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The Battle of Long Tan. The Company Commanders Story. Smith. The Battle of Long Tan. The Company Commanders Story. Smith.

On the afternoon of 18 August 1966, just five kilometres from the main Australian Task Force base at Nui Dat, a group of Viet Cong soldiers walked into the right flank of Delta Company, 6 RAR. Under a blanket of mist and heavy monsoon rain, amid the mud and shattered rubber trees, a dispersed Company of 108 men held its ground with courage and grim determination against a three-sided attack from a force of 2,500 Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army troops. When the battle subsided, 18 Australian soldiers lay dead and 24 had been wounded.
Battlefield clearance revealed 245 enemy bodies with captured documents later confirming the count at over 500 enemy killed and 800 wounded. These men were led by a gruff and gusty perfectionist, Major Harry Smith. Now, some 53 years after the battle, Harry tells his story. The Battle of Long Tan is more than just an account of a historic battle. Harry Smith takes his readers on an extraordinary journey one that ultimately reveals a remarkable cover-up at the highest military and political echelons.
The Battle of Long Tan is also Harry’s life story and portrays his many personal battles, from failed marriages to commando-style killing; from a horrific parachute accident through to his modern-day struggles with bureaucracy for recognition for his soldiers. Harry’s battles are tempered by his love of sailing, where he has at last found some peace. The Battle of Long Tan portrays the wrenching, visceral experience of a man who has fought lifelong battles, in a story that he is only now able to tell. Harry can still hear the gunfire and smell the blood spilt at Long Tan. For him, the fight continues.

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My Vietnam War. Scarred Forever. Morgan. My Vietnam War. Scarred Forever. Morgan.

My Vietnam is Dave Morgans story. A typical 20 year old, he was forced into extraordinary circumstances in Vietnam. Far from his carefree youth, the Vietnam War would expose Dave to an atmosphere of ever-present danger and sheer terror that would impact him forever. His return to a divided Australia would isolate him further. During his service Dave wrote home to his mother from Vietnam tracking the days and the events.
In 1992, after his mother passed away, he found all of his letters with his own recollections and diary entries, and the short stories of seven other veterans, to capture the unbelievable danger and horror that these young men experienced in Vietnam. He also describes how Vietnam established life-long feelings of intense loyalty, trust and mateship between the men that served there. Daves story focuses on his time as a soldier and his return psychologically exhausted to a divided nation.

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The Music Maker. One POW Provided Hope For Thousands. Byrne. The Music Maker. One POW Provided Hope For Thousands. Byrne.

On May 8 1945, forty-six-year-old Drum Major Jackson staggered towards his American liberators. Emaciated, dressed in rags, his decayed boots held together with string, he'd been force-marched for twenty days over the Austrian Alps after five heinous years as a POW in Nazi labour camps. He collapsed into his liberators' arms, clinging to his only meaningful possession-his war diary.
Having already experienced the horrific nature of battle in the First World War, Jackson had now survived another War-unlike hundreds of his mates, who'd succumbed to disease, insanity, or had been killed in action. Men far younger than he.
But he could never have imagined what awaited him on the home front.
A captivating testament to human endurance, Jackson's diary and photos, one of the last such memoirs to be published, is the inspiration for The Music Maker. An unforgettable and gripping true story about the life and times

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Pure Massacre. Aussie Soldiers Reflect on the Rwandan Genocide. O'Halloran. Pure Massacre. Aussie Soldiers Reflect on the Rwandan Genocide. O'Halloran.

Rwanda is no stranger to violence. In 1994, an orgy of killing swept across the tiny land-locked nation and genocide, the size and magnitude unseen since the Hitler horrors of WWII, erupted. Around one million men, women and children were mercilessly shot, hacked to death or burnt alive.
To alleviate the suffering and restore order to shattered lives, a group of Australian UN peacekeepers, made up of soldiers and army medical personnel, was sent to Rwanda under a United Nations mandate. These Australians would be exposed to a lack of humanity they were not prepared for and found hard to fathom.
On 22nd April 1995, the daily horror and tragedy they had witnessed escalated out of control. At a displaced persons’ camp in Kibeho, in full view of the Australian soldiers, over 4,000 unarmed men, women and children died in a hail of bullets, grenades and machete blades at the hands of the Rwandan Patriotic Army. Constrained by the UN peacekeeping Rules of Engagement, these Australians could only watch helplessly and try to assist the wounded under the gaze of the trigger-happy killers.
Pure Massacre is a record of what happened during this peacekeeping mission. Kevin “Irish” O’Halloran, a Platoon Sergeant at the time, stresses the weaknesses of the UN charter and what happens when “good men do nothing”. He pulls together the perspectives of those Australian soldiers who served in Rwanda at this time. Pure Massacre gives a new and personal voice to the Kibeho Massacre.

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Fatal Mission. Life and Death of Oscar Furniss and the Crew of the Naughty Nan. Elliott. Fatal Mission. Life and Death of Oscar Furniss and the Crew of the Naughty Nan. Elliott.

Fatal Mission is the story of Australian navigator Oscar Furniss, just one of 55,000 young men who perished while flying for Bomber Command during World War II. Lovingly crafted by his nephew, Mal Elliott, this book brings to life a young man whose name was never spoken by his family and who was a stranger to his modern-day descendants.
Elliott follows Oscar from his carefree childhood in the Blue Mountains through his training over the vast emptiness of Canada to the mist-shrouded patchwork landscapes of Britain and on to the hostile skies of occupied France. He uses the accounts of the two surviving aircrew to piece together the events of the fateful night that saw most of the crew of Lancaster JA901, affectionally know as Naughty Nan, perish as pilot Colin Dickson heroically manoeuvred his burning aircraft away from the towns and villages that dotted the landscape.
This has been a difficult book for Elliott to write as it contains a harrowing description of his uncle's last moments. The terrible impact of the deaths of the aircrew are vividly described alongside the miraculous tales of the two survivors. But for the family of Oscar Furniss there would be no miracle, just the lingering weight of deep and lasting grief.
This is a story that moves beyond the technical descriptions of bombing missions to describe the human toll of conflict. It underlines the crucial importance of commemoration, of refusing to allow those who perished in war to be forgotten. Theirs was a sacrifice that we who live in freedom should never forget.

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Sword and Baton Vol 1: Federation - 1939 Senior Australian Army Officers from Federation to 2001. Chadwick Sword and Baton Vol 1: Federation - 1939 Senior Australian Army Officers from Federation to 2001. Chadwick

Sword and Baton is a collection of 86 biographies representing every Australian Army officer to reach the rank of major general from Federation to the outbreak of World War II.
This is the first of two volumes, and its scope is broad, including chaplains-general, surgeons-general and British Army officers who served with the AIF or the permanent forces.Author Justin Chadwick portrayal of these officers careers provides a lens through which he examines trends such as the development of military skills which ensured that, by the commencement of hostilities in 1914, Australia boasted a pool of well-trained, albeit inexperienced officers.
The effects of command under pressure of war and the enormous physical impact of combat are likewise portrayed in these comprehensive biographies. By the end of hostilities Australian officers had garnered immense experience and were among the best in the Allied forces. Ironically, this hard-won skill base was to be all but lost in the interwar period. Sword and Baton offers its readers more than a series of biographies. Rather, it describes a crucial period in Australian military history through the lives of the extraordinary men at its head.

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Pioneers of Australian Armour In the Great War. Finlayson, Cecil, Pioneers of Australian Armour In the Great War. Finlayson, Cecil,

Pioneers of Australian Armour tells the story of the only Australian mechanised units of the Great War. The 1st Australian Armoured Car Section, later the 1st Australian Light Car Patrol, and the Special Tank Section were among the trailblazers of mechanisation and represented the cutting edge of technology on the Great War battlefield.
The 1st Armoured Car Section was raised in Melbourne in 1916, the brainchild of a group of enthusiasts who financed, designed and then built two armoured cars. Having persuaded the Australian Army of the vehicles’ utility in the desert campaign, the Armoured Car Section, later re-equipped with Model T Fords and retitled the 1st Australian Light Car Patrol, provided valuable service until well after the Armistice.
The First World War also saw the emergence of the tank which, despite unpromising beginnings, was to realise its potential in the crucial 1918 battles of Hamel and Amiens. A British Mark IV tank which toured Australia in 1918 demonstrated the power of this new weapon to an awestruck Australian public.
Much of the story of the armoured cars is told in the voices of the original members of the section and in newspaper articles of the time which highlight the novelty of these vehicles. Painstaking research has produced a remarkable collection of images to accompany the narrative, many never previously published. Biographies of the members of these extraordinary units are also a feature of this book, their stories told from the cradle to the grave. Appendixes provide a wealth of supporting biographical and technical information that enriches the text and adds factual detail.

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Clothing Regulations 1894. Westlake. Clothing Regulations 1894. Westlake.

Fascimile repint
Regulations for the supply of clothing and necessaries to the regular forces.
War Office 1894.

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Flint Knapping. Turner. Flint Knapping. Turner.

Flint knapping was one of the primary survival skills of our prehistoric ancestors. This highly original guide will enable the reader, with practice, to manufacture their own Stone Age tool kit. The expert author guides the reader on a journey of discovery, passing on ancient knowledge of how flint tools from the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, and Bronze age were made and used.

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Panzers in Normandy: Then and Now. Lefevre. Panzers in Normandy: Then and Now. Lefevre.

Published to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Normandy Campaign, Panzers in Normandy Then and Now is a detailed study of the German Panzer regiments in Normandy in 1944 as seen from the German side. The book is basically divided into two parts: the theoretical composition of the 1944 model of the panzer regiment, its equipment and personnel, and secondly, individual chapters on the seventeen panzer units which saw service in Normandy. In addition the book contrasts the scenes of the fighting that raged in the countryside and villages in this part of France with comparison photographs of the battleground as it is today. Research for this book also resulted in the discovery of the location of the grave of the most famous panzer commander, formerly listed as missing in action, when a Normandy roadside revealed its secret in 1983 as the last resting place of the victor of Villiers-Bocage, Michael Wittmann.

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Canister on Fire. 2 Volume Box Set. Cameron. Canister on Fire. 2 Volume Box Set. Cameron.

Exceptional Two-Volume (One and Two) Box Set tells the little known story of the Australian tanks in the Vietnam War.
“You can take all of the popular stuff that has been produced about our involvement in South Vietnam & none of them compare to your scholarship, passion for your subject or the sheer readability of your narrative.”
Canister! On! Fire! tells the remarkable, but little known story of Australian tanks in the Vietnam War. Based on twelve years of research, including personal letters and diaries, extensive searches of official records and numerous interviews, this book brings to life a previously unheralded aspect of the conflict. It is the story of a select group of soldiers, both regular and conscript, serving their country against all odds.
The 53-tonne Centurion tanks were not only involved in intense fighting in conjunction with infantry and artillery to capture enemy defences and defeat attacks, but also fought their own battles against enemy mines, ambushes, and an unforgiving terrain and climate.
This book takes the reader inside the tanks to share the experiences of their crews in action in the jungle. We see the gunner, trying to survive the heat inside the turret, while identifying designated targets; the operator trying to maintain communications, while keeping the guns loaded; the driver, trying to see his way forward, while keeping his head down; and the commander, trying to locate enemy positions, while directing his driver and giving fire orders to his gunner. The account also reveals how the mechanics overcame extraordinary challenges to maintain the twenty-year-old tanks, while the field engineers risked their lives protecting them against mines.
In 1968, the deployment of a squadron from 1st Armoured Regiment was controversial; their Centurions were considered totally unsuited to jungle warfare. Not only did the men and machines prove their worth, but they became an indispensable part of Australian combat operations. So much so, their subsequent withdrawal was equally as controversial as their deployment.
This exciting and enthralling narrative deserves to be read, not only as a military history, but also as a contemporary account of the resolute attitude of Australian soldiers often asked to do the impossible.

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Colt's Single Action Army Revolver: The Legend, The Romance And The Rivals. O"Meara. Colt's Single Action Army Revolver: The Legend, The Romance And The Rivals. O"Meara.

Ex Niel Speed Library
Colt's single action army revolver is the one revolver that captures the spirit of the American cowboy and holds the attention of gun enthusiasts and collectors around the world. It has been in almost continuous production since 1873, copied by more than a dozen manufacturers and remains as popular today as it was more than a century ago.
In Colt's Single Action Army Revolver, author Doc O'Meara takes readers on a journey of discovery looking at this remarkable revolver from its beginnings. With production figures and serial number information, O'Meara serves collectors and historians. He also tests several modern reproductions of Colts and their rivals, providing ballistic and accuracy data for the shooter.
-Provides production figures, serial numbers by year and rarities -New low price -16-page color section featuring rare and exotic Colts and the people who owned them

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Shelby and AC Cobra. Laban. Shelby and AC Cobra. Laban.

In the new edition of this classic text, Brian Laban brings the story of the AC Cobra up to date. In the early 1960s, a flamboyant Texan, Carroll Shelby, dreamed of a special kind of sports car, a marriage of European style with lusty, affordable American V8 power. He took his dream forward and he persuaded British sports car specialist AC Cars to build his car, and US industry giant the Ford Motor Co to fund it. Its name also came to him in a dream - Cobra. The original production of the Cobra lasted just five years and encompassed barely a thousand cars built within the original framework. But it was only the beginning of a story that is still very much alive, encompassing 'continuations', spin-offs, and a massive worldwide replica industry. Shelby and AC Cobra details the man behind the cars, the story of their development and engineering, racing pedigree and owning and driving these powerful, iconic cars today. AUTHOR: Brian Laban has been writing about cars, the motor industry and motor sport for more than forty years, for magazines, newspapers, broadcast and online content. He has written around forty books, edited several magazines and worked with many car manufacturers and race teams. 250 colour photographs.

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A Chronicle of The French Service  Bolt-Action Rifle. 1866 - 1978. Gintzburger. A Chronicle of The French Service Bolt-Action Rifle. 1866 - 1978. Gintzburger.

Abundantly illustrated with colour photos and illustrations.
Covers -
MAS 36
rifles and variants with their development, description and technical specifications, detailed army munitions evolution and ballistics and the grenade launcher adaptions.
All are placed in an historical, political and industrial context.
Includes reloading data and shooting tests for the Lebel, Berthier and the MAS 36

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Remington Rolling Block Firearms. Schreier Jnr. Remington Rolling Block Firearms. Schreier Jnr.

A highly informative history of the Remington rolling block action firearms by arms and military expert Konrad F. Schreier. Includes black and white photos and illustrations.

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U.S. Army Rangers and Special Forces of World War II:: Their War in Photographs. Ross. U.S. Army Rangers and Special Forces of World War II:: Their War in Photographs. Ross.

U.S. Army Rangers & Special Forces of World War II tells the story of the U.S. Army's elite Rangers and special forces largely through pictures. Never before has such an expansive view of World War II been offered in one volume. Furthermore, an extensive search of public and private archives unearthed an astonishing number of rare and never before seen images, some in color. Most notable are the nearly twenty exemplary photographs of Lieutenant Colonel William O. Darby's Ranger Force in Italy, taken by Robert Capa, who is considered by many to be the greatest combat photographer of all time. Complementing the period photographs are numerous color plates detailing the rare and often unique items of insignia, weaponry, and equipment that marked the soldiers whose heavy task it was to lead the way.

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French Military Knives And Bayonets. Mery. French Military Knives And Bayonets. Mery.

Completely revised, updated and illustrated, this is the most affordable and thorough book on French military bayonets and knives. With a modern layout and over 550 period photos, it is easier to read and it will appeal to the widest possible range of interests and readers. Beginner and seasoned collectors, historians, as well as militaria professionals will be delighted. All the models of French bayonets and knives from WWI to the present-day are presented in this limited edition (300 copies); they are all here, in the ultimate reference book of its kind.

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The German Bayonet. 1898 - 1945. Mery. The German Bayonet. 1898 - 1945. Mery.

THE GERMAN BAYONET 1898 - 1945. From the early 1895 trial pieces to the late F.G. 42 models, Christian Mery traces the history of the German bayonets through both World Wars, and the never before appeared in publications Weimar era. This 304 page work completes his earlier Ersatz book. All the models manufactured in Germany are presented and illustrated in more than 900 color photographs, 200 of which are of German soldiers. Some have never been published before and often are exceptional. A chapter is dedicated to sawback bayonets and to the propaganda made of their use during WWI. Collectors will welcome the chapters on frogs and regimental markings as an indispensable reference allowing them to identify their bayonets and other equipment. An added feature of this book is a section dedicated to the ever growing and increasingly more accurate number of fakes. Finally, an addendum with information on ersatz bayonets and a complete color plate of the different Troddels will prove an invaluable reference.

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African Medium Game Cartridges. Van Der Walt. African Medium Game Cartridges. Van Der Walt.

Hunters and gun owners are particularly fond of proclaiming certain publications are the last word on their sport and this tome certainly comes close. The author’s first book,  African Dangerous Game Cartridges; became a modern standard reference on big bores.  African Medium-Game Cartridges, has around 380 color images and charts, it covers the 39 currently most popular .270, 7mm, .30 and .303 hunting cartridges in the greatest detail we know of ever attempted.  It covers not only the history, but the ideal loads, the right projectiles, how to reload them and the game it should be used for.

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The Golden Age of the American Schuetzenfest. A History and Study of the Marksman's Art, Wright. The Golden Age of the American Schuetzenfest. A History and Study of the Marksman's Art, Wright.

From the 1890's until the U.S. entry into World War I, the target shooting game known as Schuetzen was in its Golden Age. Rifle shooing contests were held at Schuezten parks across the U.S. in cities large and small. With deep European roots, Schuetzen has origins that reach back more than half a millennium.
Immerse yourself in the history of the Schuezen game, gain insight into how matches were conducted and acquire the appreciation of what it was like to complete in a Schuetzenfest during the Golden Age. Examine several fo the famous old Schuezen parks and re-live memorable Schuezenfests of that bygone era. Learn in comprehensive detail, hot to load and shoot the magnificent target rifles of that era for precision accuracy using methods in vogue at the tail end of the black powder era.
Attain an understanding of a former age through masterful visuals and descriptive narratives that shed light on the history of the Schuetzen game and study of the markman's art as practiced by legendary target shooters at the pinnacle of the Schuetzen era. Hard cover, 6-1/4 x 9-3/8", black and white photos, 374 pages.

The Table of Contents includes the following:

Old Time Schuezenfest in a Nutshell
A Ticket to Shellmound Park
The Schuetzen Game
Fest Humor
Verein, Gesellschaft, Berzirk, or Bund?
How were Scuetzenfests conducted?
German Ring Target
Point Target
Mann Target
Standard American Target
Stich Target
Columbia Target
Programmed Events
Honor Target
Mann Target
Stich Target
Peoples Target
Point Target
Public Target
King Target
Union Targets
All Comers Targets
Election Day March
Team Matches
End of the Schuetzen Game
Schutzen Parks and Shooting Festivals
Glendale, Long Island, New York
Shell Mound Park, Emeryville, California
Butte , Montana
Walnut Hill, Woburn, Massachusetts
Davenport, Iowa
Uniion Hill, Union City, New Jersey
Notable Shooters's Rifles and Loads
New Glarus, Wisconsin
Shooters of Note
Harry M. Pope
Frec C. Ross
Louis P Ittel
William Hayes
Arthur Hubalek
Dr. Walter Hudson
August O. Zischang
Adolph Strecker
George Schoyen
Axel Peterson
Chris Westergaard
Charles W. Rowland
John Kelly
Franklin W. Mann
Mrs George Mannel
Anna Bauermann Krempel
Miss Lizzi Utschig
Chris Jansen
Schuetzen Rifles of the Golden Age Defined
Hooked Butt Plates
Set Triggers
Palm Rest
Factory Schuetzen Rifels
Custom Rifles
How Long Would a Schuetzen Rifle Barrel Retain Accuracy
Loading and Shooting Gear
Shooter's Kit
Bullet Lubricating Pump
Breech Seating Tools
Bullet Starter
Cartridge Case Scraper
Re-decapping Tool
Wad Punches
Pope Universal Bullet Mold
Ideal Bullet Molds
Duplex Powder Measures
Old Powders and Cartridges
Black Powder
Early Smokeless Powder
Duplex Loading
Semi-Smokeless Powder
Black Powder Substitutes
Schuetzen Cartridges
Black Powder Cartridge Nomenclature
.22 Rimfire
.22-15-60 Stevens
.22 Winchester Centerfire
.25-20 Single Shot
.25-25 Stevens
.25-21 Stevens
.28-30 Stevens
.32-35 Stevens
.32-35 Stevens & Maynard
.32 Ideal
.32-40 Ballard
.33-47 Pope Wildcat
.38-55 Ballard
.38-50 Remington Hepburn
.40-50 Sharps Straight and Bottleneck
.40-70 Sharps Straight and Bottleneck
.40-65 Winchester
.44 and .45 Cartridges
The Marksman's Art of the Golden Age
Grains Weight vs. Grains Bulk
C.W. Rowland Targets
Other Bench Rest Targets of Note
Offhand Targets
D.W. King Jr.
Election Day March
Targets for Advertising
Frank Dulleck Target
Recreating the Marksman's Art
Iron Sights
Telescopic Sight
Loading Methods
Accuracy Tips
Breech Seating Bullets
Tapered Bullets
Breech-Muzzle Loading
Tether False Muzzle to Loading Bench
Tips About Shooting Dirty
How Should a Muzzle Loading Bullet Fit the Barrel
Pope Machine Rest
Hitting the Mark - Loading Methods of the Golden Age
.38-50 (Rem) Ballard Kreiger
The Columbia Target
.32-40 Ballard No. 6
.32-40 Ballard RKS (Cody) No. 7 BR
.33-47 Ballard Pope
.32-40 Stevens- Schoyen/Peterson
.38-55 Ballard (Cody) No. 8
.4065 Ballard (Cody) No. 7
Todays Shooters
Steve Garbe
Jan Prichard
Black Powder Cartridge Load Summary
Cleaing and Care of Your Rifle
Eds Red Bore Cleaner
The Role of the .22 RF in the Golden Age and Today

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The History and Records of the Palma Match. Cheshire. The History and Records of the Palma Match. Cheshire.

The History and Records of the Palma Match.
The World Long Range Rifle Team Championships.

Our Price: $150.00
War Baby! The U.S. Caliber .30 Carbine. Ruth. War Baby! The U.S. Caliber .30 Carbine. Ruth.

Presented in Collector Grade's usual in-depth fashion, WAR BABY! is the complete story of the design, development and production of all models of the U.S. military carbine, from the inception of the program in 1940 through to its termination at the end of World War II. The carbine is the most popular military shoulder arm in American history. The carbine program was a major achievement in many ways. First of all "nothing succeeds like success", and over six million U.S. carbines were produced from mid-1942 to mid- 1945, nearly five million of them in 1943-44 alone.

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African Hunter Guide to Ndlovu The Art of Hunting the African Elephant. Harland. African Hunter Guide to Ndlovu The Art of Hunting the African Elephant. Harland.

This book covers every aspect of African elephant hunting by one of the true masters of the trade.

Our Price: $150.00
Cut and Thrust Weapons. Wagner, Cut and Thrust Weapons. Wagner,

In days of old a man's life depended on the quality of his weapons and the skill of his swordsmanship. This comprehensive work records the development of cold weapons of every kind against a colourful background of the times; the use of swords, sabres and broadswords is richly documented from artistic and literary sources.

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German Etched Dress Bayonets. (Extra-Seitengewehr). 1933-1945. Techet. German Etched Dress Bayonets. (Extra-Seitengewehr). 1933-1945. Techet.

Signed, Ltd Edn #145 of 1000 copies
This Reference Book Includes: Photographs of over 200 Obverse and Reverse motifs Rare SS and Panzer patterns pictured for the first time Extensive chapter on Reproductions and Red Flags Value guide for Obverse and Reverse motifs Color Section Close-up photography revealing design details within patterns Many more details, insights, and observations relating to collecting the etched dress bayonets of the Third Reich.

Our Price: $150.00
Guide to Nyati. Hunting the African Buffalo. Guide to Nyati. Hunting the African Buffalo.

In the words of one of Africa's legendary hunters and writers - Brian Marsh, "This is the absolute definitive work on every aspect of hunting the African buffalo..." Over two years in the making, the culmination of the right photographic material provided the tools to paint a picture of the African buffalo of almost 450 pages incorporating more than 300 photographs, a host of diagrams and more than 100 years of combined buffalo hunting experience from hunting experts all over Africa!

Our Price: $150.00
British Gunmakers of the 21st Century. Dallas. British Gunmakers of the 21st Century. Dallas.

This book gives a detailed account of 19 gunmakers building hand made best guns and rifles in Great Britain today. All the types of guns and rifles on offer are described, as are prices, delivery times, choice of engraving and contact details.
The book is illustrated with over 100 stunning colour photographs taken by the leading gun photographers of today.
Whether you are in the market for a best gun or just want to dream about an order, this is the book that allows you to choose from the best of the best.

Our Price: $155.00
Rock in a Hard Place: The Browning Automatic Rifle. Ballou. Rock in a Hard Place: The Browning Automatic Rifle. Ballou.

This is the most complete and authoritative study of the Bar ever published by well-known combat shooter James L. Ballou. It contains 19 chapters, arranged in four parts, plus a Bibliography and an index.

Our Price: $175.00
War Baby! Comes Home : The US Calibre .30 M1 Carbine. Vol 2. Ruth. War Baby! Comes Home : The US Calibre .30 M1 Carbine. Vol 2. Ruth.

Secondhand, mylar covered, V G Cond.
Follows on from War Baby!, with coverage of production and US contracts from 1940 onwards, as well as Accessories, ancillaries and ammunition. Also covered are the commercial models and other military productions. 414 illustrations.

Our Price: $175.00