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New Zealand's  Mountain Monarchs. Tustin New Zealand's Mountain Monarchs. Tustin

New Zealand’s Mountain Monarchs

Unlocking The Secrets Of The Himalayan Tahr In New Zealand. A Personal Odyssey From Hunter To Filmmaker

Ken Tustin

A century ago, a little-known, exotic animal, the Himalayan tahr, was introduced into New Zealand for big-game sporting purposes. From a few releases at Aoraki Mt Cook, tahr are now permanent inhabitants of the sub-alpine zones in the central Southern Alps. Their ecology, lifestyle and unique behaviour, both here and in their homelands, remained largely undocumented. Until now.

Ken Tustin was drawn to working with Himalayan tahr: As a hunter, scientist, helicopter pilot and recently as a documentary film-maker. His involvement with tahr spans 45 years. It began as a 19-year-old hunting tahr as scientific specimens for researcher Dr. Graeme Caughley. He then went on to study them himself as a scientist for the Forest Research Institute, covering many aspects of tahr population demography, census, ecology, range use and behaviour; the latter involving a direct observation study, living alone, mid-slope in the Godley Valley in a tiny hut/ hide for the best part of two years.

Ken’s life then changed. A helicopter pilot, based at Wanaka, his second career included work with tahr: Aerial control for the Department of Conservation and tourist hunting for trophies in the Southern Alps, intermingled with long trips overseas. But Ken’s special interest in tahr behaviour, inspired early by Dr. George Schaller on a working visit to NZ, remained unfulfilled. Questions still nagged: Understanding tahr social organisation, dramatically and uniquely played out by this alpine animal. When medical misadventure halted his aviation career, Ken returned to his favourite animal, this time with notebook and camera. His interest went further afield in a trip to Nepal with Italian mountain-animal expert Prof. Sandro Lovari, before returning to resume, in a different way, his self-funded odyssey back in the NZ mountains. The result of all these adventures is this book.

It is the intimate story of Ken Tustin’s growing respect for a remarkable animal, seen over a lifetime, through the eyes of a hunter, researcher, pilot and behaviour-study film-maker. One man’s quietly increasing affection for an extraordinary wild animal: The Himalayan tahr.

Guns and Game. Harris Guns and Game. Harris

V G Cond, paperback

From the author of the New Zealand Firearm Handbook, a detailed study of the process and practice of hunting in NZ, with illustrations

Our Price: $15.00
Australia and New Zealand Shooters' Omnibus. Hungerford Australia and New Zealand Shooters' Omnibus. Hungerford

G Cond, Bumped on corners, Tear to Dustcover rear, Remains of origional booksellers sticker on front Lower RH corner

THIS IS NOT a just a book about hunting but an omnibus of a whole range of gun sports and know-how by experts in their fields. It is intended as a complete-in-itself manual both for the beginner who needs to grasp the right fundamentals from the outset and for the experienced shooter who wants to add to his already significant knowledge. Techniques are clearly illustrated by either simple diagrams or photographs.

Rodger Hungerford has sought out the best qualified writers in Australia and New Zealand to bring together instructional chapters not only on shooting techniques whether in the fields or on the competition grounds, but also on related hunting subjects. There are chapters on hunting in the wild, trap and skeet shooting, competing on the rifle range, pistol shooting. Additional chapters on such areas as game and its behaviours, taxidermy, ballistics and weaponry, skinning and tanning hides, gun-dog training and even antique gun collecting make this one of the most instructive books on the subjects ever written for Australian and New Zealanders.
This book is strongly recommended as a reference companion to the guns sportsman or as the ideal, safety-first gift to gun-conscious beginners.
Hard Back, 175 Pages, First Edition 1980

Our Price: $20.00
Sea of Gold. Lew Sutherland Sea of Gold. Lew Sutherland

The history of deerculling and the deercullers in New Zealand

Our Price: $30.00
The New Zealand Deer Hunters Handbook. Gale The New Zealand Deer Hunters Handbook. Gale

The New Zealand Deer Hunter’s

Handbook and Resource Guide

Alex Gale

Almost everything you need to know about deer hunting in New Zealand.

This book covers:

* Hunting from field to table.

* How to hunt safely, effectively and successfully.

* How to take venison from the field to the table to enjoy the fruits of the hunt.

* Information every hunter needs to know, gleaned from the experience of someone who has hunted successfully for over forty years.

* Invaluable resource information from ballistics to cooking, plus links to over one hundred web sites.

“Ultimate guide for deer hunting. –- This is a marvellous book for young hunters, as it quite simply guides them out into the field and then back to the table with their meat. This is the book I would have liked as a reference when I started hunting.”

Stephen Jaquiery: Otago Daily Times, Illustrations Editor

“Absolutely wonderful - the very best that I have seen, and I think I have probably read nearly all of them available in NZ’:

Inspector Joe Green: Manager Licensing and Vetting, NZ Police

“Alex Gale has done a splendid job to include so much information into such a compact and valuable reference book, which I recommend without hesitation.”

Our Price: $40.00
Tahr. The New Zealand Hunters Handbook. Laing Tahr. The New Zealand Hunters Handbook. Laing

Tahr - A New Zealand Hunter’s Handbook

Steuart Laing

Tahr: One of New Zealand’s most sought after trophy animals, tahr provide spectacular hunting for both local and overseas hunters. Released in 1904 around the Mt Cook region, the original liberation of Tahr spread along the Main Divide and in the 1970s numbered in the tens of thousands. Subsequent helicopter hunting dramatically reduced their numbers to several thousand. Recognising the unique status of this magnificent game herd of tahr, the “Himalayan Thar Control Plan” was introduced to offer limited protection.

Steuart Laing describes the habits of tahr, how to find them in their alpine environment, hunting methods, their introduction, spread and present status and concludes with some hunting stories both current and historical.

The book features over 100 superb photographs.

Our Price: $40.00
Chamois. The New Zealand Hunters Handbook. Laing Chamois. The New Zealand Hunters Handbook. Laing

Chamois - A New Zealand Hunter’s Handbook

Steuart Laing

Chamois, New Zealand’s most popular mountain game.

Living from Marlborough to Southland they are widely available for hunters in the South Island. Adaptable, mobile and challenging they represent the epitome of mountain game. Originally introduced from Austria, New Zealand has the only huntable chamois in the Southern hemisphere.

Steuart Laing traces the origin of the New Zealand chamois their arrival in New Zealand, dispersal and life history. He also offers advice on hunting these magnificent animals, trophy care and equipment. As well, he looks at the economic benefit to New Zealand these animals represent.

Some hunting stories round out this, the first book ever written on chamois in New Zealand.

Our Price: $40.00
Wapiti Hunting in New Zealand. Gibson Wapiti Hunting in New Zealand. Gibson

Wapiti Hunting in

New Zealand

Simon Gibson

Ever since their release at the head of George Sound in March 1905, nothing has aroused

hunters’ passion more than the greatest of all the deer species, the magnificent wapiti. A big bull

taken in Fiordland’s demanding terrain is New Zealand’s premier big game trophy.

Rampant commercial exploitation, eradication efforts by bureaucrats, poaching and politics,

combined with the dedicated efforts of individuals and groups to save the wapiti, all played a part

in the herd that exists today.

The gift of ten wapiti from US President Theodore Roosevelt, himself a keen hunter, plus

another ten purchased by T E Donne, Manager of the NZ Government Tourist Department,

formed the nucleus of the herd. Today they range from Charles Sound in the south to Sutherland

Sound in the north with Lake Te Anau forming the eastern boundary.

In 1923 the first licences were issued and as interest grew and the herd spread, more blocks

were made available. By the 1950’s demand was so great that the blocks were opened to a ballot

system. Today there are 25 blocks that attract hundreds of applicants each year.

Simon Gibson has spent thousands of hours in the wapiti area over a period of twenty years

and is well qualified to write this essential guide for the modern hunter. It is an important

information resource for those who want to accept the challenge of trying for NZ’s toughest


How to hunt wapiti, keeping fit and mentally focused, the right food, reading the weather,

travelling Fiordland’s daunting terrain safely plus information on every block fill the pages of this

book along with dozens of colour images that portray the wapiti and the wapiti country in all its


Written by a man who loves the beauty, challenge and danger of the wapiti country, this book

adds to many books written about one of the world’s great game animals.

Our Price: $45.00
Hunting Under the Southern Cross. Fagg Hunting Under the Southern Cross. Fagg

Coming from a hunting family Greg had his introduction to hunting at a very early age.

Working took him up to the high country where the work often got in the way of hunting and adventure.

Seeking a new challenge Greg joined the New Zealand Army. The Army gave him some new tools for

hunting, including teaching him how to shoot accurately. While the Army proved an absorbing vocation there was still time to do the important things in life, like go hunting!

Join Greg as his travels take him over all three Islands, hunting the many types of game animals New Zealand is blessed with. If you really want to test your fitness nothing beats alpine hunting for big Reds, Tahr and Chamois. This book tells tales of success and failure with lessons learned along the way that can guide both the novice and seasoned hunter alike.

Our Price: $45.00
The ( Nearly ) Complete History of Moose in New Zealand. Tustin The ( Nearly ) Complete History of Moose in New Zealand. Tustin

A (Nearly) Complete History of the Moose in New Zealand

Ken Tustin

Moose are still out there.

Originally released into Fiordland in 1910, Moose were thought to have become extinct several times.

Ken Tustin has been fascinated with the “Fiordland Moose” since first hearing about them while working as a biologist for Forest Research NZFS, over forty years ago. His first book Wild Moose Chase published by Wild South Books in 1998, sold over 6000 copies. The book described the search to confirm existence of Moose in Fiordland.

Since that book was published people have been coming forward with new and previously unrecorded stories about Moose sightings and shootings. Ken has now recorded 70 sightings of Moose where previously only about a dozen were thought to have occurred. In the entire 100 years since their introduction only three bulls and two females were thought to have been shot, Ken has now recorded 30.

Illustrated with many historic and unique photographs the book traces the fascinating story of Moose in New Zealand from introduction to the present day, celebrating 100 years of Moose in New Zealand.

Our Price: $45.00
Hunting Smarter for Big Game. Willems Hunting Smarter for Big Game. Willems

Hunting Smarter for Big Game is about becoming a successful hunter. All game animals move about for food, reproduction, from hunting pressure; and many other reasons. Knowing why they move, when they move and where they move to is one of the keys to becoming a successful hunter. You can spend a lifetime in the bush finding out for yourself or you can read this book.

This new look at the subject of hunting smarter for big game examines the techniques and knowledge required for the safe and successful hunting of all New Zealand big game species. It looks at their preferred habitats, methods of hunting and how to deal with the animal once successful.

Author of eight previous books on the outdoors, from back country huts to cooking in the bush. Hans Willems has hunted, tramped and fished in Europe, Australia, Papua New Guinea and – of course – New Zealand. He has made his living at different times as a meat hunter, guide, possum trapper and white water rafting. He still spends as much time as he can in the bush and is an honorary ranger for the Department of Conservation.

This book is based on a lifetime of hunting and bush experience. The author’s opinions are based on his observations in the field, and his suggestions are the result of his success on his hunting trips over many years throughout New Zealand.

Our Price: $45.00
Son of the Mist. Egan Son of the Mist. Egan

Son Of The Mist

Howard Egan

Howard Egan aka “Grandad” to his friends on the FishnHunt internet forum, has been

involved with the outdoors his whole life. From Acclimatisation Societies, New Zealand

Deerstalkers’ Association, both at branch and national level, including a term as president,

Ducks Unlimited and a host of other similar organisations. He served a term on the National

Recreational Hunting Advisory Committee, was convener of the Clevedon Game Fair in 1989,

and was trophy convener for the NZ Exhibition of Hunting in 1978.

His passion has been for Fallow deer and much of this book revolves around a life spent

hunting and studying these beautiful game animals, but hunting, particularly big game hunting,

has taken him all over New Zealand as well as to Africa and North America.

A truly remarkable hunting career, which continues to this day including a Fallow buck shot

in 2007 which he regards as the highpoint in his hunting life.

He lives (with a wetland & some Fallow deer) near the Tararuas in the Wairarapa.

Our Price: $45.00
Something to Aim For. Crimp Something to Aim For. Crimp

Something to Aim For

A Hunters Quest

Daryl Crimp

Daryl Crimp (Crimpy) has slung his rifle over boulder-strewn valleys, shingle-scarred peaks, craggy mountains

and vegetation tangled forests for more than forty-years and doesn’t plan on stopping. Hunting is more than just a

hobby, a pastime and an adventure; it’s a calling and for those of us fortunate enough to hear and answer it early, a

life of adventure beckons.

From surviving snow-stinging blizzards on the Southern Alps, challenging roaring stags in Westland, fending off

irascible old boars and meeting tahr in testing terrain, to setting his mother’s bedroom curtains on fire - Crimpy is

not short on adventures to share. From the pen of a master storyteller, relive each hunt in nerve tingling detail: feel

the tension mount as the wind shifts on the nape of your neck, chill to the unseen throaty roar, recoil to the pungent

smell of rutting stag and squint through the wood smoke as you crumple before the campfire’s glow at the end the


Something to Aim For is more than just a collection of hunts: it is a story about a son and his father – and a father

and his son. It is the story of a journey that ends with a beginning!

Our Price: $45.00
The New Zealand Hunting Rifle. Passmore The New Zealand Hunting Rifle. Passmore

If you ever want to create an interesting discussion between hunters just ask the question: “Which is the best rifle and calibre for hunting in New Zealand?”

There are as many types of firearms users as there are licence holders, meaning everyone comes to shooting for their own reasons. The pure hunter will have a favourite rifle, one that he has had for many lucky experiences, and it will be the hunt that he lives for. The successful hunting trips experienced over the years gather in the mind to become a positive reinforcement on his firearms choice.

So opinions will differ and the discussion is sure to last for many hours. In this book James Passmore examines the history and development of our hunting preferences, looks at the current situation and compares some of the most popular hunting rifles available both new and second hand. Whether you agree or disagree with him; it makes for compelling reading and a valuable resource.

James Passmore is a regular writer for New Zealand Guns and Hunting magazine and produces hunting stories, technical articles and rifle reviews. His writing has also appeared in US-based online hunting sites.

He started shooting at a young age with his father’s .22 rifle and .44/40 lever action. Since then he has hunted extensively throughout the country and bases his writing on years of experience with sporting rifles and their performance on game. His great passion is calling Red stags in close during the roar.

Currently he divides his hunting time between Fiordland and the West Coast. When he is not in the mountains he resides in Port Chalmers with his wife and twin boys.    

Our Price: $45.00
The Modern hunter. Marshall, MacDonald The Modern hunter. Marshall, MacDonald

Introduction by Bill O’Leary, President of the New Zealand Deerstalker’s Association and NZDA HUNTS National Coordinator. Endorsed by the NZDA for the NZDA HUNTS hunter-training program.

Graeme Marshall was actively involved with hunter training courses within the Nelson branch of NZDA during the 1980s. Partly as a resource for newcomers to hunting he wrote The Young Hunter, a basic guide to hunting, in 1987, which is now long out of date.

To assist him, especially with more technical aspects, he has teamed up with experienced South Canterbury hunter and regular contributor to NZ Guns and Hunting magazine, Don MacDonald to produce an up to date and relevant guide to hunting.

The Modern Hunter does not intend to take the place of publications such as the NZDA HUNTS Manual or Mountain Safety Council material and recommends that aspiring hunters refer to these for more detailed information, especially to do with specific aspects of bushcraft, firearms handling and modern equipment.

This is a book that provides an overview of the current hunting scene in the country today in response to a huge upsurge in interest in the sport as animal numbers have improved due to a lessening in commercial hunting activity. It should be seen as a companion guide to a wide range of more detailed and often more technical publications. If it is instrumental in encouraging the safe and ethical harvesting of our wonderful game animal resource it will have succeeded.  

Our Price: $45.00
Hunting in the Genes. Steve Isaacs Hunting in the Genes. Steve Isaacs

Jam packed with hunting adventures from every continent. Mongolia, Zimbabwe, The Yukon Territory, Wyoming, Germany and New Zealand.  Steve has  hunted  just about everywhere.

List Price: $45.00
Our Price: $45.00
Hunter for Hire. Cory. Hunter for Hire. Cory.

"After 30 years of running guided hunting safaris, Gary Cory has put his experiences and thoughts onto paper for others to read and enjoy. His book 'Hunter for Hire' is very informative and entertaining to read. It provides insight into Gary's easygoing nature and the way he successfully conducts guided hunting safaris in Central Queensland, which provide an experience that keeps people coming back for more. Gary shares his experiences from the moment he decided to set up a safari hunting business and the variety of personalities who helped him and those he met along the way. He has included many stories about different safaris, the international and local clients he has guided and some of the hunters who struck it lucky with his top-10 best boars taken. Other topics that provide valuable information not just to hunters, but those who may be thinking of setting up their own hunting safari enterprises, are those discussing his camp set-up, preferred rifle, scope and cartridge choices, hunting vehicles used along the way and the reality of dealing with the good, the bad and the ugly client. It is evident throughout the book that Gary undertakes genuine hunting (not just shooting) safaris. His 'fair chase safaris' slogan on his business card is demonstrated in all the hunting accounts throughout his book. All hunting is taken on foot and the success of the hunt is based on his experience and skill which allow him to find game sign, track animals and know where to be and the right time to be there"

Our Price: $45.00
The Sika Hunters. Gale The Sika Hunters. Gale

The Sika Hunters

Alex Gale

Sika are the premier deer species of the North Island of New Zealand.

Of the nine species of deer successfully liberated in our country, Sika have the most character. Every year, particularly during the roar in April, thousands of hopeful hunters take to the hills, longing to hear the shrill scream of a Sika stag and perhaps take a top trophy head. A few are successful. ‘The Sika Hunters’ tells the stories of many hunters whose dreams became reality. These are stories from the heart, told by hunters passionate about their sport and who love the challenge and thrill of hunting Sika.

In this fourth book by Alex Gale you’ll discover how Sika came to be liberated in New Zealand and how the herd grew to become the top Sika trophy herd in the world. You’ll get great tips on how to hunt these supposedly elusive deer all year round and you’ll read about some of the top heads that have been entered into the annual Sika Competition and Outdoor Trade Show held in Taupo.

You’ll also discover how the Sika Show began and grew into the largest outdoor trade show of its kind in Australasia and, as you read the stories of hunters who have shot some fantastic trophies, you’ll feel the adrenalin rush as you stalk with them through the pages. Come the next roar, you’ll be out there with anticipation high and when you hear the unmistakeable sound of a Sika stag in full flight, your heart will skip a beat: perhaps this will be the stag that wins the next Sika Show?

Alex now works as a professional writer, recording the life histories of interesting people, plus books and magazine articles, as well as being a hunting guide, specialising in hunter training.

Our Price: $50.00
Hunting Australia's Deer.  Drangshott Hunting Australia's Deer. Drangshott

Hunting Australia’s Deer

Dave Drangsholt

Few people know there are deer in Australia, even fewer know that there are six different types available to hunters.

Dave Drangsholt knows! A lifelong hunter and former ranger for Parks Victoria, Dave has been hunting deer for most of his adult life. His time in Parks Victoria allowed him to get up close and personal with the Sambar in Victoria, as well his research project on the Hog deer has brought a new dimension to the management of this species in Australia.

His experience includes time in New Zealand where he was employed as a deer culler, and more recently involved with wild game management for New Zealand’s Department of Conservation.

While he makes no claim to expertise on the subject his hunting experience extends to all the available species in Australia and his time as a parks ranger and deer culler allow him to bring a perspective and depth of knowledge to deer hunting in Australia that few can match.

Our Price: $50.00
Chasing the Hunters Dream. Engal & Swan Chasing the Hunters Dream. Engal & Swan

Organized by location, Chasing the Hunter's Dream covers the best hunting spots and possible game as well as outfitters, guides, and lodges. This book also serves up some tasty wild game recipes and shares inspiring stories of extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime "dream hunts." The authors provide information on preparing for each hunt and how to get a trophy home, and they share wonderful hunting camp remembrances.

Chasing the Hunter's Dream is for the modern hunter and those others who may wish to join them in enjoying the passion and the pleasure of hunting. Informative and inspiring, this is the one book that all hunters must own.

Our Price: $60.00
The Wanderings of a Deer Hunter. Kiddie The Wanderings of a Deer Hunter. Kiddie

In 1962 the New Zealand Forest Service published a 36-page booklet by Don Kiddie, “The Sika Deer in New Zealand”. It was the first information about Sika deer in New Zealand and based on hundreds of hours of observation and research from a skilled hunter. The booklet was for many years the only information about a relatively unknown breed of deer in New Zealand, which was gaining popularity with hunters as they presented a new challenge on the hunting scene. As a result he soon became known to every serious hunter in New Zealand. And the original booklet had to be reprinted several times.

From an early age Don was destined to become a hunter, his ability was honed from years of professional deer culling as well as his own recreational hunting. These skills allowed him to not only take the animals he sought but also to get close enough to take nearly all of the photographs in this book with out the use of modern telephoto lenses.

In this book he not only recounts his many years of professional hunting but also shares his observations of animal behaviour the effect animals have on the bush and the changing relationship between deer, the hunters and the environment.

Our Price: $65.00
Rusa, rusa timorensis. Grant Rusa, rusa timorensis. Grant

The book provides a comprehensive overview of a unique species of deer known as rusa.
'Rusa' includes additional input from some very experienced rusa men, past and present. Renowned New Caledonian rusa outfitter, Murray Thomas, provides the guide outfitting history of New Caledonia. Containing tales of world record trophy rusa obtained from New Caledonia over the years.
Dave Barraclough recounts his personal experiences with the New Zealand rusa herds from living amongst the rusa deer and working in the deer's habitat.

Our Price: $75.00
Old Time Deerstalker. Geoff Green Old Time Deerstalker. Geoff Green

The story of how a young boy grew into a deerstalker.
All action, no fancy talk, "no gammon"

Our Price: $95.00
An English Rose in Kakadu. Opitz An English Rose in Kakadu. Opitz

The story of Judy Opitz, born in England, who worked with WWII pilots in the '40s, acted on stage in the '50s, travelled to Australia in 1958, and who fell in love with the remoteness of the Kakadu region, where she and her husband ran the Cooinda Motel. At 84, Judy was awarded her doctorate from CDU.

Our Price: $95.00
Working with Dogs for Deer. Sondergaard Working with Dogs for Deer. Sondergaard

The purpose of this book is to offer advice to people who work with dogs to find wounded deer. Sadly, deer are occasionally wounded by stalkers or by traffic, but when it happens a well trained dog is the most important asset in the effort to end the suffering as quickly and humanely as possible.
The knowledge used to train and work with dogs for deer has been developed over generations, but it is important to emphasise that this field is definitely an art and not a science. The recommendations in this book have worked well for the author and many of the handlers who have generously offered their advice, but they are clearly not the only way to do things.

Our Price: $105.00
Secrets of the Sambar Vol 2 Secrets of the Sambar Vol 2

Secrets of the Sambar®, Volume 1, 2 & 3
The Definitive Trilogy on Sambar Deer

Secrets of the Sambar - Volume 2
Biology, Ecology, Behaviour & Hunting Strategies
Chapters in Volume 2 include:
The Sensory System - Full colour images of the highest quality are used to demonstrate how sambar use the three most used senses - smell, vision and hearing - to detect predators, humans included.
Dominance Hierarchy - Explains how a complete age structure of stags is able to live together in relative harmony and answers the often asked question, "If you shoot the dominant stag, how long before another moves in?" It describes methods used by stags to establish dominance without resorting to actual combat, but describes several blow by blow contests between stags intent on killing each other.
Australia's Top Stags - Includes photos of the stag plus highly educational stories as to how Australia's #7, #9 and #10 sambar stags were taken.
The Mating System - Full and double page enlargements of high quality images shows stags testing the receptivity of hinds and a hind giving birth. The sambar's mating system is described from A to Z and explains why sambar do not rut like red and fallow deer.
Bushfires - This chapter describes the recycling and regenerating power of nature from the moment everything has been reduced to ash to the succulent and nutritious regrowth which follows. Explains the immediate to long term effects on sambar survival, reproduction and antler growth. Includes where to find sambar from the moment the bush has burned and in the months and years afterwards.
Utility Gun Dogs - Covers puppy selection, training and effective strategies for hunting sambar with a gun dog. Includes top tips from several expert sambar hunters.
Hunting by Scent - This unique chapter, based upon scientific research conducted in the UK in the 1920's, identifies the precise nature of scent, what it is and how long it lasts in various weather conditions and what causes it to dissipate. When and why scent will be good and when and why it will be bad is discussed in detail. It explains how hounds and gundogs track and find sambar and how sambar use scent to detect predators – including humans.
Our Dianas of Hunting - How a mother and daughter harvested their trophy sambar stags, one with the help of their English Pointer.
Tactics for Wallows - If you ambush just any wallow you are wasting your precious hunting time. By teaching you which is the best wallow to ambush, why it's the best, how to build and where to position your hide, this book will help you get the most out of your time in the bush.
Hunting the Sub-Alpine - Learn how sambar use this unique habitat very differently to habitats at lower elevations. The 'Special Tactics' required for consistent success when hunting the sub-alpine are covered step by step.

Our Price: $130.00
Secrets of the Sambar Vol 3      Mason Secrets of the Sambar Vol 3 Mason

Chapters of Vol 3
Evolution of the Sambar As Prey of Tiger, Leopard, Wild Dog & Man
Anti-Predator Strategies & How They Employ Them
How Sambar Respond to Humans & Hunting Pressure
A Day in the Life of a Family Group
A Day in the Life of a Stag
Communication - Audible and Visual
The Role of Wallows - Results of a Two Year Study
Plants Used by Sambar
Logging Coups
Where Monster Stags Roam
How Choose the Right Binocular
Hunting from Tree Stands and Ground Hides - How to Hunt From Them
Bow Hunting Tips & The Biggest Bow Shot Stags
Air Currents and Wind Direction- What Every Stalker Should Know
Adjust Strategies to the Conditions
Hunting with Hounds
Tribute to a Hunting Great
Australia’s Top Stags
Sambar Red Hybrid Monster
Forest to Plate
QDM for Sambar
QDM for Sambar - A Case Study
To Cull or Not to Cull - Causes of Malformation & How We Should Respond
Skeletal Overlay
Skeletal Overlay

Our Price: $140.00
"The Hunt Smart System". Mason. "The Hunt Smart System". Mason.

This book is the culmination of almost forty years studying Sambar.
Our new book ‘The Hunt Smart System’ is presented in chronological order just as I teach it on my Hunt Smart® course. It is a complete A-Z reference which shows you how to find Sambar at any time of the day, in any weather, in any level of hunting pressure, at any elevation, no matter where they are - on the farm fringe, in remote back country or in the

Our Price: $250.00