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The Evolution of Military Automatic Pistols. Bruce. The Evolution of Military Automatic Pistols. Bruce.

Anyone with an interest in military firearms knows the names of the famous pistol inventors – men like Luger, Walther and Nambu, but how many know anything at all about the men themselves? Presented as a series of biographies, this book tells the history of self-loading pistols through the careers of their inventors, accompanied by the detailed illustrated explanation of their mechanical innovations and the resulting iconic military semi-autos.

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U.S. Military Arms Inspector Marks, Daum, Pate U.S. Military Arms Inspector Marks, Daum, Pate

This long-awaited guide by two of the world's most respected arms researchers is an alphabetically arranged catalog of the identified inspectors' marks that are found on military weapons made for U.S. forces from the beginning of the system through WWII and its aftermath. Collectors know that these marks are crucial to properly identifying and assessing the originality of a wide range of U.S. martial arms and that much of the information that has been available up until now was incomplete or wrong

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The Martini Henry For Queen and Empire. Aspinshaw. The Martini Henry For Queen and Empire. Aspinshaw.

The Martini-Henry For Queen And Empire; The British military Martini-Henry, Martini-Metford and Martini-Enfield rifles and carbines; the definitive history of their development and service, 1869-1904.
When the Martini Henry rifle was formally introduced into the British Army in October 1874 after five years of evaluation, It was hailed as the most perfect rifle of its time. Never before was a rifle to be subjected to such a baptism of fire that the Martini rifle was to endure; battling not the European enemy it had primarily been designed to fight, but foes whose methods and tactics were to test the ability of the British infantryman and Sailor to the limit.This long awaited book is a complete History of the British Military Martini Henry rifles and Carbines, in all its Calibers from 1869 to 1903. It covers the Bayonets, the Ammunition, the jamming, the failed projects, the manufacturers, the politics, the battles and the men that were to be forever linked in its story.In 256 luxurious full color pages, embellished with 260 photographs and 156,000 words, Author Neil Aspinshaw s 8 year study into The Weapon that forged an Empire, reaches new heights in hitherto unpublished research, information and understanding into one of the most talked about and lauded rifles of Queen Victoria s reign.

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