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Vikings: Raiders from the Sea. Hjardar Vikings: Raiders from the Sea. Hjardar

From the 9th to the 11th century, Viking ships landed on almost every shore in the Western world. Viking ravages united the Spanish kingdoms and stopped Charlemagne and the Franks' advance in Europe. Wherever Viking ships roamed, enormous suffering followed in their wake, but the encounter between cultures changed both European and Nordic societies.
Employing sail technology and using unpredictable strategies, the Vikings could strike suddenly, attack with great force, then withdraw with stolen goods or captives. Viking society was highly militarized, honor was everything and losing one’s reputation was worse than death. Offending another man’s honor could only be resolved through combat or blood revenge.
This short history of the Vikings discusses how they raided across Europe even reaching America, discussing their ships, weapons and armor, and unique way of life.

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The Man Inside. Apthorpe. The Man Inside. Apthorpe.

The story of the COWRA Breakout.

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Warships of the Great Lakes, 1754-1834. Malcomson. Warships of the Great Lakes, 1754-1834. Malcomson.

The age of fighting sail is primarily seen as a contest on the oceans, but there was also a huge, if neglected, naval shipbuilding effort on both sides of the Canadian Great Lakes. For eighty years between 1754 and 1834, these great expanses of fresh water saw the construction of warships that ranged from simple rowing gunboats to gigantic three-deckers that could have held their own in Nelson's line of battle. This book presents the history of the freshwater navies developed by the French, British and Americans as they struggled to control a wilderness frontier. It concentrates on the ships themselves, pointing up both the similarities and the differences compared with deep-water vessels. As many as possible are illustrated with original draughts and contemporary paintings and prints.
Apart from the ships, it also considers the logistics of the building operations, the provision of skilled labour and the supply of guns, revealing a story of human ingenuity and success against odds that surpasses the purely technical interest of the ships - probably the most astounding example being the pre-fabricated frigates that were built in Britain, dismantled, and labouriously hauled in pieces up the St Lawrence for eventual reconstruction on Lake Ontario.

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The Sniper Encyclopedia. Walter. The Sniper Encyclopedia. Walter.

The Sniper Encyclopaedia is an indispensable topic-by-topic guide to a fascinating subject.
This beautifully illustrated, comprehensive volume covers virtually any aspect of sniping. The work contains personal details of hundreds of snipers, including not only the best-known, world-renowned marksmen such as Vasiliy Zaytsev and Chris Kyle, but also many crack shots whom history generally overlooks. Among them are some of more than a thousand Red Army snipers, men and a surprising number of women, who amassed dozens and even hundreds of kills in the ferocious fighting of World War II’s Eastern Front. Some of the best-known victims of snipers are identified, and the veracity of some of the most popular myths is explored.
The book pays special attention to the history and development of the many specialist sniper rifles – some more successful than others – that have served the world’s armies since the American wars of the nineteenth century to today’s technology-based conflicts. Attention, too, is paid to the progress made with ammunition, without which, of course, precision shooting would be impossible. The development of aids and accessories, from optical sights to laser rangefinders, is also considered.
Finally, The Sniper Encyclopedia examines places and specific campaigns – describing the ways marksman have influenced the course of the individual battles and the locations which have played a crucial part in the history of sniping.

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The Illustrated World Guide To Submarines: Parker The Illustrated World Guide To Submarines: Parker

A complete encyclopedia of underwater vessels throughout history, from the Nautilus and Hunley to the nuclear-powered submarines of today. A countr- by-country directory provides an in-depth survey with at-a-glance specifications giving country of origin, length, displacement, speed, armament, propulsion and complement.

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The Samurai : Swords, Shoguns and Seppuku. Hubbard. The Samurai : Swords, Shoguns and Seppuku. Hubbard.

The true nature of the Japanese samurai warrior is an elusive and endlessly fascinating enigma for those in the West. From their inauspicious beginnings as barbarian-subduing soldiers, the samurai lived according to a code known as bushido - or `way of the warrior'. Bushido- advocated loyalty, honour, pride and fearlessness in combat. Those who broke the code were expected to perform seppuku, or suicide through stomach-cutting. By its very design, seppuku aimed to restore honour to disgraced warriors by ensuring the most painful of deaths. However, the bushido- virtues of loyalty and honour fell into question as the samurai grew powerful enough to wrest control from the emperor himself.
Accompanied by vivid colour illustrations, The Samurai offers a complete, concise account of samurai history and culture. It tells the story of the rise of the samurai as a martial elite, the warriors' centuries long struggle for power and their long slide into obsolescence.

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Flags at Sea. Wilson. Flags at Sea. Wilson.

This is a history of the flags flown at sea by the principal naval powers - Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Spain and the USA - during the Age of Sail. The subject is one that has been obscured by curious myths and misunderstandings about where, when and why certain flags - like the piratical 'Jolly Roger' - were flown, and this book's narrative aims to unravel these issues. It also tackles such apparently complicated issues as signalling in peace and war. The book also contains a profusion of illustrations, covering the many variants of well-known flags, in both contemporary flag-charts and modern drawings done specially for this work. It therefore provides the degree of detail demanded by model makers, artists and historians.

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Out-of-Style: An Illustrated Guide to Vintage Fashions. Shubert. Out-of-Style: An Illustrated Guide to Vintage Fashions. Shubert.

This volume of style clues for fashion detectives weaves fascinating elements of social history into tales of how, why, and when fashions evolved. Hundreds of sequential illustrations highlight the style flourishes that identify garments for men, women, and children as products of their individual periods. The images are accompanied by highly readable -- and often humorous -- comments and explanations by author and illustrator Betty Kreisel Shubert. A noted fashion historian, Ms. Shubert is a columnist for Ancestry Magazine and has designed clothes and costumes for stage and screen as well as hotels, restaurants, and casinos all over the world.
Ranging decade by decade from the nineteenth through twentieth centuries, this book offers a simple way to date photographs and clothing. It also provides background that makes less-accessible histories of costume easier to understand. This second edition, enhanced with a selection of new photographs, offers a valuable resource for costumers, vintage fashion enthusiasts, social historians, genealogists, and collectors of nostalgia items. The easy-to-follow format makes it a great browsing book even for those who are unversed in fashion design and history.

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The Grizzley Bear. McNamee The Grizzley Bear. McNamee

Details the movements and behavior, during seven months, of a female Yellowstone grizzly bear and her two cubs and examines the grizzly's precarious status.

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Arms in the Service of Queensland 1859-1901. Robinson Arms in the Service of Queensland 1859-1901. Robinson

J.S. Robinson
Hard cover w/ dust jacket, printed end papers. Books has slight crack in the Dust Jacket Spine. Signed by Author to the Previous Owner.
240 pp, over 140 photos & drawings.

Muskets, rifles, carbines, pistols, bayonets, machine guns, guns, naval vessels and fortifications of this 19th century colony. Well-researched study on Qld. Defence Force issues as well as army, navy, police & penal forces.

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BP Cartridge Reloading Primer. Garbe, Venturino. BP Cartridge Reloading Primer. Garbe, Venturino.

New 9th Edition just arrived
This is it…the standard reference work for loading the black powder cartridge rifle. Written by 4-time National BPCR Silhouette Champion Steve Garbe and world-renowned gun writer Mike Venturino this is the first and only guide you will need to successfully reload black powder cartridges.
The Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Primer takes off from the point that the reader understands basic cartridge reloading but doesn’t know the specific techniques uniquely associated with black powder reloading. It walks the reader through the basic techniques such as powder compression, setting up over-all cartridge length with specific bullets, fouling management, bullet alloys, correct sizing, wads, drop tubing powder, bullet seating and case cleanup. There are specific chapters written by Steve Garbe on loading the match cartridge and a special chapter on loading the popular .32-40 and .38-55 cartridges for best accuracy. The authors have included a chapter on how to pick the best black powder cartridge for your needs.
Twenty-two different black powder cartridges are listed with specific sample loads that will get you on the road to optimum accuracy in your BPC rifle as well as ballistic charts for bullets from .32 to .50 caliber. There is also an equipment listing that puts you in the loop on where to find supplies for black powder reloading.
There are many other manuals dealing with the topic of black powder cartridge reloading but none backed up by the practical experience and match-tested techniques that Steve Garbe and Mike Venturino have acquired over their many years of competing and hunting with the BPC rifle.
It consists of 124 pages, 60 photos, and numerous charts, spiral bound in tough “shop-proof” paper designed to lie flat on your reloading bench and will last for many years. Guaranteed to be a constant source of reference and simply “just the facts” on black powder cartridge reloading.

More Information

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Preserving Our Proud Heritage. Taubert. Preserving Our Proud Heritage. Taubert.

The Australian Army’s customs and traditions represent the symbols and substance of much of our national character, adopted from Army’s forebears and developed since 1901 to where we are today. In the form of the ‘Rising Sun’, these traditions shape Army’s institutional values and to an extent its collective personality, which provides – along with serving members both past and present – the Army’s beating heart. Army’s foundations, exhibited through its customs and traditions, will ensure it continues to draw the pride and respect of the nation.
Much can be learnt from the past and Army constantly draws on the importance of its comparatively young but rich history. These origins have provided the forms for its badges, insignia and symbols of office; the way Army demonstrates respect for the past through formal functions and dinners, the way it addresses its people and the way they wear their uniform. These tangible links to Army’s past, like the weft and warp of a rich historical tapestry, set it up well for its furture. Just as Army respects its past, it and its people will respect it today and tomorrow.
This thoroughly researched and beautifully presented full colour edition of Preserving Our Proud Heritage: Customs and Traditions of the Australian Army includes a companion CD of the Australian Army’s Regimental marches and bugle calls, assembled together for the very first time.
Includes a CD of the Australian Army’s Regimental Marches and Bugle Calls.

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German Tanks Of World War II. Hart. German Tanks Of World War II. Hart.

A detailed reference directory which includes all the main German tracked armored fighting vehicles and their variants that fought in World War II. Starting with the Panzer I, (this book) devotes a chapter to each of the most important and influential German tanks that were produced up to the end of the war in 1945. Fully illustrated throughout with color and black-and-white photographs and stunning color artworks, (it) covers each main German armored fighting vehicle - tanks, self-propelled guns, tank destroyers and assault guns. Detailed information is given on each vehicle, including design and development history, variant details and full specifications tables. In this way the book builds into an authoritative review of such tracked vehicles as the Marder series of self-propelled guns, the Tiger, King Tiger, Jagdtiger, Jagdpanther and StuG III. However, (it) is not just a directory of technical information. Full combat details are provided for all the tanks featured, including the great armored clashes of the Eastern Front and later in Normandy in 1944. (It) also contains appendices which include detailed specifications and dev elo pm in th ist ory relating to the other significant tracked German fighting vehicles of World War II. These include the Luchs reconnaissance tank, the Nashorn self-propelled heavy antitank gun, the Elephant (Elefant) tank destroyer and the Hummel s elf -propelled heavy howitzer. Finally

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German Pistols and Holsters 1934 / 1945 Military - Police - NSDAP.  Vol 1 Whittington German Pistols and Holsters 1934 / 1945 Military - Police - NSDAP. Vol 1 Whittington

4th Printing 1985
Smaller format
Describes the various makes and models of German pistols during the Hitler era. Numerous b/w illustrations. 224 pages including contents and list of illustrations.

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Handbook of Identification Marks on Canadian Arms. Manarey. Handbook of Identification Marks on Canadian Arms. Manarey.

Secondhand VGC
Canadian Government Ownership Marks,
Regimental marks,
Police Departments,
Arms companies.

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Pilots: The World of Pilotage Under Sail and Oar. Vol.1  Cuncliffe. Pilots: The World of Pilotage Under Sail and Oar. Vol.1 Cuncliffe.

For hundreds of years the expert pilot has conducted vessels in and out of harbours using his local knowledge of the disposition of channels and shoals and the local land and sea marks. And to carry out this activity literally hundreds of different local craft evolved to suit local needs and, significantly, withstand any conditions that they might encounter. This reference work describes, analyses and depicts all these vessels and pays homage to the craft and the skilled crews who manned them. This first volume covers the schooners of North America and Great Britain and includes a history of early pilotage in both countries. The dangers confronted at sea and in harbour are dealt with as well as finance, disasters and rescue, pilot stations, and the organisation of pilot services. Life on board is described and the rivalry and competition between pilots is vividly told. But the core of the book covers the magnificent schooners themselves - the Liverpool schooners, the extraordinary Swansea vessels, the early Virginia schooners, and those from as far afield as Boston, the St Lawrence River, San Francisco and the Deleware River.
Plans, paintings, prints and photographs, tables of dimensions and the lively text bring to life the craft and the work which they undertook.

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The Convicted Gunsmiths of New South Wales: A definitive history, 1788-1850. Solomon. The Convicted Gunsmiths of New South Wales: A definitive history, 1788-1850. Solomon.

A definitive history, 1788-1850. Foreword by John Swinfield. (each chapter individually paginated,  numerous text illustrations (several full page), glossary, bibliography, index, endpaper maps;

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A Chronicle of The French Service  Bolt-Action Rifle. 1866 - 1978. Gintzburger. A Chronicle of The French Service Bolt-Action Rifle. 1866 - 1978. Gintzburger.

Abundantly illustrated with colour photos and illustrations.
Covers -
MAS 36
rifles and variants with their development, description and technical specifications, detailed army munitions evolution and ballistics and the grenade launcher adaptions.
All are placed in an historical, political and industrial context.
Includes reloading data and shooting tests for the Lebel, Berthier and the MAS 36

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Naval Guns : 500 Years of Ship and Coastal Artillery. Mahl Naval Guns : 500 Years of Ship and Coastal Artillery. Mahl

This lavishly illustrated history of naval and coastal artillery since the mid-fifteenth century is the first to present a lucid overview of the complex subject in a single-volume. Drawing from examples found at museums, memorial sites, monuments, private collections, and museum ships, the author describes some 275 naval guns. He begins with the earliest bronze-cast cannon and continues through the development of the explosive shell in the nineteenth century to today's fully automatic weapons, which load, train, lay, and fire themselves with deadly accuracy. Such guns as the basilisk, bombard, culverin, drake, minion, saker, passavolante, and serpentine are covered, as well as the guns of Russian and Soviet ships. This wealth of information is sure to become an indispensable reference and a unique guide to extant weapons throughout the world.

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Colt Single Action Revolver Handbook. 1955-1975 Wilkerson. Colt Single Action Revolver Handbook. 1955-1975 Wilkerson.

Signed by the Author, Don Wilkerson.

All models of Single Action Army and New Frontier revolvers are discussed with full production figures, along with special sections on engraving, model numbers, factory letters, and foreign sales.

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The Belton Systems. 1758 & 1784-86. Held. The Belton Systems. 1758 & 1784-86. Held.

#93 of 500 copies only.
The Belton Systems. 1758 & 1784-86.
Americas first repeating firearms

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African Hunter Guide to Ndlovu The Art of Hunting the African Elephant. Harland. African Hunter Guide to Ndlovu The Art of Hunting the African Elephant. Harland.

This book covers every aspect of African elephant hunting by one of the true masters of the trade.

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Colt Peacemaker Collector-Handbook And Guide. Cochran. Colt Peacemaker Collector-Handbook And Guide. Cochran.

Colt Peacemaker Collector-Handbook And Guide.
Signed by the Author.
Formated for quick data retrieval, excellent gun show book.

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Cartridges of the Gras System. Ramio, Mention, Cartridges of the Gras System. Ramio, Mention,

Definitive account of the transformation of the Chassepot needle rifle to firing metallic cartridges.

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African Medium-Game Cartridges. Van Der Walt. African Medium-Game Cartridges. Van Der Walt.

Hunters and gun owners are particularly fond of proclaiming certain publications are the last word on their sport and this tome certainly comes close. The author’s first book,  African Dangerous Game Cartridges; became a modern standard reference on big bores.  African Medium-Game Cartridges, has around 380 color images and charts, it covers the 39 currently most popular .270, 7mm, .30 and .303 hunting cartridges in the greatest detail we know of ever attempted.  It covers not only the history, but the ideal loads, the right projectiles, how to reload them and the game it should be used for.

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The Golden Age of the American Schuetzenfest. A History and Study of the Marksman's Art, Wright. The Golden Age of the American Schuetzenfest. A History and Study of the Marksman's Art, Wright.

From the 1890's until the U.S. entry into World War I, the target shooting game known as Schuetzen was in its Golden Age. Rifle shooing contests were held at Schuezten parks across the U.S. in cities large and small. With deep European roots, Schuetzen has origins that reach back more than half a millennium.
Immerse yourself in the history of the Schuezen game, gain insight into how matches were conducted and acquire the appreciation of what it was like to complete in a Schuetzenfest during the Golden Age. Examine several fo the famous old Schuezen parks and re-live memorable Schuezenfests of that bygone era. Learn in comprehensive detail, hot to load and shoot the magnificent target rifles of that era for precision accuracy using methods in vogue at the tail end of the black powder era.
Attain an understanding of a former age through masterful visuals and descriptive narratives that shed light on the history of the Schuetzen game and study of the markman's art as practiced by legendary target shooters at the pinnacle of the Schuetzen era. Hard cover, 6-1/4 x 9-3/8", black and white photos, 374 pages.

The Table of Contents includes the following:

Old Time Schuezenfest in a Nutshell
A Ticket to Shellmound Park
The Schuetzen Game
Fest Humor
Verein, Gesellschaft, Berzirk, or Bund?
How were Scuetzenfests conducted?
German Ring Target
Point Target
Mann Target
Standard American Target
Stich Target
Columbia Target
Programmed Events
Honor Target
Mann Target
Stich Target
Peoples Target
Point Target
Public Target
King Target
Union Targets
All Comers Targets
Election Day March
Team Matches
End of the Schuetzen Game
Schutzen Parks and Shooting Festivals
Glendale, Long Island, New York
Shell Mound Park, Emeryville, California
Butte , Montana
Walnut Hill, Woburn, Massachusetts
Davenport, Iowa
Uniion Hill, Union City, New Jersey
Notable Shooters's Rifles and Loads
New Glarus, Wisconsin
Shooters of Note
Harry M. Pope
Frec C. Ross
Louis P Ittel
William Hayes
Arthur Hubalek
Dr. Walter Hudson
August O. Zischang
Adolph Strecker
George Schoyen
Axel Peterson
Chris Westergaard
Charles W. Rowland
John Kelly
Franklin W. Mann
Mrs George Mannel
Anna Bauermann Krempel
Miss Lizzi Utschig
Chris Jansen
Schuetzen Rifles of the Golden Age Defined
Hooked Butt Plates
Set Triggers
Palm Rest
Factory Schuetzen Rifels
Custom Rifles
How Long Would a Schuetzen Rifle Barrel Retain Accuracy
Loading and Shooting Gear
Shooter's Kit
Bullet Lubricating Pump
Breech Seating Tools
Bullet Starter
Cartridge Case Scraper
Re-decapping Tool
Wad Punches
Pope Universal Bullet Mold
Ideal Bullet Molds
Duplex Powder Measures
Old Powders and Cartridges
Black Powder
Early Smokeless Powder
Duplex Loading
Semi-Smokeless Powder
Black Powder Substitutes
Schuetzen Cartridges
Black Powder Cartridge Nomenclature
.22 Rimfire
.22-15-60 Stevens
.22 Winchester Centerfire
.25-20 Single Shot
.25-25 Stevens
.25-21 Stevens
.28-30 Stevens
.32-35 Stevens
.32-35 Stevens & Maynard
.32 Ideal
.32-40 Ballard
.33-47 Pope Wildcat
.38-55 Ballard
.38-50 Remington Hepburn
.40-50 Sharps Straight and Bottleneck
.40-70 Sharps Straight and Bottleneck
.40-65 Winchester
.44 and .45 Cartridges
The Marksman's Art of the Golden Age
Grains Weight vs. Grains Bulk
C.W. Rowland Targets
Other Bench Rest Targets of Note
Offhand Targets
D.W. King Jr.
Election Day March
Targets for Advertising
Frank Dulleck Target
Recreating the Marksman's Art
Iron Sights
Telescopic Sight
Loading Methods
Accuracy Tips
Breech Seating Bullets
Tapered Bullets
Breech-Muzzle Loading
Tether False Muzzle to Loading Bench
Tips About Shooting Dirty
How Should a Muzzle Loading Bullet Fit the Barrel
Pope Machine Rest
Hitting the Mark - Loading Methods of the Golden Age
.38-50 (Rem) Ballard Kreiger
The Columbia Target
.32-40 Ballard No. 6
.32-40 Ballard RKS (Cody) No. 7 BR
.33-47 Ballard Pope
.32-40 Stevens- Schoyen/Peterson
.38-55 Ballard (Cody) No. 8
.4065 Ballard (Cody) No. 7
Todays Shooters
Steve Garbe
Jan Prichard
Black Powder Cartridge Load Summary
Cleaing and Care of Your Rifle
Eds Red Bore Cleaner
The Role of the .22 RF in the Golden Age and Today

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The History and Records of the Palma Match. Cheshire. The History and Records of the Palma Match. Cheshire.

The History and Records of the Palma Match.
The World Long Range Rifle Team Championships.

Our Price: $150.00
War Baby! The U.S. Caliber .30 Carbine. Ruth. War Baby! The U.S. Caliber .30 Carbine. Ruth.

Presented in Collector Grade's usual in-depth fashion, WAR BABY! is the complete story of the design, development and production of all models of the U.S. military carbine, from the inception of the program in 1940 through to its termination at the end of World War II. The carbine is the most popular military shoulder arm in American history. The carbine program was a major achievement in many ways. First of all "nothing succeeds like success", and over six million U.S. carbines were produced from mid-1942 to mid- 1945, nearly five million of them in 1943-44 alone.

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Rock in a Hard Place: The Browning Automatic Rifle. Ballou. Rock in a Hard Place: The Browning Automatic Rifle. Ballou.

This is the most complete and authoritative study of the Bar ever published by well-known combat shooter James L. Ballou. It contains 19 chapters, arranged in four parts, plus a Bibliography and an index.

Our Price: $175.00