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Born to Fight. Speed. Born to Fight. Speed.

Collectors issue
#42 of 100 copies.
Signed by the Author, Neil Speed with greeting to owner.

Ross's Scouts was a white mounted unit formed in British East Africa (BEA - Kenya and Uganda) after the declaration of the Great War (WW1) into what has become known as The Forgotten War/Front.
Major Charles Joseph Ross DSO
He ran away as a child to America where he lived with Indians, & then was a scout for the US Army in three Indian wars. He then joined the Canadian North West Mounted Police for six years & was Chief Scout during the Riel Rebellion. In the South African War he was awarded a DSO whilst riding with Roberts Horse & he later commanded the Canadian Scouts.
believes that he may have joined his old pals Paddy Driscoll & Frederick Courtney Selous in 25th Royal Fusiliers (The Legion of Frontiersmen) & become involved in Intelligence duties. Certainly he was convalescing back in UK in 1917 when the remnants of 25th Royal Fusiliers also were.
After the war Ross re-joined the BEA Game Department, working from his home in Eldama Ravine, Rift Valley Province in what is now Kenya.

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Malta Spitfire. Beurling Malta Spitfire. Beurling

Twenty-five thousand feet above Malta - that is where the Spitfires intercepted the Messerschmitts, Macchis and Reggianes as they swept eastwards in their droves, screening the big Junkers with their bomb loads as they pummelled the island beneath - the most bombed patch of ground in the world. One of those Spitfire pilots was George Beurling, nicknamed 'Screwball', who in fourteen flying days destroyed twenty-seven German and Italian aircraft, and damaged many more. Hailing from Canada, and after hard training and combat across the Channel, Beurling finally made it to Malta in the summer of 1942. "Malta Spitfire" tells his story and that of the gallant Spitfire squadron, 249, which day after day climbed to the 'top of the hill' to meet the enemy against overwhelming odds. The reader has almost the sensation of being in the cockpit with him, climbing to meet the planes driving in from Sicily, diving down through the fighter screen at the bombers, dodging the bullets coming out of the sun, or whipping up under the belly of an Me for a deflection shot at the engine. This is war without sentiment or romance, told in terms of human courage, skill and heroism. This is a classic, first published in 1943.

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Closed File.  Breaker Morant. Denton Closed File. Breaker Morant. Denton

Secondhand VG Cond

Closed File: The True Story Behind the Execution of Breaker Morant and Peter Handcock
"THIS IS the story of a cover-up. A cover-up that, through the novel and the film Breaker Morant, has passed into Australian folklore. The true story behind execution of Lieutenants Harry Harbord Morant and Peter Joseph Handcock at Pretoria Gaol on February 27, 1902, has never before been told.
"Were the two Australian officers, in fact, scapegoats for the British Empire? Did the British Government sacrifice their lives to appease the militaristic Germans? Kit Denton's search for the true facts took from the Public Records Office in London to South African, where the alleged crimes and executions took place. Six weeks of being told by the British authorities that the papers he was seeking were not available convinced him that, after the passage of eighty years, the British Government still had something to hide."

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Wireless at War. Peter Jensen Wireless at War. Peter Jensen

After 1900, as the potential advantages of wireless technology to the battlefield and for marine warfare became apparent, interested industrial organisations multiplied, keeping pace with the growth of the armies and navies that would soon apply their products to devastating effect. How twentieth-century warfare helped to speed the development of radio and electronic communications is worthy of recall.
Warfare, however, can be seen as having had a more profound impact on this process over the past 100 years than almost any other driving force. Describing how this impact has led to improved systems of communications and a progressive diminution in size and weight of apparatus is one of the main objectives of this volume.

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The Mosin Nagant Rifle. Lapin The Mosin Nagant Rifle. Lapin

Although the Mosin-Nagant rifle was in use for more than sixty years by half the world's military forces, no book in the English language has ever traced its development and identified all its models and variations as manufactured around the world, including in the United States. No provided the part-by-part information needed by the collector and shooter.
This is the first book in English, ever written about the Mosin-Nagant. It identifies every single model manufactured in Russia, France, the United States, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Finland, China and North Korea. Every part is described with all changes and markings, making it possible to identify the national origins of not only the rifle as a whole, but of every part.
Chapters provide a history of its development and use from 1892 to its last manufacture in Hungary and China in the mid-1950s. Then each part is analyzed showing all changes in chronological order. All variations are described from the original rifle to the M1944 carbine with its unique folding bayonet. All Finnish variations are described and a history of the tiny country's relations with its giant next door neighbor is included to show the derivation of Finland's line of Mosin-Nagants.
Sniper rifles from all countries are listed in a separate chapter as is the ammunition produced for the rifle and all accessories issued to the combat soldier. Of great value to the collector is the huge list of markings and codes found on all Mosin-Nagant rifles of whatever national origin, the first ever compiled.
The Mosin-Nagant was one of the earliest small-caliber battle rifles developed in the late 19th century. Its rugged design and construction are borne out by the fact that the only changes ever made to its basic design were to shorten and lighten the rifle as ammunition improved and battle conditions changed. The Mosin-Nagant is without doubt, one of the premier battles rifles of the late 19th and early 20th century and a testament to skill of it Russian designer.

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A Collectors Guide to United States Combat Shotguns. Canfield. A Collectors Guide to United States Combat Shotguns. Canfield.

From the earliest examples up to the Gulf War and beyond. The most stress is given to the trench guns, riot guns and training guns of WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Winchester was naturally at the forefront of combat shotgun technology, and this book covers the famous Model 1897 and Model 12 in all their variations. Illustrated with many descriptive and archival photographs and tables.

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Latvians in the Ordnungspolizei and Waffen-SS. Michaelis. Latvians in the Ordnungspolizei and Waffen-SS. Michaelis.

Roughly 40,000 Latvians served in the Waffen-SS from 1943 to the end of war in the 15. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS (lettische Nr.1) and 19. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS (lettische Nr.2). They fought in Russia, Latvia, West Prussia and eventually Berlin in April 1945. This book is the complete operational history of this little-known unit and includes first-hand accounts, maps, and very rare war-era photographs, and soldbuchs.

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Soviet Combat Divers in World War II.  Borovikov. Soviet Combat Divers in World War II. Borovikov.

This book is a rare look at Soviet combat divers from the 1930s up to the end of World War II. The initial formation of the military diving services, including diving reconnaissance and sabotage units of the navy, and Red Army during the prewar years are described in detail. The training of divers during the war years—including underwater exploration and sabotage, mine clearance, emergency rescue, diving support landings, and river crossings—as well as their operational combat use from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea, is also presented in concise detail. The highly informative description of the diving gear, weapons, and equipment used by divers-scouts and saboteurs features many photos, many of which are published here for the first time.

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History and Development of Imperial and Soviet Russian Military Small Arms and Ammunition. Datig History and Development of Imperial and Soviet Russian Military Small Arms and Ammunition. Datig

Covers current Soviet handguns from unknown predecessors of the '30s & '40s through the Makarov, Stechkin & new PSM pistols & their cartridges. Also includes a variety of clandestine weapons attributed to the KGB. Well illustrated; 152 pgs.

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Commandos From The Sea: The History Of Amphibious Special Warfare In World War II And The Korean War. Dwyer. Commandos From The Sea: The History Of Amphibious Special Warfare In World War II And The Korean War. Dwyer.

For the first time the full story of U.S. amphibious special warfare units during World War II and the Korean War is revealed in gripping, painstakingly researched accounts of battles that few knew even occurred. Author and historian John B. Dwyer spent years gathering these first-person accounts of amphibious commando operations in Europe, North Africa, the Pacific, China, and Korea. From secret joint military-OSS and CIA missions and thrilling submarine ops to river raids deep into Nazi-controlled North Africa to the training and insertion of Korean commandos for a secret war in North Korea to fatal engagements with Japanese occupation forces in China, Dwyer chronicles the heroic feats of men who were willing to try anything and go anywhere to accomplish their dangerous missions. With dramatic action shots of amphibious commandos in action, Commandos from the Sea is the definitive history of America's waterborne warriors of World War II and the Korean War.

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Carvings from the Veldt. Part 2. George Carvings from the Veldt. Part 2. George

Exceptional interest in Part One of ‘Carvings from the Veldt’ has uncovered many additional carved weapons and much encouragement to embark upon a second ‘follow-on’ edition. The new book features 306 new firearms: rifles, carbines and handguns used by both sides, the Boers as well as British and Colonial soldiers.

The hard covered book contains over 1,400 images (most of which are in colour) of carved and engraved weapons. In addition there are a further 25 farm maps, official forms and letters etc. There is also a selection of swords, bayonets, bandoliers, ammunition, medals, a large variety of unit badges and headgear worn by both sides. Included are two new chapters covering Anglo-Boer War re-enactor groups (in six countries) and Anglo-Boer war trench-art and carvings. (such as pipes and mementos carved in Boer POW camps.)

The service histories of Boers and soldiers are researched along with many previously unpublished original photos of groups of Boers and soldiers. Amongst the Boer weapons are four carved rifles that were used by famous Boer Generals. Also featured are 70 weapons that were used or souvenired by British and Colonial officers and troops (British, Canadians, Australians, South Africans and New Zealanders). This book is guaranteed to be of interest to a wide variety of collectors and military historians. The book is A4 size, hard cover and has 349 pages.

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VIS Radom. York. VIS Radom. York.

Vis Radom is the first comprehensive collector's book aimed at detailing all variants of the VIS pistol. William York's analytical approach investigates the origins of the pistol and reveals some new conclusions about what influenced the pistol's designers. Parts and assemblies are discussed and illustrated in detail. Aside from the practical sections, like takedown of the pistol, shooting and collecting the VIS, the author has delved into the history of the pistol and its production. Working with collectors in the U.S. and in Poland, a wealth of new historical information has been revealed. Illustrated for the first time, are many period and wartime documents, period photographs and technical drawings. All these materials greatly contribute to the work which also elaborates into prototypes, model variances, manufacturing changes as well as accessories like holsters, cleaning rods, shoulder-stocks, ammunition, conversion units, etc. A large section of the book is dedicated to the photographic gallery, which gives an uncanny perspective on the entire production including prewar VIS model years as well as the entire wartime production. The wartime galleries illustrate every serial number letter code prefix while showing first hand the deterioration of quality and production simplifications instilled as the war progressed. Other sections include pistols of the Polish Underground, non-VIS pistol models and even rifles made at Radom. Vis Radom will enchant both the novice as well as the advanced collector and is a must for any firearms reference library. Printed and bound in the USA

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German Pistols and Holsters 1934 / 1945 Military - Police - NSDAP. Whittington German Pistols and Holsters 1934 / 1945 Military - Police - NSDAP. Whittington

#463 of 2000 printing

Describes the various makes and models of German pistols during the Hitler era. Numerous b/w illustrations. 224 pages including contents and list of illustrations.

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Carvings from the Veldt. Part 1. George Carvings from the Veldt. Part 1. George

Published in 2004, this book has been updated and reprinted in 2014 (7th re-print). This book is the 'First Ever' publication that is dedicated to the large variety of carvings found on Boer War Rifles and Carbines. The book features stock-art on Boer rifles as well as on British and Colonial rifles and carbines. There is also a chapter on rifles fitted with plaques and engraved escutcheons - such as presentation rifles and the sought after 'Plezier' Mauser (Pleasure or Sporting Mauser rifles that were popular with many Boer officers and also purchased by the more affluent Boers.)

The book contains over 320 photos and illustrations of which 310 are in COLOUR(covering rifles, carbines, stock-art, maps, badges, medals and illustrations). These photos cover a wide range, from very basic inscriptions to the highly artistic and ornate carvings, designs and decorations found on the stocks of these rifles. Comprising Mauser, Martini-Henry, Westley Richards, Martini-Metford, Martini-Enfield, Guedes, Mannlicher, Lee-Metford, Lee-Enfiled as well as a few other models of rifles and Carbines.

After more than 3 years of research, The author has certainly come up with a 'First'. In addition to the amazing variety of stock art featured, he has where possible related a brief history about some of the original Boer and Colonial soldiers. There are photos of Boers and soldiers as well as farm maps, official forms, copies of original documents as well as badges and medals worn by both sides.

There are 40 rifles carved to Australian and New Zealand troops (in most cases I have been able to include brief service details of these soldiers and where possible a photo as well). One chapter is dedicated to the thousands of captured Boer rifles and carbines that were shipped out to various colonies after the war as 'trophies' - hence the survival rate of these most historic weapons. Part 4 is a brief overview of the medals awarded to both Boer and British soldiers, which makes this publication very appealing to a range of readers such as military historians, rifle collectors, medal collectors and students. The 140 page book has a list of contributors, acknowledgements, abbreviations, glossary, bibliography and index.

Our Price: $115.00
The British Service Lee. Skennerton The British Service Lee. Skennerton

Hard covert, 410 pp, 500+ illust., 1982 & 1987.
Print runs, 2 editions and presentation edition, 8,000+ copies. All editions out of stock 1981.
Pre-cursor to the ‘Lee-Enfield Story’, this is regarded by many as a ‘first edition’ although the more ensuing ‘Lee-Enfield Story’ had much more detail, serial nos., better paper & illustrations.

Second Hand copy, Ex Library, Good condition, bumping to corners and spine ends

Our Price: $185.00
British Secondary Small Arms 1914 - 1919. Aircraft weapons, Machine-guns and Pistols. Vol 2 Edwards British Secondary Small Arms 1914 - 1919. Aircraft weapons, Machine-guns and Pistols. Vol 2 Edwards

Spiral Bound, 120 Pages.

When war broke out in August 1914, Britain almost immediately found itself subject to a new kind of warfare, that attack from the air.
Incredibly, in some of the earliest encounters combatants exchanged fire using pistols and zeppelins were met with double-barrelled shotguns.
There was also a desperate need for basic military equipment to arm the rapidly expanding volunteer army in response to Lord Kitchener's "Your country needs you" campaign.
In particular there was a shortage of pistols for other forces, both Land and Sea, and as the war developed, a need for a light machine-gun that could be carried into battle.

Our Price: $195.00
British Secondary Small Arms 1914 - 1919. Rifles and Carbines.  Vol 1. Edwards British Secondary Small Arms 1914 - 1919. Rifles and Carbines. Vol 1. Edwards

Spiral Bound, 140 Pages.

When war broke out in August 1914, Britain found itself in desperate need of basic military equipment to arm the rapidly
expanding volunteer army in response to Lord Kitchener's "Your country needs you" campaign.
In particular there was a shortage of rifles, partly because of the huge loss of equipment in the opening months of the war.
This book chronicles the measures taken to solve the crisis at the time when every rifle counted. It also sets out some of the improvised methods found necessary to meet the demands of trench warfare.

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The British Service Lee. Deluxe Edn. Skennerton The British Service Lee. Deluxe Edn. Skennerton

Deluxe Edn, #23 of 300 copies.
Hard cover, 410 pp, 500+ illust.,
Pre-cursor to the ‘Lee-Enfield Story’.
Second Hand, Signed by author, V G Cond.

Our Price: $250.00