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Finding and Restoring Longcase Clocks. Ells. Finding and Restoring Longcase Clocks. Ells.

Finding and Restoring Longcase Clocks is essential reading for anyone interested in buying and restoring a long case clock. Experienced readers will be able to undertake most of the restoration work themselves, but for the novice the basic principles are explained and advice on seeking professional help is given.
His comprehensive guide to finding and buying longcase clocks tells you everything you will need to know about what to look for, what to avoid, and their prices and restoration costs, before going on to cover the practical aspects of restoration. Contents include: a detailed section on the workings of the clock; covering the time and strike trains; introduction to the restoration project; step-by-step instruction to assessing and restoring the clock case, dial, hands and clock movement, and finally advice on setting up the clock and keeping in good working order.

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Classic Wristwatches 2011 - 2012. The Price Guide for Vintage Watch Collectors. Muser. Horlbeck. Classic Wristwatches 2011 - 2012. The Price Guide for Vintage Watch Collectors. Muser. Horlbeck.

Updated and revised every two years, Classic Wristwatches is the ultimate resource for information on vintage watches, that is, watches no longer in current production. This easy-to-use guide fully describes and illustrates each of the 1300 timepieces it features, and also provides an estimated price carefully calculated by experts in the field. It includes all the information that a collector needs to know about a vintage watch and its approximate current value, such as details on the movement, case, and special characteristics of the piece. A symbol also denotes whether the authors believe the value of the watch will increase, decrease, or remain the same. In addition to collectible vintage watches, the coverage in Classic Wristwatches includes important historical models by Rolex and Patek Philippe and such rare brands as Record and Enicar.
now out of print

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French Eighteenth-Century Clocks and Barometers in the Wallace Collection. Hughes French Eighteenth-Century Clocks and Barometers in the Wallace Collection. Hughes

The 4th Marquess of Hertford had a passion for clocks, collecting them in both Paris and London. Most were kept in his apartment in the rue Laffitte, but several, acquired in England, were part of the furnishings of Hertford House, notably the monumental astronomical clock. Despite the elaborate movement of the latter, Lord Hertford, like the French eighteenth-century noblemen whose tastes he so often shared, bought his clocks for the artistry of their cases, whether in Boulle marquetry, gilt and patinated bronze, gilt bronze and marble, Sevres porcelain, lapis lazuli, tulipwood or ebony. His taste in clocks was supremely that of a collector for whom time itself did not matter.
All the eighteenth-century clocks and barometers formerly owned by the Marquess and now in the Wallace Collection are featured in this book. For each clock a description of the case and movement is provided, along with details of the work of the clockmakers, cabinetmakers, bronze founders and gilders. There are full-page colour illustrations of each clock, accompanied by details in black and white of the movements and photographs of comparable clocks. Essays on clock cases and on clock movements and barometers put the Marquess's collection in its historical context, while a glossary and diagrams provide technical details.
Of great interest to historians of the decorative arts and to horologists, the book will also appeal to anyone with a love of French art of the eighteenth century.

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Breitling Highlights. Mutzlitz. Breitling Highlights. Mutzlitz.

Breitling is especially known for its characteristically masculine wristwatches. This distinctive design is the main reason for its great popularity since the 1930s. The book presents the most beautiful and most important models of the Breitling history. The fascinating text provides a history of the brand and historical examples. The models explored include the Navitimer, Avenger, Chronographs, Superocean, Breitling for Bentley, and Cockpit. Also included are brief histories of each wristwatch presented. Excellent photography in over 120 images and all relevant technical details are included. Technical data provided includes the reference number, movement, functions, case, and the price of the watch at the time of sale. This is a reliable guide anyone passionate for quality wristwatches will treasure.

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Westclox. An Identification and Price Guide. Biolchini. Westclox. An Identification and Price Guide. Biolchini.

Westclox was the largest manufacturer of alarm clocks in the world from 1920 to 1980. This wonderful collectors book explores and identifies hundreds of their clocks, pocket watches, and wristwatches all dating from 1885 to 1980. Important information about production dates, styles, colors, shapes, and features original to Westclox is included in the thorough yet concise text. Over 400 clearly-detailed color photographs feature Big Ben, Baby Ben, Key Wound Alarm clocks, Bull’s Eye Pocket Watches, early wristwatches and more. This book is essential for anyone wishing to begin – or add to – a vintage timepiece collection. A price guide for all models shown is included in the captions.

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Fascination of Time. Marks, Manufacturers, and Complications of Classic Wristwatches. Neimann. Fascination of Time. Marks, Manufacturers, and Complications of Classic Wristwatches. Neimann.

For the aspiring mechanical watch collector, this casual yet insightful overview is the perfect introduction. The wristwatches presented come from well-known, outstanding Swiss companies, as well as the resurgent German luxury watch industry in Glashutte. Learn everything you need to know about Patek Phillipe, Maurice Lacroix, Blancpain, Tag Heuer, Zenith, A. Lang and Sohne, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and more. Lose yourself in descriptions and histories of fourteen of the most interesting and precise complications and variations, including the regulator dial and the moon phase display, while avoiding the obscure watchmaking terminology found in other texts. Venture into the International Watch Company Museum, a building equally as stunning as the watches themselves, in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.
More than 100 beautiful photos and lively prose make this compact volume an exciting read. At the end of the tour, receive expert collecting and fashion tips, including suggestions on what outfits to wear with certain timepieces.

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Legendary Wristwatches. Muser. Legendary Wristwatches. Muser.

From Audemars Piguet to Zenith
This introductory guide and valuation of the world's most legendary wristwatches includes more than 200 photographs that trace the trends of man's favourite toy – and his only socially acceptable piece of jewelrey – for more than 100 years. The finely detailed photos reveal the beautiful and fascinating fashions in wristwatch style from 1879 to the modern era. From the prolific collection of renowned auctioneer and wristwatch expert Stefan Muser, the most legendary models from every era are described and pictured. Brands include Omega, Patek Philippe, Longines, Cartier, Rolex, Vacheron & Constantin, Ulysse Nardin, Orlys, Vulcain, IWC, and Movado. Values range from interesting and trouble-free entry-level wristwatches to exceptionally rare pieces for ambitious collectors.

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1000 Iconic Watches. A Comprehensive Guide. Daveau. 1000 Iconic Watches. A Comprehensive Guide. Daveau.

Wearing a watch is not just about time: it is also a passion. This richly illustrated book is a true watch-lover's bible and a panoramic tour of one thousand iconic watches at once. It explores the emblematic brands, the complex mechanisms and beautiful designs that show the watch-makers' skills and dedication to perfection. From the great classics to modern masterpieces through to more affordable timepieces, there is something to delight everyone. A must-have for collectors and for anyone who has ever wished to stop time. AUTHOR: French journalist Vincent Daveau writes for professional watchmaking magazines and daily newspapers such as "e;Le Monde."e; 1000 photos.

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Wristwatches. Brunner. Wristwatches. Brunner.

Wristwatches presents all popular and rare watch brands - some of them long since unavailable - from the US, Germany, Japan, and of course from the world's major manufacturer of timepieces: Switzerland. In its technical chapters it explains the highly complex operations underneath the face. The book also tells the fascinating story of the watch, its design and its various forms and designs.

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Wristwatch Annual 2017. Bruan. Wristwatch Annual 2017. Bruan.

The Wristwatch Annual has become a classic for aficionados of fine watchmaking. It’s a one-stop shop for watch buying, offering complete specs and prices on over 1,400 models by more than 130 international brands, while also tracking the latest developments in the watch industry. In addition to the extensive A–Z section, which includes many new entries, senior editor Marton Radkai presents editorial features that take a closer look at a number of exciting American brands on the market today.
Presenting a wide range of wristwatches, with exquisite colour photographs and complete specifications for each watch, Wristwatch Annual provides collectors with a wealth of information close at hand. The book is arranged alphabetically by producer—within each producer’s section is a brief history of the brand (with contact information)—and specifications and materials for each watch, including price, movement, special features, complications, case, dial, band, and variations. Also included are a glossary and a guide to watch maintenance.
The clear photography, structured layout, and lively writing also makes this book a pleasure to read or just browse. This year’s edition features updated and expanded content, focusing on new American brands.

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Limited Edition Watches. 150 Exclusive Modern Designs. Huyton. Limited Edition Watches. 150 Exclusive Modern Designs. Huyton.

Welcome to a celebration of alternatively designed wrist- and pocket watches, which honours innovative craftsmanship within the world of modern horology. The 150 different brands featured in this unique book each have a double-page spread dedicated to rare, specially selected timepieces. Featured manufacturers include Patek Philippe, Jaeger LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin, Chopard, Tag Heuer, and Hublot. There is also a broad selection of avant-garde watchmakers like MB & F, Urwerk, and DeBethune. The design and technical information of each watch, ranging from simple to elaborate, is described in this lavish showcase of mostly high-end watch brands. A wristwatch made entirely of wooden parts, a timepiece designed after a Ferrari engine, and other one-of-a-kind movements, are just a few examples of the stunning variety of alternatively conceived men’s and unisex watches. Many have not appeared in print before. This collection should appeal to both watch lovers and aficionados of good design.

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English Domestic Clocks. Cescinsky. Webster. English Domestic Clocks. Cescinsky. Webster.

This book is one of the classic works on British clockmaking and remains by far and away the best account of the development of the main types of clocks since the middle of the seventeenth century. Perhaps the secret of the book's success is that it was written by experts who were themselves keen collectors and, therefore, covered in depth the type of clocks available to collectors. They steered clear of the trap of discussing one-off historically interesting examples which collectors may never see and will certainly never own. They explained in lucid English just how clocks work, the results of the introduction of the pendulum, and the subsequent development of longcase (grandfather), bracket and lantern clocks. Generations of clock enthusiasts have learned to date a clock from the invaluable illustrated chronology of hands, dials, spandrels and to learn to judge the quality of a wide variety of clocks. It is, therefore, the ideal companion for anybody interested in the subject.

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Jewels of Time: The World of Women's Watches. Naas Jewels of Time: The World of Women's Watches. Naas

This illustrated art book focuses on the most beautiful time-keeping machines made for women and how their designs have been inspired by art, architecture and fashion. It uniquely captures the parallel growth of women's roles and wristwatches throughout the 20th century. Taken to extreme heights of technological advancement, bejeweled with rare and precious stones and crafted to perfection, the examples of haute horlogerie presented express an unparalleled strength in luxury and how women's wristwatches symbolize power and progress by attesting to the exciting idea of female liberation. Captivating photographs, fascinating sketches and archival imagery allow an in-depth look at the rarefied industry that dedicates itself to crafting women's fine timepieces throughout the last century. In exclusive interviews with watch executives, designers and artisans, many of them women themselves, one begins to understand how the complexity of a women's nature is celebrated and understood in their creations.

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Elgin Trench Watches of the Great War. Czubernat. Elgin Trench Watches of the Great War. Czubernat.

A combination of photos and advertisements, plus informative text, tell the story of the Elgin National Watch Company wristwatches that accompanied U.S. Army troops into the trenches of Europe in World War I. While Elgin was known as a company that would allow buyers to pick and choose among features for their personal watches, the U.S. Army also created specifications dated November 3, 1914 and October 24, 1916, choosing the watch features their soldiers would wear. After a brief discussion of pricing, rarity, and company history, the wristwatches covered include: Star Dial Series, Giant Size 6s, RED 12 Dials, BOLD Arabic Dials, and Shadow Box Dials. Also explored are dial date stamps, recent restorations, crystal guards, and Elgin watch movements. This venerable watch company, dating back to 1864, produced roughly 1,000,000 watch movements each year during World War I. Explore these veterans of the Great War through this fascinating read.

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Watch Book. Brunner. Watch Book. Brunner.

Few objects combine function, elegance, and status as well as a wristwatch. One's choice of chronograph reveals a great deal because it shows the value we place on the most precious resource of all-time. A blend of precise mechanics, craftsmanship, fine materials, and innovation distinguishes the truly superlative examples. In 'The Watch Book', readers can feast their eyes and minds on a magnificently-illustrated and well-documented chronicle of the world's best timepieces. First, we’re treated to a brief discussion on the meaning of time and its measurement by ticking sets of gears and hands. Next we delve into more than 18 premium manufacturers, including Patek Philippe, Rolex, and Cartier. These biographies of the most important names in top-end timekeeping trace the progressive development from their earliest days right up to the latest innovations and current models. We explore just what makes these houses outstanding, learning about the remarkable breakthroughs that established them as the creme de la creme of the European watch industry.

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The Watch Book. Vol 2 Brunner. The Watch Book. Vol 2 Brunner.

The world of watches is in transition: so called smart watches are playing a larger role. However, classic timepieces with mechanical movement will not disappear from people's wrists, because the ticking of a mechanical watch has been and will continue to be the heartbeat of human culture. After the success of 'The Watch Book' in 2015, the new follow-up volume, just as beautifully done, is a must-have. Informative text and many pictures high-light 22 additional watch brands and show their unique features and quirks. However, this book includes a much broader spectrum of time pieces than the previous volume: along with many watches that fall into the "affordable luxury" segment, there are time pieces from the chronometric crème de la creme. Along with long standing traditional brands, the book profiles newer ones whose unusual designs and exclusive technical developments has contributed to the history of the watch.

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Automatic Wristwatches from Switzerland: Watches that Wind Themselves. Hampel. Automatic Wristwatches from Switzerland: Watches that Wind Themselves. Hampel.

An exciting area of collecting for clock and watch enthusiasts is literally opened up with this book. On the outside the automatic wristwatch is like its counterpart, but once the case is opened a different world appears. Here 200 watches are shown, each with three photos to show the dial, and the complete and partly disassembled movement._x000D_The book introduces all the Swiss manufacturers and provides an historical overview of the development of automatic watches from 1926 to 1978. Information on the functioning mechanism and construction of each design is offered along with the data needed to locate the watches chronologically._x000D__x000D_ AUTHOR: Heinz Hampel is an engineer and experienced collector from Switzerland.

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Maritime Chronometer. Its History and Development. Gould. Maritime Chronometer. Its History and Development. Gould.

First published in 1923, The Marine Chronometer comprehensively outlines the earliest attempts to measure longitude. The definitive work of reference on the subject, it includes exhaustive discussions and diagrams of the important mechanisms, as well as details of their inventors.

The first machines capable of accurately determining a ship's longitude were invented by Yorkshire carpenter John Harrison (1693-1776). Astonishingly, the craftsman was self-educated and had never served a day's apprenticeship to a clockmaker. This tome outlines the remarkable story of Harrison's marine timekeepers, which eventually won him the £20,000 reward offered in 1714 by the British Government for any means of accurately determining a ship's longitude. Gould also looks, in detail, at the inventions of other important scientists and pioneers such as Huygens, Thacker, Sully and Leibnitz, as well as the work of professional watchmakers including Ditisheim, Ulrich, Earnshaw, Arnold, Berthoud, Mudge and Le Roy. His fluent style and expertise allow the reader to understand technical matters that, in the hands of another writer, might prove less than clear.

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