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Fighters:  Weapons of War. DVD. Fighters: Weapons of War. DVD.

WEAPONS Of WAR. See how the limited airplanes of World War 1 were developed into efficient, deadly aerial fighting machines, with forward-firing guns and powerful engines.

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Classic Military Aircraft Colouring Book. Wilde. Classic Military Aircraft Colouring Book. Wilde.

The perfect gift book for aircraft fans of every age! With detailed line drawings of some of the greatest combat aircraft from WWI and WWII, this stylish and original colouring book will provide hours of fun.
Book Features:
Accurate line drawings of 30 classic warbirds
60 great aircraft stickers in authentic colours
Essential facts for every featured aircraft
Perforated pages to colour in, pull out and keep
Includes 60 colour stickers

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Great Aircraft of World War II P-51 Mustang and B-17 Flying Fortress. Spick. Great Aircraft of World War II P-51 Mustang and B-17 Flying Fortress. Spick.

This is an illustrated guide shown in over 100 images. It is an engaging history of the Mustang and Flying Fortress, from their beginnings and early exploits through to the final battles and campaigns of World War II. It includes complete technical specifications detailing dimensions, weights, power, performance and armament. It features over 100 photographs of Mustangs and Flying Fortresses in action, as well as cutaway diagrams showing the interior constructions of these historic combat aircraft. The North American P-51 Mustang and the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress were among many outstanding combat planes of World War II. The first Mustang was designed using an American airframe linked to the first-rate Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, while the most famous B-17 was the Memphis Belle, the first aircraft to complete a full tour of 25 operational missions. This handbook details the design and development of these classic planes, together with personal accounts from the pilots who flew them. Wartime photographs and cutaway diagrams accompany the expertly written text, making this an essential volume for every aircraft enthusiast.

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The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Lancaster Bomber: The history of Britain's greatest night bomber of World War II. Cawthorne. The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Lancaster Bomber: The history of Britain's greatest night bomber of World War II. Cawthorne.

A superb illustrated history of Britain's greatest night bomber of World War II, with more than 275 photographs.

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F-4. Phantom 11. Kinzey F-4. Phantom 11. Kinzey

F-4 Phantom II in detail & scale,

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Messerschmitt Bf 109. Grisnell, Watanabe. Messerschmitt Bf 109. Grisnell, Watanabe.

Secondhand, small tear to lower spine else G Cond.
This comprehensive book chronicles in both words and photos/illustrations the history of the Messerschmitt Bf 109 aircraft produced in huge numbers in Germany in the years 1936-1945.

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P-47 Thunderbolt Bubbletop. Skulski, Gronczewski. P-47 Thunderbolt Bubbletop. Skulski, Gronczewski.

A technical history of the late production P-47 Thunderbolts with the distinctive bubbletop " canopy. From the P-47D-25-RE through to the final P-47N, the changes in the various production series are described and illustrated, with 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scale line drawings and many photographs. - Features plans for 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scale aviation modellers. - Walk-around colour photographs of surviving P-47s in 10 different museums around the world and of restored still-flyingA" planes in private hands. - Colour plates illustrate twenty three P-47s in profile and from above, showing just about every air force's colours and markings that ever flew the P-47D and N: Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Iran, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Portugal, Taiwan, Turkey, USSR, USA, Venezuela and Yugoslavia.

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Bitwa O Anglie 1940 - No 1. Skulski. Bitwa O Anglie 1940 - No 1. Skulski.

German / English Language Book about the Battle of Britain during WWII

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Stuka: Hitler’s Lethal Dive Bomber. Smith. Stuka: Hitler’s Lethal Dive Bomber. Smith.

The photographs in this collection belonged to Luftwaffe Stuka rear gunner and radio operator Erich Heine. The collection includes photographs of flights of Stukas in formation, operating training aircraft, and a selection of different Luftwaffe uniforms and flight gear. The photographer was based for a period in Czechoslovakia, was shot down over the Ukraine in August 1943 and for a time was listed as missing in action.

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From Airbus to Zeppelin. Facts, Figures and Quotes from the World of Aviation. Ferguson. From Airbus to Zeppelin. Facts, Figures and Quotes from the World of Aviation. Ferguson.

With riveting facts, figures, quotes, and statistics from the high-flying world of aviation, From Airbus to Zeppelin has it all. D is for Desert Island Discs: just what would Dambuster Guy Gibson have liked on marooned on his desert island? E is for Everest: did you know that two Scotsmen were the first to fly over the magnificent mountain? F is for Faster than the sun: which aircraft was the first to fly faster than the Earth’s rotation? This is a must-read for anyone—and may even win the reader a pub quiz or two!

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Zero A6M. Willmott. Zero A6M. Willmott.

Secondhand VG Cond.
Japan's most famous combat aircraft in World War II

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P-51 Mustang. Grant, P-51 Mustang. Grant,

Secondhand VG Cond.
The North American P-51 Mustang, America's greatest fighter aircraft, was actually designed, built and flown in 117 days. ! Richly illustrated with color and monochrome photographs as well as color sideviews and a full color cutaway by Mike Badrocke

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B-17 Flying Fortress. Willmott. B-17 Flying Fortress. Willmott.

Secondhand VG Cond.
Traces the development of the famous U.S. bomber, evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of its design and looks at the use of B-17s in World War II

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Wirraway & Boomerang Markings. Pentland. Wirraway & Boomerang Markings. Pentland.

Wirraway & Boomerang Markings.

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Strangest Aircraft of All Time. Ray. Strangest Aircraft of All Time. Ray.

f your idea of as 'bizarre' aircraft is pre-war DH Dragon Rapide, a bloated Boeing Super Guppy, or a BA Airbus with an 'ethnic' tail design, then think again! What about...Horatio Phillips's Multiplane with its 200 separate wings? The Goodyear Inflatoplane, a totally inflatable aircraft which needs to avoid landing near rose bushes? There was the Fieseler F1 103R, basically a V1 flying bomb with a seat… or the Nakajima Ki-115, a plane designed to take off but not to land… who could forget the Caspian Sea Monster, a ten-engine 500-tonne giant designed to fly at 500 km/hr at a mind boggling altitude of just 16 feet… not to mention the Hughes H4 Hercules, the plane with the longest wingspan ever, made entirely from plywood. Now THAT is what bizarre aircraft is all about!

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WK275: The Restoration and Preservation of the Last Supermarine Swift F4. Ellis WK275: The Restoration and Preservation of the Last Supermarine Swift F4. Ellis

WK275 is a unique historic airframe and the only Supermarine Swift F4 left in the world. The aircraft spent 46 years outside an army surplus store before being purchased off eBay in 2012 and restored by Jet Art Aviation to static display condition. It now resides with Vulcan to the Sky which draws 1,500 paying visitors a month who will see WK275 and the other famous artifacts on site. Guy Ellis sets the scene of the importance of Britain’s early jets, covers the development of the Swift, which puts WK275 in context, then traces the heritage of that aircraft, its operational life, how it was acquired and finally the full story of its restoration with a plethora of detailed photographs, drawings and publicity images. The Swift pioneered the second generation of jet fighters and by recording the full story of one special aircraft, Guy Ellis has delivered a fitting tribute to British ingenuity. Ideal for exhibit visitors, vintage aircraft enthusiasts, restorers and Supermarine aficionados.

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The Female Few: Spitfire Heroines. Hyams The Female Few: Spitfire Heroines. Hyams

Through the darkest days of the Second World War, an elite group of courageous, gifted women risked their lives as courier pilots, flying Lancaster Bombers, Spitfires and many other aircraft in hundreds of perilous missions across the country. In The Female Few, five of these astonishingly brave women tell their stories for the first time, awe inspiring tales of incredible risk, tenacity and sacrifice. Their spirit and fearlessness in the face of death still resonates down the years, and their accounts reveal a forgotten chapter in the history of the Second World War. As Yvonne Macdonald, now 90 and living in Cape Cod, says, "It was a kind of freedom you never get any other way, it was as if you had wings sewn on your back. A lot of people here in Cape Cod don’t even know I was in World War Two. Or what I did." They do now.

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Mitsubishi A6M-1/2/2-N Zero-Sen of the Japanese Naval Air Service. Bueschel. Mitsubishi A6M-1/2/2-N Zero-Sen of the Japanese Naval Air Service. Bueschel.

Renowned Japanese aircraft historian Richard Bueschel revises and updates his classic series of books on Japanese Naval and Army Air Force aircraft of World War II. The A6M-1/2/-2N ZERO-SEN is the first volume. All variations and markings are covered in this the first of a projected multi-volume series.

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Open Cockpit. Lee. Open Cockpit. Lee.

Thanks to a broken leg during flight school, Arthur Stanley Gould Lee gained valuable additional time flying trainers before he was posted to France during World War I. In November 1917 during low-level bombing and strafing attacks, he was shot down three times by ground fire. He spent eight months at the front and accumulated 222 hours of flight time in Sopwith Pups and Camels during a staggering 118 patrols; being engaged in combat fifty-six times. He lived to retire from the RAF as an air vice-marshal in 1946. Author of three war books, this is by far his best. Lee puts you in the cockpit in a riveting account of life as a fighter pilot at the front. At turns humorous and dramatic, this thoughtful, enlightening, true account is a classic to be ranked with Winged Victory by V. M. Yeates, also published by Grub Street.

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The Spitfire. Carruthers. The Spitfire. Carruthers.

The Supermarine Spitfire was a British single-seat fighter aircraft used by the Royal Air Force and many other Allied countries throughout the Second World War. The Spitfire continued to be used as a front line fighter and in secondary roles into the 1950s. It was produced in greater numbers than any other British aircraft and was the only British fighter in production throughout the war. The Spitfire was designed as a short-range, high-performance interceptor aircraft designed by R. J. Mitchell. The Spitfire's elliptical wing had a thin cross-section, allowing a higher top speed than several contemporary fighters, including the Hawker Hurricane. Speed was seen as essential to carry out the mission of home defence against enemy bombers. During the Battle of Britain, the Spitfire was perceived by the public as the RAF fighter of the battle, though the more numerous Hawker Hurricane shouldered a greater proportion of the burden against the Luftwaffe. The Spitfire units had a lower attrition rate and a higher victory to loss ratio than those flying Hurricanes. After the Battle of Britain, the Spitfire became the backbone of RAF Fighter Command, and saw action in the European, Mediterranean, Pacific and the South-East Asian theatres. Much loved by its pilots, the Spitfire served in several roles, including interceptor, photo-reconnaissance, fighter-bomber, carrier-based fighter, and trainer. It was built in many variants, using several wing configurations. Edited by Emmy Award winning author and historian Bob Carruthers, this illustrated edition is the definitive single volume overview of the history of the Spitfire.

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Bell 47/H-13 Sioux Helicopter: Military and Civilian Use, 1946 to the Present . Mutza. Bell 47/H-13 Sioux Helicopter: Military and Civilian Use, 1946 to the Present . Mutza.

Famously pictured in the opening credits of the popular television series M.A.S.H., Bell's Model 47 helicopter was the first helicopter certified for civilian use in March 1946 and went on to serve a wide variety of military and civilian applications. With its signature bubble canopy, the Model 47, and particularly its H-13 Sioux military variant, served in both Korea and Vietnam. It became a stalwart in civilian aviation with a variety of uses: agricultural aerial sprayer, aerial firefighting, police work, aerial oil exploration, medevac, news coverage, and mail service. More than 5,600 Model 47s were built, many under license in Japan, Italy, and the United Kingdom. The type retains its popularity in the civilian market to this day. AUTHOR: Aviation enthusiast and historian Wayne Mutza has published nearly thirty books and numerous articles, and has served as public speaker, literary instructor, and documentary film consultant. SELLING POINTS: Detailed, illustrated look at the evolution of Bell's Model 47 helicopter From firefighting to armed recon in Vietnam, Bell's Model 47 had no equal in its variety of roles Most famous as heading the opening credits of the popular M.A.S.H. television series 205 colour and b/w photographs.

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Swifter Than Eagles. Hewitt. Swifter Than Eagles. Hewitt.

Secondhand V G Cond.
The detailed biography of Australian, Ross Frederick Barnett and other members of his crew who flew in RAF Lancaster Bombers over Europe in World War II. Tragically he and other members of the crew were killed in action in March 1945. Focuses on their experiences in World War Two with considerable detail about their lives as Lancaster Bomber Crew.

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Boeing in Photographs: A Century of Flight. Bowman. Boeing in Photographs: A Century of Flight. Bowman.

This mighty company evolved from the humble Pacific Aero Products Company, incorporated in Seattle in July 1916 and renamed Boeing Airplane Company in 1917. Boeing’s 100-year history spans decades of rich achievement and technological development, first with the manufacture of sea-planes, then fighters and, from the 1930s onwards, huge bombers, innovative transports and finally, gigantic airliners, missiles, rockets and vehicles for moon exploration. Boeing constantly evolved, setting out to develop an entirely new jet transport, and in 1954 the innovative 707 appeared. The 727 and 737 airliners quickly followed and in 1969 the revolutionary 747. By 1975 the "Jumbo Jet" was being produced in seven different models and new versions continue to be developed to this day.

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Messerschmitt. Griehl Messerschmitt. Griehl

Wilhelm Emil Messerschmitt is the most famous German aircraft designer and manufacturer. Messerschmitt's single most important design was the Bf 109, designed in 1934 which remains the most-produced fighter in history. Another Messerschmitt model, the Me 209, broke the absolute world air-speed record. Messerschmitt AG also produced the first jet-powered aircraft in the world, the Me 262. This Fact File edition includes details on all Messerschmitt aircraft and its variants. Included are all the facts and figures associated with each plane combined with contemporary photographs making this serious reference book.

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Home is the Halifax. Robinson. Home is the Halifax. Robinson.

Between 1935 and 1945, Yorkshire became home to 41 military airfields, the majority located in the Vale of York. The area was often referred to as a land-based aircraft carrier. The author, aged 16, became involved in this vast aviation activity when he started work with the Handley Page aircraft manufacturer at their repair depot at Clifton, York, where Halifax bombers used by 4 Group RAF and 6 Group Royal Canadian Air Force, were repaired and test flown. At the age of 17, Ian was selected for flying training at Handley Page's main airfield at Radlett in Hertfordshire, returning to Clifton and becoming flight engineer to the company test pilots. Some 30 or so squadrons operated from these Yorkshire airfields and the Book of Remembrance in York Minster records more than 18,000 names of those killed flying from these Yorkshire bases. Postwar, Ian felt aggrieved that very little was left commemorating these sacrifices and certainly little was left of the Halifax bomber. So when, in 1983, a small group of aviation enthusiasts got together to create a commemorative museum at Elvington, near York, Ian was eager to join them. He became a pivotal player in forming the charity which became the Yorkshire Air Museum and Allied Air Forces Memorial. Ian said at the time that such a museum without a Halifax would be like a frame without a picture - and so the idea to re-build a WWII Halifax was born. Starting with a derelict fuselage which had been used as a hen-coop on a farm on the Isle of Lewis, he set about gathering all the hundreds of bits needed to complete this mammoth task. This fascinating book, full of contemporary photos, is Ian's account of those 13 extraordinary years before Friday the 13th was rolled out on Friday, 13th September, 1996, and it also faithfully records Ian's part in building the Yorkshire Air Museum, one of the foremost museums of its kind in the world.

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Thunderbolt: A Documentary History of the Republic P-47. Freeman. Thunderbolt: A Documentary History of the Republic P-47. Freeman.

This illustrated history of a classic World War II fighter plane charts the conception, creation, testing and deployment of the aircraft and its heroic exploits in the European and Far Eastern theatres of war.

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Phantom, Hornet and Skyhawk in Australian Service. Wilson. Phantom, Hornet and Skyhawk in Australian Service. Wilson.

Recounting the exploits and achievements of three of Australia's most important fighter/attack aircraft of the postwar era. The Phantom is an extraordinary aircraft which was developed for the US Navy as a shipboard fighter but was so good it was also purchased by the US Air Force in very large numbers. Vietnam was the Phantom's war, its versatility coming to the fore and its success complete. The Hornet was subsequently turned into a naval fighter with McDonnell Douglas taking over prime responsibility for the program. In the book, the background to the Hornet is examined, as is its evaluation and selection by the RAAF, the all important local industry involvement in the manufacturing program and of course its service. The simple, small and light Skyhawk enjoyed a production life of a quarter of a century and is still in front line service with several nations around the world.

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Transatlantic Airships: An Illustrated History. Christopher. Transatlantic Airships: An Illustrated History. Christopher.

In Transatlantic Airships, John Christopher recounts the fascinating story of the lighter-than-air 'pond hoppers' from the earliest schemes and bold pioneering flights, including the triumphant double-crossing by the R34. The book goes on to describe the rise of the Zeppelins and the ambitious British scheme to connect its far-flung Empire, the US Navy's lighter-than-air craft and the incredible post-war proposals for colossal atomic-powered leviathans. It is a story of fantastic visionaries, incredible flying machines, great moments of triumph and, ultimately, of spectacular disaster.

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Flak. Veitch. Flak. Veitch.

Michael Veitch's life-long obsession with the aircraft of the Second World War led him to conclude that every single person who flew, or flew in them, has at least one extraordinary story to tell. With most of these veterans in their eighties, he knew that it was a matter of urgency to find them now, before their personal stories disappear forever.

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