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Woman in My Uniform: Women of the Third Reich in Their Husbands' Uniforms. Di Palma. Woman in My Uniform: Women of the Third Reich in Their Husbands' Uniforms. Di Palma.

At once an examination of gender ideology in the Third Reich, a history of women in uniform as photographic theme, and an analysis of the functions of wartime photography, The Woman in My Uniform compiles original Third Reich photos of German women wearing men's military uniforms - often their husband's, boyfriend's, or family member's - nearly all never before published. Photography, especially portraiture, reveals the people and cultures they portray in immediate, intimate ways: these photos show a personal, often-amusing practice in one of the most oppressive regimes in human history. Prefacing the photos with a history of depictions of women in uniform, as well as an overview of the growth in popularity of photography in Germany both before and during the war, DiPalma's meticulous research offers context and insight into these original photographs. AUTHOR: Matt DiPalma, a graphic designer and illustrator for over 40 years, has been collecting historical ephemera for more than 25 years. Combining his love of history and art, he reproduces his collection for motion pictures, museums, and living historians.

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I Married Adventure. Johnson. I Married Adventure. Johnson.

First Edn, broken spine, book binding, some foxing throughout the book

This classic, bestselling memoir tells of the often heart-stopping adventures of early 20th-century explorers and photographers Osa and Martin Johnson – now in a new edition featuring additional photos and personal letters from the Johnsons to friends and family.
Osa Johnson’s memoir details her adventures alongside her husband Martin, an explorer and pioneering photographer. These two kids from Kansas sailed to Borneo, Kenya, and the Congo in the early part of the 20th century, where, with Martin holding the camera and Osa wielding the gun, they documented the indigenous people and wildlife they encountered in groundbreaking films such as “Among the Cannibals of the South Pacific” (1918) and “Simba” (1928). Osa’s engaging and exciting text is complemented by scores of the dramatic black-and-white photos that made the couple famous. After Martin’s death in 1937, Osa continued their work alone, I Married Adventure was first published in 1940 and became the bestselling nonfiction book of that year.

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The Battle of Long Tan. The Company Commanders Story. Smith. The Battle of Long Tan. The Company Commanders Story. Smith.

On the afternoon of 18 August 1966, just five kilometres from the main Australian Task Force base at Nui Dat, a group of Viet Cong soldiers walked into the right flank of Delta Company, 6 RAR. Under a blanket of mist and heavy monsoon rain, amid the mud and shattered rubber trees, a dispersed Company of 108 men held its ground with courage and grim determination against a three-sided attack from a force of 2,500 Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army troops. When the battle subsided, 18 Australian soldiers lay dead and 24 had been wounded.
Battlefield clearance revealed 245 enemy bodies with captured documents later confirming the count at over 500 enemy killed and 800 wounded. These men were led by a gruff and gusty perfectionist, Major Harry Smith. Now, some 53 years after the battle, Harry tells his story. The Battle of Long Tan is more than just an account of a historic battle. Harry Smith takes his readers on an extraordinary journey one that ultimately reveals a remarkable cover-up at the highest military and political echelons.
The Battle of Long Tan is also Harry’s life story and portrays his many personal battles, from failed marriages to commando-style killing; from a horrific parachute accident through to his modern-day struggles with bureaucracy for recognition for his soldiers. Harry’s battles are tempered by his love of sailing, where he has at last found some peace. The Battle of Long Tan portrays the wrenching, visceral experience of a man who has fought lifelong battles, in a story that he is only now able to tell. Harry can still hear the gunfire and smell the blood spilt at Long Tan. For him, the fight continues.

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My Vietnam War. Scarred Forever. Morgan. My Vietnam War. Scarred Forever. Morgan.

My Vietnam is Dave Morgans story. A typical 20 year old, he was forced into extraordinary circumstances in Vietnam. Far from his carefree youth, the Vietnam War would expose Dave to an atmosphere of ever-present danger and sheer terror that would impact him forever. His return to a divided Australia would isolate him further. During his service Dave wrote home to his mother from Vietnam tracking the days and the events.
In 1992, after his mother passed away, he found all of his letters with his own recollections and diary entries, and the short stories of seven other veterans, to capture the unbelievable danger and horror that these young men experienced in Vietnam. He also describes how Vietnam established life-long feelings of intense loyalty, trust and mateship between the men that served there. Daves story focuses on his time as a soldier and his return psychologically exhausted to a divided nation.

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The Music Maker. One POW Provided Hope For Thousands. Byrne. The Music Maker. One POW Provided Hope For Thousands. Byrne.

On May 8 1945, forty-six-year-old Drum Major Jackson staggered towards his American liberators. Emaciated, dressed in rags, his decayed boots held together with string, he'd been force-marched for twenty days over the Austrian Alps after five heinous years as a POW in Nazi labour camps. He collapsed into his liberators' arms, clinging to his only meaningful possession-his war diary.
Having already experienced the horrific nature of battle in the First World War, Jackson had now survived another War-unlike hundreds of his mates, who'd succumbed to disease, insanity, or had been killed in action. Men far younger than he.
But he could never have imagined what awaited him on the home front.
A captivating testament to human endurance, Jackson's diary and photos, one of the last such memoirs to be published, is the inspiration for The Music Maker. An unforgettable and gripping true story about the life and times

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Pure Massacre. Aussie Soldiers Reflect on the Rwandan Genocide. O'Halloran. Pure Massacre. Aussie Soldiers Reflect on the Rwandan Genocide. O'Halloran.

Rwanda is no stranger to violence. In 1994, an orgy of killing swept across the tiny land-locked nation and genocide, the size and magnitude unseen since the Hitler horrors of WWII, erupted. Around one million men, women and children were mercilessly shot, hacked to death or burnt alive.
To alleviate the suffering and restore order to shattered lives, a group of Australian UN peacekeepers, made up of soldiers and army medical personnel, was sent to Rwanda under a United Nations mandate. These Australians would be exposed to a lack of humanity they were not prepared for and found hard to fathom.
On 22nd April 1995, the daily horror and tragedy they had witnessed escalated out of control. At a displaced persons’ camp in Kibeho, in full view of the Australian soldiers, over 4,000 unarmed men, women and children died in a hail of bullets, grenades and machete blades at the hands of the Rwandan Patriotic Army. Constrained by the UN peacekeeping Rules of Engagement, these Australians could only watch helplessly and try to assist the wounded under the gaze of the trigger-happy killers.
Pure Massacre is a record of what happened during this peacekeeping mission. Kevin “Irish” O’Halloran, a Platoon Sergeant at the time, stresses the weaknesses of the UN charter and what happens when “good men do nothing”. He pulls together the perspectives of those Australian soldiers who served in Rwanda at this time. Pure Massacre gives a new and personal voice to the Kibeho Massacre.

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Fatal Mission. Life and Death of Oscar Furniss and the Crew of the Naughty Nan. Elliott. Fatal Mission. Life and Death of Oscar Furniss and the Crew of the Naughty Nan. Elliott.

Fatal Mission is the story of Australian navigator Oscar Furniss, just one of 55,000 young men who perished while flying for Bomber Command during World War II. Lovingly crafted by his nephew, Mal Elliott, this book brings to life a young man whose name was never spoken by his family and who was a stranger to his modern-day descendants.
Elliott follows Oscar from his carefree childhood in the Blue Mountains through his training over the vast emptiness of Canada to the mist-shrouded patchwork landscapes of Britain and on to the hostile skies of occupied France. He uses the accounts of the two surviving aircrew to piece together the events of the fateful night that saw most of the crew of Lancaster JA901, affectionally know as Naughty Nan, perish as pilot Colin Dickson heroically manoeuvred his burning aircraft away from the towns and villages that dotted the landscape.
This has been a difficult book for Elliott to write as it contains a harrowing description of his uncle's last moments. The terrible impact of the deaths of the aircrew are vividly described alongside the miraculous tales of the two survivors. But for the family of Oscar Furniss there would be no miracle, just the lingering weight of deep and lasting grief.
This is a story that moves beyond the technical descriptions of bombing missions to describe the human toll of conflict. It underlines the crucial importance of commemoration, of refusing to allow those who perished in war to be forgotten. Theirs was a sacrifice that we who live in freedom should never forget.

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A History of Browning Guns from 1831. A History of Browning Guns from 1831.

This 60 page print goes into depth on the men behind and innovation of Browning guns, including the achievements of John M. Browning. From the lever action rifles and pump shotguns to the development of automatic and weapons of warfare, this book describes and illustrates the Browning guns and their development.

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British Post-War Jungle Webbing. Howlett. British Post-War Jungle Webbing. Howlett.

After World War Two the rapid advance of communism and associated political instability threatened Great Britain's interest in the Far East. From 1948 until around 1967, troops were deployed throughout the Malaysian region. To equip the British soldier and Commonwealth troops or jungle warfare the 1944 pattern 'jungle' webbing, designed during World War Two, was issued. In the 1960s, the new 1958 pattern equipment was issued to troops serving in Borneo, alongside the existing 1944 pattern set. Both patterns of equipment were unofficially customized and formally modified to meet the needs of individual jungle soldiers and the tough environment, to keep up with the rapid innovation of small-arms technology.

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Stevens 1931 Component Parts Catalog Stevens 1931 Component Parts Catalog

Stevens 1931 Component Parts Catalogue

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Hi Standard Pistols And Revolvers 1951-1984. Spacek. Hi Standard Pistols And Revolvers 1951-1984. Spacek.

By using original High Standard literature, the author illustrates the technical details & marketing features of every production model High Standard pistol & revolver made between 1951 & 1984. The book also contains model listings for the pistols made prior to 1951. There are 100 pages reproduced directly from 33 years of High Standard catalogs, parts diagrams, instruction manuals & other advertisements. The author has created 14 pages of new model charts & 10 pages of descriptive text. There are two pages of the most accurate serial number information available only through the original serial number logs now held by the BATF. This book is a must for anyone interested in High Standard pistols or revolvers. Collectors will now have the most accurate information available in one place on all of the High Standard models made during the time period. Shooters of all brands of firearms will find this an invaluable guide to what High Standard manufactured & marketed during the time period in review. Gunsmiths will find this book an invaluable guide to researching the correct parts for their customer's guns.

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Quick and Easy Dehydrated Meals in a Bag. Gangloff, Ferguson. Quick and Easy Dehydrated Meals in a Bag. Gangloff, Ferguson.

Quick and easy package and prepare meals—just add water. Prepackaged meals in a bag to throw in the crockpot or take on the trail.
Includes crockpot meals, family dinners, healthy recipes, meals/foods for campers, hikers, backpackers, snacks, desserts, appetizers and dips, and seasonings.
For today’s families who want quick and easy to prepare meals
For taking on the trail—the outdoor market of hikers, backpackers who want to prepare their own delicious, nutritious foods for pennies a meal
Survivalists looking for meals that they can store and keep for whatever the emergency—dehydrated foods keep longer than canned and frozen
For those who grow their own foods in the garden and are looking for ways to preserve the bounty
For those who want to eat clean and healthy without additives and preservatives, spoilage, or waste

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Varmint Rifles and Cartridges: A Comprehensive Evaluation of Select Guns and Loads. Richards. Varmint Rifles and Cartridges: A Comprehensive Evaluation of Select Guns and Loads. Richards.

A thorough guide, Varmint Rifles and Cartridges provides detailed information about getting started in varmint hunting, selecting the best rifles for the job, and choosing your cartridges and other components. The text is supplemented by more than one hundred detailed photographs that illustrate the various types of rifles and cartridges available for varmint hunters.
Varmint Rifles and Cartridges presents information about the history of varmint hunting and how those original rifles differ from the most popular rifles and cartridges available for varmint hunters on the market today. Each chapter of the book is dedicated to a particular cartridge, including the:
•.204 Ruger
•.223 Remington
•.220 Swift
•.243 Winchester
•.257 Roberts
At the end of each chapter, author C. T. Richards demonstrates how each cartridge and rifle performs through the results of range tests and trajectory tests he conducted himself. A varmint hunter since the 1950s, Richards is more than qualified to grade these products and offer advice on varmint hunting in general.
The content of Varmint Rifles and Cartridges will appeal to readers considering varmint hunting for the first time, as well those who have previously acquired some experience in using these tools.

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Bear Attacks Their Causes and Avoidance. Herrero. Bear Attacks Their Causes and Avoidance. Herrero.

Alan Precup disappeared while backpacking in the Alaskan wilderness. Days later, searchers found his campsite. In the bushes about 150 feet away, they found Precup's bare skeleton, one intact hand, and both feet, still booted. In his camera were the exposed frames of the bear that killed him. Chris Dunkley and three friends were hiking in Banff National Park. Suddenly a grizzly bear mother came galloping toward them. The first of three charges came so close that it broke a fishing rod in Dunkley's hand, yet none of the party was injured. Keith Ecklund and Larry Reimer were fishing in central Saskatchewan one spring day when they were attacked by a black bear. Ecklund kicked the bear in the head to hold it off. Reimer came to help, was attacked, and while fighting with the bear, killed it with his filleting knife. An autopsy of the bear revealed parts of a third man, Melvin Rudd, in the bear's gut. The rest of Rudd's partly consumed body was found nearby. What can we learn from these and hundreds of other attacks and non-injurious encounters with black and grizzly bears? Of all the animals in North America's wilderness, none command such fear, awe, and interest as the bear. Creatures that fear little, bears now compete for survival with the only other animal that can threaten their existence: humans. What do we know about black and grizzly bears and how can this knowledge be used to avoid bear attacks? For more than three decades, Bear Attacks has been the thorough and unflinching landmark study of the attacks made on humans by the great grizzly and the less aggressive, but occasionally deadly, black bear. This is the sometimes horrific yet instructive story of Bear and Man, written by the leading scientific authority in the field. This book is for everyone who hikes, camps, or visits bear country--and for anyone who wants to know more about these sometimes fearsome but always fascinating wild creatures

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Living Off The Country. Angier. Living Off The Country. Angier.

Living off the Country changes the risk of moving around in the outdoors into trouble-free times...offering take-along tips for finding free appetite fillers, thirst quenchers, weapons and warmth in all kinds of situations. In a clear and understandable way, brad Angier provides a harvest of handy, helpful hints about the necessities of life...where to look for the natural-growing supply of edible, unusual, taste-tickling plants, bushes, and fruit; make-shift but sure-fire ways to catch fish; easy ways to utensil-less cooking; building and using first to the best advantages; constructing off-beat shelters handily; best ways to conserve and use available clothing; what to do about finding your way; backwoods medicine for emergencies...and much more to satisfy man's need to stay alive in the woods. For any kind of timber trek, pack Living Off the Country with other survival gear. Nature Magazine advises "if you're planning any wilderness adventure, you would do well to get acquainted with the valuable information in this book."

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Bear!. Ormond. Bear!. Ormond.

Bear! Is a fascinating volume which will grip the interest and fire the imagination of both the seasoned outdoorsman and the one who must enjoy the thrills of big-game hunting from his arm-chair reading.
The true, breath-taking field encounters between man and bear, which liberally appear throughout the books’ pages, will capture and excite the reader, young or old. Certainly to the big-game hunter—whether he takes to the wooded hills after his black bear, to the remote crags and high basins after his grizzly, to the Coastal regions after his brown bear, or to the Eskimo-land after his great white polar bear—this volume with its wealth of how-to information will prove invaluable reading.
But beyond this, Bear! is a revealing story of North America’s Bears. It delves deeply into their habitat, their wondrous cycle of living, and their natural place in the scheme of wildlife. This book traces those basic behavior changes which have been forced upon our country’s great ursines through man’s westward movement, his contact with them, and his gradual driving of them to the last wilderness and sanctuaries for survival.
Lastly, Bear! is a documentary of a noble animal’s long struggle, in the minds and actions of men, to rise from the lowly status of a pest to that of a grand big-game animal.
Bear! by Clyde Ormond, the renowned outdoorsman, is the result of thirty years of observation, study, hunting, and evaluation of a priceless but little known species. It is “must” ready for any sportsman.

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Sherman Tank, Vol. 2 America's M4 and M4 (105) Medium Tanks in World War II. Doyle Sherman Tank, Vol. 2 America's M4 and M4 (105) Medium Tanks in World War II. Doyle

Volume 2 on the famed Sherman medium tank covers the welded-hull, radial-engine-equipped M4 and documents its development and production through its many variations, as well as its combat use around the globe. Produced by Chrysler, Pressed Steel Car Company, Alco, Pullman-Standard, and Baldwin Locomotive Works, the M4 bore the brunt of fighting until late summer 1944, when the M4A3 began to become available in quantity.
Powered by a nine-cylinder air-cooled radial engine, the M4 fought in North Africa both with US and British forces, as well as across northwestern Europe, and leapfrogged across the Pacific islands both with the Army and Marines. The evolving design went through three major hull designs, multiple turret designs, and armament with either a 75 mm gun or a 105 mm weapon - all of which are detailed.

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Stuart Tank : Volume 2 M5, M5A1, and Howitzer Motor Carriage M8 Versions in World War II. Doyle. Stuart Tank : Volume 2 M5, M5A1, and Howitzer Motor Carriage M8 Versions in World War II. Doyle.

The Stuart light tanks were the first tanks taken into combat by US troops during WWII. Production of these vehicles can be broken into two categories: the early tanks powered by air-cooled radial engines, and late vehicles powered by twin V-8 engines. This volume explores the late vehicles with Cadillac water-cooled engines, the M5 and M5A1, as well as the M8 Howitzer Motor Carriage. Widely used by both the US Army and US Marines, as well as many Allied nations, these tanks, though lightly armed and armored, were mechanically sound and were widely used by US forces in Europe and the Pacific, as well as by Allied nations. Through dozens of archival photos, including previously unpublished images, as well as detailed photographs of some of the finest existing examples of these vehicles, this early-war combat vehicle is explored, and its history is explained.

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Guns & Ammo Guide to Sniping: A Comprehensive Guide to Guns, Gear, and Skills Guns & Ammo Guide to Sniping: A Comprehensive Guide to Guns, Gear, and Skills

The Guns & Ammo Guide to Sniping is packed with a wealth of valuable information compiled by the foremost firearms writers today. A vast range of topics is covered in these articles, including:
Unusual shooting positions
The US Army’s XM2010
The sniper’s ultimate “one gun”
Modern reticles
Temperature effect
Distance shooting for police
Ballistics for beginners
And much more!
Discover tried and true tips, tactics, and techniques from the pros along with guidance on buying gear and firearms from experts including Caylen E. Wojcik, Tom Beckstrand, Todd Hodnett, and Jeff Hoffman. The Guns & Ammo Guide to Sniping has everything you need to know about sniping!

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Small-Bore Rifles: A Guide for Rimfire Users. James. Small-Bore Rifles: A Guide for Rimfire Users. James.

C. Rodney James provides a starting point for the beginner as well as a current summary of the state of small-bore rifles, ammunition, and shooting for intermediate shooters. Small-Bore Rimfire Rifles also points the way for those who want to venture into the more rarefied regions of upper-level competitive, benchrest, and long-range varmint shooting, plus that eternal search for the perfect rifle.
James packs his book with tested tips, tactics, and techniques for small-bore rimfires, such as:
Small-bore rimfire ammunition
Choosing a rifle
Semiauto and bolt-action rifles
Accurate shooting
Cleaning, maintenance, and care
Range, lethality, and performance
Hunting and varmint shooting
Modern competitive shooting
And much more!
Small-bore rifle shooting has and will continue to provide millions with endless hours of enjoyment on the range and in the field. Pick up Small-Bore Rimfire Rifles today.

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Do-It-Yourself Gun Repair: Gunsmithing at Home. Matunas. Do-It-Yourself Gun Repair: Gunsmithing at Home. Matunas.

Diagnose and repair a broad selection of popular hunting firearms in the convenience of your home workshop and save money, too. Do-It-Yourself Gun Repair is an authoritative guide to maintaining, repairing, and improving rifles, shotguns, and handguns. Many of the repairs professional gunsmiths make involve replacing broken or worn parts, and you’ll learn to identify and correct these common problems quickly, safely, and easily by following the detailed instructions and illustrations of gunsmithing expert Edward A. Matunas.
Matunas teaches the home gunsmith a wide variety of repairs with easy-to-understand directions and solid, step-by-step advice based on his many years of professional gunsmithing. Topics include:
• Hand and power tool suggestions for home gunsmithing
• Replacing firing pins, extractors, and ejectors
• Analyzing and correcting accuracy problems
• Top-notch information about bedding the barrel and bore
• Easy installation of scopes, mounts, sights, and recoil pads
• Repair of splits and cracks in stocks
• Avoiding common mistakes and time-consuming double work
A unique feature of this book is a section covering disassembly, repair, and reassembly of seven of the most popular firearms: Remington 700, Remington 1100, Remington 870, Winchester 94, Savage 110, Marlin 336, and Marlin 70. The instructions are fully illustrated with photos and drawings as well as exploded views and parts lists, and much of this information can be applied to other guns with similar actions.

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Gunsmithing Made Easy: Projects for the Home Gunsmith. Towsley. Gunsmithing Made Easy: Projects for the Home Gunsmith. Towsley.

Bryce Towsley provides the definitive guide for anyone interested in building or maintaining guns. He gives detailed explanations and color illustrations for just about every aspect of gun repair.
Here, from one of America's foremost experts on gunsmithing, are featured tutorials on:
Stock modifications
Accuracy enhancement
Weather preparation
A total rifle makeover
And much more.

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Assault Badges of the Wehrmacht in World War II. Michaelis. Assault Badges of the Wehrmacht in World War II. Michaelis.

In the First World War German soldiers received the Iron Cross for valor. During the Second World War there were many additional decorations established to award various deeds in combat. The German assault badges in its various grades were awarded for participation in specific numbers of combat assaults. This concise book discusses the award's various types and grades and includes rare documents and war-era photographs.

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Carving Gunstocks: Power Techniques. Valencia. Carving Gunstocks: Power Techniques. Valencia.

With 250 clear color photos and concise text, Jose Valencia takes readers through all the steps necessary to create unique carvings on rifle or shotgun stocks. Learn to create and apply patterns, remove factory checkering, and use a high speed power pen and accompanying bits to create elaborate scroll, basket weave, and maple leaf patterns, along with realistic wildlife carvings. Adapting patterns to curved surfaces, sanding, and finishing techniques are also shown and explained. Seven patterns are provided for each of the carvings. A color photo gallery is also provided for further inspiration. Once readers have mastered the techniques for carving and finishing these patterns, they will be able to transform standard gunstocks into works of art that will be appreciated for generations.

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The Adventures of Shadrek. Thomson The Adventures of Shadrek. Thomson

This is the story of a man called Shadrek, a descendant of one of Shaka Zulu's generals, whose elephant-poaching exploits in Zimbabwe's Gonarezhou National Park were legend. In his day there was nobody who could touch this poacher and hunter extraordinaire. During the 1960s and 1970s every resident in the towns and ranches of the Zimbabwean Lowveld knew about and spoke about Shadrek. Between 1965 and 1975 Shadrek ran rings around the game rangers and police who tried to catch him. When the local black people were asked about Shadrek, they denied any knowledge of the Scarlet Pimpernel of the African bush. Yet mention of his name brought enigmatic smiles to their faces. Strangely, the white community, too, despite their disapproval of his plundering of the game reserve's great elephant bulls, had a grudging admiration for Shadrek. For five-and-a-half years during the height of Shadrek's poaching career, the author was the game warden in charge of the Gonarezhou National Park. This eminently readable book is an account of how Thomson tried to apprehend the elusive character known as Shadrek. Eventually the author meets Shadrek when the pair of them get involved in the Rhodesian Bush War. Unfortunately, this fascinating and gripping story ends in tragedy.

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9MM: Guide to America's Most Popular Calibre. Sadowski. 9MM: Guide to America's Most Popular Calibre. Sadowski.

9MM: Guide to America's Most Popular Caliber is a must have reference book for the veteran shooter or collector and an indispensable resource for the neophyte looking to select a 9mm and understand cartridge performance for concealed carry, home defense or competition.
Inside, you'll find:
Expert advice to select the right ammunition for your carry gun
Options and range performance evaluations for practice and self-defense ammunition
Available options in full-size, compact, sub-compact, and competition 9mm pistols
Coverage of 9mm carbines
Collector guns
Book Features:
Learn the history of the 9mm.
Get a complete list of current 9mm ammo offerings.
Reviews of the latest 9mm pistols and carbines.
Shooting the 9mm.
Reloading the 9mm.

Our Price: $55.00
Hunting Big Game. Volume 1, In Africa and Asia. Whelen. Hunting Big Game. Volume 1, In Africa and Asia. Whelen.

Here are the most exciting big game hunting yarns ever written about Africa and Asia. Ten superb stories on hunting lions, elephants, tigers, buffaloes, leopards and sheep, with chapters on big game rifles, equipment and knives.
The authors are Selous, Baker, Kirby, Neumann, and Litledale-the most expert and fearless hunters ever to track big game. Townsend Whelen-himself a famous hunter-has been collecting these stories for years. His selections are the best, and most exciting, accounts of absolutely true adventures.
These tales open a world almost entirely unknown to sport: that of hunting man-killing big game alone, without the vast equipment and caravans used by modern, organised hunters and explorers. The authors tracked in unexplored countries, living, surviving and earning a livelihood by the rifle alone.
The comments from the writers on the technical sides of their rifles, ammunition and equipment are extremely valuable to all hunters. Townsend Whelen's forewords to each chapter, and his comments on the equipment and methods of the hunters, add immeasurably to the quality of this unique collection.
Whelen has dug deeply into the literature of hunting and has selected what, in his expert opinion, are the best big game hunting stories of all times. They have been chosen with two points in mind: first, for extreme readability and adventure; second, for the technical hunting information in them. All the stories rank high on both sides.

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Forging Damascus Steel Knives for Beginners. Siebeneicher-Hellwig, Rosinski. Forging Damascus Steel Knives for Beginners. Siebeneicher-Hellwig, Rosinski.

The art of forging multiple layers of steel together into beautiful, strong, and sharp Damascus steel blades started millenia ago. Now, with this guide, novice blacksmiths and bladesmiths have a practical and budget-conscious approach to forging their own Damascus steel knives. Starting with the basics, this practical guide shows how easy it can be to build a simple Damascus-grade forge; forge Damascus steel into different patterns; and forge a blade into shape, harden it, and turn it into a finished knife. Sketches, step-by-step instructions, and tools and materials lists help you prepare and work through the project methodically and safely. Complete with tips for sharpening Damascus steel blades and insights on the metallurgy behind this special steel, this guide is ideal for the metalworking hobbyist.

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The Luger P.08 Vol.1: The First World War and Weimar Years. Guillou. The Luger P.08 Vol.1: The First World War and Weimar Years. Guillou.

The first of two volumes on the legendary P.08 Luger (Pistole Parabellum), this illustrated book presents the design, manufacturing, and development of the various models from 1900 through the Weimar Republic period of the 1920s. Adopted by the Swiss in 1901 and then by the German army, the Luger would remain in service until the beginning of World War II and see use in the postwar East Germany, as well as many other nations throughout the world. Details include close-up views of markings, as well as a serial numbers list, and a visual breakdown of the weapon. Accessories such as magazines, ammunition, holsters, and cleaning kits are featured throughout the book, as well as rarely seen combat-related uniform and equipment items.

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Knifemaking for Beginners. Steigerwald, Burmester, Knifemaking for Beginners. Steigerwald, Burmester,

The best way to start in knifemaking is usually to make a fixed-blade knife, and this photo-rich guide with carefully detailed instructions offers a full tang knife and a hidden tang knife. Make each of these two projects by following the individual construction principles here, and learn all phases of the knifemaking process. A few simple tools and a suitable workplace are all you need; materials are inexpensive. In their decades of teaching, the authors have often heard "I've never worked with metal before" and offer quick ways to understand the basics. Enjoy clear answers to the questions they often hear from their beginning students, such as "Is the steel hard yet?" or "What kind of wood works best for the handle?" With this complete guide, there is nothing standing in the way of you starting your knifemaking hobby. AUTHORS: Stefan Steigerwald is one of the most prominent knifemakers in Germany. Dirk Burmester is a professional translator of technical info. For many years he has been on the quest for "the" knife.

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