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Beretta M9 Pistol. Thompson. Beretta M9 Pistol. Thompson.

In 1990 the Beretta M9 replaced the venerable Colt 1911 as the main pistol of choice for the US Army, and it has seen widespread use in Iraq and Afghanistan. Written by a leading pistol expert who currently trains US Special Forces in the use of this weapon, this book is an honest appraisal of the successes and failings of the 9mm Beretta. The volume traces the Beretta designs that preceded the M9, as well as its use on the battlefield, including the impact it has had on close combat training due its the larger magazine capacity. It also details the adoption of the Beretta by US law enforcement agencies and the impact this has had. This is a fascinating history of a classic pistol and an assessment of its future use.

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A Study of Remington Smoot Patent and the No 4 Revolvers Parker, Parker Reisch A Study of Remington Smoot Patent and the No 4 Revolvers Parker, Parker Reisch

Over the past fifty years, nearly twenty informative and authoritative books have been written on Remington firearms. All, it appears, have increased the collecting and shooting interest in Remington. But one area has been neglected until now: that of the Smoot Patent No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 revolvers, and the No. 4 revolvers. Author Harry Parker wrote about these pocket revolvers in arms magazines during the mid-1970's, but several generations of collectors have grown up not having read Dr. Parkers words. Now nearly thirty years later, with the benefit of many more years study of existing specimens, Dr. Parker and his wife and associate have produced this epic volume.

Readers will appreciate the authors' dedication, and the meticulous manner in which they undertook this endeavor. They have successfully combined in one volume a biography of the revolvers inventor, with a concise history of E. Remington & Sons, with an engineers approach to the study of the manufacturing process of the guns. All in all, this book is a welcome addition to the Remington bookshelf, and a classic study that will remain unchallenged for decades to come. Soft bound, 120 pages, 8 pages of color photos, black and white.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
Foreword, by Roy M. Marcot
Bibliography of William S. Smoot
Chapter 1 No. 1 Smoot Patent Revolvers
Color Plates of Smoot Patent and No. 4 Revolvers
Chapter 2 No. 2 Smoot Patent Revolvers
Chapter 3 No. 3 Smoot Patent Revolvers
Chapter 4 No. 4 New Model Revolvers
Table of Serial Number Ranges, Production, Finishes, Grip Materials, and Calibers for the three Smoot Patent and the No. 4 Revolvers
The Firearms Patents of William Sydney Smoot

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Gun Digest Book of the Revolver. Cunningham. Gun Digest Book of the Revolver. Cunningham.

Get to Know Your Revolver—Inside and Out!
Gun Digest Book of the Revolver covers all aspects of living with the double-action revolver: shooting, handling, carrying, maintaining and accessorizing—everything you need to know to operate the quintessential American handgun.
Topics in this comprehensive volume include:
Self-Defense—Revolvers are still a good choice!
Sighting options—including tips for aging eyes
Getting the right hand fit
Grips that work—and those that don't
Spare ammo carrying options
Maintenance and cleaning how-to's
The right holster for the job
Wheel-gun ammo choices for work, play and self-defense
And much, much more!!
Whether you use your revolver for sport, hunting, competition or self-defense, you'll learn something from this book!

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Handguns Handguns

The notorious outlaws of the Wild West used them with devastating effect. Pirates threatened prisoners with them. Soldiers still take them into battle. Police officers, security guards, and private citizens carry them. Designed to be fired with just one hand, handguns revolutionized the art of war. Discover the fascinating history of handguns in this comprehensive new title. Handguns takes aim at the history and evolution of handguns, from early Chinese hand canons to today's high-tech weapons. This fascinating book features more than 200 full-color photographs of the world's most celebrated handguns from key manufacturers. Look down the barrel at some of the most celebrated models of all time, including Smith & Wesson's Model 29 made famous by Dirty Harry. Discover top handgun manufacturers like Smith and Wesson, Beretta, Heckler and Koch, Inc., Springfield Armory, and Taurus International. Learn about different types of handguns, including single-shot pistols, multi-barreled pistols, revolvers, lever-action pistols, and semi-automatic pistols.

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Illustrated History of Small Arms. Chant Illustrated History of Small Arms. Chant

Ex Library Book
Bumped on Corners
Good Condition

This is an invaluable guide to the personal weapons that helped decide the nature of warfare in the current century. Starting with a brief look at the technical aspects that paved the way for modern small arms, the book concentrates on the development & nature of weapon types such as the rifle, machine gun, sub-machine gun, & pistols that form the bulk of the personal weapons used throughout the 20th century. This detailed guide will appeal to the military specialist & the 'buff'. Includes tables of the main weapons together with their primary data.

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Know your Walther PP & PPK Pistols Know your Walther PP & PPK Pistols

Covers models P.P., P.P.K., K.P.K., P.P. Super; T.P.H., and copies. Includes chapters on history, catalog sheets, development, wartime production, postwar German and French production, markings and numbers by period, experimental pistols, 4mm conversion units, operation, magazines, ammunition, and more. Illustrated with photographs of each weapon and exploded view drawings (parts schematics), etc.

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Big Bore Revolvers. Prasac Big Bore Revolvers. Prasac

Is bigger better? You bet it is, when it's a big-bore revolver!
Big-Bore Revolvers offers a one-stop resource for the wheel gun novice to the hardened veteran and everyone in between. With in-depth coverage of commercial and wildcat calibres and their effectiveness, theoretical and actual application of terminal ballistics and a detailed look at today's available revolver platforms, this is the most comprehensive book ever published on the topic.
A one-stop resource for everything you want and need to know about big-bore revolvers Foreword by Dick Casull, modern big-bore revolver pioneer and father of the cartridge that carries his name--the famous .454 Casull A comprehensive look at dozens of oversized cartridges, their designers and ballistics Detailed descriptions of the power-house revolvers that can handle big-bore loads--even if you can't! More than 250 full-colour photos, highlighting cartridge comparisons, the revolvers themselves, and the big and dangerous game that are no match for the devastating power of these firearms And much, much more!

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Classic Combat Handguns. Shideler Classic Combat Handguns. Shideler

Product description
HEADLINE: The Greatest Gun Book of All Time Presents OCo The Greatest Combat Handguns of All Time!The Gun Digest Book of Classic Combat Handguns is an absolutely unique compilation of articles celebrating the greatest combat pistols of all time, as they originally appeared in the worldOCOs greatest firearms annual, Gun Digest, from 1944 to present.Presented by the greatest gunwriters of all time, this volume entertains you with information-packed stories about semi-auto pistols and revolvers recognized around the world as classic combat handguns, from historical combat firearms such as the 1911 and the Luger to modern classics like the Glock. Read about Great Guns . . . - Model 1911- Glock 17- Luger P08- Bren Ten- SIG-Sauer Autos- Snubnosed Revolversand more! . . . in articles by Great Writers: - Frank C. Barnes- John Malloy- Larry Sterett- JB Wood- Raymond Carantaand more!For the collector, for the shooter, for the fan of combat handguns, the Gun Digest Book of Classic Combat Handguns is a must-have resource."

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The Darling Pepperbox. Mowbray. The Darling Pepperbox. Mowbray.

This inexpensive new book explores the Darling story, answering questions that have plagued collectors for generations. 104 pgs.
More Information:
For decades, one of the most tantalizing guns in America has been the Darling Pepperbox. The Darling brothers filed their patent for a revolver mechanism just seven weeks after Colt did. While Colt went on to riches and fame, the Darlings died in poverty, and their unique revolving pepperbox is one of the rarest guns known to collectors. Many have claimed that it was the Darlings, not Colt, who were the real inventors of the revolver, but is this true? This inexpensive new book explores the Darling story, answering questions that have plagued collectors for generations

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The Best of Gun Digest Handguns and Handgun Shooting. Maccar The Best of Gun Digest Handguns and Handgun Shooting. Maccar

he greatest handgun stories from the world's greatest gun book!
Here for the first time in one jam-packed edition are 15 of the best handgun articles from the pages of Gun Digest, the world's greatest gun book. These in-depth articles, written by top writers and experts in the field, cover all aspects of the modern handgun scene; self defense, concealed carry, hunting, competition, history--if it's about pistols and revolvers, it's in here.
Highlights include:
Sixty years of six-guns
The double action revolver for concealed carry
The Colt 1911's first century
Best of the biggest revolvers
Return of the Luger
And much more! You won't find a more comprehensive or authoritative source for information on modern handguns than Best of Gun Digest: Handguns and Handgun Shooting.

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The Gun Digest Book of Ruger Pistols and Revolvers. Sweeney. The Gun Digest Book of Ruger Pistols and Revolvers. Sweeney.

The Definitive Volume on America's Favorite Handguns!

And More!
In little more than half a century, Ruger's legendary pistols and revolvers have become an epic American success story. Now, in one information-packed volume, Patrick Sweeney tells the fascinating story of these trend-setting handguns from the unique perspective of a master gunsmith and certified firearms instructor.
From Ruger's Mark 1.22 semi-auto - the gun that built an empire - through their rugged single-action revolvers and their hottest new autoloaders, you'll find it in The Gun Digest Book of Ruger Pistols & Revolvers. And as a bonus, you also get a behind-the-scenes peek at Ruger's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and the scoop on the revolutionary new Ruger SR9 9mm!

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380 Enfield No 2 Revolver. Skennerton. 380 Enfield No 2 Revolver. Skennerton.

Hard cover, 126 pp, 80 illust., hard cover dust jacket, 1992.  British service revolvers were made by contractors, primarily Webley. But in the 1920s, RSAF production began and variants introduced; WW2 production was farmed out to Scotland’s Albion works, a few were made by HAC in NSW, Australia during WW2 too. Item Code: MB1078

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Revolving Arms. Taylerson. Revolving Arms. Taylerson.

Small tears to dustjacket, else G Cond.
The history of mechanically-rotated revolving cylinder firearms, in England, on the Continent, and in the United States of America, from their inception up to the present day. Naturally it deals primarily with handguns or "revolvers" but the book also recognizes and describes other types of firearms which use this ammunition-feed system.

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Shooters Guide to Handguns. Cunningham. Shooters Guide to Handguns. Cunningham.

Gun Digest Shooter's Guide to Handguns
By Grant Cunningham
Format: Paperback
From renowned revolversmith, writer, and self defense trainer Grant Cunningham, Gun Digest Shooter’s Guide to Handguns, one of the most comprehensive handgun books anywhere. It gives readers the facts they need to choose your handgun, select ammunition, shoot effectively, and take care of their investment - all in an easy-to-read, no nonsense format. This book is for all beginning shooters and handgun enthusiasts, and advanced shooters will appreciate its no-nonsense, sourcebook style.

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Classic Handguns of the 20th Century. Arnold. Classic Handguns of the 20th Century. Arnold.

This high calibre reference offers readers a dynamic colourful depiction of handguns significant to days gone by. More than 20 models from the 1900s are covered - the Colt SAA, Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum, Walther P-38, Beretta 92 - reminiscent of the days of gunfighters and cowboy action heroes.
Based on the series of featured 20th century handguns from Handguns magazine, each chapter will include thorough coverage of a specific model, including historical significance of the model; technical specifications; timeline of design changes, variations, finishes and material; information on derivatives and clones; collector values; and handling and operating characteristics. Full-color historical photographs offer readers a nostalgic glimpse into the past life of popular 20th century handguns.

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Handbook of Modern Percussion Revolvers. Morgan. Handbook of Modern Percussion Revolvers. Morgan.

Six Shots of Blackpowder Fun Those old blackpowder
handguns look great hung over your mantle - but
they're much more fun to shoot Now, thanks to
"Handbook of Modern Percussion Revolvers,"
author Michael Morgan shows you just how entertaining
these history-making firearms can be.Inside, you'll find:
Detailed loading advice for today's modern blackpowder
percussion cap revolvers
Tips and tricks for accurate shooting
In-depth breakdowns for the three most popular working
Dozens of historical fun facts and trivia
Morgan's passion for these important firearms and his
user-friendly approach to shooting their modern
reproductions is sure to ignite the same excitement in you.
Explore the special world of percussion
revolvers - then get yourself a gun, some caps, and let the lead fly

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Classic Colt Peacemakers.  O'Meara. Classic Colt Peacemakers. O'Meara.

"The love affair with the Colt Peacemaker started more than 100 years ago. Today, millions of people recognize this revolver as "the gun that won the West." Collectors are paying all-time high prices and with the rise of Cowboy Action Shooting, more people than ever are falling in love again with the Peacemaker. Classic Colt Peacemakers is a look at the best of the best, the most storied, adorned and collectible examples of this popular revolver. Reach for this book to see rare and one-of-a-kind guns and read the stories behind them. Nothing fuels the romance of the Old West like the image of a Peacemaker and this book highlights some of the finest examples ever found.
One-of-a-kind custom guns
Amazing engraving
Historic guns from the Old West

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Massad Ayoob's Greatest Handguns Vol 2 Massad Ayoob's Greatest Handguns Vol 2

Massad Ayoob's Greatest Handguns of the World, Volume 2
Format: Paperback

An Encyclopedia of the Best Handguns!
Take an entertaining tour of 14 more handguns that rule the world according to Mas...
You'll Love This If:
You're a handgun collector looking for history and ideas
You're a handgun hunter or shooter who needs in-depth handgun reviews from a trusted source
You already have Volume I or want the ultimate gift for any gun owner!
From the very best handguns for concealed carry, self-defense, and home protection to the most useful guns for target shooting and handgun hunting, Greatest Handguns of the World, Volume II contains all the great guns that were reluctantly cut from Volume I - all giants in their own right ... handguns that made a difference and were (and are) truly great!

You’ll Learn About:
Handgun history, development and background
In-depth details about 14 different handguns for concealed carry, hunting, collecting or target shooting
Gun review-style insights about which handguns shoot the best!
Each handgun featured in this new book, the second volume of the historic Massad Ayoob’s Greatest Handguns of the World, has made a big difference in firearms history. Each is celebrated with detailed exposition, delivered in a fun format with full-color photographs. Better known as a self-defense and concealed carry instructor, Massad Ayoob flexes his muscles as a consummate gun historian, and argues in exhaustive detail his reasons for selecting these handguns as “greats.” Ayoob treats each handgun with a history of its development, how it works and shoots, and how to ensure top performance from it for years to come. If you're a handgun collector, this is your "Sleeper's List!" If you're a serious handgunner, this is a must have.

Chapters Include:
The .41 Magnum
Auto-Caliber Revolvers
The Beretta 92
The Bren Ten
The Browning High Power
Colt Pocket Model
Peacemaker: Colt's Single Action Army
The High Standard Supermatic
Smith & Wesson .22/32 Kit Gun
The Mauser C96
The Ruger Single-Six
The Sig-Sauer P226
Thompson/Center Single Shots
The Walther Legacy
Plus hundreds of stunning full-color photos of the greatest handguns!

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Whitney Wolverine 22 calibre semi automatic pistol. Taglienti. Whitney Wolverine 22 calibre semi automatic pistol. Taglienti.

Antonio J. Taglienti
If you like automatic pistols, don't miss this hot new title! Introducing an all-new reference guide to one of the most influential guns of the post-World War II era. The Whitney Wolverine .22 Caliber Semi-Automatic Pistol by Antonio J. Taglienti is a full guide to the history and mechanics of these fascinating handguns, researched and prepared with the full cooperation of the Whitney Wolverine's inventor, Robert L. Hillberg. Hillberg's involvement in this project was a unique opportunity to include full "insider" details of the Wolverine's development, as well as an amazing array of prototypes, rare documents and engineering drawings. Find out why this pistol is quickly becoming recognized for its history-making simplicity in design and manufacturing. Includes 163 large illustrations and exclusive serial number data.

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Collectors Guide to Imperial Japanese Handguns. Brown. Collectors Guide to Imperial Japanese Handguns. Brown.

This volume has ben prepared as an inexpensive guide to Japanese military handguns of the first half of the 20th century. It is intendede primarily for the collector who, upon encountering a new specimen, wants information to identify, classify and evaluate it in order to make a decision on its purchase. It will also be useful to dealers in establishing values, and firearms owners who simply want to know where an individual pistol or its acessories fit in the overall picture of Japanese military collectibles. Over 80 b/w images

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The Arms Collection of Colonel Colt. Wilson The Arms Collection of Colonel Colt. Wilson

Book Cond Excellent. Considerable scuffing to dust jacket and small tears.

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Firepower From Abroad. The Confederate and LeMat Revolver.Sword Firepower From Abroad. The Confederate and LeMat Revolver.Sword

This affordable book studies the both the Confederate Enfield and Lemat Revolver. Hard cover, 7 x 9-1/2", black and white photos.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
Section 1 The Confederate Enfield
Initial Shipment
Heavy Shipments Begin
The Gladiator Enfields
1862 Arrivals
Battle Usage
The Confederate Enfield Profile
'JS' Anchor Markings
Other Related Markings
The London Armory Contract
Appendix I
Appendix II
Appendix III
Section 2 Caleb Huse and The Grapeshot Revolver
Correspondence On The LeMat Contract
Section 3 Confederate Ordnance Notes
New Data On A Variety Of Small Arms

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Pistols, Revolvers, and Ammunition. Josserand Pistols, Revolvers, and Ammunition. Josserand

Includes numerous pictures,illustrations,schematics & more!!!

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Yankee Arms Maker. The Incredible Career of Samuel Colt. Rohan. Yankee Arms Maker. The Incredible Career of Samuel Colt. Rohan.

Secondhand. some grubbiness to cloth cover. G Cond.
Yankee Arms Maker. The Incredible Career of Samuel Colt.
Book Ownership inside front cover.

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Hi Standard Pistols And Revolvers 1951-1984. Spacek. Hi Standard Pistols And Revolvers 1951-1984. Spacek.

By using original High Standard literature, the author illustrates the technical details & marketing features of every production model High Standard pistol & revolver made between 1951 & 1984. The book also contains model listings for the pistols made prior to 1951. There are 100 pages reproduced directly from 33 years of High Standard catalogs, parts diagrams, instruction manuals & other advertisements. The author has created 14 pages of new model charts & 10 pages of descriptive text. There are two pages of the most accurate serial number information available only through the original serial number logs now held by the BATF. This book is a must for anyone interested in High Standard pistols or revolvers. Collectors will now have the most accurate information available in one place on all of the High Standard models made during the time period. Shooters of all brands of firearms will find this an invaluable guide to what High Standard manufactured & marketed during the time period in review. Gunsmiths will find this book an invaluable guide to researching the correct parts for their customer's guns.

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Official 9mm Makarov Pistol Manual. Gebhardt. Official 9mm Makarov Pistol Manual. Gebhardt.

Official 9mm Makarov Pistol Manual.

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Handguns Americana. De Witt. Sell Handguns Americana. De Witt. Sell

Essentiallly a manual for identification and evaluation of the types and models. A history of the development of American cartridge handguns.

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