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Hell West And Crooked. Cole Hell West And Crooked. Cole

Secondhand, softcover, small spine tear and creased font cover.

HELL WEST AND CROOKED Crocodile & Buffalo Hunting Adventures in the Far North by Tom Cole.

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Africa is Adventure. Gatti. Africa is Adventure. Gatti.

First Edn, small tears to dustjacket, loose cover binding
Nice account of adventure through Africa, black and white photos of wildlife, habitats and people

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The Wildest Game.  Ryhiner , Mannix The Wildest Game. Ryhiner , Mannix

First Edn, No Dustjacket, Loose binding, ex library book
Black and white photos throughout. This is the rather amazing story of a man who spent most of his life capturing wild animals. "Wherever there was wild game wanted by the zoos of the world, the author could be found; a hunter without guns." Co-author Daniel Mannix wrote wonderful books all his life and here he excels in his descriptions.

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Fly, Vulture. Cowie. Fly, Vulture. Cowie.

First Edn, torn dustjacket
This book traces the Authors change of heart about the destruction of big game and his long struggle to obtain official support for the idea of setting up game reserves in Kenya.

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The Last Man In Paradise. Hirsch . The Last Man In Paradise. Hirsch .

Smeared front cover, last page loose, ex library book
Big-game hunter Hirsch's first-hand accounts of safaris in Africa, India & Alaska. "If it feels good, do it. I hunt because I enjoy it!"

Our Price: $25.00
Adventurers Paradise. Scobie. Adventurers Paradise. Scobie.

Small tears to dustjacket.
With a film camera and a gun he wanders over the long plains and steep passes of Northern Kenya, ankle deep in volcanic dust, or through gorilla and rhino tunnels, forced passages in the massed bamboo forests of the 'Mountains of the Moon' on the edge of the Congo.

Our Price: $25.00
Tracks of an Intruder. Young. Tracks of an Intruder. Young.

Scuffed dustjacket.
A firsthand account of how an American naturalist gained recognition as a master hunter from the montagnard Lahu of Thailand.

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Jungle Fever. Zwilling. Jungle Fever. Zwilling.

No dustjacket binding aged
Ernst A. Zwilling, one of the last white large game hunters of Africa, supported up to his death, 1990, the preservation of the animal world and landscape of the black continent. This book is the literary legacy of perhaps,the last white large game hunter of Africa, as well as being a talented writer and editor. The authors visit to the fabulous Sultan of Rei Bouba. Zwilling tells his adventures, simply and modestly, it is easy to see why he is revered as one of the most distinguished sportsmen his country has ever produced. The man who forbears to attack an elephant when it is asleep, and who prefers to face death from two fear-crazed lionesses with their young rather than shoot the motherbeast, has written a remarkable and memorable book that will earn the admiration of all who thrill to the dangers and triumphs of hunting big game.

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South of the Sahara. Gatti. South of the Sahara. Gatti.

No dustjacket, faded spine
An adventure filled study of the various territories and colonies of sub-Saharan Africa, the tribes that inhabit these regions, their cultures and ways of life, the impact of the colonial powers who were developing these areas, much more. Hardcover, map, illustrations in black and white,

Our Price: $25.00
The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag. Corbett. The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag. Corbett.

Second Edn, no dustjacket
Most of Jim Corbett's books contain collections of stories that recount adventures tracking and shooting man-eaters in the Indian Himalaya. This volume, however, consists of a single story, often considered the most exciting of all Corbett's jungle tales. He gives a carefully-detailed account of a notorious leopard that terrorized life in the hills of the colonial United Provinces. This story represents Corbett's most sustained and unique effort.

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Assignment Safari. Taber. 3rd Edn Assignment Safari. Taber. 3rd Edn

Secondhand gc Scuffing to edges.
A newspaper reporter in Africa.

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Last Adventure. Johnson. Last Adventure. Johnson.

First Edn
Last Adventure
by Osa Johnson
A year in North Borneo.

Pix of a reprint book.

Our Price: $35.00
Land of the Niamoo; Travels in the Forests of Equatorial Africa. le Roy. Land of the Niamoo; Travels in the Forests of Equatorial Africa. le Roy.

First Edn, Torn dustjacket,
Travels in Ivory Coast and Liberia; observations primarily anthropological. Includes two chapters on big-game hunting.

Our Price: $35.00
Springbok in Sunshine. Simms. Springbok in Sunshine. Simms.

No Dustjacket,clipped map inside cover, cover scuffed, some foxing
Experiences in rural South Africa. ‘To own a place” in Britain you need to be wealthy. But in South Africa a place is possible for almost anyone. They speak there of “Coetzee’s place” or “Nel’s place” or “Smith’s place”; only they pronounce it “plek” and they mean a farm or a plantation. Looking forward to the coming of peace the South African Government has already expressed itself eager to welcome settlers and to help them with grants of land loans and advice. Naturally they think first of their own returning service men but they will also welcome others of the Empire. There is space in the vastness of South Africa for so many.'”

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Tanganyika Safari. Macdonald. Tanganyika Safari. Macdonald.

First Edn, no dustjacket,
An account of the authors second African Safari.

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Tupari. Caspar Tupari. Caspar

First Edn, chipped and torn dustjacket, mylar covered.
Translated from the German by Eric Northcott. The experiences of a Swiss ethnologist when living alone with a primitive stone-age people in the heart of the Matto Grosso.

Our Price: $35.00
Lives of the Hunted. Seton Lives of the Hunted. Seton

First Edn, faded spine, bumped corners.
Krag, the Kootenay ram. A street troubadour: being the adventures of a cock sparrow. Johnny Bear. The mother teal and the overland route. Chink: the development of a pup. The kangaroo rat. Tito: the story of the coyote that learned how. Why the chickaadee goes crazy once a year.

Our Price: $35.00
Africa for Adventure. Pollard. Africa for Adventure. Pollard.

Tears to dustjacket, ex Library book
Pollard tells of adventures in Abyssinia, Somaliland, Sudan, Uganda, South Africa and Kenya. Raymond Hook plays a role; African wildlife plays a bigger one.

Our Price: $35.00
to Alaska to Hunt to Alaska to Hunt

G Cond, Soft cover

Gary Joll a well known NZ hunting author.

Our Price: $45.00
One-Man Safari. Meissner. One-Man Safari. Meissner.

First Edn, torn dustjacket,
Meissner was a prolific purveyor of elepehant meat and big tusks.

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Straight Shooting : With A Special Guide To Duck Hunting. Pollard. Straight Shooting : With A Special Guide To Duck Hunting. Pollard.

Softcover, G Cond, 4th Edn
Straight Shooting : With A Special Guide To Duck Hunting,

Our Price: $45.00
Pori Tupu. Koenig. Pori Tupu. Koenig.

Torn Dustjacket
The author takes the reader along into the life of the White Hunter and through thorny paths in Pori Tupu (Sheer Bush).

Our Price: $45.00
No Tears for the Crocodile. Potous, No Tears for the Crocodile. Potous,

Small tears to dustjacket, better than representative pix, mylar covered, else G Cond
A "must have it" book for all collectors of rare african herpetological books. The authors experience in African Gig Game Hunting most notably the bizarre trade in crocodiles hunting in Nyasaland (now Malawi). Partly from the dust wrapper: Paul Potous seeks it in a flat bottomed boat on an African River, killing crocodiles at a distance of six feet. A professional hunter, he kills them for their belly-skins-skins which make leather that will last a hundred years-and remains quite undeterred by the knowledge that the crocodile, in his turn, kills more human beings than any other wild animal in Africa. A classic work.

Our Price: $45.00
Memories of an African Hunter. Lyell. Memories of an African Hunter. Lyell.

VG Condition, Mylar covered

The author shares his experiences hunting elephant, rhino, buffalo, hippo, lion, and antelope, discusses rifles and hunting techniques, and includes anecdotes about unusual individuals and events.

Our Price: $55.00
The Sporting Life. Sheehan. The Sporting Life. Sheehan.

The Sporting Life: A Passion for Hunting and Fishing.
Secondhand, G Cond, slight tears to dustcover spine.
The only complete illustrated history of the American sporting tradition records the story of Americans' relationship to and reverence for the land and its bounty. The Sporting Life features stories of sportsmen and women; photographs of sporting activities, homes, clubs, kennels, stables, cabins, and lodges; and a directory of dealers, fishing schools, museums, and memorabilia. Illustrations.

Our Price: $55.00
African Argosy,  Courtney. African Argosy, Courtney.

First Edn, chipped, small tears to dustjacket, bumped corners, small amount of silverfish damage to map corner inside front cover.

Author's 300 miles trip from the source of the Nile to the sea through some of Africa's most remarkable big game hunting country. Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, French Equatorial Africa. Scarce & sought after and a vg+ copy in the scarce vg dj. This is more travel & adventure than hunting by a man who has written several other good hunting books.

Our Price: $55.00
The Big Game Animals of North America. O'Connor. The Big Game Animals of North America. O'Connor.

Secondhand, torn dustjacket, else G Cond.
includes:- Dall Sheep, Stone Sheep, Sighorn Sheep, Desert Bighorn, Rocky Mountain Goat, Buffalo, Pronghorn Antelope, Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Blacktail Deer, Elk, Moose, Carlbou, Javelina, Mountain Lion. Jaguar, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Polar Bear, Wolf, Muskox and Walrus. O'Connor's interesting text is supplemented in each instance with factual natural history, descriptive details, origin, range, habits, etc. supplied by George S. Goodwin, of the Museum of Natural History. Full page, full color paintings and much more effective line sketches scattered through the text are by Douglas Allen, while various museum artists have contributed studies, range maps -- and some scientific portraits. Rich fare for hunters of all ages.

Our Price: $55.00
On Target. Holden On Target. Holden

1st Edn, hard cover, V G cond, as new

Illustrated. Deer hunting in New Zealand. Selected chapter titles: Where a big one lurks; Trapped; Better alive than dead?; King Country interlude; A fascination with rifles; Lost without a scope.

Our Price: $65.00
Hell West and Crooked. Cole Hell West and Crooked. Cole

VG Cond. Hardcover.
The bestselling story of a real-life Crocodile Dundee. the bestselling story of a real-life Crocodile Dundee. In this remarkable memoir, tom Cole tells the stories of his life in the outback during the 1920s and 1930s. With great humour and drama, he recounts his adventures as a drover and stockman in the toughest country in Australia and later on as a buffalo shooter and crocodile hunter in the Northern territory before the war. First published in 1988 and having sold over 100 000 copies, Hell West and Crooked is perfect for anyone who enjoys a classic outback yarn. 'A real-life story of the pioneering days of the top End that out-adventures anything fiction writers could hope to produce.' - THE WEST AUSTRALIAN 'tom Cole is a living legend, a real-life Crocodile Dundee. His stories paint a vivid picture of wild and exciting times in the Australian outback.' - MELBOURNE SUNDAY EXPRESS 'A story of the outback and cattlemen and women, stripped of glamour, that will become an Australian classic to rub covers with authors like Ion Idriess.' -

Our Price: $65.00
African Rifles and Cartridges. Taylor. African Rifles and Cartridges. Taylor.

Secondhand VGC, Mylar covered.
1977 printing.
The classic reference work on large-calibre rifles, both bolt action and double-barrelled guns, the cartridges they shoot, and their effect on the game.

Our Price: $75.00