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Box on Wheels : Extraordinary VW Camper Vans. Nettekoven. Box on Wheels : Extraordinary VW Camper Vans. Nettekoven.

The VW camper van has been a cult classic for decades and has a broad fanbase all around the world. But Norbert Nettekoven is not interested in immaculately restored collector's pieces, he is looking for the maddest and baddest, the funniest, nicest and strangest camper vans on the planet. From born-again rust bucket to lowered street racer, from stretch limo to steam punk. This eclectic collection of camper vans will blow your mind.

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Aussie Muscle Car Legends. Aussie Muscle Car Legends.

Aussie Muscle Car Legends celebrates the most iconic cars ever designed, built and sold in this country. Covering Ford, Holden and Chrysler, it showcases some of the most important cars ever made in Australia, through the eyes of UNIQUE CARS magazine.

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Cars. The Early Years. Ullman. Cars. The Early Years. Ullman.

Cars The Early Years offers an unusual perspective on 75 years of automotive history, from Benz motorcars through two World Wars, affluence and economic crisis, through the 1950s.

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Citroen DS : The Complete Story. Pressnell. Citroen DS : The Complete Story. Pressnell.

Citroen stunned the automotive world when the DS series was introduced in 1955. Daringly futuristic and amazingly sophisticated mechanically, it made most cars on the road at the time obsolete. John Pressnell recounts the full story of the design, development, and production of these unique cars, and offers specifications plus a wide selection of archive and contemporary photos.

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Lotus Elan: The Complete Story . Vale. Lotus Elan: The Complete Story . Vale.

A look at the history and development of all the Elans, describing each model in detail
For all Lotus Elan owners and aspiring owners, this is complete resource offers a detailed history and development of all Elans. The Lotus Elan was Lotus's definitive roadster. It replaced the elegant but expensive Lotus Elite and was the first car to employ the innovative Lotus steel backbone chassis. The original Elan was produced as a two-seat, open-top sportscar and hardtop coupe from 1962-1973. The range was extended by the addition of the 2+2-seater coupe Plus 2 from 1967 to 1974. Lotus introduced an all-new front wheel drive Elan in 1989, the M100, which was produced until 1995.

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BMW 1975-2001: Model by Model. Meredith. BMW 1975-2001: Model by Model. Meredith.

Here's a quarter-century look at the BMW model range during the period from the 3-Series to the apex of the executive car, the 7-Series. Meredith also details in the 5-Series, 6-Series, and 8-Series grand touring cars along the way. The author concludes with the new generation of sporting cars, the Z range. Each model is test driven and critiqued by author.

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Mercedes-Benz.Cars of the 1990's Taylor. Mercedes-Benz.Cars of the 1990's Taylor.

As the 1990s began, competition from rivals was threatening the Mercedes-Benz marque's position at the top of the automotive tree. Through a combination of audacious diversification and sometimes less-than-successful cost-cutting, Mercedes began a turnaround that would not achieve final success until the middle of the following decade. This book charts these turbulent years when the marque struggled to come to terms with a changing world.

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Porsche: The Legendary Models. Manferto, Rapelli. Porsche: The Legendary Models. Manferto, Rapelli.

With an oversize section that brilliantly showcases 40 top models in high-resolution 3D renderings, Porsche is a must-have for every auto aficionado!
With cars that perform beautifully and have unmistakable style, Porsche holds a special place in the heart of every car enthusiast. This breathtaking volume captures the company’s milestones, from its origins to the brand’s huge success. It includes a unique foldout section featuring the 40 most representative models ever created by Porsche, from the first 356 to the 911 of the 991 series.

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Jaguar XK8: The Complete Story. Robson. Jaguar XK8: The Complete Story. Robson.

It was code-named X100 and it was to be Jaguar's latest sports cars, featuring both coupe and convertible coachwork.  It was to have an all-new V8 engine and it was to replace the XJS.  It would also ultimately have the most powerful forced-induction engine of any production Jaguar road card and it had a lot riding on its success. It was the XK8 - a sleek, purposeful grand tourer in the Jaguar tradition. Graham Robson, one-time Jaguar apprentice and a motoring historian with several other Jaguar books to his credit, tells the story of one of the twentieth century's most beautiful sports car, from its conception to the end of the line for both it and the factory it was built in.

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Rolls - Royce. 75 Years of Motoring Excellence. Eves. Rolls - Royce. 75 Years of Motoring Excellence. Eves.

Secondhand Dust jacket scuffed else VGC.

A review of Rolls-Royce's first seventy-five years examines the origins of the British motor company, its high production and design standards, and the various models it has produced.

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Morgan, Malvern & Motoring. Webb. Morgan, Malvern & Motoring. Webb.

Morgan, Malvern & Motoring tells the story of Harry Morgan and his first forays into motoring and car manufacture.  Impeccably researched over twenty years, it is illustrated by a wealth of rare and superb photographs. Few large companies have survived a century in family ownership but one, Morgan, is also the world's oldest privately owned car manufacturer.  Many myths are dispelled as the story of the firm's early years is told. Morgan has had a link with the market town of Malvern for its entire hundred-year life.  Harry Morgan, son of a Herefordshire minister, was to put Malvern on the car-manufacturing map.  The Morgan 'Runabout' was to be the first of a long line of three- and four-wheeled Morgans that still leave the Malvern factory today.

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VW Bus and Pick-Up: Special Models: SO (Sonderausfhrungen) and Special Body Variants for the VW Transporter 1950-2010. Eccles, Steinke. VW Bus and Pick-Up: Special Models: SO (Sonderausfhrungen) and Special Body Variants for the VW Transporter 1950-2010. Eccles, Steinke.

Since its introduction in 1950 the Volkswagen Transporter has become legendary for its versatility and adaptability to many commercial uses. Known originally as Sonderausfhrungen, abbreviated to SO, these Special Models were usually converted by specialists, companies and coach builders approved by VW. Using archive, promotional materials and period and contemporary photographs, this book traces the development and variety of these SO and other Special Body conversions from 1950 - 2010, across the five generations from T1 to T5.

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Triumph TR7: The Untold Story. Knowles. Triumph TR7: The Untold Story. Knowles.

By the mid 1970s, the two popular sports cars produced by the new British Leyland were showing their age. What the company needed was a smart, modern sports car. The TR7, designed to replace both the MGB and the Triumph TR6, was the result. Its wedge-shaped design was modern enough but much of the rest of the car was, for some, disappointingly conventional and press reaction was not universally warm. Initially available as a two-seat coupe, the car went on sale in Britain in 1974. David Knowles unravels the history of the car's design and production, and the chaos that was caused by British Leyland's notorious strikes and labour problems. He also delves deep into the competition history of the car. Including the later TR& drophead, and the V8 powered TR8, this book is the last word on the car that is probably more popular today than at any ti =me since it ceased production in 1981. AUTHOR: David Knowles is a civil engineer. He is the author of MG-The Untold Story and MG X Power SV both published by The Crowwood Press. He lives in Ruislip, Middlesex. SELLING POINTS: A ground-breaking book that reveals much about this fascinating car that has at any time since production ceased in 1981. 300 colour photos

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Porsche 911: The Complete Story. Vivian. Porsche 911: The Complete Story. Vivian.

One of the classic German sports cars, the 911, is covered here in a complete history from the drawing board of Dr. Porsche to the Carrera 2. Packed with profiles, road tests, buying tips, maintenance and care of these sporty legends.

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VW Beetle Specification Guide 1968-1980. Copping. VW Beetle Specification Guide 1968-1980. Copping.

By the late 1960s the Beetle had enjoyed over twenty years of continuous production, dominated its home market and conquered export markets all around the world. Volkswagen's policy of constant improvement and refinement to a single model appeared to be vindicated. However, 1968 saw the death of Heinz Nordoff, who was the driving force behind the Beetle's evolution and continued success. In many ways, this was a watershed year; the 1968 model introduced many significant changes to the car, and it became inevitable that a replacement for the venerable Beetle would have to be developed. This book charts the closing years of the Beetle's production life in Germany; from the revamped 1968 model to the 1302, 1303, the Cabriolet, and the various Specials produced later.
Topics covered include:
- Brief history , 1935-1967
- Full history, 1968-1980
- Comprehensive production survey
- Specification and detail changes by model year [August 1967 to January 1980]
- Engine options
- Factory fitted optional equipment
- Paint and trim colors
- Special and export editions
- The Karmann Cabriolet

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The Magic of a Name. The Rolls Royce Story. Pugh The Magic of a Name. The Rolls Royce Story. Pugh

Dust jacket has creases but no tears. Small bump to top lh corner of front cover. Book itself is in V G Cond. Inscribed inside of fly to previous owner.

The Magic of a Name tells the story of the first 40 years of Britain’s most prestigious manufacturer - Rolls-Royce.

Beginning with the historic meeting in 1904 of Henry Royce and the Honourable C.S. Rolls, and the birth in 1906 of the legendary Silver Ghost, Peter Pugh tells a story of genius, skill, hard work and dedication which gave the world cars and aero engines unrivalled in their excellence.
In 1915, 100 years ago, the pair produced their first aero engine, the Eagle which along with the Hawk, Falcon and Condor proved themselves in battle in the First World War. In the Second the totemic Merlin was installed in the Spitfire and built in a race against time in 1940 to help win the Battle of Britain.
With unrivalled access to the company’s archives, Peter Pugh’s history is a unique portrait of both an iconic name and of British industry at its best.

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Classic Mini Specials and Moke. Mainland. Classic Mini Specials and Moke. Mainland.

Produced from 1959 until 2000, the classic Mini is loved by millions of owners, previous owners and enthusiasts. The Mini's creator, Alec Issigonis, was given a free hand to make a proper small car and his innovative design not only redefined the family car, but also started a revolution as a performance car.
'Classic Mini Specials and Moke' explores the diverse range of vehicles that used the Mini shape, as well as the only variation actually designed by Alec Issigonis, the Mini Moke. In addition to the famous race and rally cars, coach built conversions and highly modified saloons and commercials, Keith Mainland looks at overseas Mini and Moke production and the many factory-produced limited edition Minis. There is also advice about buying and owning your own special Mini.

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Ford Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac. Robson. Ford Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac. Robson.

Ford Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac tells the complete story of a vitallyl important range of Ford family cars. From 1950, when the first of these entirely new cars was introduced, and for more than twenty years after that, the range set engineering rivals always struggled to match. < this detailed narrative covers the complete history of these versatile machines, and of the first Granadas which took over in 1971. Not only is this the technical story of these cars, but also that of the people and the world events that effected their careers.
Topics covered include:
Full history of all Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac models.
Details of the cars' motorsport careers.
Rarely seen details of engineering innovations.
Special feature panels on key personalities, Ford facilities and technical innovations.
Full specifications for each model. ,

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Heart Of The Lion - The 50 Year History Of Australia's Holden. Wright. Heart Of The Lion - The 50 Year History Of Australia's Holden. Wright.

Secondhand, Ex Cond. Mylar covered.

On 29 November 1948, the first all-Australian car rolled off the line at Fishermens Bend.

All who were there, Prime Minister Chifley included, believed they were witnessing the emergence of an independently strong industrial nation. Holden's 48-215 was everything its backers had hoped for, and supply never really caught up with demand. Its success prompted other manufacturers to set up production in Australia, both for the domestic and export markets, for complete vehicles, engines and other components. From then on, the Holden car stood for far more than four wheels to carry the clan.
There have been 26 models of the family Holden since the 48-215, as well as the smaller Toranas, Geminis, Sunbirds, Camiras, Vectras, Astras, Barinas and endless variations of each. Like the 48-215, all of them were a statement of their age: the Station Sedan bringing all the leisure opportunities of a continent to a mobile family; the EH of 1963, then Australia's fastest selling car, evoking economic confidence on wheels; the HK Kingswood somehow converging power and grace with pure Australian head-of-the household manhood; the Commodore linking our fragmented industry to the global economy.
This superb book tells the story of each, of their significance to the motoring public and to the nation's consciousness, and of the company that brought them to be. In sweeping chapters that span the 1890s to the 1990s, John Wright takes us inside the company of a proud Adelaide coachbuilder which has grown, with the backing of General Motors, to be the motoring brand which defines Australia like no other.

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The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Book. Strand. The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Book. Strand.

A photographic homage to one of the finest cars ever build, now in a small format edition.

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Cadillac: 110 Years. Editors Cadillac: 110 Years. Editors

in celebration of 110 years of one of the most iconic brands in the world, Assouline presents the first luxury book on America’s foremost luxury car. Cadillac takes readers on a visual journey through all the decades of its history. Here are presidents and Hollywood stars, closed-body cars and concept cars, the classic and the cutting-edge. Cadillac enthusiasts and car collectors alike will delight in an edition that brings to life the powerful and seductive energy of an American legend.

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Autobiography. Robinson Autobiography. Robinson

In 2006 GM Holden launched the new generation of Australia's best-selling car: the revolutionary VE Commodore. To celebrate the release of the VE, GM Holden has commissioned this major book project. The new VE Commodore boasts all-new architecture, evolutionary interior and exterior design, and a host of technical, performance and safety enhancements. The VE Commodore is the inside story of the development of the VE from the initial idea and vision through to the 'reveal' and launch in 2006. It includes interviews with the key design, engineering and technical people, current and former GM Holden management in Australia, and other General Motors executives around the world. From the first sketches of the design through to the engineering, engine, transmission, chassis development, body structure, safety and mechanical variants, The VE Commodore is a fascinating account of the creation of a landmark Australian automotive program. It will also cover the all-important testing program, the early promotion and the launch to the dealers, press and public. The VE Commodore is a high-quality, presentation-style book. Evocative full-colour pictures, state of the art graphics and technical illustrations feature throughout, befitting a product as visually striking and colourful as the VE Commodore. This book will be of enormous appeal to the thousands of die-hard Holden fans around the world.

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