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Nazi Millionaires. The Allied search for hidden SS gold. Alford, Savas.

During the final days of World War II, German SS officers crammed trains, cars, and trucks full of gold, currency, and jewels, and headed for the mountains of Austria. Fearful of arrest and determined to keep the stolen loot out of Allied hands, they concealed their treasures and fled. Most of these men were eventually apprehended, but many managed to evade capture. The intensive postwar Allied investigation that followed recovered only a sliver of this mountain of gold. What happened to the rest of it, and what fate befell these men? Authors Alford and Savas answer these questions and many more in this fast-paced and well-written new book. Their groundbreaking study is based upon thousands of pages of previously unpublished and recently declassified documents. The result is a fresh and absolutely original reading experience that offers insights into the minds and methods of these SS thieves, the Reich Security Main Office (RSHA) within which they labored, how they achieved their positions of near-absolute power, the complex Allied investigation into their activities, and what happened to the vast sums of wealth they looted from Europe's Jews. Nazi Millionaires deftly captures the high drama surrounding these men and women and the secrets they carried with them during the closing days of World War II - and in some cases, to the grave. It is a remarkable tale of greed, lust, fraud, deceit, treachery, and murder. And it is one you will long remember. About the Authors: Kenneth D. Alford, of Richmond, Virginia, is the author of Great Treasure Stories of World War II and The Spoils of World War II. Theodore P. Savas has written or edited a dozen books, including Silent Hunters: German U-Boat Commanders of World War II. He lives in El Dorado Hills, California.

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Waffen-SS. Elite Forces 2. Hook, Sharpe, Davis

Two famed German panzer units both of which saw extensive action on the Eastern Front during World War II are analysed in fascinating detail in this heavily illustrated book. The first, Hohenstaufen, the 9th SS Panzer Division, was named after the house of the medieval Emperor Frederick II. The division fought on the Eastern Front in spring 1944 before moving to the west in June. Fighting first around Caen and then in the battle to keep the neck of the Falaise Pocket open, the division acquitted itself well, and continued to do so in the retreat through France and Belgium. Ordered for a refit at Arnhem, it arrived there on 9 September, ten days before ?Market Garden? started. Hohenstaufen was the unit that was instrumental in keeping the advancing Allied thrust from making contact with British 1st Airborne Division in Arnhem. In reserve for the Battle of the Bulge, the division was committed to assist in the capture of Bastogne. Sent to Hungary in February 1945, Hohenstaufen fought against the Red Army up till its surrender to the Americans on 8 May 1945. The other unit, Grossdeutschland, often referred to as Guderians Eastern Front elite force, was formed in 1939 as a motorised infantry regiment, and ended World War II as a panzer corps. It fought in France and the Balkans, and from 1941 as an elite unit exclusively on the Eastern Front at first under Guderians 2nd Panzer Army and later, combined with the Brandenburg Division, defending East Prussia as the Panzer Corps Grossdeutschland. Its key battles included the great encircling operations in the early days of Operation Barbarossa, the final thrust to Moscow as part of Operation Typhoon, Kharkov, and Kursk. Grossdeutschland was one of the most important units in the German order of battle and was involved in some of the fiercest fighting of the war.

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Red Baron. A complete review in history and miniature. Alvarez.

A complete review of von Richthofen in history and miniature. Illustrated history and modelling guide for the formidable Red Baron and his celebrated Fokker Dr I triplane.
Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen (1892 – 1918) was the infamous German fighter pilot known as the "Red Baron". He was the most successful flying ace during World War I, who served with the Imperial German Army Air Service and was officially credited with 80 confirmed victories in air combat.
This book is a fascinating historical profile of the German ace, who is most associated with flying the celebrated Fokker Dr.I triplane, the distinctive three-winged aircraft painted red. Coloured profiles of Red Baron’s red aircraft are included in the work, with supporting rare historical photographs, and a how-to guide for assembling and painting the plane and a Richthofen figure step-by-step, as well as 4 full pages with the plans of the Fokker Dr I

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Estonians in the Waffen. Michaelis.

When German troops entered Estonia in the summer of 1941 they were welcomed by the Estonians. Thousands of Estonians wanted to take part in the war against Russia. Besides the Schutzmannschaften of German Police in 1942 Himmler started to build up an Estonian SS-Volunteer Brigade which became later the 20. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS (estnische Nr. 1). They fought most notably at the Narwa-Front, and later in Silesia.

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Ukrainians in the Waffen-SS. Michaelis

With the beginning of the Operation Barbarossa more than 100,000 Ukrainians volunteered for the fight against Stalin and communism. These volunteers were put into Schutzmannschafts-Bataillone under the control of the German Police. After Stalingrad however, Ukrainians were allowed to build up a division sized unit for the frontline. Around 15,000 Ukrainians were drafted and their first combat was at the Brody front in Galicia in summer 1944.

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SS-Fallschirmjager-bataillon 500/600. Michaelis.

This book is the history of the only Fallschirmjager-Bataillon of the Waffen-SS during World War II. Formed in 1943 as a Bewahrungsverband for special missions (guerrilla operations in the Balkans) the unit was deployed at many focal points of heavy combat on the eastern and western fronts. Nearly destroyed at the Schwedt and Alt-Kustrinchen bridgeheads, the remainder pulled back to the west over Parchim at the end of April 1945 and entered U.S. captivity in May 1945. This is their story, including extremely rare photographs.

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Russians in the Waffen-SS. Michaelis

From summer 1941, some 100,000 Russians served in the German Wehrmacht, mostly as so called Schutzmannschaften under the command of the German Police (Höhere SS- und Polizeiführer) in the eastern occupied areas. The most famous unit was the Brigade Kaminski, established by Bronislav Kaminski in the summer of 1941. In 1944 it became the Waffen-Sturmbrigade der SS “Rona” later the 29. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS “Rona” (russische Nr.1). A second division was later established from various Schutzmannschafts-Bataillonen and was designated 30. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS (russische Nr.2).

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The 11th SS-Freiwilligen-Panzer-Grenadier-Division “Nordland”Michaelis

Several thousand ethnic Germans in Romania, (the so called Volksdeutscher) were drafted into the Waffen-SS in 1943. With these new troops Himmler built up the new 11th Waffen-SS Division. To fill the ranks Division “Nordland” also took over battalion strength units from Denmark and Norway, though ninety percent of the division were Volksdeutsche from Romania. They were first used in combat in Croatia, the Oranienbaumer, Estonia, and Latvia. After the Soviet attack in Pomerania they fought in Berlin and were destroyed there.

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U-Boat Emblems in World War II. Högel

Georg Högel, a former U-boat sailor who saw service in World War II, experienced the origin of these emblems of the U-boat service. In this book he keeps alive the memory of the legendary, sometimes very original and unforgotten emblems of German U-boats. The author has been able to collect numerous emblems, coats of arms and markings during long years of painstaking, detailed work, in memory of some 30,000 German U-boatmen, more than 80% of those who served on these boats, who were lost in the war. The brief chronicles and excerpts from first-person memoirs make the history of the German U-boats come alive in an impressive way, and documents the background of their existence. In the current edition, the newest source materials have been included, so that many hitherto unpublished emblems, coats of arms and markings are presented for the first time.

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Kunststoffe. A Collectors guide to German WW11 plastic and their markings. Weaver

This book is the first comprehensive and easy to use reference since World War II covering prominent German wartime plastics manufacturers and products. Aimed squarely at World War II German militaria, ordnance, and small arms collectors, the author provides a concise account of the constituents and manufacturing processes, markings, codes, trademarks and material identification techniques of wartime Kunststoff products.

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The Kaminski Brigade. Michaelis

The political and military movement of Bronislav Kaminski in Russia 1941-1944 was a single case in the German occupation politic. Because of his constituted National Socialist Russian Labour Party he became for some time an ally to Hitler. His Peoples Selfdefend Army reached 10,000 men and fought for at least two years with great success against the communistic partisans in his combat area on the Russian front.

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The Spanish in the SS and Wehrmacht, 1944-1945: The Ezquerra Unit in the Battle of Berlin. Martínez.

When talking about the Spanish intervention in the Second World War, the first thing that comes to mind is the Blue Division. However, although it is true that this was the main Spanish involvement in the conflict, there are other much less known aspects of their intervention. One of these is the Spanish participation on the German side in the last months of the war which has been surrounded in rumours, myths and legends. After many years of research, this book tells the story of the reality of the struggle of those few Spaniards who refused to abandon their German comrades in their desperate fight to hold Berlin in the last days of the war. The author gives a day-by-day account of the last weeks of the war to defend Berlin, including information about anti-partisan operations of the Spanish in the north of Italy, the combat together with the Walloons of Leon Degrelle, and their participation in operations against the maquis in France while posted to the German secret service.

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Knights Cross Holders of the Fallschirmjager: Hitlers Elite Parachute Force at War, 1940-1945. Dixon

Presented here are the biographies of the 130 men of the FallschirmjagerHitler's elite paratroopers, who won the Knight's Cross and its higher grades. These men fought on nearly every front during the Second World War, from their first action in Denmark in April 1940, to their last major battle at Monte Cassino. A total of twenty-four Knight's Crosses were awarded to Fallschirmjager troops during the battles of Monte Cassino and in the airborne invasion of Crete with the remainder awarded during the fighting in France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Russia, and at least one in North Africa. These tough, elite soldiers parachuted behind enemy lines and were one of the most successful units during the Second World War. The book gives details of their promotions and other medals and decorations and is well illustrated with over 200 photographs.

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World War II German War Booty: A Study in Photographs. Johnson.

This new illustrated book by noted Third Reich edged weapon author, collector, and dealer Thomas Johnson explores the vast array of militaria “liberated” from Germany by U.S. soldiers during the Second World War. The book contains over 580 beautiful full-colour, large-format photographs of German daggers, swords, helmets, uniforms, insignia, award documents, weapons, and many other rare and unusual items. Also included is a generous selection of World War II era photographs showing many items in the act of being liberated.

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