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The Gun and its Development. Greener. The Gun and its Development. Greener.

1st published in Great Britain in 1881 & revised 9 times between then & 1910. Traces the fascinating history of weaponry. The classic, authoritative reference of interest to marksmen, hunters, gun collectors, & military or industrial history buffs. 400 B&W photos & engravings; 846 pgs.
Covers the obscure, ancient origins of the slingshot and the bow, the invention of the crossbow, possibly around 1000 AD; the introduction of gunpowder into Europe in the fourteenth century; the development of sporting and military guns over the centuries thereafter; and the rise of modern, mass-produced firearms in the early twentieth century.
Chapters cover early to modern handguns; gunpowder ignition methods from fuses and flintlocks to percussion fulminates; shotguns; hammerless guns; ejector guns; the history of the firearms industry; manufacturing methods and their development in Britain, America, and elsewhere; how to use and handle different types of guns; ballistics; the development of rifling and smokeless powder; and much more. Copiously illustrated with photographs and marvelous engravings.

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THE Greener Story. Greener. THE Greener Story. Greener.

This is the history of the legendary Greener family and their famous guns—a family business that had, by the turn of the century (1900), grown to become the largest and most comprehensive sporting-gun factory known to man. Experience the parade of colorful characters interwoven with the Greener name as you read this fascinating account. Beginning in the 1850s with muzzleloaders.
.An extensive company history. Includes company biographies, gun profiles, and 9 appendices listing company addresses, patents, dates of production, books, honours, trade marks and trade labels.

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