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On Wild Hogs and Javelinas. Taylor. On Wild Hogs and Javelinas. Taylor.

Hogs have overrun America: They are found in the middle of our biggest cities and they cause untold millions of damage to farmlands and manicured gardens alike. Where did all these swine come from and how did they land up on American shores where they do not belong? The history of the hog in America is a long one that dates all the way back to the period of Columbus. Since that time no large feral animal has more successfully established itself and none has endured more attempts by the hand of man in controlling its numbers than the hog.
The author gives us a comprehensive history of the feral hog, where they occur, how and with what to hunt them, how to trap them if they cannot be shot, what to be careful of (plenty!), and what methods to use to help you get your hog. There is also a comprehensive section on the javelina, a very distant cousin of the feral hog. A thorough and all-inclusive appendix covers a remarkably broad array of hog and javelina facts, stats and terminology, and further reading in case swine fever has struck you! This excellent book will help you better understand these swine, how to outwit them, and how they will likely outwit you! Hog-hunting stories and recipes are included as well.
This is an animal we will have to live with no matter what and will likely be around as long as rats and coyotes, which is forever. This book will help you hunt them . . . or to cope.

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Lyman Reloading Manual. 50th Anniversary Edition Lyman Reloading Manual. 50th Anniversary Edition

Current Ed

New Cartridges Included: 17 Hornet, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5-284, 26 Nosler, 28 Nosler, 300 Blackout, 300 RCM, 338 RCM, 450 Bushmaster, 458 SOCOM, 50 Beowulf
Largest Selection of Bullets: Barnes, Hornady, Remington, Sierra, Speer, Swift and Winchester plus full selection of Cast Bullets
Wide Range of Popular Powders: Accurate, Alliant, Hodgdon, IMR, Ramshot, VihtaVuori and Winchester
Feature Articles by Top Gun Writers and Firearm Industry Experts:
“Barrels – Looking into the Unknown” by Ryan Newport
“Advanced Case Preparation Techniques” by John Haviland
“What is a Ballistic Coefficient and How Do You Use It?” by Dave Emary and Lane Pearce
“The History of Modern Lyman Handbooks” by Ed Matunas, Ken Ramage and Tom Griffin
Full Color Edition - The 50th Anniversary edition is Lyman's first reloading handbook produced in full color
For more than a century, the Ideal and then Lyman handbooks have been the reloaders’ core resource for proven reloading data. Lyman pioneered the concept of delivering a wide range of components to use in generating safe, accurate loads. As reloading has grown, so have Lyman handbooks, with each edition eclipsing its predecessor, growing in size and quantity of data and becoming an important addition to every serious reloader’s library.
Lyman’s 50th Anniversary Edition continues Lyman’s heritage as being the proven source for reloading data. Lyman handbooks have always used the widest selection of cartridges, bullets and powder from all the major manufacturers. This 50th Edition continues the tradition of being the only data source using multiple brands throughout the data.

Our Price: $65.00
Ammo & Ballistics 6. Forker. Ammo & Ballistics 6. Forker.

Ballistic Data out to 1,000 Yards for over 190 Calibers and over 3,000 Different Loads. Includes Data on All Factory Centerfire and Rimfire Cartridges for All Rifles and Handgun
by Robert Forker
The entirely updated and revised Ammo & Ballistics 6 is now available and is better than ever! Ammo & Ballistics 6 contains data and illustrations on virtually every sporting cartridge sold in the USA. Besides clear and concise writing that clarifies the complexities of ballistic coefficients and energy versus momentum, this revised edition covers 200-plus calibers . . . from the .17 Mach 2 to the .700 Nitro Express.
It contains information on rifle and handgun calibers, and it covers manufacturers, bullet weights, types, and construction. In addition, each caliber has an exact technical drawing with all dimensions and angles. There are over 3,000 tables with ballistic data for every caliber and every load for all commercially loaded hunting ammunition sold in the United States. Tables include velocity, energy, wind drift, bullet drop, and ballistic coefficients up to 1,000 yards.
Manufacturers include A-Square, Aguila, ATK, Black Hills, CCI/Speer, Cor-Bon Bullet, Dakota Arms, Eley Ltd., Federal Cartridge, Fiocchi, Hirtenberger, Hornady, Patria Lapua Oy, Lazzeroni, Kynoch (Kynamco Ltd.), MagTech, Norma, Nosler, Inc., PMC (Eldorado Cartridge Corp.), Remington, Dynamit (Nobel-RWS Inc.), Sellier and Bellot, Ultramax, Weatherby, and Winchester.
If you want to know where you will be hitting at long distances, this is the book for you. This book is, quite literally, indispensable for the hunter or shooter.

Our Price: $65.00
From Cape to Kasserine. Boddington. From Cape to Kasserine. Boddington.

It was way back in 1987 that Craig Boddington published his first “Ten Years in Africa” book, and neither the author nor the publisher had any idea what they had started. Boddington had been in Kenya in 1977 just before it closed and had, by the time his first African hunting book came out, taken around a dozen safaris. Now, he is approaching his 100th safari to Africa—surely a record of some sort. From the Cape to Kasserine is Boddington’s fourth ten-year book chronicling his African hunting.
Since 1977 the always-alluring continent of Africa has gone through massive changes. While some hunting opportunities have disappeared, perhaps forever, it seems that Africa is like the phoenix that keeps on rising from the ashes. There are always new opportunities to attract the big-game hunter.
This time Boddington takes us as far north as he has ever hunted in Africa, almost in sight of Europe, as he seeks driven Barbary wild boar in Tunisia. He also tells us of elephants in Botswana, buffaloes in Mozambique, lions in Tanzania, and a huge cornucopia of antelopes in between. Included are hunts for giant eland in Cameroon as well as offbeat trips to Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Liberia, places not on everybody’s list of where to hunt in Africa. Not overlooking his favorite haunts, Boddington revisits Zambia and Zimbabwe seeking unusual species he’s not shot before, particular hunting areas he’s not seen before, or areas he’s not visited in twenty years. In this new book he chronicles his first-ever visits to Uganda, which had been closed to hunting for decades.
Namibia and South Africa are now the strong points in African hunting because of their sound conservation programs funded by sportsmen and women. These two countries have brought back a variety of game in numbers not seen in 150 years—even the entire traditional Big Five (lion, leopard, black rhino, buffalo, and elephant) can be hunted there once again. Several of Boddington’s hunts take place in these two countries.
Naysayers will continue to bemoan the demise of Africa, and some hunting in Africa is now definitely not what it used to be five decades ago. However, consider this: The number of species available for legal hunting in Africa today is higher than ever.
We care not to venture if another ten-year hunting book is in the future for either the author or the publisher, but that Africa in the next ten years will continue to provide great adventure and excellent hunting, there can be no doubt.

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The Confederate Morse Carbine. Schiffers The Confederate Morse Carbine. Schiffers

One of the rarest longarms of the Civil War and the first American firearm to use centrefire ammunition. This new book covers the first accurate account of the Morse carbine’s production figures and manufacturing dates, as well as a full history of the armoury in South Carolina where they were produced, refuting claims that they were produced in Atlanta! Also includes details about which South Carolina units were issued these unique carbines and why.

Our Price: $85.00
The Italian Vetterli Rifle. Wilsey The Italian Vetterli Rifle. Wilsey

The author of the earlier work entitled The Italian Vetterli System, published by the Royal Armouries, has produced an enhanced volume containing more than three times the content of the original. The Italian Vetterli was in service for over 40 years, and the author describes how it was developed as a long rifle, a short rifle, a cavalry and a police carbine, in single-shot form and later adapted for a variety of magazine feeds as the Vetterli-Vitali, Vetterli-Bertoldo and Vetterli-Ferracciù. The conversions from 10.35 mm to 6.5 mm calibres and subsequently to a .22 training carbine are also covered in detail. Contains new information on the arms factories that manufactured them. This new book expands on the history and use of the weapon on active service in some of the less well-known campaigns in Europe and Africa including Ethiopia, Somaliland, Libya, Ireland, Russia, China, Turkey and the Spanish Civil War. This book will appeal to both the firearms collector and the military historian. The wealth of research and detail fills a gap in the history of early breech-loading military rifles.

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The Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver. Pate. The Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver. Pate.

The definitive history of the Colt Model 1860 Army revolver. This book serves as a reliable, easy-to-use reference for the collector and military historian. Using records from the Colt factory, regimental books, Ordnance Department/Bureau and the Treasury Department and surviving examples of the revolvers, the author has amassed a database that contains approximately 8,000 complete pistols. First placed on the market only six months before the start of the war, the Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver quickly became the preferred sidearm for both sides of the conflict.

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Centrefire Rifle Accuracy, Creating and Maintaining it. Hambly-Clark Jnr Centrefire Rifle Accuracy, Creating and Maintaining it. Hambly-Clark Jnr

Third Edition.
Just released April 24
Hambly-Clark Jnr
The definitive work describing, in detail, the creation of an accurate centrefire rifle. Not only are step by step instructions provided, but the theory behind the mechanics is explained in detail.
Gunsmithing Tools and Equipment

Our Price: $165.00
Sharps Firearms: Metallic Cartridge Firearms and Model 1874 Sporting Rifles . Marcot,  Paxton Sharps Firearms: Metallic Cartridge Firearms and Model 1874 Sporting Rifles . Marcot, Paxton

Vol 2
This is the first completed volume of the four volume set. It contains ten chapters, starting with the early and developmental Sharps metallic cartridge firearms and ending with chapters on buffalo hunting on the frontier and the legendary Sharps buffalo rifles and the hunters that used them. An extraordinary book for the seasoned gun collector as well as the researcher, historian and astute book collector.
This four volume set will be the definitive books on the Sharps rifles and carbines. The final chapter provides even more context to the story by presenting notes concerning 199 hunters who corresponded with the Sharps company. The amount of information regarding each hunter varies from short extracts from letters they sent the firm, to full biographies that include photographs. From the standpoint of collectors the most important aspect of these remarks is that in most instances they include details of the rifles that were ordered together with their serial numbers. From a broader perspective the accounts are of significance in that they demonstrate the disparate nature of the men involved. Every strata of American society was represented from Civil War veterans to recently arrived immigrants, and youths, eager to make a mark in life. While some were extremely successful, others did not survive the experience.

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Reloading Tools of the Blackpowder Era. Vol 1. Rowe Reloading Tools of the Blackpowder Era. Vol 1. Rowe

There has been a need for a through study of the various loading tools of the black powder and early smokeless powders era for rifles, shotgun tools will not be covered. While a book on the subject can never be complete, and odd and unusual examples will continually appear, this book will cover most of what a collector will encounter. The leading experts int he various fields of tool collecting in the United States have been instrumental in correcting these books as the have developed as well as adding additional material and suggestions.
This book started with the idea it would be one volume, plans change and the mass of important material dictated that two volumes were needed. Profusely illustrated with photos and antique drawings.
The Table of Contents includes the following:
Chapter 1: Ideal Manufacturing Co.
Chapter 3: Bridgeport Gun Implement Union Metallic Cartridge
Chapter 3: Ballard & Marlin
Chapter 4: Bullard
Chapter 5: Maynard (Mass. Arms Co.)
Chapter 6: Peabody (Providence Tool)

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Alexander Henry. Rifle Maker. Dallas Alexander Henry. Rifle Maker. Dallas

New book by Donald Dallas
Only 750 books printed ! Signed

"ALEXANDER HENRY, RIFLE MAKER", Every Henry listed, all 8000 rifles and guns

Our Price: $195.00