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Ammo & Ballistics 6. Forker. Ammo & Ballistics 6. Forker.

Ballistic Data out to 1,000 Yards for over 190 Calibers and over 3,000 Different Loads. Includes Data on All Factory Centerfire and Rimfire Cartridges for All Rifles and Handgun
by Robert Forker
The entirely updated and revised Ammo & Ballistics 6 is now available and is better than ever! Ammo & Ballistics 6 contains data and illustrations on virtually every sporting cartridge sold in the USA. Besides clear and concise writing that clarifies the complexities of ballistic coefficients and energy versus momentum, this revised edition covers 200-plus calibers . . . from the .17 Mach 2 to the .700 Nitro Express.
It contains information on rifle and handgun calibers, and it covers manufacturers, bullet weights, types, and construction. In addition, each caliber has an exact technical drawing with all dimensions and angles. There are over 3,000 tables with ballistic data for every caliber and every load for all commercially loaded hunting ammunition sold in the United States. Tables include velocity, energy, wind drift, bullet drop, and ballistic coefficients up to 1,000 yards.
Manufacturers include A-Square, Aguila, ATK, Black Hills, CCI/Speer, Cor-Bon Bullet, Dakota Arms, Eley Ltd., Federal Cartridge, Fiocchi, Hirtenberger, Hornady, Patria Lapua Oy, Lazzeroni, Kynoch (Kynamco Ltd.), MagTech, Norma, Nosler, Inc., PMC (Eldorado Cartridge Corp.), Remington, Dynamit (Nobel-RWS Inc.), Sellier and Bellot, Ultramax, Weatherby, and Winchester.
If you want to know where you will be hitting at long distances, this is the book for you. This book is, quite literally, indispensable for the hunter or shooter.

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A Chronicle of The French Service  Bolt-Action Rifle. 1866 - 1978. Gintzburger. A Chronicle of The French Service Bolt-Action Rifle. 1866 - 1978. Gintzburger.

Abundantly illustrated with colour photos and illustrations.
Covers -
MAS 36
rifles and variants with their development, description and technical specifications, detailed army munitions evolution and ballistics and the grenade launcher adaptions.
All are placed in an historical, political and industrial context.
Includes reloading data and shooting tests for the Lebel, Berthier and the MAS 36

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The Italian Vetterli Rifle. Wilsey The Italian Vetterli Rifle. Wilsey

The author of the earlier work entitled The Italian Vetterli System, published by the Royal Armouries, has produced an enhanced volume containing more than three times the content of the original. The Italian Vetterli was in service for over 40 years, and the author describes how it was developed as a long rifle, a short rifle, a cavalry and a police carbine, in single-shot form and later adapted for a variety of magazine feeds as the Vetterli-Vitali, Vetterli-Bertoldo and Vetterli-Ferracciù. The conversions from 10.35 mm to 6.5 mm calibres and subsequently to a .22 training carbine are also covered in detail. Contains new information on the arms factories that manufactured them. This new book expands on the history and use of the weapon on active service in some of the less well-known campaigns in Europe and Africa including Ethiopia, Somaliland, Libya, Ireland, Russia, China, Turkey and the Spanish Civil War. This book will appeal to both the firearms collector and the military historian. The wealth of research and detail fills a gap in the history of early breech-loading military rifles.

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British Gunmakers of the 21st Century. Dallas. British Gunmakers of the 21st Century. Dallas.

This book gives a detailed account of 19 gunmakers building hand made best guns and rifles in Great Britain today. All the types of guns and rifles on offer are described, as are prices, delivery times, choice of engraving and contact details.
The book is illustrated with over 100 stunning colour photographs taken by the leading gun photographers of today.
Whether you are in the market for a best gun or just want to dream about an order, this is the book that allows you to choose from the best of the best.

Our Price: $155.00
Reloading Tools of the Blackpowder Era. Vol 1. Rowe Reloading Tools of the Blackpowder Era. Vol 1. Rowe

There has been a need for a through study of the various loading tools of the black powder and early smokeless powders era for rifles, shotgun tools will not be covered. While a book on the subject can never be complete, and odd and unusual examples will continually appear, this book will cover most of what a collector will encounter. The leading experts int he various fields of tool collecting in the United States have been instrumental in correcting these books as the have developed as well as adding additional material and suggestions.
This book started with the idea it would be one volume, plans change and the mass of important material dictated that two volumes were needed. Profusely illustrated with photos and antique drawings.
The Table of Contents includes the following:
Chapter 1: Ideal Manufacturing Co.
Chapter 3: Bridgeport Gun Implement Union Metallic Cartridge
Chapter 3: Ballard & Marlin
Chapter 4: Bullard
Chapter 5: Maynard (Mass. Arms Co.)
Chapter 6: Peabody (Providence Tool)

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British Ordnance Single Shot Pistols. Chisnall, Davies, Brook. British Ordnance Single Shot Pistols. Chisnall, Davies, Brook.

The book is a comprehensive study of Ordnance pistols from 1700 until 1860 which covers Cavalry, Sea Service, Customs, Dublin Castle, Portuguese & other pistols. The book is A4 size, hard back with over 120 pistols illustrated with more than 900 detailed full colour images. Many of these pistol photos have never been published before. There is also a detailed explanatory text covering pistol developments and tables giving pistol dimensions as well as appendices showing pistol locks, proof marks and stock stamps.
Chapter List:
Chapter 1 Pistols
Chapter 2 Land Service Pistols
Chapter 3 1796 Heavy Cavalry Pistols
Chapter 4 Light Dragoon Pistols
Chapter 5 New Land Dragoon and Other Pistols with Swivel Rammers
Chapter 6 Percussion Pistols
Chapter 7 Sea Service Pistols
Chapter 8 Customs and Coast Guard Pistols
Chapter 9 Dublin Castle Pistols
Chapter 10 Other Ordnance Pistols
Chapter 11 Portuguese Pistols

Our Price: $185.00