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A Study of Remington Smoot Patent and the No 4 Revolvers Parker, Parker Reisch A Study of Remington Smoot Patent and the No 4 Revolvers Parker, Parker Reisch

Over the past fifty years, nearly twenty informative and authoritative books have been written on Remington firearms. All, it appears, have increased the collecting and shooting interest in Remington. But one area has been neglected until now: that of the Smoot Patent No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 revolvers, and the No. 4 revolvers. Author Harry Parker wrote about these pocket revolvers in arms magazines during the mid-1970's, but several generations of collectors have grown up not having read Dr. Parkers words. Now nearly thirty years later, with the benefit of many more years study of existing specimens, Dr. Parker and his wife and associate have produced this epic volume.

Readers will appreciate the authors' dedication, and the meticulous manner in which they undertook this endeavor. They have successfully combined in one volume a biography of the revolvers inventor, with a concise history of E. Remington & Sons, with an engineers approach to the study of the manufacturing process of the guns. All in all, this book is a welcome addition to the Remington bookshelf, and a classic study that will remain unchallenged for decades to come. Soft bound, 120 pages, 8 pages of color photos, black and white.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
Foreword, by Roy M. Marcot
Bibliography of William S. Smoot
Chapter 1 No. 1 Smoot Patent Revolvers
Color Plates of Smoot Patent and No. 4 Revolvers
Chapter 2 No. 2 Smoot Patent Revolvers
Chapter 3 No. 3 Smoot Patent Revolvers
Chapter 4 No. 4 New Model Revolvers
Table of Serial Number Ranges, Production, Finishes, Grip Materials, and Calibers for the three Smoot Patent and the No. 4 Revolvers
The Firearms Patents of William Sydney Smoot

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Remington Arms. An American history. Hatch. Remington Arms. An American history. Hatch.

American industry can boast few sagas of success as interesting to the sportsman and general reader as the story of the great Remington Arms Company. Its development has been inextricably intertwined with the development of the country itself: the winning of the West, the fiery trials of war. That fact gives this history a special importance, but the details of the Remington story are fascinating in themselves.

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Gun Digest: Book of the Remington 870. Hahn. Gun Digest: Book of the Remington 870. Hahn.

Gun Digest Book of the Remington 870
By Nick Hahn
Format: Hardcover
You’ll Love This Hardcover Book If:
You own, or have ever owned, a Remington 870 shotgun
You're a Remington gun collector
You're interested in a shotgun that can do it all - from deer hunting to waterfowling
It seems everyone owns a Model 870 shotgun. With over 10 million "eight-seventies" having been produced, it's fair to say this shotgun has been universally embraced for its simplicity, reliability and, yes, beauty. Noted shotgun authority Nick Hahn brings you an informative and entertaining look at the "870" in this stunning full-color hardcover - the Gun Digest Book of the Remington 870.
Chapters include Remington Arms Company, A Brief History; Remington Pump Shotguns, the Early Years; The Model 870 - The First 30 Years; The 1980s and Into the New Century; Trap and Skeet Shotguns; Upland Shotguns; Waterfowl Shotguns; Deer and Turkey Shotguns; Police and Military Shotguns; The 870 Inside and Out; America's Shotgun; "La Ocho Setenta"; Odds and Ends; and The Ageless, Ubiquitous Model 870. Especially noteworthy are vintage Remington 870 ads liberally illustrating the book.
In Gun Digest Book of the Remington 870 You’ll Learn:
The history and development of the Remington 870
About the legendary Remington 870 Wingmaster and Remington 870 Express
How the Remington 870 functions and Remington 870 Accessories
A Word From the Author:

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Remington Rolling Block Military Rifles of the World. Layman Remington Rolling Block Military Rifles of the World. Layman

George Layman
An all new collector's guide! Your country-by-country identification guide to the Military Rolling Blocks of the U.S.A. and the world.
• 672 detailed photographs show you exactly what to look for.
• Startling new research that reveals the long-lost secrets of the Remington Rolling Block.
• Correctly identifies and explains more than fifty rile models that have never been identified before.
• Shows you the markings and features that turn "just another rolling block" into a true collector's prize!
• Clearly lists and illustrated correct original features and finishes s you can tell a valuable rarity from a nearly worthless parts gun.
• It's amazing!

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Remington Handguns. Karr, Karr. Remington Handguns. Karr, Karr.

Secondhand, bumped corners, No dustjacket, G Cond.
Remington Handguns.
The book details the early history of Remington' handguns and talks about each model, a catalog of the percussion models, collectors notes, cartridge models, and more. The piece shows numerous illustrations and pictures throughout the piece.

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Remington Vest Pocket Pistols. Hatfield Remington Vest Pocket Pistols. Hatfield

While Remington Vest Pocket Pistols have always been popular with collectors, very little solid information has been available about them. This new book, based upon years of study and a major survey of surviving examples, will answer all of your questions. Includes over 100 photographs, serial number date, exploded views of all four Remington Vest Pocket Pistol sizes, component parts lists and a guide to disassembly and reassembly.

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The Catalogue for the Karl F Moldenhauer Collection of Remington Arms. The Catalogue for the Karl F Moldenhauer Collection of Remington Arms.

Richard A. Bourne Co., Inc..
October 29, 1980 auction catalogue.
A first edition with faux-leather hard cover with gilt lettering.
In a black slipcase,I

Including prices realized on the 382 lots offered the in this sale. This classic Remington reference features eight pages of colour photos highlighting this fine collection of Remington arms. A great resource for the Remington collector; Mr. Moldenhauer was one of the giants of the arms collecting fraternity.

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Remington's First Revolvers: The Beals 31 Calibre. Schif. Remington's First Revolvers: The Beals 31 Calibre. Schif.

The Remington Beals .31 Caliber Revolver
Charles Schif
One of the most important firearms designs in history is the Remington Beals, but until now, little has been published on these exceptional little pistols that started the Remington revolver dynasty.
Charles Schif, the acknowledged worldwide authority on the Remington Beals, presents his long-awaited guide that will answer all the questions collectors have been asking for decades. Hailed by arms expert Herb Glass, Jr., as "an extremely important project," this fine, new book was produced with no expense spared and is certainly one of the most attractive gun books ever produced. All Remington collectors will want a copy of this limited edition study while they are still available. Professional color photographs by Paul Goodwin.

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Remington Rolling Block Firearms. Schreier Jnr. Remington Rolling Block Firearms. Schreier Jnr.

A highly informative history of the Remington rolling block action firearms by arms and military expert Konrad F. Schreier. Includes black and white photos and illustrations.

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Remington Arms and History. West Remington Arms and History. West

Green leather cover with embossed title of front
As New.

Remington Arms and History
A complete and detailed description of each variety and model of Remington Arm 1816 and on.

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The Great Remington 8 and Model 81 Autoloading Rifles. Henwood. The Great Remington 8 and Model 81 Autoloading Rifles. Henwood.

The Great Remington 8 and Model 81 Autoloading Rifles
by John Henwood
Deluxe First Edition, 2003
304 pages, 291 illustrations (31 in color)
John Browning's last sporting rifle design, his long recoil autoloader, proved to be by far the best-selling and most popular autoloading sporting rifle in the world, and was kept in the Remington catalog for nearly half a century.
This first Collector Grade edition includes chapters on the genesis of the Remington Arms Company; Browning's five long recoil patents; the history of the Modèle 1900, the nearly identical clone produced by FN in Belgium, and the use of Browning, Remington and Winchester autoloading rifles by the French Air Service during World War I; the "cosmetic revamping" of the Model 8 which resulted in the Model 81; in-depth histories of production changes, markings, shipping dates, codes, and costs; deluxe-grade (engraved) and special models (factory experimentals, military, police and F.B.I. variants); contemporary autoloaders from around the world; notes on collecting the 8 and 81; how the long recoil autoloader works; disassembly, troubleshooting, and Model 8 and 81 component interchangeability; ammunition, ballistics, and reloading; factory options and aftermarket accessories (charger clips, magazine conversions, iron sights, scopes and mounts).
The last chapter, titled "The Legend", is a fascinating study of Remington advertisements, posters and sporting art, which have become increasingly popular collectibles in recent times.

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Spanish Rolling Block. Aguinaga Spanish Rolling Block. Aguinaga

Spanish Rolling Block: The Basque-Made Rifles of the Third Carlist War by Fernando de Aguinaga and José Luis Gª de Aguinaga, Edition Revised by Joseph V. Puleo This is the authoritative study of Spanish military longarms made at private arsenals in the 1870s. Replacing or supplementing government manufacturing facilities, these massive gunmaking firms had a huge impact on the industry. The rifles shown here tell this story, focusing upon the transition from muzzleloading longarms to breechloaders. While the main subject is Spanish production of the Remington Rolling Block in the Basque country, this is only part of the story, as the Berdan conversion, muzzleloaders and pistols are also covered. What makes these Rolling Blocks and their bayonets intriguing to American collectors is that so many of them were sent to Cuba and Puerto Rico, where they were captured during the Spanish-American War — making them much more common here than in the country where they were made. (An English translation of a recent Spanish reference.)

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Remington Double Derringers. Drummond. Remington Double Derringers. Drummond.

Shortly after the American Civil War, A New York dentist-turned-firearms inventor named William H. Elliot designed a revolutionary pocket pistol to fire the .41 Short rimfire caliber metallic cartridge. At the time, it was the most powerful small handgun cartridge on the market.
This compact but hard-hitting pistol was immediately embraced by riverboat gamblers, ladies of the night, messengers, travelers, shopkeepers and anyone else who needed an easily concealable, large-caliber weapon for self defense. Its novel design featured twin, over-and-under barrels that swung open from a top hinge for loading and cartridge extraction, a "spur" trigger and large, comfortable grips.
This was one, but not the first, of the more than 130 firearms patents Dr. Elliot would be granted over the last half of the nineteenth century. To manufacture his new pistol, Dr. Elliot contracted with the E. Remington & Sons arms firm in upstate New York, which by 1867 had been in the gunmaking business for more than fifty years.
The Remington Double Deringer, as it has become known among collectors, was sleek, simple, sturdy, effective and inexpensive. It was the right gun for its time and place, and it enjoyed the longest manufacture--sixty-five years--of virtually any firearm before or since.
This book tells its story.

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Remington Rolling Block Rifles, Carbines & Shotguns; Sporting and Target Rifles. Marcot. Remington Rolling Block Rifles, Carbines & Shotguns; Sporting and Target Rifles. Marcot.

By Roy Marcot
Roy Marcot’s long-awaited book on one of America’s most famous hunting and sporting rifles is now available.
This new 330-page hardbound book is printed in full colour. Individual chapters describe in detail the Remington No.1, No.1½, No.2, No.4, No.5 and No.7 rolling block firearms. The No.1 expanded section includes full chapters on the development of the rolling block system, early sporting rifles, engraved and embellished rifles, Creedmoor Long Range rifles, Mid-Range and Short Range rifles, Schuetzen rifles, Bench rest rifles, and Buffalo rifles.
Every model is described in great detail, with over 250 comprehensive colour photographs of all important aspects. Besides the quality of the photography, what sets this book apart is the 12 x 10 inch layout of the photographs and text in a flowing matrix designed by well-known graphic artist, Ron Paxton. Noted antique arms authority, Norm Flayderman, in writing the Foreword to this book, said, "the quality of the photography in this new book sets a new standard that all future arms books will be held to."
Research on this epic study of one of America’s most famous hunting and sporting rifle began twenty-three years ago. Countless trips were made by the author to museums and private gun collections throughout the United States and Great Britain. Mr. Marcot also spent hundreds of hours over the past eighteen years combing through the Remington company archives drawing material from original surviving production, sales and shipping records

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Bayonets of the Remington Cartridge Period. Janzen. Bayonets of the Remington Cartridge Period. Janzen.

The history of the bayonets accompanying the cartridge-period Remington arms is "sketchy" at best. This is due in part to the absence of early Remington records which have been lost or destroyed over the years and has influenced the perception of collectors (who rely on published information) as to the importance of the arms. This material has been organized to provide some guidelines and direction for those who wish to study the subject more intensively.

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Remington Army and Navy Revolvers. 1861 - 1888. Ware Remington Army and Navy Revolvers. 1861 - 1888. Ware

Immediately following the Civil War, the United States Ordnance Department reported it had purchased 128,575 Remington revolvers during the conflict. During the Franco-Prussian War in 1870-71, Samuel Remington acted as an agent to acquire arms for the French War Ministry. Fifteen to twenty thousand Remington New Model Army revolvers were purchased from the Ordnance Department and sent to France. Donald Ware devoted twenty-five years of research in the Ordnance Department archives, the Remington factory's records, and Army and Navy records to assemble this detailed examination of the development and evolution of Remington revolvers from the beginning of the Civil War through the end of the Indian wars. In addition to information about the revolvers themselves, Ware shares tidbits that he uncovered along the way. For example, part of the equipment issued the Civil War soldier was a bullet mold for his revolver. During the War, the Ordance Department issued combustible ammunition for revolvers, making the mold a superfluous appendage. To avoid carrying the extra weight, the mold was usually tossed away. In 1863, the Ordnance Department notified Remington there was no need to furnish molds with the revolvers and therefore saved the government eighteen cents on each revolver.

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Remington, America's Oldest Gunmaker. Marcot . Remington, America's Oldest Gunmaker. Marcot .

Remington, America’s Oldest Gunmaker by Roy M. Marcot
Definitive study of all Remington firearms and ammunition, as well as a clear look into the company and its distinguished history.

Our Price: $175.00