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ADI Reloading Manual 10th Edn ADI Reloading Manual 10th Edn

Following on from the previous version, this year's guide is once again packed with essential reloading data and a raft of articles as well.
In fact, it's the largest issue ever with more than 5,500 loads, including the addition of new cartridge loads for 26 Nosler, 357 Herrett and 6mm Dasher.

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ADI Handloaders Guide 10th Edn ADI Handloaders Guide 10th Edn

Welcome to the 10th edition of the ADI World Class Powders & Ammunition Handloaders’ Guide.
We have made some significant changes for this edition to include new loads, new stories and more action!

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Reloading Rifles and Pistols. Wilmot. Reloading Rifles and Pistols. Wilmot.

This book includes data on......

* 97 Rifle Cartridges
* 33 Pistol Cartridges
* 50 Australian and USA Powders
* .30 cal Sabot Loadings

Each Cartridge features.......

* History and suitability on targets and game
* Case Length
* Primer Size
* Muzzle Velocity and Energy
* For Rifles, Velocities, Energies and Trajectories out to 400 yards
* For Pistols, Velocities, Energies and Trajectories out to 200 yards
* Full Range of Projectile Weights
* Large Range of ADI and USA Powders

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Addendum 1 to Ammo and Ballistics 4 Addendum 1 to Ammo and Ballistics 4

New calibres and loads have been appearing each year for well over a century. However, we live in particularly turbulent times as far as ammunition is concerned. Since the release of A&B4, there has been a great many changes, and this has necessitated coming out with an addendum to Ammo & Ballistics 4. Many new lead-free loadings have come on the market as well as new calibres: .17 Remington Fireball, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Marlin Express, .300 Ruger Compact Magnum, .338 Ruger Compact Magnum, .450-400 Nitro Express, and .416 Ruger. In addition, there are calibers previously not commercially loaded but now offered once more (.50 BMG) and 350 new factory loads that were not covered in the original edition of Ammo & Ballistics 4.

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Our Price: $25.00
Loading the Peacemaker. Colt's Model P. Scovill. Loading the Peacemaker. Colt's Model P. Scovill.

History of the Colt Model P Peacemaker.
Describes the loading procedures and accessory equipment for loading and using the Peacemaker.

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BPI Slug Loading & Field. Application. 7th edn. BPI Slug Loading & Field. Application. 7th edn.

The world’s most complete guide for the shotgun slug shooter and handloader. Learn about the historical development, terminology, and designs of the world’s most effective slugs.
Includes load combinations best suited to your shooting conditions and shotgun, smoothbore or rifled.

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Self Consuming Paper Cartridges for Percussion Revolver. Kirst. Self Consuming Paper Cartridges for Percussion Revolver. Kirst.

Lists materials and step by step illustrated instructions on how to make the cartridges, and loading and shooting instructions.

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Lyman Pistol and Revolver Handbook Lyman Pistol and Revolver Handbook

The World's leading handgun reloading manual
Today's most complete and current handgun reloading data. Reloaders are constantly in search of updated data, especially for most recently introduced, "hot" new cartridges. The 3rd Edition of the Lyman Pistol & Revolver Handbook is the most comprehensive we've ever offered. Data encompasses all major brands of bullets, powders and primers. Even the newest Vihta-Vuori and Ramshot powders are included. Most importantly, the 3rd Edition has data covering the popular new rounds like: 45 GAP, .480 Ruger and the powerful .500 S&W. Old favorites that are now the rage of Cowboy Shooting competition are also updated, covering 38-40, 44-40, .44 Russian, .45 Schofield and .45 Colt. More than just data charts, this new handbook also contains a number of captivating feature articles by well-known writers like Phil Spangenberger, Brian Pearce and Stan Trzoniec. The articles cover such popular subjects as: Cowboy Action shooting, loading for big bore revolvers and handgun varmint hunting. This should be the newest addition to any reloader's library.

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Status of Steel Shot-Shell Reloading 17th ED. BPI Status of Steel Shot-Shell Reloading 17th ED. BPI

Over 700 loads from 10ga to .410 bore. Loading steel shot is easy with our step-by-step system. All you have to do is follow our easy-reading, instructional format. Soon you will be loading high-performance, custom-made ammunition for YOUR type and style of shooting.

This manual dives right into the physics and fundamentals of steel shot ballistics. We tell you what works and why it works. We also explain the ballistic advantages gained by using specific high-performance components and reloading techniques.

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Brass Shotshell Reloading Manual 1st Edn. BPI. VanDenburg, Jr Brass Shotshell Reloading Manual 1st Edn. BPI. VanDenburg, Jr

In cooperation with Magtech, manufacturer of brass shotshells, we are proud to announce the publication of Reloading Brass Shotshells. This manual was written by famed industry expert Mr. R.H. VanDenburg, Jr.

These loads feature all black powder and black powder substitute propellants (e.g., Triple Se7en, Pyrodex, etc.). There are no smokeless loads at this time.
Step-by-step instructions
In-depth load and ballistic information
Easy-to-use data charts
Data in lead and ITX Shot: 55 loads for 12ga, 42 loads for 16ga, and 36 loads for 20ga - all by R.H. VanDenburg, Jr.

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Lyman Long Range Precision Reloading Handbook. Lyman Long Range Precision Reloading Handbook.

One of the fastest growing shooting sports in the country is precision long range rifle shooting. The Precision Rifle Series and Extended Long Range matches are being held all over the country and industry leaders are producing numerous rifles, scopes, bi-pods, and other accessories for this exciting sport. One area that has been lacking however is reliable reloading data, until now!
Specific data for precision long range cartridges including: 223 Rem., 6mm Dasher, 6x47 Lapua, 6XC, 6mm Creedmoor, 243 Win., 6.5x47 Lapua, 6.5 Creedmoor, 260 Rem., 6.5-284 Norma, 308 Win., 300 Win Mag, 300 Norma Mag and 338 Lapua.
• Target bullets from Berger, Lapua, Sierra and Hornady
• Includes pressure and velocity data
• Articles by top PRS shooters and industry experts
• Printed in full color format

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Why not load your own. Townsend Whelen. Why not load your own. Townsend Whelen.

This is a facsimile of the 1957 book Why Not Load Your Own by Colonel Townsed Whelen which advises new handloaders on reloading equipment and load data.
Forth Edition.
From the introduction of the 1957 edition of Why Not Load Your Own:
You save money and you get exactly the loads you want. That’s the profit in handloading and this is the book that tells you how to do it, sold at a price you can afford. For the price of 2 factory cartridges you can handload 15! The easy, step-by-step explainations in this book give you the full information on beating the high cost of shooting.
Right from the start, Townsend Whelen presumes that you don’t know anything about handloading or reloading equipment. He gives you every step in the various operations: decapping, cleaning the primer pocket, chamfering the neck, recapping, neck sizing and expanding, powder measuring, inserting and seating the bullets after you have cast, lubricated and sized them. Not a point is missed.
The kinds of reloading equipment the beginner needs are pictured and described and Whelen doesn’t advocate that you go overboard buying reloading equipment. A full discussion of powders, how to measure, handle and store them is also given. The bullet-making chapter is particularly good.
And best of all, Whelen doesn’t pretend to tell you how to load 8,000 different cartridges. He sticks to some 40 basic loads, the ones beginners are most apt to use, ranging from the .218 Bee to the .45-70 U. S. Government. In fact, the whole book is aimed at the tyro handloader, the man who wants to know how to handload and what reloading equipment he needs.
This fourth edition has been carefully edited and considerably enlarged to include all the new techniques and reloading equipment resulting from a very considerable increase in handloading during the past five years. The tables of loads for each cartridge give the best loads for all uses for which that cartridge is suitable. Particularly, each load has been tested and found entirely safe in all normal weapons. Helpful hints are given on how to load and obtain the greatest accuracy.
Since 1899, Whelen handloaded thousands of rounds each year, all of which he fired himself in experiment, target shooting, and game shooting. For some years he was Commanding Officer of Frankford Arsenal, which makes all Government small-arms ammunition. He was retired Colonel of the Regular Army. A Distinguished Rifleman, he won the U. S. Army Competitions in 1903, and for many years shot on the Army’s Infantry Rifle Team. He was also an enthusiastic hunter, and bagged over 115 head of big game, including almost all species.
Many of the methods of handloading that Colonel Whelen gives, and many of the loads he recommends, were originated by him, and given to others in his many writings. So far as is known, he is the oldest handloader in the United States, and the next to oldest rifleman still actively shooting.
Why Not Load Your Own is a book originally written for the new handloader and as such it covers topics such as reloading equipment and basic load information for common cartridges. We recommend that both new and experienced handloaders also take a look at Handbook for Shooters and Reloaders by P. O. Ackley, which provides even more load data and an in-depth look at the science behind reloading.


1. General Information
+Advantages of Handloading
+Scheme of the Book
+Reloading Tools
+Check List of Tools and Reloading Equipment
+Components for Reloading
+Requests for Information
2. Handloading–Step by Step
+Care and Life of Fired Cases
+Chamfering Mouths of Cases
+Decapping and Neck Resizing
+Full Length Resizing
+Trimming for Length
+Smokeless Rifle and Pistol Powders
+Charging Cases with Powder
+Seating Bullets
3. Bullets and Bullet Making
+Lead Alloy Bullets
+Casting Lead Alloy Bullets
+Lubricating and Siing Bullets
+Metal Cased Bullets
+Making Metal Cased Bullets
4.Specefic Cartridge Data and Loads
+Working Up a Safe Charge
+Wildcat Cartridges
+.22 Hornet
+.218 Bee
+.22-3000 Lovell 2R
+.222 Remington
+.219 Donaldson Wasp
+.22-250 Varminter
+.220 Swift
+.243 Winchester
+.244 Winchester
+.25-20 W.C.F.
+.250-300 Savage
+.257 Roberts
+6.5mm Mannlicher-Schoenauer
+.270 Winchester
+7mm Mauser (7×57)
+6x61mm Sharpe & Hart
+.30-30 Winchester
+.300 Savage
+.30-40 Krag
+.308 Winchester
+.30-06 U.S.
+.300 H&H Magnum
+.32 Winchester Special
+8×57 Mauser
+.348 Winchester
+.35 Whelen
+.375 H&H Magnum
+.45-70 U.S. Government
+Revolver and Pistol Cartridges
+.38 S&W Special
+.357 Magnum
+.44 S&W Special
+.44 Magnum Revolver
+.45 Auto Colt Pistol
+.45 Colt Revolver
5. The Proof of the Pudding
+Bench Rest Shooting
+Trajectory and Bullet Drop Tests
+Forming Wildcat Cases
+Obtaining Greatest Accuracy

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Lee Modern Reloading Lee Modern Reloading

Lee Modern Reloading Manual - 2nd Edition
This is an in-depth, 720-page exploration of reloading by the foremost inventor of reloading products, Richard Lee. The detailed loading techniques will aid the shooter, hunter and professional reloader in producing precision ammunition in high volume. Bullet casting, lubricating, and the author's formula for calculating proper charges for cast bullets are covered, along with virtually all load data published by the powder supplier. There are over 500 pages of charts and data with many illustrations. Hard cover.

more information

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Ken Waters Notebook Best Wishes Ken Waters Notebook Best Wishes

Ken Waters

Today’s best authority on reloading & firearms reveals his unfathomable knowledge through this chronological catalog of letters. Here are little nuggets of golden info on handloading & guns.
Today’s best authority on reloading and firearms reveals his unfathomable knowledge through this chronological catalog of letters. In the tradition of other great shooters’ notebooks, this text of letters contains load tables, little known facts, history, esoteric details and Ken’s personal recommendations to various questions and concerns.
If you enjoy finding little nuggets of golden information on handloading or guns, you will be fascinated on your journey through these letters that are jammed with information, not chit-chat. The load tables are well worth the purchase and all information has never been published before. Ken was prolific in his correspondence with extensive details. None of these letters ever appeared in Rifle or Handloader magazines; it is all new material from the author. This is a large book presented in the original letter format. Those who know Ken will love this new book, and those not familiar will be amazed at the depth of his knowledge and straightforward, easy-to-understand writing style.

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Mr Single Shot's  Cartridge Handbook. De Haas Mr Single Shot's Cartridge Handbook. De Haas

These are the author's favorite loads for 80 current, obsolete, and interesting cartridges used in single shots. You'll find history and personal shooting anecdotes from .22 rimfire to 45-70. Plus, how-to details on four handy reloading tools you can build. Soft cover volume in popular 8-1/2 x 11" format, with 115 pages.
The Table of Contents includes the following:
Chapter 1 The .22 Rimfires
Chapter 2 Two Rimfire Magnums & The .25 Stevens
Chapter 3 The .32 & .38 Rimfires
Chapter 4 Three .17 Caliber Wildcats
Chapter 5 The .22 Hornet Family
Chapter 6 The Bee, Jet and Lovell
Chapter 7 The .222 Remington Family
Chapter 8 The Zippers
Chapter 9 The Larger .22 Centerfires
Chapter 10 The 6mm's
Chapter 11 The Small .25 Cartridges
Chapter 12 The Larger .25 Calibers
Chapter 13 The 7mm's
Chapter 14 The Thirty's
Chapter 15 The .310 Cadet Through .38-55
Chapter 16 Three Popular Magnums
Chapter 17 The .43's & The .44's
Chapter 18 Two .45's and a .50
Chapter 19 How to Make a Rugged Priming & Decapping Tool
Chapter 20 A Universal Reloading Die - How to Make It & Use It
Chapter 21 How to Make a Straight-Line Bullet Seater
Chapter 22 How to Make a Cartridge Case Trimmer
Appendix I My Favorite Loads
Appendix II Ballistic Information
Appendix III Where Can I Get?

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9MM: Guide to America's Most Popular Calibre. Sadowski. 9MM: Guide to America's Most Popular Calibre. Sadowski.

9MM: Guide to America's Most Popular Caliber is a must have reference book for the veteran shooter or collector and an indispensable resource for the neophyte looking to select a 9mm and understand cartridge performance for concealed carry, home defense or competition.
Inside, you'll find:
Expert advice to select the right ammunition for your carry gun
Options and range performance evaluations for practice and self-defense ammunition
Available options in full-size, compact, sub-compact, and competition 9mm pistols
Coverage of 9mm carbines
Collector guns
Book Features:
Learn the history of the 9mm.
Get a complete list of current 9mm ammo offerings.
Reviews of the latest 9mm pistols and carbines.
Shooting the 9mm.
Reloading the 9mm.

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Handloaders's Index Handloaders's Index

Getting started handloading can be bewildering when confronted with so many choices in handloading tools. Which one to choose? How much does it cost? The Handloader’s Index is a useful product information resource to clear the confusion. Logically arranging it into sections on “Presses,” “Case Prep Tools,” “Dies,” and so on, and then by manufacturer makes it quick and easy to find a specific tool and compare features and cost. The “marketing-speak” descriptions are apparently written by the manufacturers, but that doesn’t diminish the information presented.
Handloader’s Index does not review any products or rate one maker’s tool over another’s. Based on my 30 years of handloading, I will tell you openly that among handloading tools “higher price” does not always equate to “better.” No, a Ford is not a Ferrari, but both will get you to the grocery store. None of the major manufacturers of handloading tools makes junk, so the important things to look at in tools are the features, the warranties, customer service satisfaction and the price – and whatever else matters to you. Follow your own priorities and you will most likely be happy with your purchase.
Handloader’s Index is by no means comprehensive; Lyman’s fine products, for example, are not represented at all, nor are any of the makers of obsolete or uncommon brass, bullets and dies, such as Quality Cartridge (qual-cart.com) or Buffalo Arms Company (buffaloarms.com). The publication similarly ignores all the smaller manufacturers of innovative and esoteric tools and supplies. While valuable and informative for beginners and for those with limited experience, for these reasons advanced handloaders will not get as much from the Handloader’s Index.

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Woodleigh Bullets Reloading Manual Woodleigh Bullets Reloading Manual

The long awaited Woodleigh Bullet loading manual is here.
It covers history of the company, details of Woodleighs
Projectiles including the fantastic Hydrostatic Projectiles.
Covers European and American Cartridges and the British
and Double Rifle Cartridges up to the massive 700 Nitro.
A must for every cartridge reloader

more information

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Lyman Black Powder Handbook & Reloading Manual. Lyman Black Powder Handbook & Reloading Manual.

The one manual all black powder shooters should own
Lyman has teamed up with "Mr. Muzzleloader", Sam Fadala to produce the most comprehensive black powder manual available. This manual is entirely new, from the ground up, and includes thousands of pressure tested loads using Goex and Elephant black powders, Pyrodex RS, Select and P, and Pyrodex Pellets, along with a large assortment of round balls, conicals and sabots.
Over three years went into the development of this data. Down range velocities and energies are also given for each load. Sam Fadala brings his well known expertise to this work, covering such topics as choosing your muzzleloader, building the best loads, propellants, ignition, maintenance and much more. In addition, black powder cartridges are well covered with the help of Mike Venturino. There are also hundreds of pressure tested black powder cartridge loads for such calibers as the 45-90, 45-100, 45-110 and 45-120. Cowboy action calibers such as 44-40, 45 Colt and 44 Special are also covered, as well as 10, 12 and 20 gauge shotshells.
This is one manual all black powder shooters should own.

more information

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My Main Obsession. Guardia Vazquez. My Main Obsession. Guardia Vazquez.

Ricardo Guardia Vázquez has hunted around the world and in some fascinating places. He lives in Central America and was fortunate to have hunted jaguars on numerous occasions, both in his own “backyard” and in South America. He could even be called “cat crazy,” as he has multiple hunts for ocelots, pumas, leopards, and a lion, which he has noted in his game diaries.

But his hunts did not stop there; he came north and hunted in the Lower Forty-Eight and Canada for Rocky Mountain goat, black bear, grizzly, caribou, moose, mule deer, whitetail, and more. In Africa, besides lion and leopard, he shot an elephant and buffalo as well as sable, kudu, and numerous other antelopes on multiple safaris.
His stories are vignettes out of a life of hunting over more than four decades, and whether he pursues tropical whitetail and jaguar in the sweltering Central American jungle, gemsbok and leopard in the dry and dusty semideserts of Africa, or moose and grizzly in the cold tundra of North America, his stories are sure to entertain.

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Nosler Reloading Guide 7 Edn Nosler Reloading Guide 7 Edn

Nosler Reloading Guide 7

Each cartridge section begins with an introduction by a different well-known writer or industry name. Nosler® continues to incorporate “Comments From the Lab” for many cartridges, a highly informative section that helps reloaders save time and money at the reloading bench. These pages are written by the Nosler® ballistics team and provide valuable insight and advice for working up accurate, effective loads.

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Handloaders Digest. Massaro. Handloaders Digest. Massaro.

Since 1962, Handloader's Digest has been THE definitive source for handloading enthusiasts. Now The World's Greatest Handloading Book is back and completely updated with all-new content covering all aspects of the handloading world.
Full-color feature articles written by leading industry experts covering the latest products, trends and techniques.
Comprehensive illustrated catalogue section showcasing all the newest and most innovative handloading equipment, tools, components and supplies.
Information for the beginning handloader and the seasoned veteran alike.
Handloader's Digest is the oldest and most trusted handloading resource available for the hunter, target shooter, or armed citizen who loads his or her own ammunition. If you load your own, or ever wanted to, you need Handloader's Digest, 19th Edition.

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Lyman Reloading Manual. 50th Anniversary Edition Lyman Reloading Manual. 50th Anniversary Edition

Current Ed

New Cartridges Included: 17 Hornet, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5-284, 26 Nosler, 28 Nosler, 300 Blackout, 300 RCM, 338 RCM, 450 Bushmaster, 458 SOCOM, 50 Beowulf
Largest Selection of Bullets: Barnes, Hornady, Remington, Sierra, Speer, Swift and Winchester plus full selection of Cast Bullets
Wide Range of Popular Powders: Accurate, Alliant, Hodgdon, IMR, Ramshot, VihtaVuori and Winchester
Feature Articles by Top Gun Writers and Firearm Industry Experts:
“Barrels – Looking into the Unknown” by Ryan Newport
“Advanced Case Preparation Techniques” by John Haviland
“What is a Ballistic Coefficient and How Do You Use It?” by Dave Emary and Lane Pearce
“The History of Modern Lyman Handbooks” by Ed Matunas, Ken Ramage and Tom Griffin
Full Color Edition - The 50th Anniversary edition is Lyman's first reloading handbook produced in full color
For more than a century, the Ideal and then Lyman handbooks have been the reloaders’ core resource for proven reloading data. Lyman pioneered the concept of delivering a wide range of components to use in generating safe, accurate loads. As reloading has grown, so have Lyman handbooks, with each edition eclipsing its predecessor, growing in size and quantity of data and becoming an important addition to every serious reloader’s library.
Lyman’s 50th Anniversary Edition continues Lyman’s heritage as being the proven source for reloading data. Lyman handbooks have always used the widest selection of cartridges, bullets and powder from all the major manufacturers. This 50th Edition continues the tradition of being the only data source using multiple brands throughout the data.

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Ammo & Ballistics 6. Forker. Ammo & Ballistics 6. Forker.

Ballistic Data out to 1,000 Yards for over 190 Calibers and over 3,000 Different Loads. Includes Data on All Factory Centerfire and Rimfire Cartridges for All Rifles and Handgun
by Robert Forker
The entirely updated and revised Ammo & Ballistics 6 is now available and is better than ever! Ammo & Ballistics 6 contains data and illustrations on virtually every sporting cartridge sold in the USA. Besides clear and concise writing that clarifies the complexities of ballistic coefficients and energy versus momentum, this revised edition covers 200-plus calibers . . . from the .17 Mach 2 to the .700 Nitro Express.
It contains information on rifle and handgun calibers, and it covers manufacturers, bullet weights, types, and construction. In addition, each caliber has an exact technical drawing with all dimensions and angles. There are over 3,000 tables with ballistic data for every caliber and every load for all commercially loaded hunting ammunition sold in the United States. Tables include velocity, energy, wind drift, bullet drop, and ballistic coefficients up to 1,000 yards.
Manufacturers include A-Square, Aguila, ATK, Black Hills, CCI/Speer, Cor-Bon Bullet, Dakota Arms, Eley Ltd., Federal Cartridge, Fiocchi, Hirtenberger, Hornady, Patria Lapua Oy, Lazzeroni, Kynoch (Kynamco Ltd.), MagTech, Norma, Nosler, Inc., PMC (Eldorado Cartridge Corp.), Remington, Dynamit (Nobel-RWS Inc.), Sellier and Bellot, Ultramax, Weatherby, and Winchester.
If you want to know where you will be hitting at long distances, this is the book for you. This book is, quite literally, indispensable for the hunter or shooter.

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Top-Grade Ammo. A step by step guide to creating quality ammunition. Zediker Top-Grade Ammo. A step by step guide to creating quality ammunition. Zediker

This one is a step-by-step-by-step guide to producing quality handloaded ammunition. It's written for the beginner all the way through to the advanced handloader. No one is excluded from this book, and nothing is excluded from this book! Give this one to someone who's never even fired a rifle and they'll be able to sit down and produce a quality round, and tell you exactly why they did what they did to get there.

Our Price: $65.00
The ABC's of Reloading, 10th Edition: The Definitive Guide for Novice to Expert. Massaro. The ABC's of Reloading, 10th Edition: The Definitive Guide for Novice to Expert. Massaro.

Now in its 10th edition, The ABCs of Reloading has taught countless firearms owners safe, reliable methods of creating their own ammunition. This long overdue new edition brings detailed reloading instruction to shooters who want to improve accuracy, save money and ensure themselves a constant supply of ammo regardless of supply and demand on retail shelves.
Reloading expert and frequent Gun Digest contributor Phil Massaro lays out the basics of reloading and then digs further into the details in a fresh approach that introduces beginners to this valuable hobby while helping those already familiar with reloading take their skills and knowledge to the next level.
As a bonus, long-range shooters searching for tips on making ultra-consistent ammo using high B.C. bullets and fine-tuning for precision accuracy will greatly benefit from Massaro’s insight into that topic as well.
Massaro’s coverage of the vast array of reloading gear and components that have been introduced during the past decade alone makes this edition invaluable for the enthusiast who might be overwhelmed with questions. From the very basic questions of “How does a cartridge work?” and “What components do I need to get started?” to more advanced information on understanding cartridge pressure, headspace and using a chronograph to check your work, this is THE book to help shooters sort it all out.

Our Price: $65.00
Lyman Reloading Handbook 49th Edn Lyman Reloading Handbook 49th Edn

Includes pressure-tested data for all of the new Remington Ultra Mag, Winchester Short Magnum, & Remington Short-Action Ultra Mag calibers. Also covers smokeless data for currently popular Black Powder Cartridge Silhouette cartridges up to the 45-120.
Lyman's long anticipated 48th Edition Reloading Handbook is the most extensive revision in their long and distinguished series of rifle and pistol reloading manuals. The 48th Edition includes pressure-tested data for all of the new Remington Ultra Mag, Winchester Short Magnum, and Remington Short-Action Ultra Mag calibers. Also covers smokeless data for currently popular Black Powder Cartridge Silhouette cartridges up to the 45-120. Expanded pistol section includes data for the .480 Ruger and T/C Encore. A wide selection of powder includes the latest offerings from: Hodgdon, Alliant, Accurate Arms and Winchester, as well as the full line of VihtaVuori. The 48th Edition utilizes an extensive selection of premium bullets from manufacturers including Barnes, Swift, Nosler and Combined Technology. Also includes the widest selection of cast bullet data currently available.

more information

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Nosler Reloading Guide 8th Edn Nosler Reloading Guide 8th Edn

Here's what's new in Nosler's comprehensive 8th edition Reloading Guide:
New Introductions to Each Cartridge
AccuBond Long Range Reloading Data
Handloading for the 26 Nosler, 28 Nosler and 30 Nosler
458 SOCOM Data
Latest Powders
Nosler continues to incorporate "Comments From the Lab" for many cartridges, a highly informative section that helps reloaders save time and money at the reloading bench. These pages are written by the Nosler ballistics team and provide valuable insight and advice for working up accurate, effective loads.

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Lyman Shotshell Handbook 5th Edition Lyman Shotshell Handbook 5th Edition

The Lyman 5th Edition Shotshell Reloading Handbook is a great reloading manual for anyone looking for high-quality information and data on shotshell reloading. This manual covers a variety of different topics including: Why you should reload shotshells, getting started reloading shotshells, information on shotshell hulls, wads, primers, powders and lead shot, techniques for loading on single stage and progressive press and a ton of data for reloading lead shot, steel shot, bismuth shot, steel shot, Hevi-Shot, buckshot and slugs.

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BP Cartridge Reloading Primer. Garbe, Venturino. BP Cartridge Reloading Primer. Garbe, Venturino.

New 9th Edition
This is it…the standard reference work for loading the black powder cartridge rifle. Written by 4-time National BPCR Silhouette Champion Steve Garbe and world-renowned gun writer Mike Venturino this is the first and only guide you will need to successfully reload black powder cartridges.
The Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Primer takes off from the point that the reader understands basic cartridge reloading but doesn’t know the specific techniques uniquely associated with black powder reloading. It walks the reader through the basic techniques such as powder compression, setting up over-all cartridge length with specific bullets, fouling management, bullet alloys, correct sizing, wads, drop tubing powder, bullet seating and case cleanup. There are specific chapters written by Steve Garbe on loading the match cartridge and a special chapter on loading the popular .32-40 and .38-55 cartridges for best accuracy. The authors have included a chapter on how to pick the best black powder cartridge for your needs.
Twenty-two different black powder cartridges are listed with specific sample loads that will get you on the road to optimum accuracy in your BPC rifle as well as ballistic charts for bullets from .32 to .50 caliber. There is also an equipment listing that puts you in the loop on where to find supplies for black powder reloading.
There are many other manuals dealing with the topic of black powder cartridge reloading but none backed up by the practical experience and match-tested techniques that Steve Garbe and Mike Venturino have acquired over their many years of competing and hunting with the BPC rifle.
It consists of 124 pages, 60 photos, and numerous charts, spiral bound in tough “shop-proof” paper designed to lie flat on your reloading bench and will last for many years. Guaranteed to be a constant source of reference and simply “just the facts” on black powder cartridge reloading.

More Information

Our Price: $75.00