar covered.
Bayonets of U.K., U.S.&U.S.S.R., India & Australia, France, Belgium & Netherlands, Denmark&Norway, Poland&Greece.

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The Development of the Rudder: A Technological Tale. Mott. The Development of the Rudder: A Technological Tale. Mott.

Prior to the twelfth century in northern Europe, ships were steered by a quarter-rudder, which was mounted on the rear side of the vessel. The use of the quarter-rudder persisted up until the fourteenth century in the Mediterranean. There, two quarter-mounted steering oars were used—a fact that has eluded many, even in the fields of maritime history.
Far exceeding anything ever before written on the subject, The Development of the Rudder endeavors to unravel the mysteries of the evolution of a vital piece of seafaring equipment. And in the process, Lawrence V. Mott answers far-reaching questions on why some technologies develop and endure, while others are soon replaced. In this first considered historical overview of the rudder, Mott begins his examination in the Roman period, and from there traces rudder development through the middle centuries to the age of exploratory navigation, by which time the quarter-rudder had been replaced by the pintle-and-gudgeon rudder. Throughout, he offers a thorough analysis of the mechanics of these rudder systems, while never losing sight of the human interest that attends the radical changes brought on by innovation.

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The War Against Hitler: Military Strategy In The West. Nofi. The War Against Hitler: Military Strategy In The West. Nofi.

Renowned historian and military commentator Albert A. Nofi brings together for the first time in paperback a series of hard-hitting essays on World War II's most pivotal campaigns; clear, concise and packed with information.

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Immortal Images: A Personal History of Two Photographers and the Flag Raising on Iwo Jima. Thomey. Immortal Images: A Personal History of Two Photographers and the Flag Raising on Iwo Jima. Thomey.

Award-winning journalist Tedd Thomey tells the poignant stories of the two photographers who took the pictures of the flag-raising sent around the world in 1945. Joe Rosenthal, a combat photographer for the Associated Press, became well known for his work, but when accusations surfaced that his famous photo was staged, he endured years of abuse and humiliation. Thomey also highlights the tragic story of the second photographer, Sgt. Bill Genaust, a Marine killed in battle just nine days after the flag went up. Genaust was not acknowledged for his immortal motion picture until a fellow cameraman mounted a decades-long campaign that resulted in a plaque in his honor being placed atop Mount Suribachi in 1995.

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The Voyages of the Great Britain. Fogg. The Voyages of the Great Britain. Fogg.

For the majority, sea travel was a novel and exotic experience, and a surprising number of 'Great Britain's' voyagers recorded their impressions in letters home or journals passed on to their descendants. Every aspect of this curious world was found worthy of comment, from the food to the onboard entertainment, not to mention the dubious, colourful and eccentric characters encountered. From this rich variey, Nick Fogg has fashioned a vivid depiction of shipboard life at a crossroads in history when the miseries of passaging under sail were beginning to give way to the kind of luxuries modern travellers take for granted.

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War On Two Fronts. Vol 2. (Eyewitness History of the Civil War). Cannan. War On Two Fronts. Vol 2. (Eyewitness History of the Civil War). Cannan.

The second volume in the Eyewitness History of the Civil War series contrasts the search for a decisive battle in the East with the protracted war of maneuver, sieges and raids in the West.

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Command of the Seas. Lehman Jnr. Command of the Seas. Lehman Jnr.

This infectiously readable memoir by the most colourful and controversial Navy Secretary in memory provides the inside story of the origins and battles at home and abroad in building a 600-ship Navy. Young, bright, and ambitious, John Lehman came to office refusing to be just another figurehead. For the six years he served in the Reagan administration, he helped forge an aggressive strategy for achieving maritime supremacy and for rebuilding the U.S. Navy. In this bestselling personal account of those years between 1981 and 1987, he speaks with candour and authority about the ills of the military establishment and the struggles and frustrations he encountered.

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Believed to be Alive. Thornton. Believed to be Alive. Thornton.

On 31 March 1951 a young Navy helicopter pilot, Lt. John W. Thornton, volunteered for a dangerous mission to rescue a key intelligence unit trapped on a high ridge behind enemy lines in Korea. Although he wrecked his craft in the operation, he immediately directed other helicopters to the scene to evacuate the marooned personnel. His resourcefulness and bravery- he gallantly refused to be rescued himself, despite rapidly advancing enemy forces - won him the Navy Cross.
This first-hand account of his exploits that day and during the following three years he spent in captivity tell of courage, cruelty and compassion. His descriptions of combat are chilling, and his account of brainwashing is revealing and not without humour.
The book earned high acclaim on first publication in 1981; now back in print after twenty-three years it promises to attract new generations wanting to learn about the Korean War and its often overlooked heroes.

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Assignment Algiers: With the OSS in the Mediterranean Theater. Kloman. Assignment Algiers: With the OSS in the Mediterranean Theater. Kloman.

Includes bibliographical references (p. 117-119) and index. Subjects: Kloman, Erasmus H. --United States --Office of Strategic Services --World War, 1939-1945 --Secret service --Personal narratives, American --Egypt --Cairo --Algeria --Algiers --Italy --Caserta. Summary: Princeton grad Erasmus Kloman was undergoing Army training at Fort Bragg in 1943 when, due to his passing knowledge of French, he was interviewed for potential involvement in "a highly confidential activity." The interview culminated in the question, "Would you be willing to volunteer for hazardous duty behind enemy lines?" He signed up for duty with the newly formed Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and after an intensive period of training in various aspects of espionage, found himself on assignment in wartime Cairo, Algiers, and then Caserta. At age 24 with the title of OSS Acting Chief of Operations in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations, he helped organize and coordinate the actions of Operational Groups (OGs) , which infiltrated Italy and occupied France on daring sabotage missions. The OG teams were assigned to cut and harass enemy lines of communication, to attack vital enemy installations, to organize and train local resistance elements, and to furnish intelligence to the Allied forces. Kloman's account of his experience coupled with his extensive research of declassified documents provides an inside view of the "shadow war" within the larger conflagration of World War II. Colorful imagery and photographs enliven a narrative that will appeal to everyone interested in true spy stories.

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Breaking the Chains. The Royal Navy's War on White Slavery. Pocock. Breaking the Chains. The Royal Navy's War on White Slavery. Pocock.

With potent echoes of the current War on Terror, this book tells how the leading Great Power of the 19th century organized a coalition to eradicate a deep-rooted aspect of anti-Western policy in Moslem countries. This confrontation between Europe and Islamic North Africa, and eventually the Ottoman Empire, concerned Christian slavery, a trade pursued by the piratical Barbary States. For centuries weaker trading nations had paid them protection money to leave their shipping alone, but the basic principle of slavery was unchallenged. With the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815 this cause reached the top of the political agenda and in 1816 a large Anglo-Dutch fleet attacked Algiers and forced the local ruler to release 3000 European slaves. This was the beginning of a concerted, and essentially naval, assault on the practice, which the Moslem world came to see as a religious and racist war, a revival of the crusades. When the Greeks rebelled against the rule of the Ottoman Empire in 1821, they too were seen as Christian slaves. After a long and bitter struggle, the turning point was a sea battle, at Navarino in 1827, which proved a crushing defeat for the Ottoman forces. It was inflicted by a British-French-Russian peace-keeping force operating under confused and contradictory rules of engagement, and initially it was dismissed by an embarrassed British government as an untoward event . However, Greek independence was effectively assured. This story, full of larger-than-life characters, is told with all the verve to be expected from Tom Pocock, the author of many bestselling books on the Nelsonic era.

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Poor Jack: The Perilous History of the Merchant Seaman. Hope. Poor Jack: The Perilous History of the Merchant Seaman. Hope.

'Nasty, brutish and short': Hobbes might well have been describing the existence of the professional seaman for most of history. The earliest recorded sailor's yarn, dating from about 2000 BC, is a story of shipwreck, and seamen were always nearer to oblivion than most. At times, landsmen have been tempted to sentimentalize the way of the sea - Dibden, the eighteenth-century ballad-monger, wrote: 'There is a sweet cherub that sits up aloft, to keep watch for the life of poor Jack' - but seamen knew the cherub was never over-diligent. Whether described as shipman, mariner, sailor, seaman, poor Jack or jolly Jack (jolly whenever opportunity offered; poor on all but paydays), the merchant seaman was substantially the same for most of the 2000 years of the Christian era and, indeed, for the 2000 years before that. Cut off from land and normal society, the seaman's world was distinct, and the seaman himself distinctive. In the western world the deep-sea sailor has now all but disappeared, so it is possible to look dispassionately at what the seafaring life meant for those who went down to the sea in ships. Drawing on a mass of contemporary material spanning four millennia, this book follows the merchant seaman ashore and afloat through the typical vicissitudes of his exotic but uncertain life. Although it is an unsentimental 'warts and all' portrayal, it is nevertheless an affectionate valedictory tribute to a lifestyle that has almost vanished.

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Travels to the Seat of War in the East, Through Russia and the Crimea, in 1829. Alexander. Travels to the Seat of War in the East, Through Russia and the Crimea, in 1829. Alexander.

This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. This work was reproduced from the original artifact, and remains as true to the original work as possible. Therefore, you will see the original copyright references, library stamps (as most of these works have been housed in our most important libraries around the world), and other notations in the work.This work is in the public domain in the United States of America, and possibly other nations. Within the United States, you may freely copy and distribute this work, as no entity (individual or corporate) has a copyright on the body of the work.As a reproduction of a historical artifact, this work may contain missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. Scholars believe, and we concur, that this work is important enough to be preserved, reproduced, and made generally available to the public. We appreciate your support of the preservation process, and thank you for being an important part of keeping this knowledge alive and relevant.

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Essential Military Jeep : Willys, Ford and Bantam Models, 1941-45. Scott. Essential Military Jeep : Willys, Ford and Bantam Models, 1941-45. Scott.

Detailed descriptions of the production jeep and its capabilities, production changes and equipment, special-purpose Jeeps, and offers specifications drawn up by the Quartermaster Corps Committee for Ford and Bantam.

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Avro. The History of an Aircraft Company. Holmes. Avro. The History of an Aircraft Company. Holmes.

The story of A.V. Roe and company Ltd (Avro) begins in the very earliest years of aviation, only three years after man's first powered flight. Alliot Verdon Roe was one of Britain's pioneer aviators and in 1910 he founded the company that bears his name. Famous for well-designed, reliable airplanes, Avro's greatest achievements were two bombers - the Lancaster and the Vulcan, which captivate public imagination to this day. World-renowned Avro expert Harry Holmes has written the complete history of this much-loved manufacturer, from the earliest years to the recent revival of the Avro name by BAe. First published in 1994, æAvro - The History of an Aircraft Company' has been updated and completely re-illustrated for this new edition, which deserves a place on the bookshelf of everyone interested in British aviation.

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How to make Folding Knives. Lake. How to make Folding Knives. Lake.

Follow easy instructions on how to make a folding knife. Includes safety tips, suppliers lists, and answers many questions from three top custom makers.

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Hunt-Point-Retrieve Dogs for Work and Showing. Dear. Hunt-Point-Retrieve Dogs for Work and Showing. Dear.

The Hunt, Point, Retrieve (HPR) breeds of dog are unique in the gundog world. They are extraordinary all-rounders and no other gundog has the sheer range of capabilities, in the show ring and in the field, as well as in the home as pets. Aimed at both the beginner and those with more experience, this invaluable book opens up all aspects of the fascinating Hunt, Point, Retrieve world for you and your dog to explore and enjoy. Topics covered: The different breeds of HPR dogs and their history and development; How to choose an HPR dog that meets an individual's needs; Showing your dog; the HPR dog in the field and basic training. The book examines in detail the working tests, spring pointing and field trials and is aimed at all those interested in gundogs. With advice on choosing the right breed, what to watch for, which breeder to choose, fitting the dog into your lifestyle and the basic training required and illustrated with 77 colour photographs and diagrams, it is the complete guide for those interested in the HPR breeds.

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Building Model Warships of the Iron and Steel Era. Neisheim. Building Model Warships of the Iron and Steel Era. Neisheim.

From nineteenth-century ironclads to the largest American carrier, this heavily-illustrated volume is a treasure-trove of information on modeling warships. Each of the ten chapters is written by a recognized expert who examines the challenges of recreating scale replicas ranging from static miniatures through large-scale working models. A sampling includes Philip Baggeley on the difficulties associated with delicate detailing on a very small scale; Erik Dyke analyzing the rapid technological developments of the Victorian era; Loren Perry explaining how basic kits can be converted into more advanced models; as well as chapters by David Jack, Stephen Henninger, David Merriman, Brian King, and editor Peter Beisheim on his superb static model of HMS Hood. The practical information, research tips, and bountiful illustrations make this compendium a must-have reference tool for model shipwrights everywhere. 144 pages. 142 photos. 14 line drawings. Notes. Index.

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The Competitive Gundog : Field Trials and Working Tests. Dear The Competitive Gundog : Field Trials and Working Tests. Dear

Competing with your gundog is great fun, but many owners are unaware of the many year-round training and competitive opportunities in which they can be involved. Many also think that the skills required are above them, and that such events are available only to the very experienced amateur or the gundog professional. This is very far from the truth.

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Teddy Roosevelt's Great White Fleet. Reckner. Teddy Roosevelt's Great White Fleet. Reckner.

Drawing on previously untapped sources, naval historian James Reckner provides a complete picture of the fleet that thrust the United States into the ranks of great world naval powers. His fresh interpretations of the fleet's historic 1907-09 world cruise, which won him the 1989 Roosevelt Naval History Prize, allow today's readers to fully appreciate the significance of the famous fleet that set sail during Teddy Roosevelt's second term as president. Reckner recreates the colorful pageantry of the event--sixteen U.S. battleships on a fourteen-month voyage around the world--that drew thousands of sightseers at every port of call, but his main emphasis is on the cruise's long-range impact on the Navy. He shows how the cruise revealed the fleet's shortcomings and forced the naval establishment to acknowledge the faults and make concessions that eventually led to permanent benefits.

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Detecting the Fakes. Lumsden. Detecting the Fakes. Lumsden.

The Waffen-SS continues to hold a position of unique interest, and this title, first published in 1994, offers guidance to collectors and others on the subject of their uniforms and insignia. An invaluable reference which provides a graphic selection of wartime photographs showing genuine and original uniforms.

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Naval Chronicle: Vol 4. The Contemporary Record of the Royal Navy at War. Tracy. Vol 3 Naval Chronicle: Vol 4. The Contemporary Record of the Royal Navy at War. Tracy. Vol 3

From 1799 to 1819 more than 1,000 pages of British naval news and views were published every year in The Naval Chronicle, including action reports, intelligence of foreign naval matters, and biographies of officers. In short, it was the most important original account of the naval part of the Napoleonic Wars. Outside the major libraries the 40 volumes of The Naval Chronicle are not generally available. This new consolidated edition, in five volumes, contains all the most significant material from the originals, including Admiral Nelson's only autobiographical record.

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Attack from the Sea. Trimble. Attack from the Sea. Trimble.

An award-winning aviation historian chronicles the Navy's efforts to develop a powerful sea-based strike force through the use of long-range attack seaplanes supported by surface ships and submarines. William Trimble traces the concept back to the early 1930s when American strategic planners sought ways to mount an assault across the Pacific with minimum air support. But it was not until 1950, when the Navy was threatened with losing its big carriers and long-range aircraft, that the idea of a Seaplane Striking Force was resurrected. Lured by breakthroughs in seaplane performance and the promise of the turbojet-powered Convair Sea Dart fighter and the Martin Sea Master attack flying boat, the Navy believed it could challenge the Air Force in the strategic role, the author explains, but found that the technology did not live up to expectations.
This book investigates the difficulties of weapon system procurement within the context of strategic realities, interservice rivalry, and constrained defense budgets. It also looks at an alternative weapon system that the Navy saw as a means of extending its conventional reach and as a complement to the carrier and land-based bomber used for nuclear deterrence. That weapon, however, proved unsuccessful in the end. The author helps the reader understand that while conceptual and operational flaws kept the Seaplane Striking Force from achieving the goals set for it, the idea of a mobile weapon system capable of long-range attacks from the sea remains valid. Other books touch briefly on the subject, but this is the first to examine the concept in depth.

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