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British Infantry Equipment. 1808 - 1908. Chappell. British Infantry Equipment. 1808 - 1908. Chappell.

The period covered by this book begins with the British infantryman entering the Peninsular War (1808-1814) wearing the lethal knapsack equipment of the day, and ends with the introduction of the first equipment set made entirely of woven cotton webbing [the 1908 pattern described in the accompanying Men-at-Arms 108: British Infantry Equipments 1908-80]. Mike Chappel's detailed text presents an in-depth study of British infantry equipments from 1808-1908, in a volume complemented by plenty of illustrations and photographs, including eight full page color plates by the author himself

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The Australian Soldier. Brown, Le Moal. The Australian Soldier. Brown, Le Moal.

Almost a century has passed since the signing of the armistice on 11 November 1918. Of all the soldiers who went through that hell on earth, photographs, letters, stories and old uniforms kept in attics are all that is left. Thanks to a collection of more than ten thousand documents, the author allows us to follow these young men with previously unseen photographs. All these faces, sometimes smiling, sometimes serious, have a story to tell. Many collectors have also allowed us access to their most precious objects, the fruit of their relentless research that helps save these objects that went through four terrible years of oblivion and destruction. Finally, being in the era of Internet, many links allow you to retrace the history of your ancestors and their regiments. Following their baptism of fire at Gallipoli in 1915, the Australians arrived on the Western Front in spring 1916. A few months later came the Somme with 24,000 casualties and the tragic events of Fromelles. Then, these tough men, who had travelled so far, continued fighting in France in 1917 and 1918. Since then, the bond of friendship between France and Australia is still going strong.

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Salvage. Dodds. Salvage. Dodds.

"Pictures and impressions of the Western Front by an Australian artist, Sgt. Penleigh Boyd, Electrical & Mechanical Mining Co., A.I.F. With a foreword by Brigadier-General T. H. Dodds, C.M.G., D.S.O. A.I.F

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Handbook of the Thompson Submachine Gun. Model of 1928 Handbook of the Thompson Submachine Gun. Model of 1928

Reprint of the WWII 1940 edition handbook. Manual for the 1928 and model M1 Thompson SMG 58 Pages on the Model 1928 8 pages on the M1 World War 2 version

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The Pigeon Cookbook. Hobson. The Pigeon Cookbook. Hobson.

The Pigeon Cook" is an invaluable reference work for all game cooks. It includes some mouth-watering recipes both for the woodpigeon and the domesticated pigeon. The authors have thoroughly researched their subject and provided culinary ideas that combine traditional British rural recipes with those from abroad. They have visited award-winning chefs and rural estates and, fortunately, many of these experts have been prepared to share their secrets. Not only does "The Pigeon Cook" reveal the ideas of some of this country's top chefs, it also includes vital accompaniments such as trimmings and sauces. Suitable salads are not forgotten and neither are the wines and aperitifs that are particularly appropriate as accompaniments to pigeon and which transform a meal into a special occasion.

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Transatlantic Airships: An Illustrated History. Christopher. Transatlantic Airships: An Illustrated History. Christopher.

In Transatlantic Airships, John Christopher recounts the fascinating story of the lighter-than-air 'pond hoppers' from the earliest schemes and bold pioneering flights, including the triumphant double-crossing by the R34. The book goes on to describe the rise of the Zeppelins and the ambitious British scheme to connect its far-flung Empire, the US Navy's lighter-than-air craft and the incredible post-war proposals for colossal atomic-powered leviathans. It is a story of fantastic visionaries, incredible flying machines, great moments of triumph and, ultimately, of spectacular disaster.

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British Warships of the Second World War. Roberts. British Warships of the Second World War. Roberts.

Profusely illustrated w/ original plans of battleships, fleet aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers & submarines.

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The Trout Cook: 100 Ways with Trout. Hayes The Trout Cook: 100 Ways with Trout. Hayes

This is a collection of over 100 recipes aimed at all trout anglers and trout cooks. The book gives ideas for supper and party dishes, barbecues, sauces and accompaniments, and includes full details on trout preparation--cold and hot smoking, filleting, storage, and freezing.

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The Competitive Gundog : Field Trials and Working Tests. Dear The Competitive Gundog : Field Trials and Working Tests. Dear

Competing with your gundog is great fun, but many owners are unaware of the many year-round training and competitive opportunities in which they can be involved. Many also think that the skills required are above them, and that such events are available only to the very experienced amateur or the gundog professional. This is very far from the truth.

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Flak. Veitch. Flak. Veitch.

Michael Veitch's life-long obsession with the aircraft of the Second World War led him to conclude that every single person who flew, or flew in them, has at least one extraordinary story to tell. With most of these veterans in their eighties, he knew that it was a matter of urgency to find them now, before their personal stories disappear forever.

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Hunter for Hire. Cory. Hunter for Hire. Cory.

"After 30 years of running guided hunting safaris, Gary Cory has put his experiences and thoughts onto paper for others to read and enjoy. His book 'Hunter for Hire' is very informative and entertaining to read. It provides insight into Gary's easygoing nature and the way he successfully conducts guided hunting safaris in Central Queensland, which provide an experience that keeps people coming back for more. Gary shares his experiences from the moment he decided to set up a safari hunting business and the variety of personalities who helped him and those he met along the way. He has included many stories about different safaris, the international and local clients he has guided and some of the hunters who struck it lucky with his top-10 best boars taken. Other topics that provide valuable information not just to hunters, but those who may be thinking of setting up their own hunting safari enterprises, are those discussing his camp set-up, preferred rifle, scope and cartridge choices, hunting vehicles used along the way and the reality of dealing with the good, the bad and the ugly client. It is evident throughout the book that Gary undertakes genuine hunting (not just shooting) safaris. His 'fair chase safaris' slogan on his business card is demonstrated in all the hunting accounts throughout his book. All hunting is taken on foot and the success of the hunt is based on his experience and skill which allow him to find game sign, track animals and know where to be and the right time to be there"

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SBS. The Invisable Raiders. Ladd. SBS. The Invisable Raiders. Ladd.

An elite, semi-clandestine yet military body of men, their reputation is as formidable as that of their Army counterpart, the SAS.
Now, following the format of the bestselling Who Dares Wins, James Ladd has succeeded in penetrating beyond the mythology to reveal hitherto little-known aspects of Britain’s premier seaborne ‘special force’.
He outlines its activity during the Second World War and traces its next movements, when it became part of the Royal Marines, where the author served.
Originally volunteers from 6 Commando, the SBS rapidly developed its own skills, expertise and identity, which was less heralded by necessity than the SAS, whose anti-terrorist exploits have been given the publicity denied to its marine counterpart.
In fact, the role of the SBS was little known until it came to prominence in the Falklands conflict. There, SBS teams operated in parallel with their SAS counterparts, probing the Argentine-held islands and feeding back essential intelligence information. In an island war, they were very much in their element, and they played a key part in reconnoitring the eventual landing site for the Task Force at San Carlos.
Like the SAS, the SBS packs a punch way out of proportion to its size. Each man is a specialist; but each is trained to the legendary standard that makes this an elite unit. All are qualified ‘swimmer-canoeists, as well as being parachutists.
They can infiltrate enemy harbours, marine installations and coastlines held by hostile troops; armed with the most sophisticated weapons and communications systems, their objectives are as carefully defined as a surgeon’s blade: sabotage, kidnap, reconnaissance or, that vital but rarely-recognised contribution to warfare, intelligence gathering.
James Ladd was a Royal Marine before he became a journalist and naval historian.

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Aussie Muscle Car Legends. Aussie Muscle Car Legends.

Aussie Muscle Car Legends celebrates the most iconic cars ever designed, built and sold in this country. Covering Ford, Holden and Chrysler, it showcases some of the most important cars ever made in Australia, through the eyes of UNIQUE CARS magazine.

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Tanks and Armoured Vehicles.Jackson. Tanks and Armoured Vehicles.Jackson.

A highly illustrated and comprehensive reference guide to more than 60 tanks and amoured fighting vehicles from 1916 to the present day.

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Kalashnikov. The Gun that Changed the World. Joly. Kalashnikov. The Gun that Changed the World. Joly.

The Russian word that is most frequently spoken throughout the world isn't Lenin, gulag or perestroika, it's 'Kalashnikov'. The reason for this is simple: there are 80 million Kalashnikovs incirculation on five continents. Once invented, the AK-47 assault rifle became the most widely used weapon in the world: from Vietnam to Palestine, from Cuba to Iraq, it was at the heart of conflicts and struggles everywhere. It is the only firearm that has ever been depicted on a national flag - that of Mozambique, where it symbolizes liberation.
Mikhail Kalashnikov himself, who was born in 1919, here tells his life story, with the help of Elena Joly, for the first time:his deportation to Siberia with his family while still a child; his time as a soldier in a tank regiment; his invention of the world's most famous weapon and his turbulent life under Stalin, Khrushchev,Brezhnev, Gorbachev and Yeltsin. This is a remarkable portrait of a man of ingenuity and vitality in the context of the often frightening and terribly unforgiving Russia of the twentieth century.

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Trax Models. The Early Years. Trax Models. The Early Years.

Trax Models the Early Years a Simple Guide to Collecting Trax Models.

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The Accurate Handgun.Campbell. The Accurate Handgun.Campbell.

With the popularity of IDPA, IPSC and silhouette competition, and a variety of available choices for hunting and concealed carry, handgun accuracy has never been more important. In the personal defense field, accuracy and precision could mean the difference between life and death. Gun Digest Media's newest title, The Accurate Handgun by author Robert Campbell, details how to make any handgun more accurate--from choosing the best revolvers and autoloaders, to honing shooter mindset and skill.

Serious target shooters, hunters and armed citizens demand accurate handguns. The upgrades and accessories covered in The Accurate Handgun are invaluable to make any sidearm perform better. In addition, the author illuminates the road to expert marksmanship. Readers learn how to perfect the human component of accuracy.

Inside the book:
Handgun shooting techniques that will immediately improve accuracy for any shooter
Reloading tips and tricks to make more reliable and precise loads
Expert insights into handgun ammo selection--from rimfire to big bore
DIY projects to improve handgun function and accuracy in popular makes and models
From in-depth accuracy tips and gun tests of handguns from Glock, Colt, SIG, CZ, Springfield Armory and many more, to honest evaluations of the latest handgun ammunition, The Accurate Handgun highlights the technical aspects of the handgun, which shooters must understand to achieve truly high performance and precision. Plus, how to interface human ability and biomechanical aspects such as hand fit and trigger action with shooting technique.

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The Sten: The Legendary World War II British Submachine Gun. Guillou. The Sten: The Legendary World War II British Submachine Gun. Guillou.

The legendary British, World War II STEN submachine gun is featured in this concise, illustrated book. Famous for its use by British elite forces, as well as the French underground during WWII, variants of the STEN were manufactured and used by many countries during the war and up through the 1970s. Beginning with its initial design and construction, the Mk.I and Mk.I*, Mk.II, Mk.III, and Mk.5 versions are presented in detail, including up-close images of manufacturer’s markings. Superb war-era photographs show the various STEN models in combat use. Select foreign variants also discussed include French, Polish, and German types. STEN accessories such as magazines, ammunition, silencers, and bayonets are featured throughout the book, as well as rarely seen WWII-related uniform and equipment items.

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Goins' Encyclopedia Of Cutlery Markings. Goins Goins' Encyclopedia Of Cutlery Markings. Goins

Secondhand, VG Cond, mylar covered with some mylar lifting on the rear cover.

Goins' Encyclopedia, is one of the most talked about books in recent memory. Since the first Encyclopedia became required reading for all cutlery collectors 12 years ago, John and Charlotte Goins have been deluged with ever more questions, queries, and bits of information on old firms and markings. Increasingly, collectors have wondered if and when there might be an update to that knife collector's "bible." Friends, the answer is yes, and that day is finally here. For those of you unfamiliar with the "Goins Book," Goins' Encyclopedia contains summaries of the known history behind practically every marking found on antique cutlery. There are literally thousands of cutlery manufacturers, importers, dealers, hardware firms, barber supply companies, and the like included in its scope. When it comes to historical information on the brands of old knives, razors, or anything else that goes 'cut,' Goins' Encyclopedia is far and away the best single resource.

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A pictorial record of vehicles in service today; includes the 8x8 Light Armoured Vehicle, the NZLAV; the M1A1 AIM SA Abrams main battle tank, the M113AS4 armoured personnel carrier, the ASLAV wheeled afv, and the Bushmaster protected mobility vehicle. With 134 colour photographs.

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Bushmaster. Arthur. Bushmaster. Arthur.

In action photographs and a detailed walkaround of Australia's Protected Mobility Vehicle.

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Guns of the New West. Chicoine. Guns of the New West. Chicoine.

Secondhand Softcover, G Cond.

Choosing the right guns for cowboy competition just got easier. Noted gunsmith and author David Chicoine puts today's most popular replica firearms to the test and shares his findings on the good, the bad and the ugly. Chicoine tests and evaluates handguns, rifles and shotguns in this in-depth yet easy-to-use guide to modern replica firearms.
If you love replica guns, this book will help you choose the best.

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Early Gunpowder Artillery. Norris. Early Gunpowder Artillery. Norris.

The emergegence of Gunpowder artillery 1300-1400; artillery rises to prominence 1400-1500; into a new period 1500-1600.

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Trax Models. The 1986-2008 Edition. Trax Models. The 1986-2008 Edition.

Trax Models 1986-2008 Ed the Journey Continues Diecast Car Book Collectors Guide

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Passchendaele 1917. McNab. Passchendaele 1917. McNab.

Passchendaele 1917 is the story of one of the most pitiless and iconic battles of the First World War, known today as Third Ypres. Fought over three tortuous months in 1917, the fighting raged through some of the worst physical conditions of the entire war, across battlefields collapsing into endless mud and blood. Eventually more than 500,000 casualties bought front line changes that measured only in hundreds of yards.
Here Chris McNab details the background and events of the battle, right through to its legacy, using fact boxes and detailed profiles of leaders and equipment, as well as maps and poignant first person accounts. With supporting images from the Cody Images library providing a stark look at the horrific conditions men of all sides were tasked to fight in, this is a timely account of this bloodiest of battles.

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Germany's Guns 1939 - 45. Gander. Germany's Guns 1939 - 45. Gander.

The propaganda view of the German Army as being the first modern army fully equipped for war in 1939 is far from historically accurate. The Treaty of Versailles left Germany weak and unable to produce more than token weapons. Germany entered WWII using a variety of obsolete and captured weapons. These, and the more advanced guns that followed, are described in detail and fully illustrated here by noted historian Terry Gander. Includes all types of field and heavy artillery, coastal guns and anti-aircraft guns.

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AK-47. Kahaner. AK-47. Kahaner.

No single weapon has spread so much raw power to so many people in so little time--and had such a devastating effect--as the AK-47 assault rifle. This book examines the legacy of this world-changing weapon, from its creation as means of fighting the Nazis to its ubiquity today in every kind of conflict, from civil wars in Africa to gang wars in L.A.

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Mercedes-Benz.Cars of the 1990's Taylor. Mercedes-Benz.Cars of the 1990's Taylor.

As the 1990s began, competition from rivals was threatening the Mercedes-Benz marque's position at the top of the automotive tree. Through a combination of audacious diversification and sometimes less-than-successful cost-cutting, Mercedes began a turnaround that would not achieve final success until the middle of the following decade. This book charts these turbulent years when the marque struggled to come to terms with a changing world.

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Making Working Womens Costume. Friendship. Making Working Womens Costume. Friendship.

Patterns for clothes from the mid-15th to mid-20th centuries.
Making Working Women's Costume gives a unique account of the clothes of ordinary women from the mid-fifteenth century to the early twentieth century. As well as introducing the historical periods, it gives patterns for a range of typical garments that women of the poorer classes would have worn. Organized by century, it draws on historical sources and finds, paintings and photographs to recreate the clothes of these under-celebrated women.

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