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The Still - Hunter.  Van Dyke The Still - Hunter. Van Dyke

One of Theodore Roosevelt's favorite books, this classic set the stage for deer hunting in America. Stillhunting requires total commitment and awareness of the environment, even more so than stand hunting, and a hunter tends to see more deer while still hunting.
Author Biography: Princeton educated, Theodore Van Dyke (1842-1923), born and raised in the woods, was a hunting companion and literary associate of President Theodore Roosevelt.

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Those were the Days. Rutledge Those were the Days. Rutledge

Nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature
In this nostalgic classic, Archibald Rutledge commemorates the Christmas Day deer hunts and articulates his passion for hunting, white-tailed deer, and the outdoors. An insightful read.

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Forty Four Years of the Life of a Hunter. Browning Forty Four Years of the Life of a Hunter. Browning

Forty-four years of the life of a hunter. (1859).
This book, "Forty-four years of the life of a hunter", by Meshach Browning, is a replication of a book originally published before 1859. It has been restored by human beings, page by page, so that you may enjoy it in a form as close to the original as possible.
Our copy is a reprint with different cover,

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Hunting the Great Plains. Barsness Hunting the Great Plains. Barsness

Details on the how and where of hunting over 20 kinds of large and small game, including the equipment needed, for the Great Plains.

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Home from the Hill. Webb. Home from the Hill. Webb.

Fred Webb has been one of the best-known guides of the Canadian Arctic for almost thirty years. He has guided mainly for grizzly, black bear, caribou, and moose. Fred has guided famous hunters such as Gene Hill and Craig Boddington as well as average citizens who saved long and hard to go on a dream hunt. Well known as a master storyteller, Fred has taken the most interesting, funny, and remarkable stories of his long and illustrious career and placed them in this volume. For years his articles have appeared in magazines and have won him critical acclaim...

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Great Hunting Stories : Inspiring Adventures for Every Hunter. Chapman. Great Hunting Stories : Inspiring Adventures for Every Hunter. Chapman.

Bestselling author Steve Chapman (A Look at Life from a Deer Stand, over 230,000 copies sold) spins adventuresome hunting tales based on real-life excursions. Steve s passion for God, family, and hunting make his stories entertaining and chock full of insights and encouragement for growing spiritually and relationally. As readers hike with Steve and hunt for whitetail, turkey, and other game, they'll discover life is all about the hunt and the hunt is all about life, as shown by a hunter who helps save a strained father/son relationship an elderly hunter who discovers he hasn't lost his passion after all a daughter and father team who struggle to keep hunting traditions alive rabbit-hunting brothers who realise how fragile life can be Woven into every story is appreciation for God s magnificent creation and the desire to love Him, serve Him, and reach out to people in His name. "

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Return to Toonaklut. The Russel Annabel Story. Davis Return to Toonaklut. The Russel Annabel Story. Davis

Russell Annabel is one of the most colorful characters ever to set foot in Alaska, this is his story.

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Great Whitetail Hunts. Dunwoody. Great Whitetail Hunts. Dunwoody.

What would it be like to go on exciting hunts with some of America’s most successful hunters? You’ll find out as you follow some of the country’s best hunters and look over their shoulders as they take their most memorable trophy whitetails. This exciting and entertaining book delves into the strategies and tactics these veteran hunters used to outmaneuver the great bucks and bring them down. The reader has the rare opportunity to look into the minds of top hunters from Canada to Texas as they unravel the often complex patterns of smart old bucks. Contributions by D. Idol, J. Kroll, S. Vaughn, D. Morris, and others.

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The Old Man and The Boy. Ruark. The Old Man and The Boy. Ruark.

This timeless classic, originally published in 1957 and never out of print, tells the story of a remarkable friendship between a young boy and his grandfather. The Old Man and the boy hunt the woods and fields of North Carolina together; they fish the lakes, ponds, and sea. All the while the Old Man acts as teacher and guide, passing on his wisdom and life experiences to his grandson, who listens in rapt fascination.

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The Old Man's Boy Grows Older. Ruark The Old Man's Boy Grows Older. Ruark

Critics hailed Robert Ruark's "The Old Man and the Boy" as a tale of "infinite warmth, wisdom, and understanding." This quiet best-seller captured the endearing relationship between a man and his grandson as they fish and hunt the lakes and woods of North Carolina. Now, the Old Man has passed on and the boy has grown up, and it's the boy's story that is told in this moving, nostalgic sequel. First published in the late 1950s and never out of print, "The Old Man's Boy Grows Older" will transport you back to the days when ice cream was made at home and when fishing was not about the fish, but about the stories you told afterward. Readers young and old will appreciate and cherish this unforgettable book.

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Bear!. Ormond. Bear!. Ormond.

Bear! Is a fascinating volume which will grip the interest and fire the imagination of both the seasoned outdoorsman and the one who must enjoy the thrills of big-game hunting from his arm-chair reading.
The true, breath-taking field encounters between man and bear, which liberally appear throughout the books’ pages, will capture and excite the reader, young or old. Certainly to the big-game hunter—whether he takes to the wooded hills after his black bear, to the remote crags and high basins after his grizzly, to the Coastal regions after his brown bear, or to the Eskimo-land after his great white polar bear—this volume with its wealth of how-to information will prove invaluable reading.
But beyond this, Bear! is a revealing story of North America’s Bears. It delves deeply into their habitat, their wondrous cycle of living, and their natural place in the scheme of wildlife. This book traces those basic behavior changes which have been forced upon our country’s great ursines through man’s westward movement, his contact with them, and his gradual driving of them to the last wilderness and sanctuaries for survival.
Lastly, Bear! is a documentary of a noble animal’s long struggle, in the minds and actions of men, to rise from the lowly status of a pest to that of a grand big-game animal.
Bear! by Clyde Ormond, the renowned outdoorsman, is the result of thirty years of observation, study, hunting, and evaluation of a priceless but little known species. It is “must” ready for any sportsman.

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Life of the Hunt. Barsness. Life of the Hunt. Barsness.

THE LIFE OF THE HUNT is a thrilling collection of big game hunting adventures from Alaska to Africa, including stalks after elk, caribou, bears, Cape buffalo, kudu and trophy deer. The original hardcover was selected as hunting book of 1995 by SPORTS AFIELD magazine; now available in an updated softcover edition.

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Jack O'Connor. The Legendary life of America's Greatest Gunwriter. Anderson Jack O'Connor. The Legendary life of America's Greatest Gunwriter. Anderson

The Legendary Life of America's Greatest Gunwriter
by Robert Anderson
Jack O’Connor was the preeminent North American big-game hunter and gunwriter of the twentieth century, and Robert Anderson’s masterfully written new work is a blockbuster filled with fascinating facts and stories about this controversial character. With the full cooperation of the O’Connor children, Anderson spent three years interviewing O’Connor’s family and friends as well as delving into JOC’s papers, photos, and letters, including the extensive correspondence between O’Connor and Bob Householder, and the O’Connor papers from Washington State University. Buck Buckner, O’Connor’s lifelong friend, has contributed two chapters on his experiences with the master of North American hunting. Find out how many (desert) sheep and Grand Slams JOC really killed; how JOC shot the same sable antelope twice (10 years apart!); how his absentmindedness made him lose his car; and how he shot off his own toe. Learn about the early years of hardship in Arizona for the O’Connor family and the tragedy that befell Jerry, their oldest son. Then there were the glory years after WWII as O’Connor undeniably rose to the top of his profession, when he and Eleanor hunted tiger in India, sheep in Iran, buffalo in Tanganyika, and became acquainted with princes and potentates as well as the moguls of the hunting and firearms industries. His stories in Outdoor Life could make or break a product and moved thousands of readers to book a hunt or buy a gun. This exciting biography is illustrated with dozens of never-before-seen photos made available by the family, and it includes an extensive timeline that lists the major game animals O’Connor shot, the guns he owned, the trips he took, and the books he wrote. The life of JOC is a book on a hunter for hunters by a hunter, and is a must for anyone interested in one of the most famous gunwriters of all time.

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Born to Hunt. Barsness. Born to Hunt. Barsness.

Excerpt to Born to Hunt “Mule deer chose me early, both buck and doe, in the last week of the first Montana hunting season I could legally purchase a tag. I’d followed the grown men in years before, sometimes packing my Daisy Red Ryder, wondering why they didn’t shoot the deer across the valley when their rifles were so much more powerful than my BB gun. Then I started shooting rifles, first .22 rimfires and eventually .30 calibres of various hues, and with the conceit of youth (and the purchase of my first deer tag) dreamed of killing grey deer far across valleys.

It did not happen like that.”

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Wilderness Hunting and Wildcraft. Townsend Whelen. Wilderness Hunting and Wildcraft. Townsend Whelen.

This is a facsimile of the 1927 book Wilderness Hunting and Wildcraft by big game hunter, Townsend Whelen.
This is a book which details the hunting of big game in North America, the woodcraft skills essential to success, and the habits and life histories of the big game animals which are of interest to the big game hunter.
This book comprises Colonel Townsend Whelen’s experiences from a lifetime in the game fields, as well as a compilation from the writings of the most virile, observant, and successful hunters of the time.
Whelen devotes a chapter each to a number of North American big game animals where he includes the particulars of hunting each species. The book also includes valuable information on hunting methods, navigation, camping and camp gear, rifles, marksmanship, and even photography while in the field.
This book is a valuable resource for the novice and experienced big game hunter alike, and can certainly be of use to anyone who takes pleasure in exploring the back country.
About the Author:
Colonel Townsend Whelen (1877-1961) was an American soldier, big game hunter and outdoorsman. The author of several books and contributor to a number of magazines, Whelen was an expert rifleman, ammunition reloader, and cartridge developer.
1. The Habits of Big Game
2. The Three Noth American Deer
3. The White-Tailed Deer or Virginia Deer
4. The Mule Deer or Rocky Mountain Black-Tailed Deer, Jumping Deer
5. The Columbian Black-Tailed Deer
6. The Wapiti or Elk
7. The Moose
8. The Caribou
9. The Mountain Sheep
10. The Rocky Mountain Goat or White Goat
11. The Bears of North America
12. The Big Brown Bears
13. The Grizzly Bears
14. The Black Bears
15. Still-Hunting or Woods Hunting
16. Stalking, or Mountain and Plains Hunting
17. Finding One’s Way
18. Clothing and Personal Kits
19. Camp Beds and Bedding
20. Shelter and Tents
21. Big-Game Rifles
22. Wilderness Marksmanship
23. Photography
24. Physical Preparation

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On Wild Hogs and Javelinas. Taylor. On Wild Hogs and Javelinas. Taylor.

Hogs have overrun America: They are found in the middle of our biggest cities and they cause untold millions of damage to farmlands and manicured gardens alike. Where did all these swine come from and how did they land up on American shores where they do not belong? The history of the hog in America is a long one that dates all the way back to the period of Columbus. Since that time no large feral animal has more successfully established itself and none has endured more attempts by the hand of man in controlling its numbers than the hog.
The author gives us a comprehensive history of the feral hog, where they occur, how and with what to hunt them, how to trap them if they cannot be shot, what to be careful of (plenty!), and what methods to use to help you get your hog. There is also a comprehensive section on the javelina, a very distant cousin of the feral hog. A thorough and all-inclusive appendix covers a remarkably broad array of hog and javelina facts, stats and terminology, and further reading in case swine fever has struck you! This excellent book will help you better understand these swine, how to outwit them, and how they will likely outwit you! Hog-hunting stories and recipes are included as well.
This is an animal we will have to live with no matter what and will likely be around as long as rats and coyotes, which is forever. This book will help you hunt them . . . or to cope.

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Elmer Keith's Big Game Hunting. Keith. Elmer Keith's Big Game Hunting. Keith.

About the Author:
Elmer Keith (1899-1984) was a rancher and firearms author who helped to develop the .357 Magnum, .41 Magnum, and .44 Magnum. Keith. An expert cartridge reloader and widcat cartridge creator, he also developed his own style of semi-wadcutter bullet, called the Keith style bullet.
Keith was an expert on big game hunting, designing and using many unique cartridges for his hunting pursuits. His wildcat cartridges can be seen to have an influence on many modern, popular hunting cartridges.
1. How to Look for Game
2. Judging Trophies Before Shooting
3. Still-Hunting
4. Timber and All-Around Rifles
5. Bear
6. Moose
7. Alaskan Coastal Bear Hunting
8. White-Tailes Deer
9. Mule Deer
10. Caribou
11. Elk
12. Mountain and Plains Stalking
13. Stalking Rifles
14. Mountain Sheep
15. Mountain Goats
16. Antelope
17. Tracking and Managing Wounded Game
18. The Bison
19. Artic Game
20. Cougar and Jaguar
21. Placing the Bullet on Big Game
22. Skinning and Curing Big Game Trophies
23. Pack Outfits and Tentage
24. Equipment

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Chasing the Hunters Dream. Engal & Swan Chasing the Hunters Dream. Engal & Swan

Organized by location, Chasing the Hunter's Dream covers the best hunting spots and possible game as well as outfitters, guides, and lodges. This book also serves up some tasty wild game recipes and shares inspiring stories of extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime "dream hunts." The authors provide information on preparing for each hunt and how to get a trophy home, and they share wonderful hunting camp remembrances.

Chasing the Hunter's Dream is for the modern hunter and those others who may wish to join them in enjoying the passion and the pleasure of hunting. Informative and inspiring, this is the one book that all hunters must own.

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Wild and Fair. McIntyre. Wild and Fair. McIntyre.

Tales of Hunting Big Game in North America

Thomas McIntyre has brought together some of the finest outdoor writers to create this anthology of hunting big game in North America. These original stories cover all North American big-game—from moose and bear in Alaska to sheep and mule deer in the Lower 48; it even contains a hunt for muskox. The writers include Stephen Bodio, author of Eagle Dreams; David Petzal of Field & Stream; Craig Boddington, one of the most famous outdoor writers today; Philip Caputo of the Chicago Tribune (1973 Pulitzer Prize winner); Susan Ewing of Gray’s Sporting Journal; Humberto Fontova, nationally acclaimed author of The Hellpig Hunt; David Mamet, winner of the 1984 Pulitzer Prize for Glengarry Glen Ross; Ron Spomer of Sports Afield; Jameson Parker of Simon and Simon TV fame; Aaron Pass of Ducks Unlimited, Terry Wieland of Gray’s Sporting Journal and Leupold’s 1999 Writer of the Year; and Jim Zumbo of Outdoor Life. This book will give you a profound sense of why hunting is such an integral part of the American landscape. It is a grand collection of well-crafted stories on North America’s most sought-after big-game species. Artwork by Andrew Warington.

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The Wilderness of the Upper Yukon. Sheldon The Wilderness of the Upper Yukon. Sheldon

A Hunter's Exploration for Wild Sheep in Sub-Arctic Mountains
by Charles Sheldon

2014 Missoula, 345pp, photos, illus., 6x9, softcover

Join Charles Sheldon in this wonderful book recording two years of field experiences while engaged in studying wild sheep of Yukon Territory from 1904 to 1905. This detailed account is strictly from the point of view of a hunter interested in natural history. Sheldon traveled by steamboat, canoe, horseback, and on foot and was was accompanied by other well-known explorers of his generation such as Frederick C. Selous, William H. Osgood, and Carl Rungius. Along with mountain sheep, Sheldon also encounters moose, grizzly bears, and caribou. The Wilderness of the Upper Yukon is profusely illustrated with nearly 100 photographs and paintings from the trip including four detailed maps of his travels.

A comment from Sheldon's Preface:
In the North, wild sheep dwell exclusively on high mountains, above timber-line, usually well back within the ranges. Nearly all of the mountains on which I hunted, with the exception of Plateau Mountain and those near Watson River, were untrodden by the foot of white man or Indian. The wilderness was primeval, the sheep practically undisturbed, the other game animals seldom hunted. It was not possible to find guides, for there were none. It was necessary not only to search out a route to the mountains, but also to find the ranges occupied by sheep.

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Camp-fires in the Canadian Rockies. Phillips Camp-fires in the Canadian Rockies. Phillips

by William T. Hornaday
Photos by John M. Phillips

2014 Missoula, 349pp, photos, maps, 6x9, softcover

Join early Boone and Crockett Club members William T. Hornaday and John M. Phillips as they travel through the mountains of British Columbia by horseback on an expedition in 1905 to collect museum specimens and to hunt the region's various big-game animals. Readers will be delighted with the 70 high-quality photographs taken by Phillips more than a hundred years ago. The images complement Hornaday's prose, which is highly entertaining. The hunters' adventures take them among B.C.'s Rocky Mountain goats, grizzly bears, and bighorn sheep, with hunting dog extraordinaire Kaiser as their capable sidekick. Hornaday also provides detailed natural history on the various species, big and small, they encounter along the way. Readers will also enjoy numerous campfire tales from the many colorful characters they meet on their trip.

From Hornaday's preface…

My friends are called upon to bear witness that of the various hunting trips I have enjoyed in the late lamented Wild West, I have written of one only. That was twenty years ago…Even up to the end of our hunt in British Columbia, I had no thought of bookmaking; but now that the hunt is over, and we are out of those wonderful mountains, a printed record seems worthwhile. The land looms up so grandly, its wild creatures seem so interesting, and Mr. Phillips's pictures so fine, it would seem churlish to refuse the labor that will place them before those who are to enjoy them.

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Guns and Hunting. Aagaard. Guns and Hunting. Aagaard.

Two Decades of Thoughts on Guns and Calibers
by Finn Aagaard
2012 Long Beach, 302pp, photos, 6x9, hardcover, dj
Finn Aagaard, a professional hunter in Kenya following World War II, moved to the United States in the 1970s. In the process, he lost a country but gained a reputation as one of the finest gunwriters of the twentieth century. He became not only admired as a gunwriter but also beloved through his frequent pennings for the American Rifleman and American Hunter. Now for the first time ever, the very best of these stories have been collected in book form.
Finn was a practical person, and in these pages the reader will find sound, timeless advice—advice written in a unique style that is without fads and gizmos and full of universal truths. Of course, Finn had hunted extensively, and his stories on African and North American hunting are fascinating.
He was also the type of hunter who took painstaking notes on all his ballistic experiences. For instance, he kept a record of every rifle he owned and he recorded every single shot fired through its barrel. We do not know any gunwriter more dedicated. And so, whether is it is the speed of a second shot fired from a bolt action versus a double or the effectiveness of a .30-06 on an elk, Aagaard’s writings on ballistics, guns, and calibers are among the most fascinating, useful, and sensible that have ever been written.
As John Barsness says in the foreword to this book, “Time is the true arbiter of the worth of any writing. There have been a number of gun-and-hunting writers who were very popular in their day, but most have been essentially forgotten. A few, however, remain timeless, even though the rifles they wrote about are now considered passé. Their writing transcends time because instead of being about trends of style and technology, it is about the eternal hunt. I suspect Finn Aagaard will be read and remembered for a very long time because he was that fine combination of hunter, painstaking writer, and seeker of truth.”

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Obsessions of a Rifle Loony. Barsness Obsessions of a Rifle Loony. Barsness

John Barsness has written for every major hunting magazine published in North America, and some not so major. Obsessions of a Rifle Loony is a Collection of John’s work. He is known among a few of his close friends as the Bull Goose Rifle Loony and he wears the title proudly.
Obsessions of a Rifle Loony is a collection on John’s musings about hunting, guns, bullets, and such, some new and some published in places you may not have a subscription to. (Have you had trouble keeping up with his travels the last two years? Well, here’s your chance to catch up!)

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Hunting on Three Continents with Jack O'Connor Set of 2 Hunting on Three Continents with Jack O'Connor Set of 2

This is a 2 book set.

John Woolf O’Connor is considered by many to be America’s all-time greatest outdoor writer. Born 22 January 1902 in Arizona, he started hunting at an early age. JOC started his writing career during the Depression, and in 1937 he began writing exclusively for Outdoor Life magazine. After JOC retired from Outdoor Life in the early 1970s, he became restless, and it wasn’t long before he was back in the magazine game. This time he started writing a monthly piece for the newly formed Petersen Hunting magazine, an occupation he continued until his death in 1978.

JOC’s material was always interesting, lively, and full of all sorts of bits and pieces that his readers loved. Safari Press published a collection of these stories back in the late 1980s entitled Hunting on Three Continents with JOC, and the book was a great success. Since many of our customers are JOC fans, we have often been asked over the years to reprint this book. Instead of doing a straight reprint, however, we decided to expand the scope of the first edition so that virtually all the stories JOC wrote for PHM would be included. The result? An all new, two-volume set that contains no less than fifty chapters.

JOC started his international hunting career before the end of WW II, and he continued it for nearly four decades in what was the most active and prolific big-game hunting period the world ever saw, with more glamour game available in more countries than at any time before or after. JOC's stories will take the reader on hunts for tiger in India, grizzly in the Yukon, elk in the Rockies, and desert bighorn sheep in Sonora.

While many other hunters came close to Jack O’Connor’s hunting exploits, nobody could write about all these places like O’Connor did. Whether it be firearms, his hunting dogs, riding a horse, or long-range shooting, all JOC’s stories were spiced and laced with interesting anecdotes of people he met, things that happened, and events he observed. He knew princes, millionaires, and heads of state, but his writing fascinated the average “Joe Doakes” (as O’Connor would say) more than anybody else. And with good reason—JOC simply had a way with words.

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Around the World and then some.  Hanlin Quimby Around the World and then some. Hanlin Quimby


A Pennsylvania Deer Hunter on Six Continents
by David Hanlin (with Bill Quimby)
To do something right in life, you need a good foundation. For David Hanlin that foundation was his grandfather and his uncle, Joe Semple, who took him out in the woods and guided him to his first deer, a doe, when he was eleven. Hanlin's hunting life started from this very simple beginning, for he had no rich relatives to take him on deluxe tented East African safaris. In fact, to get through college he worked in a steel plant to pay his bills.
In 1958 he and his friends went to Alaska for an unguided hunt, where they shot a moose, and then the adventure began! That night, no less than four brown bears came into camp, attracted by the smell of moose meat. In the fracas two bears were shot. From then on, Hanlin was hooked on the thrill of big-game hunting. There is very little in Hanlin's lifetime he did not hunt, and he was fortunate enough to take dozens of trips to Asia and Africa as well as many trips to Canada and the western United States.
As he said "I always had to work hard for my trophies," and his experiences prove this statement. He was one of the last hunters in Sudan before the country closed to hunting, and he was on his first safari to Mozambique in 1971 when FRELIMO fighters stole the carcasses of the animals he had shot in order to feed their troops. While hunting in the Philippines he had to use a M-1 Garand rifle with solid bullets to shoot buffalo. He was just plain lucky that he had a semiautomatic because the two buffalo were more than a little aggressive, one because of a large ear infection. When he arrived in Moscow with "forbidden" magazines, U.S.S.R. Customs officials found them and promptly sat down to read them in front of all the arriving passengers! It's experiences like these that make big-game hunting the grand sport it is.
After you have shot a Grand Slam, a Super Slam, the Big Five, all the spiral-horn antelope of Africa, and virtually everything in North America, you have a lot of stories to tell. Hanlin's book contains the highlights of his hunting career-the funny episodes, the mishaps, and the unusual. And although he has hunted the mighty argali of Asia, he still prefers the deer of Pennsylvania, his home state, to wild sheep.

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Addicted to Altitude. Confessions of a Mountain Hunter. Hampton Addicted to Altitude. Confessions of a Mountain Hunter. Hampton

Mark Hampton is one of those fortunate individuals who grew up in a family of avid hunters. He was raised in rural, south Missouri where hunting and fishing were a way of life. The local school closed for deer season and still does to this day. Mark's father was serious about hunting taking polar bear, grizzly, dall sheep, moose, bighorn, mule deer, elk, and many other North American trophies. The passion for hunting ran deep in the family. Today, Hampton has hunted in twenty five countries on six continents and continues to explore remote areas searching for game. He has taken over one hundred and forty different species of big game with a handgun alone. Far from being a "collector", Mark is passionate about hunting. His enthusiastic dedication and goal-oriented drive has led him to various mountain ranges in pursuit of difficult and sought after big game.

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My Main Obsession. Guardia Vazquez. My Main Obsession. Guardia Vazquez.

Ricardo Guardia Vázquez has hunted around the world and in some fascinating places. He lives in Central America and was fortunate to have hunted jaguars on numerous occasions, both in his own “backyard” and in South America. He could even be called “cat crazy,” as he has multiple hunts for ocelots, pumas, leopards, and a lion, which he has noted in his game diaries.

But his hunts did not stop there; he came north and hunted in the Lower Forty-Eight and Canada for Rocky Mountain goat, black bear, grizzly, caribou, moose, mule deer, whitetail, and more. In Africa, besides lion and leopard, he shot an elephant and buffalo as well as sable, kudu, and numerous other antelopes on multiple safaris.
His stories are vignettes out of a life of hunting over more than four decades, and whether he pursues tropical whitetail and jaguar in the sweltering Central American jungle, gemsbok and leopard in the dry and dusty semideserts of Africa, or moose and grizzly in the cold tundra of North America, his stories are sure to entertain.

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Sixty Years a Hunter.  Quimby. Sixty Years a Hunter. Quimby.

To the hunting world Bill Quimby is best known as the longtime editor of SCI’s Safari magazine. In this position Quimby had the chance to hunt on multiple continents for all the sundry game animals found there. In this book he tells us of hunts across North and South America; South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and other parts of Africa; Spain; Mongolia; and New Zealand. Also included is Quimby’s successful...

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The Journals of Andrew J Stone  (Sheep) The Journals of Andrew J Stone (Sheep)

Expeditions to Arctic and Subarctic America after Wild Sheep, Grizzly, Caribou, and Muskoxen 1896-1903.
by R Margaret Frisina. 428pp.
New York City was abuzz on 3 April 1903; Andrew J. Stone, world-renowned Arctic explorer and hunter-naturalist, was fêted with a dinner/reception at the American Museum of Natural History. The East Mammal Hall was festooned with many specimens obtained by Stone on his three major expeditions into British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, and Alaska. While Stone was widely known and highly acclaimed in his time—one of the original members of the New York Explorers Club and tapped to make an expedition to the North Pole via the Northwest Passage—within a few years his amazing legacy faded into the shadows as the world’s attention was consumed by international conflict.
Today Stone is most widely known by hunters—sheep hunters in particular—as the man who in 1896 obtained a specimen of the “black sheep.” This sheep was subsequently named Stone sheep (Ovis dalli stonei) in honor of his fieldwork in this animal’s natural history. It was Stone who established that Dall and Stone sheep are distinct populations. With Theodore Roosevelt, Stone coauthored The Deer Family. Fortunately, Stone kept a series of journals during his travels from 1896 through 1903 in which he recorded his struggles against raging blizzards, hostile natives, daunting physical risks, and mind-warping loneliness and boredom.

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