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The Destroying Angel: The Rifle-Musket as the First Modern Infantry Weapon. Gibbons The Destroying Angel: The Rifle-Musket as the First Modern Infantry Weapon. Gibbons

On the battlefields of the Crimean War, William Howard Russell described the new weapon in the hands of British troops -- the rifle-musket -- as "the Destroying Angel" that swept away their Russian foes. In a response to the popular belief among current historians that the rifle-musket's impact on military history was very limited, Brett Gibbons argues that the rifle-musket was in fact the first modern infantry weapon. Drawing upon a wealth of previously unidentified primary sources, Gibbons examines the rifle-musket and it's role in not just the American Civil War, but also the Crimean War, the Indian Rebellion of 1857, the 1859 Italian War of Unification, the Schleswig War of 1864 and the Austro-Prussian War in 1866. He compellingly demonstrates that the rifle-musket forever changed the way battles are fought, and just as importantly, revolutionized the way soldiers are trained. Gibbons considers a number of historical battles, from well-known actions like the "Thin Red Line" at the Battle of Balaclava to obscure yet ferocious actions during the 1857 Indian Rebellion, to illustrate the varying impact of the rifle-musket in both trained and untrained hands. Drawing upon his broad domain knowledge as an expert on 19th century arms and a U.S. Army Ordnance officer, Gibbons compellingly demonstrates that the rifle-musket deserves a better reputation than it currently has from military historians. With a foreword written by Lieutenant General (ret.) Phil Jones CB CBE DL.

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The English Cartridge: Pattern 1853 Rifle-Musket Ammunition. Gibbons The English Cartridge: Pattern 1853 Rifle-Musket Ammunition. Gibbons

The Pattern 1853 Enfield rifle-musket is one of the iconic weapons of the mid-19th century, used extensively in the American Civil War, the Indian Rebellion of 1857, and other conflicts. While the history of the Enfield rifle is well known, it was the ammunition developed for this rifle that was truly revolutionary. Brett Gibbons traces the history of the muzzleloading cartridge used in the Enfield rifle from the early development of the Minié bullet in France, to the dramatic yet ultimately unsuccessful attempt by the Confederate States to adopt the Enfield cartridge for the Southern armies in the American Civil War. The role of the Enfield "greased cartridge" in the outbreak of the Indian Rebellion of 1857-1858 is carefully handled. Crossing several oceans and continents, from the sweltering heat of Central India in the summer of 1857 to the trenches of Petersburg in 1864, Brett Gibbons ties together the fascinating history of Enfield rifle-musket ammunition. Each development of the Enfield cartridge from 1853 to 1864 is covered, with over 60 helpful illustrations.

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To the Elephant Graveyard. Hall To the Elephant Graveyard. Hall

On India's northeast frontier, a killer elephant is on the rampage, stalking Assam's paddy fields and murdering dozens of farmers. Local forestry officials, powerless to stop the elephant, call in one of India's last licensed elephant hunters and issue a warrant for the rogue's destruction. Reading about the ensuing hunt in a Delhi newspaper, journalist Tarquin Hall flies to Assam to investigate.
To the Elephant Graveyard is the compelling account of the search for a killer elephant in the northeast corner of India, and a vivid portrait of the Khasi tribe, who live intimately with the elephants. Though it seems a world of peaceful coexistence between man and beast, Hall begins to see that the elephants are suffering, having lost their natural habitat to the destruction of the forests and modernization. Hungry, confused, and with little forest left to hide in, herds of elephants are slowly adapting to domestication, but many are resolute and furious. Often spellbinding with excitement, like "a page-turning detective tale" (Publishers Weekly), To the Elephant Graveyard is also intimate and moving, as Hall magnificently takes us on a journey to a place whose ancient ways are fast disappearing with the ever-shrinking forest.

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British & Commonwealth Signal Pistols. Landers. Skennerton British & Commonwealth Signal Pistols. Landers. Skennerton

Covers German Flare Guns and Ammunition from 1889 to 2010, features 703 pages in full-colour with thousands of photographs.
The book will be very useful to collectors, buyers and sellers of German flare pistols and ammunition.
"Anyone interested in WWII German flare guns must have this book. Written by a man who has a passion for flare guns, this book explains in great detail all of the different WWII production flare pistols as well as the hundreds of different munitions used with flare pistols.
A fascinating reference book!"

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BPI Cheddite Reloading Manual. 5th Edn BPI Cheddite Reloading Manual. 5th Edn

The first ever reloading manual for Cheddite hulls. This is the complete library of Cheddite loads from our ballistic lab. It contains everything from 12-gauge through .410 bore. We've even added new loads for the Cheddite 10ga hull.
A brief history of Cheddite and Cheddite hulls
An explanation of the benefits of using Cheddite hulls
Over 1400 lab-tested load recipes in lead and non-toxic shot.
Perfect bound for easy storage and long life.

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BPI Small Bore Manual 12th Edn BPI Small Bore Manual 12th Edn

The world's most complete load guide specifically for small-bore shotgunners & reloaders.
Everything in our extensive load library for 24ga, 28ga, 32ga, and .410 bore.
Filled with facts and figures, The Small Bore Manual will be an information asset to any shotgunner who owns a small bore shotgun, whether you handload or not.
Technical Notes
Product Type: Loading manual and application guide.
68 pages, text and data sections.
Over 700 loads

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Know Your Sheridan Rifles & Pistols: 2nd Edn, Elbe. Know Your Sheridan Rifles & Pistols: 2nd Edn, Elbe.

This 2nd edition of Know Your SHERIDAN Rifles & Pistols provides detailed information on Models “A”, “B”, “C” Series, “D”, “E”, “F”, “G”, and “H”, from the “Super Grade” up through the 1991 Series “9” airguns. Much of the information is revised and updated since the 1st edition. This edition provides extensive information on technical characteristics, design evolution, performance, and accessories. Little known models, including left-handed rifles, salesman’s sample rifles, and the family of capture guns are pictured and discussed. Seldom seen exploded views, parts lists, and manuals (including a Model “A” manual and a Silver Streak / Blue Streak Service Manual) are included in their entirety.

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More .45-70 Springfields, 1873-1893: The Uncommon, the Scarce &  Rare. Hosmer. More .45-70 Springfields, 1873-1893: The Uncommon, the Scarce & Rare. Hosmer.

The uncommon, the scarce & the rare. This book is a descriptive guide to the firearms and accessories produced for the US military, at the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts, during the period of 1873 to 1893. It contains detailed descriptions, serial number data, and photographs of EVERY rare variety of the .45-70 Springfield ‘trapdoor’, most never before available in this handy format.
Included are Sporting Rifles, the Metcalfe device, the M1875 Officer’s Rifles, the M1880 Triangular rod-bayonet rifle, the 1881 Long-Range rifles, the M1881 Marksman’s rifle, the M1882 Short rifles with 28” barrel, the M1884 Experimental (flat-latch) rod-bayonet rifles, the M1886 “XC” 24” barrel carbine, the .30 caliber ammunition test rifles of the 1890s, and more . . . In addition to the Allin-system ‘trapdoors’ noted above, individual and comprehensive chapters are devoted to the Model 1875 Lee-Springfield “vertical breech” rifle, all five versions of those martial-type Winchester-Hotchkiss repeating arms assembled by Springfield Armory, and, last but not least, the rare Chaffee-Reece magazine gun from the 1882 trials.

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BPI,  The Sixteen Gauge Manual  9th Edn BPI, The Sixteen Gauge Manual 9th Edn

Completely updated and expanded with gauge comparisons; non-toxic pellet information and applications; maintenance; component profiles; charts; specialized loading tools and gauge specific loading techniques.
The 16 Gauge Manual is long recognized as a vital guide for anyone who decides to make the most of this oft-overlooked gauge. The new revision also includes a parts and firearms source guide; an ammo log and all new loads including steel, ITX, lead, Hevi-Shot, slugs, 2-1/2", 2-5/8" and master load data. The world's most complete sixteen-gauge ammunition guide.

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BPI,  Advantages Shotshell Manual 11th Edition BPI, Advantages Shotshell Manual 11th Edition

Advantages, 11th Ed.
The Shotshell Load Encyclopedia
Revised, expanded, and improved. Simply the world's greatest source of shotshell data.
With over 3,200 loads, the 11th edition of Advantages contains almost all of BPI's enormous load library. Includes chapters that detail the evolution of the modern high-performance shotshell; defining a link from roots of shotshell invention, the most important technological developments, and finally linking to today's modern ammunition applications. We thoroughly explain the logic behind the physics of the shotshell, allowing the reader/handloader to better select optimal loads for their shooting conditions.
Component Details: Advantages Includes a detailed illustrated component summary section. Modern, high-performance shotshell components are listed with clear, easy-to-follow descriptions, specifications, and recommendations.
Subject Index: A comprehensive subject index and component abbreviation guide makes Advantages an easy-to-use reference; quick to look up and answer (almost) any reloading question.
Load Data: The extensive load data section includes the latest loads from our lab as well as old favorites for 10, 12, 16, 20, 28 and .410. Includes all the latest innovations in pellet materials, including plated lead, steel, bismuth, Hevi-Shot, BPX-12 Devastator, SpheroTungsten Original-15, and SpheroTungsten Super Max-18. Details the techniques of specialized loads for clays, waterfowl, upland, turkey, roll crimping and more.
Advantages loads focus on proprietary components made by BPI, Gualandi, B&P, BP wads, and hulls from Fiocchi, Federal, Rio, Cheddite, Remington, Winchester and others. Over 320 pages and almost 140 pages of load data; approximately 3,274 loads.
Historical Development: Ballistic Products published the first Advantages manual in the early 1980s. It has been described as the definitive shotshell companion guide. It is named for ammunition advantage that handloaders bring to their sport. The finest loads are always custom-crafted by you.
Advantages is for anyone who has ever wanted to master the art of the shotshell. New reloaders and seasoned veterans alike will find this book enjoyable, educational and indispensable; a cornerstone for choosing components and high-performance loads.

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The Hunting Blackbeards of Botswana. Marsh. The Hunting Blackbeards of Botswana. Marsh.

Botswana was one of the top hunting destinations in Africa. It has two of the greatest hunting habitats on earth - the Okavango Swamps and the Kalahari. The Okavango is a vast swampland of clear water interspersed with islands which plays home to lions, elephant, red lechwe and sitatunga amongst others. Here hunting is done on foot in the open flood plain or from a dugout canoe on the water. The Okavango is a world of its own and it is sheer heaven to spend time there. The Kalahari is famed for its black-maned lions, leopards and plains game such as the gemsbuck. This is a semi-desert area where new techniques in trophy-size judgement have to be learned as the distance magnifies everything. Brian mentions that even his tracker was fooled into thinking a caracal (standing about 20 inches at the shoulder) was a lioness. This book is about a family with a passion for hunting, the Bushmen of the Kalahari and the fascinating environments of the Kalahari and Okavango Delta. It offers an insight to Botswana over a period of 75 years and also passes on lessons learned from the Bushmen companions. There is no better book on the subject.

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Jungle Lore. Corbett. 2nd Edn Jungle Lore. Corbett. 2nd Edn

Jim Corbett, naturalist, shikari, and conservationist is famous for his tales of hunting in the Indian Jungle. Many years before the issues of conservation became understood, Corbett was obsessed with the jungle and animals of the Kumaon hills. This new edition of Jungle Lore offers Corbett's own story of his life and career. At the heart of the narrative is a cry for sensitivity to the fragility of nature, and despair over mankind's divorce from his environment--a message as vibrant today as it ever was.

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Jim Corbett, Master of the Jungle. Werling. Jim Corbett, Master of the Jungle. Werling.

A Biography of India's Most Famous Hunter of Man-Eating Tigers and Leopards.
The riveting, true-life tales of the legendary Jim Corbett and the man-eating tigers and leopards he tracked and killed in India in the early part of the 1900s. One of the 20th century's greatest hunters and a noted naturalist, Corbett, in his memoirs, downplayed the courage and resourcefulness that marked his career. Retired Army officer Tim Werling has produced not only an accurate account of Corbett's exploits, but a book filled with gripping adventure.

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Rebounding Lock for the Side Hammer. Cherepy. Rebounding Lock for the Side Hammer. Cherepy.

The first patent for a rebounding lock was issued in England in 1866. This was followed by a more practical English design in 1867 and a similar American design early in 1868. The rebounding lock quickly became an essential feature of all breech-loading hammer guns. The author has traced the rebounding lock by illustrating all of the American & English patents & he has included a photographic catalogue of specimens.

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Dangerous Game Rifles . Wieland. Dangerous Game Rifles . Wieland.

Secondhand, V G Cond, Mylar covered.
Though few hunters actually make the trip to Africa in pursuit of The Big Five - elephant, rhino, leopard, lion, and Cape buffalo - the popularity of rifles designed to take such dangerous game has burgeoned in recent years. Here, the author, a widely recognized firearms expert and a veteran of many safaris, explores in detail the rifles and calibers that are drawing attention from big-bore aficionados.

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Reminiscences of an Elephant Hunter. Bell . Reminiscences of an Elephant Hunter. Bell .

This book is not a rehash of Karamojo Safari, Wanderings of an Elephant Hunter, or Incidents from an Elephant Hunter's Diary. This is Bell's life story, and it includes about 60 percent more material than can be found in Bell of Africa. The chapters in this book are presented in chronological order, in Bell's own words. Now, for the first time, it will be possible for Bell aficionados to place the hunting stories from the first three books listed above into the framework of Bell's life.

Our Price: $100.00
Hornady Handbook 11th Edition Hornady Handbook 11th Edition

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned hand loader, this book will provide everything needed to successfully reload your favorite cartridges!

The 11th Edition Handbook of Cartridge Reloading includes the latest Hornady bullets, along with new cartridges, powders and more. It is filled with handloading techniques, bullet information and reloading data – it’s a one-stop shop for support of Hornady component bullets.
New cartridges include the latest efficient and accurate Hornady developments like the 6mm ARC, match-winning 6mm Creedmoor and high-powered 6.5 PRC and 300 PRC.
Over 1,000 pages of reloading data, techniques and bullet information.
- 200+ different calibers featuring a variety of loads using Hornady® bullets.
- An impressive lineup of new and expanded data that incorporates new powders, new bullets like the A-Tip® Match and new additions in the ELD-X®, ELD® Match, GMX®, FTX®, Sub-X® and more.
New cartridge additions like the 6mm ARC, 6.5 PRC, 300 PRC, 224 Valkyrie, 350 Legend and 28 Nosler.
Well over 1,500 load combinations were shot to update and expand the reloading pages in this edition.

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Shooting Related Advertising Since 1870. Mitchell Shooting Related Advertising Since 1870. Mitchell

Shooting Related Advertising Since 1870. Mitchell
Limited to 100 copies only

Our Price: $150.00
A Collection of 130 Plus Years of Shooting Related Advertising. Mitchell. A Collection of 130 Plus Years of Shooting Related Advertising. Mitchell.

Shooting Related Advertising Since 1870. Mitchell
Limited to 100 copies only

Our Price: $150.00
Shooting the British Double Rifle. 2nd Edn. Wright Shooting the British Double Rifle. 2nd Edn. Wright

Secondhand V G Cond.
2nd Edn.
With updated loads and information along with new chapter on the Paradox guns and cartridges, this expanded edition also features updated appendixes and classic full-colour shots of top quality Holland & Holland, Westley Richards, W.C. Scott and Rigby rifles. A collector’s delight. With updated loads and information along with new chapter on the Paradox guns and cartridges, this expanded edition also features updated appendixes and classic full-colour shots of top quality Holland & Holland, Westley Richards, W.C. Scott and Rigby rifles. A collector’s delight. 180 pp, with 86 illustrations & 84 colour plates.

Our Price: $150.00
Shooting the British Double Rifle. 1st Edn. Wright Shooting the British Double Rifle. 1st Edn. Wright

Secondhand V G Cond.
First Edn.
With updated loads and information along with new chapter on the Paradox guns and cartridges, this expanded edition also features updated appendixes and classic full-colour shots of top quality Holland & Holland, Westley Richards, W.C. Scott and Rigby rifles. A collector’s delight. With updated loads and information along with new chapter on the Paradox guns and cartridges, this expanded edition also features updated appendixes and classic full-colour shots of top quality Holland & Holland, Westley Richards, W.C. Scott and Rigby rifles. A collector’s delight. 180 pp, with 86 illustrations & 84 colour plates.

Our Price: $150.00
Gunpowder, Cans & Kegs. Bacyk, Bacyk, Rowe. Vol 1 Gunpowder, Cans & Kegs. Bacyk, Bacyk, Rowe. Vol 1

The first book devoted to powder tins & kegs. All cans & kegs shown in full color! Companies included are duPont, Hazard, Kings, American Powder, Mass. Powder, Laflin & Rand & Austin. Contents include: a price guide, a rarity scale, dimensions, company histories.

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Savage Model 1895, 1899, and 99 Rifles: Vol. 2 Savage Model 1895, 1899, and 99 Rifles: Vol. 2

Author of the definitive A Collector's Guide to the Savage 99 Rifle and Its Predecessors, the Model 1895 and 1899, David Royal now presents the beautiful and elaborately engraved variants of the 99. Although widely perceived as utilitarian, Savage’s Models 1895, 1899, and 99 were often ornamented by gifted artisans. Nine of Savage’s first model, the 1895, were manufactured by Marlin and engraved by their in-house engraver, Conrad Ulrich. Photographs of six of these rifles are included, along with an extensive biography of the Ulrich family of engravers. The Model 1899s were engraved by Enoch Tue and featured a great variety of engraving and a long list of other enhancements. This is considered the heyday of engraved Savages, and all of Tue’s styles are covered here. The Model 99s were available with engraving sporadically until the end of Savage 99 production, and these later iterations are also discussed in detail.

Our Price: $175.00
Great African Trophies. Rupp. Great African Trophies. Rupp.

Great African Trophies is a photographic showcase of some of the greatest game trophies ever taken on the Dark Continent, and it includes elephants, buffaloes, the big cats, spiral-horned antelopes, and dozens of other magnificent animals. The focus is on animals that rank in the top five of each species in the Safari Club International and Rowland Ward record books, but also included are historic, unlisted, and little-known trophies, along with their stories.
Trophies are interesting. They speak of experiences gained, they cement memories forever in our minds, and they evoke dreams yet to be realized. Of course, everybody would like a big trophy, but few are lucky enough to take a truly giant prize. When one does take a magnificent animal, the story behind it is worth telling, and here the author has done an exceptional job in uncovering the tales behind some of Africa’s greatest trophies.
For example, there has always been a mystery surrounding which Westerner first shot a record eastern (Kenya) bongo. Various candidates with hallowed names come to the fore in the research—Chauncey Stigand, Kermit Roosevelt, George Grey—but the chances are that a relatively unknown Austrian may have been the first. His story and the photos of his bongo are here in this wonderful new book by Diana Rupp. Likewise, you’ll find a number of large buffaloes that have been shot since World War II, but these are not your average trophy buffalo. The heads depicted in this book and the pure-luck stories that sometimes accompanied the getting of such a winning lottery ticket will be as interesting as the pictures.
Sometimes—often many will say—a huge trophy is taken by pure accident. What of the huge nyala that was shot when a nonhunter spotted an animal nobody else had seen and innocently asks, “What kind of animal is that?” His story is in this book. Mountain nyalas are almost always purposely hunted and then when it is a big one, well photographed in the field. These field photos are truly a feast for the eyes. By pure accident, one fellow hunter once found a leopard skin that was easily big enough to look like a full-grown lion, size-wise anyway. It was hanging for sale in a curio shop in a remote location in Africa. It is often hard to see how big the skull of a cat is in the field, but there was no doubt in our hunter’s mind that he was looking at a champion as he gazed at the skin of a giant leopard in that far-away tourist shop along a dusty African byway. The photos of that leopard are also here in this book.
Nothing fascinates like ivory, and tuskers known to be in the top ten of Rowland Ward are huge, yet there are other giant tuskers that were never recorded but would fall in the top ten, and all of these have marvelous stories to tell. Even the lowly hogs are well represented in this book. This will be the first time our readers will see the rare photos of a 1921 warthog with 24-inch tusks!! The world record bushpig? Our photos show this trophy to be almost as big as a giant forest hog . . . and entered in no record book.
This book is a feast for the eyes for anyone who loves African wildlife, and it contains the best available historical and modern photos of superlative African game animals, as well as the tales—many never before told—of the hunters who were fortunate to connect with them. The photos are accompanied by a description of where, when, and how the animal was taken, and the book provides, if possible, the details of the hunt and how it unfolded. The incredible secrets behind these giant trophies are now all here in this lavishly produced tome.
Be it spiral horns, the Big Five, glamour antelope, or even near-extinct species such as the giant sable, this book details all the finest trophies ever to come from Africa, and it traces the history of hunting and wildlife management over the course of more than a century. This extravagantly produced coffee-table book is glorious visual and a must for any hunter’s library.

Our Price: $175.00
Gunpowder, Cans & Kegs. Bacyk, Bacyk, Adye-White, Rowe. Vol 3 Gunpowder, Cans & Kegs. Bacyk, Bacyk, Adye-White, Rowe. Vol 3

From the Forward.
This is a section of what was planned to be the third and final volume of the series on Gunpowder, Cans and Kegs.
As the book was getting so big, I have decided to break what was the original Vol. 3 into sections, the first being -
Canadian Cans & Kegs.
With time we hope to do -
Cans & Kegs
American examples missed in the first two books

Our Price: $190.00
Months of the Sun. Nyschens. Months of the Sun. Nyschens.

Months of the Sun: Forty Years of Elephant Hunting in the Zambezi Valley.
Ian Nyschens (pronounced "nations") shot as many elephants as Walter Bell did—well over 1,000—and under much more difficult circumstances. His book will rank or surpass the best elephant-ivory hunting books published in the twentieth century. Remarkably, his adventures took place much later than the likes of Bell, Sutherland, Neumann, and others. The stories of his hunts with his double rifle are sure to impress. Ian’s career as an elephant hunter began in 1947 in Southern Rhodesia when he found a companion—Faanie Joosten—and the pair of them started hunting for ivory for a living. They roamed far and wide, often outside of the law, as far north as southern Tanzania and as far east as the coast of Mozambique. But Ian's stronghold was the thick jess bush of the Zambezi Valley, a place he loved more than any other. There, visibility was so poor that sometimes a hunter could be close enough to touch an elephant with the barrel of his rifle before he could see it. Ian’s life was one fantastic epic adventure after another. He once faced a stampede of seventeen furious elephants in reeds over twelve feet tall and had to shoot a “wall” of elephants to prevent him and his companions from being overrun. On another occasion Ian and Faanie developed a method of hunting crocodiles for their skins that entailed walking chest-deep into the Zambezi River at night. They would stand next to an anchored hippo leg and "brain" the crocs. In the end that got a bit too much even for Ian, and he gave it up as being too hazardous. Ian was married for a time, but his lifestyle was not conducive to domestic bliss, and the marriage did not last. Once the Kariba Dam was completed in 1959, it flooded a great deal of his beloved Zambezi Valley, and Ian's world began to shrink. He continued to shoot elephant under the control scheme set by Rhodesian authorities, but his footloose days were at an end. He joined the wildlife department as a game ranger for a while, but his unsociable character made for a short career. He shot most of his elephants with a Rigby .450 3¼. He used the Rigby so much that the barrels separated from use (the solder disengaged), and he had to send it back to London to have it repaired. Not many people use a double rifle to that extent! Ian Nyschens was the most notorious elephant poacher in Rhodesia until the time he was finally appointed a warden to help protect the game. This is a highly entertaining story of an irascible loner whose violent adventures make Jesse James sound like a Sunday school teacher! Footnote: Sadly, Ian Nyschens died on 6 December 2006 in Harare, Zimbabwe. May he now tread in the eternal hunting grounds where all elephants carry tusks of a minimum of eighty pounds per side. Farewell old friend, you will be missed by many.

Our Price: $195.00
Gunpowder, Cans & Kegs. Bacyk, Bacyk, Rowe. Vol 2 Gunpowder, Cans & Kegs. Bacyk, Bacyk, Rowe. Vol 2

In this volume the author covers the smaller companies, the agents and the retailers that were such an important part of the gunpowder trade. Oriental and Hercules are, or were, major firms but most of this book is devoted to the names that are all but unknown, except to a few advanced collectors. Again the majority of the examples shown are from the Bacyk collection but another major source has been found in the Hagley Museum and Library. Hagley is connected with Dupont and many extremely rare cans, kegs and labels are from them. Samples from a few individual collectors are also included. Numerous illustrations.

Our Price: $195.00
The British Sniper: A Century of Evolution. Houghton. The British Sniper: A Century of Evolution. Houghton.

The British Sniper, A Century of Evolution is a detailed reference to the British Army's involvement in the role of sniping from the earliest days of 1915 to the present.
This title provides the history and explains why in the beginning the British Army reluctantly engaged itself in the deadly black art, and how it fielded what it then considered to be concealed assassins, and subsequently the love-hate relationship of the role that has existed ever since.
Every British service issued sniper rifle from the very first of 1915 to the current rifle of today is featured chronologically, a detailed explanation of what was used in conjunction with each is provided, such as telescopes, transit cases, tools, training literature, spotting scopes and camouflage clothing. The evolution of all these things and how they were used over a 100 year period is illustrated.
The British Sniper, A Century of Evolution is the most up to date historical reference and with the help of 780 photographs, mostly colour, the weapons and equipment are brought to life. This title now proudly sits in some very exclusive libraries such as Sniper Wing, Warminster, U.S. Sniper School of Fort Benning, British Army Historical Archive, Whitehall, and Shrivenham Small Arms Defence Academy to name a few.

Our Price: $195.00
Wild Beasts and Their Ways. Baker. 1st edn 1890. Wild Beasts and Their Ways. Baker. 1st edn 1890.

Secondhand, 1st Edn, 1890
G Cond, Some foxing, tight binding

"Wild Beasts and Their Ways, Volume 1" is a captivating book written by Sir Samuel W. Baker, a renowned British explorer and naturalist. First published in 1890, the book takes readers on a thrilling journey into the animal kingdom, focusing on the author's first-hand encounters with various wild beasts during his expeditions. Baker's vivid and descriptive narratives bring the reader face-to-face with a wide range of fascinating creatures, including lions, elephants, rhinoceroses, and many more. He shares his observations on their behaviour, habitats, and hunting strategies, providing valuable insights into the ways of these majestic animals. The book not only serves as a captivating adventure tale but also contributes to scientific knowledge and understanding of wildlife. Baker's experiences shed light on the natural world and the intricate dynamics that govern it. Through his engaging storytelling, he highlights the beauty and complexity of these creatures while also addressing important conservation issues.
Representative pix only.

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The Wanderers. Van Zijl. The Wanderers. Van Zijl.

Limited Edn, Slipcased.

Tales of Wandering in the African Bush
The story of two lifelong friends wanderings in the last remaining wilderness left in southern Africa. It includes a series of adventures in pursuit of elephants, bad-tempered buffalo, charging lion, etc.

Our Price: $220.00