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Corkscrews. Ellis. Corkscrews. Ellis.

Although most of us have a corkscrew in the kitchen, we remain largely unaware of the many different types and designs of corkscrews that have been developed over the last three hundred years. Since the 18th century, inventors have devised increasingly ingenious methods of removing corks from bottles of wine, beer, champagne, perfume, and medicine, using the laws of physics, the skills of mechanical engineering, the science of new materials, and the artistic aspects of design.

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Ultimate Guide to Vintage Transformers Action Figures. Bellomo Ultimate Guide to Vintage Transformers Action Figures. Bellomo

Abundantly visual and painstakingly detailed, we offer the definitive reference to vintage Transformers - some of the most desirable Toys found on the secondary market.|In 984, Hasbro quietly infiltrated the toy aisles with a series of robots based on Japanese robot toys. These "transformable" robots were divided into two camps: Autobots and Decepticons. The two sides provided children with classic "good versus evil" battles. Like the hugely successful G.I. Joe line, the Transformers were supported by a great television show and an excellent comic book produced by Marvel Comics.
With die-cast metal parts, rubber tires, working action features and sometimes-firing missiles, these robots quickly changed to jets, cars and other weapons. With a great concept supported by a runaway TV show and comic book series, the groundwork was laid for one of the most successful toy franchises of all times.
Today, Transformers are hotter than ever. Fuelled by four live-action Transformers movies - with a fifth to be released in 2017 - values for the toys are skyrocketing. On eBay there are more than 93,000 listings for Transformer auctions just in Action Figures alone.

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