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Westley Richards 1812 - 1913. Taylor Westley Richards 1812 - 1913. Taylor

Reprint of 1913 brief History
A brief history of Westley Richards from 1812-1912 by Leslie B. Taylor

Leslie B Taylor (1863-1930) was a great pioneer in sporting guns, rifles and ballistics during what many consider to be the Golden Age of Gunmaking. He spent his entire working life at Westley Richards and amongst other things saw the titanic transition from black powder to nitro powder which in itself revolutionized gun and in particular rifle ballistics and development.
This book provides an official account of the personal characteristics and business qualifications of the successive heads of the Westley Richards Firm.

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British Single Shot Rifle. Westley Richards. Winfer Vol 4 British Single Shot Rifle. Westley Richards. Winfer Vol 4

Westley Richards & Co., Patentees & Gun Manufacturers, Birmingham
Wal Winfer
Westley Richards was the leader in British breech-loading single shot development. Their early designs predated both the paper cartridge and coil case forms of the 1850-1860 period. Volume 4 describes in great detail Westley Richard's designs during the early breech-loading period. Much attention is given to the text and hundreds of photos and drawings of rifles, sights, reloading tools, and cartridges for all models.

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