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Ballistic Allsorts. Thompson Ballistic Allsorts. Thompson

Ballistic Allsorts is, as the name implies, the compilation of an assortment of topics centred around the theme of the ballistics of small arms, with a separate chapter devoted to each such topic.
With over half a century of professional, sports and competitive shooting behind him, Ian is well qualified to offer his readers this book. During his career as a ballistician, Ian has worked on trouble-shooting and product-improvement programmes for a variety of existing weapons systems and on research into possible future systems, as well as running the ballistic consultancy service, Baltec. This accumulation of experience, together with his lifelong interest in the 'hows, whys and whens' of shooting allows him to cover the field with an unusual depth of understanding.

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The Book of Forging: Basic Techniques and Examples. Gissing The Book of Forging: Basic Techniques and Examples. Gissing

Ideal for beginners of those looking to brush up their skills, this quick-reference overview explains the basics of all aspects of blacksmithing. With more than 450 photos and a focus on only the most essential tools and equipment, it keeps the information simple for the beginner. Summaries cover the tools of forging, their uses, and the essential equipment in the work space; the differences among free-form forging, drop forging, industrial, hot work, and cold work; the steps of the process, such as bending, joining, riveting, welding, chiseling off, and splitting; and the chemistry of iron and steel. The book also shows a gallery of 44 types of forged items, from hooks to tool handles, with comments on their forged features.

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Nick Harvey's Practical Reloading Manual 5th Edn Nick Harvey's Practical Reloading Manual 5th Edn

.Image shown is same as 5th Edition
Tools, Powders, Components and Techniques for Australia and New Zealand.
Now out of print

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Single Shot Rifles. Grant Single Shot Rifles. Grant

Secondhand, minor tears and scuffing cover, book itself is VG Cond Not pictured
For collectors and sportsmen, here is gun lore and history and anecdote dealing with single shot rifles. The author concentrates on standard models of old target guns, American made and foreign molds; he gives a complete listing of those put out by the leading manufacturers in the field. This includes a comprehensive study of the remodeling of old single shot rifles as well as an examination of the kind of cartridges available for use in them today. These guns are popular for use both on the target range and in the game field.

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Deadly Encounters. Boddington Deadly Encounters. Boddington

Incidents of hunters, trackers, PHs, and innocent bystanders seriously getting "hammered" and not infrequently killed by a dangerous-game animal crop up each year, and the trend toward the hunter becoming the prey seems to be clearly on the increase. This fact stands in strange counterpoint to what is actually happening in the international big-game hunting world, for it's a fact that there are fewer and fewer dangerous animals that can be hunted today. Tigers, Asian rhinos, Asian elephants, gaurs, and many other dangerous game animals are now consigned to our hunting past, for no legal hunting for them has existed for decades.
There are still enough dangerous game animals left, however, for people to get scratched, bitten, or stomped regularly. African lions are still hunted, even if far less often than before. African elephants are still locally plentiful, but far fewer of them are sport hunted now than ever before. And as for African rhinos, the black species is almost not hunted and the white variety is considered far less dangerous than its cousin. Even so, accidents happen, and people die or are maimed when a lion, an elephant, or a rhino decides to take an instant dislike to you.
Bears, both in Asia and North America, enjoy taking a bite out of humans on a pretty much a regular basis. In Africa, hardly a year goes by in the safari industry when at least one PH, tracker, or hunter gets killed by a Cape buffalo, the perennial meanie of the African bush. Leopards have always been plentiful in Africa and are no less dangerous now than they were thirty years ago. When hunting hippos and crocodiles, the best advice may best be summed up by the statement, “Be cautious when you approach an African river!” When hunting "feral" animals such as water buffalo and swine, "What you don't know about them can kill you!"

Boddington has done a masterful job of unearthing the facts and sometimes gory details of what happens when a nasty with sharp teeth, strong claws, blunt hoofs, or colossal strength decides to close in on a hunter and see the business through to a bloody, pulpy end. His stories of hunts gone wrong include wild lions or those found in enclosures; bull elephants in musth or cranky cows on the defensive; leopards who do not take kindly to being shot; bears-no matter what size or color; and "tame" water buffaloes that have taken over the neighborhood and now see humans as intruders. Boddington discusses and dissects the incidents to tell you why something went wrong so that you, the hunter, won't make the same mistake. Even though this is not an overly sensational tome with imaginary critters crunching on human bones like Rice Crispies behind each rock, we venture a guess that after reading the stories in Boddington's new book that the next time you go on a hunt you just might step out of your tent a little more cautiously.

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Unquenchable Spirit. Shatzko. Unquenchable Spirit. Shatzko.

Shatzko has had his share excitement while hunting. The following is a passage in his book on his polar bear hunt in the Arctic when the ice floe he was camped on broke loose. "In the morning, with the last wisps of the windstorm dying, Frankie got out of the tent first. 'You guys need to come see this.' There was certain urgency in his voice that had all of us scrambling out of the tent. At first, I didn't comprehend what I was seeing. The hump of land that had been a mile away last night looked as if it was more like ten miles away this morning. We all walked out toward what used be the pressure ridge. We were looking at open water. The ice, eight feet thick, had broken cleanly away. We stood on a shear ice cliff, staring at the raging Arctic water eight feet below. Our camp had broken away and had become a makeshift boat. It was being smashed with all the ocean's considerable fury. Below us certain death waited patiently. . . ."
Shatzko's hunting adventures in North America form the basis of the book. There he has hunted moose, caribou, mule deer, and, most of all, lots of sheep. Shatzko comes from a hunting family and his father and daughter feature in the pages of his hunts. Early on Shatzko realized that if he trained his horses, he would have access to the most remote wild places of British Columbia, and, so, he sets out to do just that. From the very beginning of his hunting exploits, he outfits himself, with only his own horses for companions; by far this takes more preparation, hard work, courage, determination, and resilience than going on a guided hunt. After hunting as much as possible in Canada, he tries his luck in Mexico, the United States, and two hunts in Central Asia for ibex and Marco Polo argali. But guides also feature prominently in these pages, especially the legendary Canadian Arctic outfitter Fred Webb.
All in all Shatzko has taken eleven trophies that qualify for the Boone & Crockett record book, no mean accomplishment for a hunter who is still a young man. In the introduction, the author says "I started this journey as a young man, who hunted strictly for sustenance, and I became a man who considers the challenge of hunting for trophy animals to be at the very core of who I am. This passion for the hunt is in every chapter." We could not say it any better ourselves. A great read.

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Medieval Sieges & Siegecraft. Hindley. Medieval Sieges & Siegecraft. Hindley.

A vivid reconstruction of siege warfare in the medieval world, with detailed descriptions of weapons & tactics.
Here Geoffrey Hindley serves us the history of military sieges from every angle, tracing the development of fortifications and equipment (offensive and defensive), penning vivid portraits of the weapons involved, exploring the psychology of laying siege, and even describing the role played by women and camp followers in battle. He shows siege tactics in action through real-life case studies of famous sieges that changed the course of history in medieval Europe and the Holy Land. His stimulating and accessible study will be fascinating reading for medieval specialists and for anyone who is interested in the history of warfare.

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Africa's Most Dangerous,  Doctari Robertson. Africa's Most Dangerous, Doctari Robertson.

Kevin "Doctari" Robertson is one of Africa’s best-known authors and the originator of the idea of showing a “ghost view” of the vital organs on African big game. His books have sold tens of thousands of copies. In this brand-new book with all original materials, Doctari has produced the most comprehensive guide to shot placement for the African buffalo. He talks about his favorite calibers, what constitutes a good trophy, and when a buffalo should not be shot. He talks of hunting the cow buffalo, equally as dangerous as a bull, and he gives us his views and insights into various rifle types and bullets. Many books on African hunting profess to deal with it all, but Robertson focuses on only one subject—buffalo. In fact he deals with only one subspecies of the African buffalo—the Cape or southern buffalo, the largest of the subspecies and the one with the meanest and most ferocious reputation. This book, his first since he wrote his best seller, The Perfect Shot, over ten years ago, has it all: the African tracker, bow hunting, caliber choices, picking the right bullet (a very interesting subject and well covered), selecting rifle sights, trophy evaluation, anatomical features, differences between bulls and cows in the field, distribution and natural history, hunting accessories, and more. All of it has been illustrated with some of the most magnificent Cape buffalo photographs ever seen by world-class wildlife photographer Catherine Robertson. No African hunter will want to be without this book.

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Buffalo II!  Boddington. Buffalo II! Boddington.

Craig Boddington is today’s best-known writer on hunting in Africa, and of all the animals he has pursued over the last forty-odd years, it is the African buffalo that has called him back to that great continent again and again. No hunter alive today has accomplished all that Craig has in his pursuit of the African buffalo. He has successfully hunted and shot all varieties of African buffaloes—Cape, Nile, Central African, West African, and dwarf forest buffalo. Craig’s dedicated nature is such that it took him five hunts to get a dwarf forest buffalo, and several of these were single-species dedicated hunts. Yes, a dwarf forest buffalo can be that hard to get!

Not only is his experience with African buffalo varieties incomparable, but he has also used more calibers, bullets, and various types of firearms and sights in his pursuit of buffaloes than any other person alive. Period! As for numbers shot, suffice to say that unless you are a professional hunter with multiple decades of hunting buffalo under your belt, you will not have shot as many. Do not go into the field without reading what happens when a buffalo gets a bee in his bonnet and comes looking for you.
Buffalo hunting in modern Africa has evolved tremendously in the last twenty years, and the changes have only accelerated in the last ten years. It was not that long ago that Mozambique had almost no huntable buffaloes and Uganda was closed to hunting. Nowadays Mozambique is possibly the largest buffalo destination in Africa, and as for Uganda, it has a vibrant program with high-quality Nile buffaloes shot each year. South Africa twenty years ago had very few buffaloes, so hunting for them was restricted; today this country is on its way to becoming a serious buffalo destination. Boddington has hunted in all these places and many more since he wrote Buffalo!, and since much has changed, both in terms of destinations, firearms, and ballistics, an update was urgently needed. Buffalo II! is the answer.
In his new book, Craig gives great information on hunting “swamp buffalo” from Mozambique, and he discusses the importance of buffalo sustainability for generations to come—the how, where, and why of looking for an aged buffalo bull with hard bosses. He also shares his experience with a true, full-blown, pressing-it-home, you-or-him buffalo charge, which is—thankfully—actually very rare. Until recently Craig had never experienced one, so his recollection is firsthand and vivid. The buffalo charge Craig faced was unprovoked, quick, and nearly lethal.
In other chapters Craig discusses where to look today to find that optimum buffalo hunt. Besides chapters on tracking, rifles, and calibers, there are great anecdotes and stories in Buffalo II! Want to hunt buffalo? Be prepared before you go by learning about buffalo hunting in every nook and cranny in twenty-first-century Africa. Buffalo II! is simply the best resource available for planning your first, second, or next buffalo safari.

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Great Hunting Rifles: Victorian to the Present. Wieland Great Hunting Rifles: Victorian to the Present. Wieland

In Great Hunting Rifles, firearms expert Terry Wieland leads the reader on a journey through the history of some of the most exquisite rifles made in the twentieth century.
The rifles featured in the book, all personally owned by the author and described in loving detail, were chosen for their particular importance. Each rifle either represents a particular era of gun making, is historically important, or is simply a paragon of gun making skill. In his treatment of these special rifles, Wieland provides a close look at some individual guns that are superb in a unique way, and which illustrate high points of the twentieth century. Each chapter is dedicated to one particular rifle, and is accompanied by photographs of the author's own examples, including:
James Woodward hammer double .450 Express 3 1/4"
Holland & Holland hammer .500 Express 3 1/4"
Haenel-Mannlicher bolt action
.450 Ackley custom rifle
Mannlicher-Schoenauer Model 1908
Savage Model 1899
Al Biesen custom .270 Winchester
.505 Gibbs custom built on a Granite Mountain Mauser 98
And many more!
Great Hunting Rifles is perfect for anyone who wants to know more about the history of those few, special rifles that have made their mark on time.

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Kynoch Standard Ammunition Book Kynoch Standard Ammunition Book

Kynoch Standard Ammunition Book for Rifle, Revolver, Pistol & Shotgun
Reprint of 1905 reference

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Khaki Drill & Jungle Green: British Tropical Uniforms 1939-45, Brayley, Ingram. Khaki Drill & Jungle Green: British Tropical Uniforms 1939-45, Brayley, Ingram.

The new paperback edition of Khaki Drill & Jungle Green offers the most detailed examination ever published of the tropical uniforms issued to all three services in the Mediterranean theatre and in South-East Asia during World War II. The evolution of tropical uniforms under the pressure of campaign experience between 1939 and 1945 is traced in Martin Brayley's nearly 300 striking colour photographs, showing live models wearing rare original uniforms and equipment, and carrying period weapons, in authentic settings.
The subjects illustrated cover a wide range, from rear echelon staff to a Bren gun crew of 'Desert Rats', and Alamein tank crewman and a naval party ashore in Malta; from RAF 'erks' and Army Pioneers sweating on fatigues, to a kilted Highlander exploring the sights of India, an infantry man of Slim's victorious 14th Army slogging through the jungle swamps of Burma.
Like its companion volume, The World War Two Tommy, this book will be welcomed by militaria collectors and dealers and any other reader with an interest in the physcial realities of World War II.

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Still More Single Shot Rifles. Grant Still More Single Shot Rifles. Grant

From a series of five by James J. Grant on single shot black powder and early centerfire cartridge target rifles. The book concentrates on the rifles from Stevens, Hopkins & Allen, F. Wesson, Ballard, Peabody and Peabody Martini and many more.

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Big Book of Ballistics. Massaro. Big Book of Ballistics. Massaro.

he physics of firearms and ammunition can be difficult to understand, with numerous technical terms and definitions that warrant explanation. InBig Book of Ballistics, author and ballistics expert Philip Massaro lifts the veil. He explains interior, exterior and terminal ballistics in plain language.
Massaro takes you on a journey that starts inside the cartridge case and terminates on the other side of a blasted-out target. Whether new or experienced, your knowledge of bullet performance and choice will be pushed to the absolute limit, as the world of factory and custom bullet and component choices is revealed.
No dry technical manual,Big Book of Ballisticsrelies on Massaro's worldwide pursuit of small, medium and dangerous game adventure in heart-pounding true stories that make the science of ballistics as real as it gets.
Inside the book:
The terminology of ballistics in plain language
How to choose the best ammunition
Successful long-range shooting principles
Terminal ballistics of hunting, target and self-defense bullets
Illustrative charts/graphs depict comparisons between bullet shapes, trajectories and wind drift
Modern developments in bullet technology can greatly enhance hunting and shooting performance. Understand the ballistic benefits with Big Book of Ballistics.

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Knights of the Reich: Fraschka Knights of the Reich: Fraschka

Biographies of the twenty-seven Holders of the Diamonds to the Knight's Cross from the Luftwaffe, Heer, Kriegsmarine and Waffen-SS: Werner Molders, Adolf Galland, Gordon Gollob, Hans-Joachim Marseilles, Hermann Graf, Erwin Rommel, Wolfgang Luth, Walter Nowotny, Adelbert Schulz, Hans-ulrich Rudel, Hyazinth Graf Strachwitz, Herbert Otto Gille, Hans Hube, Albert Kesselring, Helmut Lent, Sepp Dietrich, Walter Model, Erich Hartmann, Hermann Balck, Gerhard Ramcke, Wolfgang Schnaufer, Albrecht Brandi, Ferdinand Schorner, Hasso von Manteuffel, Theodor Tolsdorff, Dr. Karl Mauss, Dietrich von Saucken.

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Waffen-ss Knight's Cross Holders: 1939-1942. Vol 2 Mooney Waffen-ss Knight's Cross Holders: 1939-1942. Vol 2 Mooney

This book continues with the overview of the Waffen-SS units that fought during WWII. It follows each unit as it was raised and then where it fought. Within each of the various battles covered, the book focuses specifically on each Waffen-SS soldier that was awarded the Knights Cross to the Iron Cross (and higher grades where applicable). This volume covers the period January to May 1944 and features 45 Knight’s Cross, 7 Oakleaves, 3 Swords and the first Diamonds awardees. It was written with the help of surviving Knight’s Cross holders and Waffen-SS soldiers that fought alongside them. Original maps will help the reader see the significance of each battle and the part played by the various Waffen-SS Knight’s Cross awardees. This fourth volume contains a foreword by Karl-Heinz Euling (Awarded the Knights Cross while serving with the 10th SS-Panzer Division Frundsberg).

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Waffen-SS Knight's Cross Holders: 1939-1942. Vol 3 Mooney Waffen-SS Knight's Cross Holders: 1939-1942. Vol 3 Mooney

This book continues with the overview of the Waffen-SS units that fought during WWII. It follows each unit as it was raised and then where it fought. Within each of the various battles covered, the book focuses specifically on each Waffen-SS soldier that was awarded the Knights Cross to the Iron Cross (and higher grades where applicable). This volume covers the period January to May 1944 and features 45 Knight’s Cross, 7 Oakleaves, 3 Swords and the first Diamonds awardees. It was written with the help of surviving Knight’s Cross holders and Waffen-SS soldiers that fought alongside them. Original maps will help the reader see the significance of each battle and the part played by the various Waffen-SS Knight’s Cross awardees. This fourth volume contains a foreword by Karl-Heinz Euling (Awarded the Knights Cross while serving with the 10th SS-Panzer Division Frundsberg).

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Waffen-SS Knight's Cross Holders: 1939-1942. Vol 4 Mooney Waffen-SS Knight's Cross Holders: 1939-1942. Vol 4 Mooney

This book continues with the overview of the Waffen-SS units that fought during WWII. It follows each unit as it was raised and then where it fought. Within each of the various battles covered, the book focuses specifically on each Waffen-SS soldier that was awarded the Knights Cross to the Iron Cross (and higher grades where applicable). This volume covers the period January to May 1944 and features 45 Knight’s Cross, 7 Oakleaves, 3 Swords and the first Diamonds awardees. It was written with the help of surviving Knight’s Cross holders and Waffen-SS soldiers that fought alongside them. Original maps will help the reader see the significance of each battle and the part played by the various Waffen-SS Knight’s Cross awardees. This fourth volume contains a foreword by Karl-Heinz Euling (Awarded the Knights Cross while serving with the 10th SS-Panzer Division Frundsberg).

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Submarine Badges and Insignia of the World – A Reference for Collectors. Prichard Submarine Badges and Insignia of the World – A Reference for Collectors. Prichard

A complete compendium of the submarine badges of the world, dating from the Imperial Russian Naval Officer’s Submarine School Graduation Badge of 1909 to the new South Korean Submariner’s Badge issued in 1996. Covers all countries currently operating submarines as well as those no longer existing as political entities.

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The German U-Boat Base at Lorient, France - Vol.3: August 1942-August 1943.  Braeuer The German U-Boat Base at Lorient, France - Vol.3: August 1942-August 1943. Braeuer

Volume 3 (a four-volume series) about the German submarine base in Lorient, France, tells the history of the 92 German submarines that were stationed there between August 1942 and August 1943 or arrived at the port. On 1 October 1942, some Type IX submarines left the port of Lorient in the direction of Cape of Good Hope to hunt allied ships there. The book also describes the devastating effects of the Allied bombardment on the city and port of Lorient during the following months and examines the progress in the defenses against the German submarine weapon, which led to the withdrawal of the German submarines from the North Atlantic towards the end of May 1943.
The volume is illustrated with over 500 rare contemporary photographs as well as maps and plans.
A final chapter shows in color important locations, architectural remains that have survived the time, documents and memorabilia related to the presence of the submarines in Lorient.

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The German U-Boat Base at Lorient, France, Vol. 2: July 1941-July 1942 Braeuer The German U-Boat Base at Lorient, France, Vol. 2: July 1941-July 1942 Braeuer

Volume two (of a four volume series) reveals the story of the seventy-eight German U-boats that passed through the port of Lorient from July 1941 to July 1942. The book explains the major phases in the Battle of the Atlantic in which U-boats were operating and particularly the surprise attacks on merchant traffic along the American coast. It details the Allied actions against the port of Lorient and their system of defense against the German U-boat arm. Also featured are unedited reminiscences of the U-boat crews' life ashore in Lorient during their patrol arrivals and departures. This work is illustrated with over 500 exceptional war-era photographs as well as maps and plans. A unique color section presents the remains, documents, and memories relating to the presence of the U-boats in Lorient.

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The Perfect Shot II. Robertson. The Perfect Shot II. Robertson.

Kevin “Doctari” Robertson’s best-selling book on shot placement for African game, The Perfect Shot, has now been completely revised and updated: extensive additions to the text; 300 all-new photos of the animals covered; and revised, detailed anatomical drawings. The Perfect Shot II also has shot-placement details for a number of species not covered in the original edition, including blesbok, bongo, black wildebeest, grysbok, nyala, reedbuck, roan, and steenbok. In all, twenty-seven African game species are now covered.
Robertson, a licensed professional hunter and veterinarian, first developed The Perfect Shot a dozen years ago, and it was quickly recognised as the most comprehensive work ever undertaken to show the anatomical features for all classes of African game. His revised version reflects his increased knowledge of big-game anatomy and shot placement. In addition, the chapters on bullet construction and performance have been substantially revised to cover the advances in bullet development that have occurred in the twelve years since the publication of the original edition.
The book covers just about every animal you might hunt in Africa, from the big, dangerous species (elephant, buffalo, rhino, and hippo) to the large cats (lion and leopard) and from the largest antelopes (eland and bongo) to the smallest (duiker, grysbok, and klipspringer). Even Africa's more unusual species (giraffe, crocodile, zebra, and hyena) are covered in detail. Each animal is shown in at least one colour field picture as well as a colour "ghost view" that illustrates the shoulder bones, heart, lungs, brain, and spinal column. These views allow you to see precisely where to place your shot in relation to how the animal may be standing. Most species now have multiple illustrations from different angles for easier understanding of the different shot-placement options.
The invaluable natural history section on each animal contains trophy-assessment hints as well as how to determine the sex of an animal. Other chapters include calibre and bullet selection, trophy handling, basic animal anatomy, and practical tips on how to make that "perfect shot." This great reference work is a must-have for every safari hunter, no matter how experienced.

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Blue Book of Gun Values. 41st Edn. Fjestad Blue Book of Gun Values. 41st Edn. Fjestad

The 41st Edition is dedicated to long-time author and publisher, S.P. Fjestad and contains over 2,500 pages of accurate information and up-to-date values for modern firearms and many major trademark antiques. With almost 1.9 million books in circulation worldwide, the Blue Book of Gun Values provides the most comprehensive collection of firearms information and pricing available and features the following:Includes all the new 2020 makes and models, along with important pricing updates on many current and discontinued models.Information on over 60 NEW manufacturers/trademarks have been added since the last edition was published.2,512 pages featuring nearly 1,900 manufacturers/trademarks, with almost 30,000 gun model descriptions and over 180,000 values!An 80-page color Photo Percentage Grading System (PPGS) which makes firearms grading even easier and more accurate.
Now includes a Serialization Index to make finding serial number information even easier!Celebrates the life and work of S.P. Fjestad through an in-depth biography, memorials, images, and quotes from those who knew him best.
The Blue Book of Gun Values continues to be the “Bible” for buyers, sellers, collectors, and connoisseurs in the firearms industry!

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The Narrative of William H. Bonney. Easterbrook The Narrative of William H. Bonney. Easterbrook

Our Products >> The Narrative of William H. Bonney
Before you assume this as the same ole Billy The Kid story here me out. After reading, there are many details and research in this book that are not commonly known.

Before you assume this as the same ole Billy The Kid story hear me out. After reading, there's many details in this book that are not commonly known. For example there's an article from the New York Sun dated Sept. 10, 1876, where Billy ran into some trouble in, of all places, New York City. The article was researched as legit and in the original typeface. Also, the photo shown on the books cover is the only known photo of the Regulators all together. This book is a compilation of extenensive research by the authors/editor. The author and editor Russell Nelson is an avid BPCR shooter, buckskinner, and historian. Read more, you won’t be disappointed.

On July 14th, 1881, William H Bonney, famously known as the violent outlaw Billy the Kid, did not die by Sheriff Patrick Garrett's hand but instead lived out the rest of his days with many adventures. In his second chance at life in New Mexico he fought in the Apache Wars against Geronimo to later live out the rest his days as a family man, known for being a beloved father and husband.

How Billy the Kid Lived On: There are many conflicting theories of what really happened to Billy the Kid with the history books claiming him as a no good cattle rustler gunned down by the law on July 14th, 1881. This long developed project has been created by its passionate authors with combined decades of research of what really happened to the New Mexico's famous cowboy. This book does not give credit to those seeking fame off the back of a better man. This story has absolutely nothing to do with such fakes as Brushy Bill Roberts from Hico, Texas boasting as if he is Billy the Kid himself but instead a narrative written from the perspective of William H Bonney.

This book is written as two parts, with Part 1 reading as a truly accurate depiction of Billy the Kid's life. Bringing to life his adventures across the country evading the law from Arizona to Ireland and his dealings with a highly competitive, dangerous, and corrupt cattle rustling industry up to his alleged death. As for Part 2, the authors with their combined experience depict the life Billy the Kid found himself after the events of July 14th, 1881. From his involvement in the Lincoln County War and his relationships with other famous American idols. Famous frontiersmen such as Tom Horn and Wyatt Earp, as well as American leaders like General George Crook.

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John Taffin's Book of the .45 Caliber. Taffin. John Taffin's Book of the .45 Caliber. Taffin.

This book consists of a lifetime of experiences with .45-caliber firearms - sixguns, semiautos, single shots and leverguns. It is not even close to being the Complete Book of the .45 for several reasons. I have not experienced every type of .45 ever made, and although I've seen several books with the word "complete" in their title, they were far from it. It is simply impossible to write a complete book of anything. You will also find a few, a very few, .45 handgun cartridges missing, such as the .451 Detonics and .45 Super. I simply have no experience with them. However, the .45 Colt, .45 Schofield, .45 Auto Rim, .45 ACP, .45 GAP, .45 Win Mag, .454 Casull, .460 Rowland, .460 S&W, .45-70, .45-90 and .45-110 will all be found here, along with many of the firearms in which they are chambered (as well as specially selected loads). I can't cover every cartridge in a book this size, nor can I cover every sixgun, semiauto, single shot and levergun. What you'll find here are those cartridges and guns I pretty much favor. TABLE OF CONTENTS PART 1 SIXGUNS AND THEIR CARTRIDGES THE CARTRIDGES Chapter 1: The .45 Colt Chapter 2: The .45 S&W Schofield Chapter 3: The .45 Auto Rim Chapter 4: The .454 Casull Chapter 5: The .45-70 & .460 S&W THE SIXGUNS Chapter 6: The Colt Single Action Army Chapter 7: The Colt Model 1878 & New Service Chapter 8: The Great Western Frontier Model Chapter 9: The Post-War Colt Single Action Army Chapter 10: The Colt New Frontier Chapter 11: The .45 Colt Anaconda Chapter 12: The .45 Smith & Wesson Schofield Chapter 13: The S&W .45 Hand Ejectors Chapter 14: The Smith & Wesson Model 625 Chapter 15: The Smith & Wesson Model 460XVR Chapter 16: Ruger .45 Blackhawk & Bisley Chapter 17: Ruger Redhawk .45 & Super Redhawk .454 Chapter 18: Ruger .45 Vaqueros Chapter 19: Ruger Old Army .45 Chapter 20: USFA .45 Single Actions Chapter 21: Freedom Arms .454 Casull Model 83 Chapter 22: Freedom Arms Model 97 Chapter 23: Texas Longhorn Arms Improved No. 5 Chapter 24: The Dan Wesson M45 Chapter 25: The Taurus .45s Chapter 26: A Gallery of Great .45 Sixguns Chapter 27: A Gallery of Sixgun Stocks & Handgun Hide Chapter 28: Managing the Single-Action Sixgun Chapter 29: Mastering the Double-Action .45 Sixgun THE REPLICA SIXGUNS Chapter 30: The .45 Sixguns of Cimarron Chapter 31: Hartford Remingtons & STI Texicans Chapter 32: Cartridge Conversions Part 2 SEMIAUTO PISTOLS AND THEIR CARTRIDGES THE CARTRIDGES Chapter 33: The .45 ACP Chapter 34: The .45 Winchester Magnum Chapter 35: The .460 Rowland Chapter 36: The .45 GAP THE SEMIAUTOMATICS Chapter 37: The Colt Government Model Chapter 38: Wilson Combat .45s Chapter 39: Return of the Remington 1911 Chapter 40: USFA Government Models Chapter 41: Para-USA .45s Chapter 42: Smith & Wesson's .45 Semiautos Chapter 43: Ruger's .45 Semiautos Chapter 44: Dan Wesson 1911s Chapter 45: Taurus .45 Semiautos Chapter 46: The Glock .45 Chapter 47: Kimber's .45 1911s Chapter 48: Springfield Armory's .45 Semiautos Chapter 49: Foreign .45s Chapter 50: A Gallery of Government Models Chapter 51: A Gallery of Handles & Hide for 1911s PART 3 LONG GUNS AND THEIR CARTRIDGES Chapter 52: The .45-70 Then and Now Chapter 53: The .45 Single Shots Chapter 54: .45 Colt Leverguns Chapter 55: The Marlin Model 1895 Chapter 56: Winchester's Model 1876 .45-75 Chapter 57: The .45-70 Winchester Model 1886 Chapter 58: The Winchester .45 Colt Model 1894 Chapter 59: Replica .45 Colt Leverguns Chapter 60: Remembering Jeff Cooper

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Luftwaffe Generals: The Knight’s Cross Holders 1939-1945. Dixon. Luftwaffe Generals: The Knight’s Cross Holders 1939-1945. Dixon.

This book presents the biographies of 115 Luftwaffe officers who reached the rank of general and who were awarded the Knight’s Cross, and higher grades of the award during their career. This study brings together the highest ranking recipients of this special award from the Luftwaffe, the German air force: men like fighter aces Adolf Galland and Werner Mölders; one of the most successful field commanders of the war Albert Kesselring; paratroopers like Kurt Student and Eugen Meindl; Field-Marshals Erhard Milch, Wolfram von Richthofen, Robert Ritter von Greim, Hugo Sperrle, and of course Hermann Göring the Commander-in-Chief of the Luftwaffe.

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Wind, Dust, and Snow II. Anderson Wind, Dust, and Snow II. Anderson

Robert Anderson knows his sheep and Caprinae and has spent a lifetime gathering modern and historic photos and stories about the world's most coveted game animals. (He, himself, is also a hunter of mountain game.) In this, his second book on Asian mountain game, he has pulled out all stops: The book is filled to the rim with contemporary photos of great argali, urial, mouflon, blue sheep, markhor, tur, and ibex that will make every mountain-game hunter worldwide get an elevated heart rate! Also included are great modern and historical stories about unbelievable hunts that will be the envy of every sheep hunter alive. Complementing these stories are two detailed historical chapters on Marco Polo sheep hunting that sets conventional thinking on its head. It turns out that immediately after World War II several individuals managed to penetrate the Pamirs in search of fabled Marco Polo rams, even though most think that Asian hunting wasn't opened until decades later.
Anderson takes a long and hard look at Elgin Gates shikars to Asia. It was Gates's 1959 hunt for Marco Polo that made the hunting world sit up and take notice, although he and his companion Herb Klein were by no means the first hunters after World War II to obtain this sheep. Several large mysteries surround Gates and this hunt, which is not surprising since Gates himself wrote at least five versions of this account. What Anderson discovers is fascinating.
Another larger than life sheep hunter is Art Dubs, and Anderson devotes a lengthy chapter on Dubs's mountain hunting career in Asia. Love him, like him, or hate him, Art Dubs was one hell of a determined sheep hunter and arguably the most accomplished sheep hunter of them all.
Then there is a chapter on Al Means, a quiet and self-effacing man, whose accomplishments rank alongside the two others.
A famous sheep hunter once said, "All sheep hunters are crazy!" No one is likely to dispute that notion after reading about hunting at altitudes that make breathing a seriously belaboring activity and getting a mature old ram or billie a virtual impossibility because of the steepness of the terrain and the intelligence of the quarry. Even given these environmental and physical obstacles, each year a handful of individuals persists and climbs the highest mountains on earth to seek trophies that are almost impossible to get. The pages of this book reveal a sheep- and goat-hunting paradise for those intrepid enough to scale the rooftops of the world. Magnificent photos and engaging text take you to this place.

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The FN-49: The Last Elegant Old-World Military Rifle. Johnsom The FN-49: The Last Elegant Old-World Military Rifle. Johnsom

This revised and expanded second edition of The FN-49: The Last Elegant Old-World Military Rifle is the result of author Wayne Johnson’s continued and exhaustive study of the FN Model 1949 rifle. All chapters in the book have been updated and in some cases significantly expanded to reflect the results of Johnson’s additional research and data gathering over the last fifteen years since the release of the first edition. One new chapter and three new appendixes have been added, page count has increased from 200 to over 400, illustrations have increased from around 300 to over 1,000, and the book is now produced in an exciting new color format.
New FN-49 production data as well as many official period photos, provided by sources at FN, enhanced a number of chapters. Over fifty new period images of the FN-49 in action, most never-before published, have been added. The chapter covering the early self-loading rifles that preceded the FN-49 has nearly tripled in length and includes more than 70 images. A new addition is coverage of the various patents that were issued for these early FN self-loading rifles. The Special Rifles chapter has new photographs of unique FN-49s including a prototype sniper rifle, a cut-away, and an infrared night sight-equipped rifle.
The Sniper Rifle chapter has been considerably improved, now having more than 75 photographs and additional text, including coverage of the Luxembourg contract OIP scopes, long thought lost. Also included is a fascinating personal account of a sharpshooter that served in the Belgian Congo, documented by noted FN authority Anthony Vanderlinden. Also improved is the chapter on Chamberings, Ammunition, and Cartridge Clips that has new information, more photos, and a sidebar covering the test firing of some original-issue 1949 ammunition.
The chapter considered by some collectors to be the centerpiece of the book, the Parts Breakdown chapter, now has many more illustrative photographs along with expanded text describing every component part of the rifle. A new chapter has been added to cover the major contributing manufacturers: Herkner, Meopta, Mecar, and OIP; these companies were instrumental in adapting the FN-49 for the specialized roles of sniping and launching rifle grenades.
Another interesting addition is a detailed account of the importation of the Luxembourg contract rifles, including coverage of the agreement between the importer and the U.S. government regarding the modifications made to the selective-fire fire rifles to make them eligible for sale in the U.S. The Accessories chapter has been expanded to cover more of the attachments, tools, accessories, and technical information that were developed to support the use and maintenance of the rifle. Several new bayonet variations have been identified and are described. The Argentine chapter now includes an account of FN-49s serving in the Falklands war. And more.
This expanded second edition represents a major step forward in telling the story of this fascinating rifle and is a must-read for all FN-49 owners and collectors, FN enthusiasts in general, and for all people with an interest in learning more about the development, production, and military service of one of the last of the old-world, elegant, military rifles.

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