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A Sheep Hunters Diary  Gabriel A Sheep Hunters Diary Gabriel

Thirty Years of Mountain Hunting for Ibex and Sheep
by Dr. Ronald S. Gabriel
2014 Long Beach, 413pp, drawings by Gordon Allen and color photos, profuse maps.
Safari Press prides itself on its sheep hunting publications. Not because we have published so many titles on the subject-we have not-but because the books we have published on sheep hunting have been the summa cum laude of the genre. We have published one only every four or five years, but when we do they are the absolute summit of adventure from the pinnacles of the world. Ron Gabriel's book is only the sixth book in our "Hunting in High Altitude Series," and that is in twenty-five years of publishing! Gabriel is in ultra rare company, for he is one of only a few dozen people who has taken a Super Slam of sheep. While doing so, this very selective hunter has shot some fantastic heads. These include such trophies as the No. 2 blue sheep, a 60-inch Altai argali, a 60-inch Marco Polo, a 180-point-plus desert sheep, and a No. 2 West Caucasian tur. This man is no amateur hunter! You will find very little in the form of measurements and boasting in this book, but rather you will discover a wonderful, dense narrative of interesting events that will take you from the top of the Himalayas to the bottom of a Baja California canyon (almost at sea level). This book stands in lavish counterpoint to his adventurous exploits. Ron Gabriel has done the most to illustrate his experiences by commissioning Gordon Allen, a famous outdoor artist, to make specific drawings for each chapter of this book. These illustrations are so evocative of the setting and animals that the reader is completely drawn into the tale. Combined with his wonderful color photos and superb narrative, this is one very fine sheep-hunting tome. His adventures are juxtaposed against those of earlier explorers such a Demidoff, Dunmore, Cobbold, Cumberland, and Sheldon. Gabriel does an admirable job of describing how these famous hunters fared in their own hunting over a century ago on the same grounds. Material for a superlative sheep-hunting book like this is not the result of experiences over ten or not even over twenty years, but rather must come from a lifetime of hunting on the mountains of the world. The individual must be extraordinarily dedicated and focused-a hunter who forgoes all other more normal, "lesser" game animals in order to achieve his hunting goals. And that is why we only publish a book on the subject a few times each decade. The individuals who can accomplish what Ron Gabriel has done are few and far between, and there simply are not many manuscripts worthy to be included in our lineup.

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The Wilderness of the Upper Yukon. Sheldon The Wilderness of the Upper Yukon. Sheldon

A Hunter's Exploration for Wild Sheep in Sub-Arctic Mountains
by Charles Sheldon

2014 Missoula, 345pp, photos, illus., 6x9, softcover

Join Charles Sheldon in this wonderful book recording two years of field experiences while engaged in studying wild sheep of Yukon Territory from 1904 to 1905. This detailed account is strictly from the point of view of a hunter interested in natural history. Sheldon traveled by steamboat, canoe, horseback, and on foot and was was accompanied by other well-known explorers of his generation such as Frederick C. Selous, William H. Osgood, and Carl Rungius. Along with mountain sheep, Sheldon also encounters moose, grizzly bears, and caribou. The Wilderness of the Upper Yukon is profusely illustrated with nearly 100 photographs and paintings from the trip including four detailed maps of his travels.

A comment from Sheldon's Preface:
In the North, wild sheep dwell exclusively on high mountains, above timber-line, usually well back within the ranges. Nearly all of the mountains on which I hunted, with the exception of Plateau Mountain and those near Watson River, were untrodden by the foot of white man or Indian. The wilderness was primeval, the sheep practically undisturbed, the other game animals seldom hunted. It was not possible to find guides, for there were none. It was necessary not only to search out a route to the mountains, but also to find the ranges occupied by sheep.

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The Journals of Andrew J Stone  (Sheep) The Journals of Andrew J Stone (Sheep)

Expeditions to Arctic and Subarctic America after Wild Sheep, Grizzly, Caribou, and Muskoxen 1896-1903.
by R Margaret Frisina. 428pp.
New York City was abuzz on 3 April 1903; Andrew J. Stone, world-renowned Arctic explorer and hunter-naturalist, was fêted with a dinner/reception at the American Museum of Natural History. The East Mammal Hall was festooned with many specimens obtained by Stone on his three major expeditions into British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, and Alaska. While Stone was widely known and highly acclaimed in his time—one of the original members of the New York Explorers Club and tapped to make an expedition to the North Pole via the Northwest Passage—within a few years his amazing legacy faded into the shadows as the world’s attention was consumed by international conflict.
Today Stone is most widely known by hunters—sheep hunters in particular—as the man who in 1896 obtained a specimen of the “black sheep.” This sheep was subsequently named Stone sheep (Ovis dalli stonei) in honor of his fieldwork in this animal’s natural history. It was Stone who established that Dall and Stone sheep are distinct populations. With Theodore Roosevelt, Stone coauthored The Deer Family. Fortunately, Stone kept a series of journals during his travels from 1896 through 1903 in which he recorded his struggles against raging blizzards, hostile natives, daunting physical risks, and mind-warping loneliness and boredom.

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From The Himalayas to the Rockies.  Mitchell & Frisina From The Himalayas to the Rockies. Mitchell & Frisina

Retracing the Great Arc of Wild Sheep
by Dr. R. Mitchell & Dr. M.Frisina
2005 Long Beach, 230pp, color and B&W photos, hardcover,

From the small urial sheep of the Middle East to the mighty 60-plus-inch argali to the majestic Rocky Mountain ram, it is fair to say that no other class of animal evokes such great passions in hunters as do the wild sheep of the world. The authors of this book have established a definitive classification for every species and subspecies of sheep, which is the first time in more than forty years anyone has attempted to do so. In the process they lay out a systematic approach for classifying both New and the Old World sheep. They provide detailed distribution maps and color photos to enhance the descriptions, which help make this the best overview to date on the wild sheep of the world. For purposes of completeness, blue sheep, Barbary sheep, and tur have been included, even though they are not true sheep. There is also a section of hunting stories by famous sheep hunters such as Jack Atcheson Sr. and Jr., Soudy Golabchi, Robert Logan, Hubert Thummler, Dennis Campbell, Henry van den Broecke, Margaret Frisina, Duncan Gilchrist, and so on. Both Drs. Mike Frisina and Richard Mitchell have spent countless days in the field studying and observing sheep in areas as diverse as Pakistan, central Asia, Mongolia, Alaska, and the western United States. The authors reclassify many sheep, which is sure to be controversial to some, and they offer a fresh approach to a subject matter that endlessly fascinates hunters.

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To Heck with it, I'm Going Hunting. Alward To Heck with it, I'm Going Hunting. Alward

After the deaths of his father, mother, sister, and daughter in a short period of time, Arnold Alward of New Brunswick sold his businesses and spent the next eighteen years hunting, taking nearly all the world's important big-game species, which eventually won him the Weatherby Award.

During the course of his hunts, he shot a Grand Slam and a Super Slam of Sheep and the Big Five as well as all the spiral-horned antelope of Africa. His busiest year was 1988, when he made thirteen major hunts! One of his most grueling hunts was for a desert bighorn in Baja California, which completed his Grand Slam. When he went on safari to Ethiopia, he passed up a 75-pound elephant before taking a 110 x 115-pound tusker on the tenth day of the hunt; then he continued in that country to take a mountain nyala. After Ethiopia, he successfully hunted caribou in the Northwest Territories, the Yukon, and Quebec; a whitetail in Alberta; Columbia blacktails and brown bears on Alaska's Kodiak Island; and Coues deer in Mexico . . . all in the same year!
In Asia, he hunted most of the major sheep species that inhabit the High Altai, the Pamirs, and the Tibetan Plateau. During one of his trips to Mongolia, he slept in yurts, rode Mongol ponies, and took Altai and Gobi argali, Siberian roe deer, and maral stag. On another trip he encountered some of the worst weather possible on the face of the earth. He was not always successful, but he stayed with it and kept his good humor.
Alward's hunts were always full of adventure: His polar bear hunt was delayed when his guide's daughter murdered her boyfriend, and on the opposite end of the globe, Alward landed in Zambia during a rebellion, when dissenters seized a TV station and the government rolled tanks out into the streets. Just before he finally reached his hunting camp on that trip, local wardens killed several poachers. He was also on a hunt when his guide was killed in a car crash. He hunted in Sudan during one of its civil wars . . . all in all, he’s had an adventurous time.
An avid conservationist, Alward has sponsored a variety of youth programs, built lakes and shooting ranges, and planted a million trees around his lodge in New Brunswick, Canada. As you'll see, Alward, the only Canadian to ever receive the Weatherby Big Game Trophy, has packed a lot of living into the eighteen years covered by this book.

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Hunting Wild Sheep and Goats around the World.  Myers. Hunting Wild Sheep and Goats around the World. Myers.

Fifty years ago, Latham Myers learned to hunt with his grandpa. Then it was for rabbits and squirrels; today he scales the highest peaks in the world in the toughest of big-game hunts. It was his grandpa who taught him how and why we hunt, and it was this same mentor who instilled in him a love of hunting that grew into one of his greatest passions, hunting wild sheep and goats on the pinnacles of the world.
In 1995, Latham started his mountain-hunting journey with an add-on hunt for the challenging North American mountain goat. Since then, he has hunted on five continents and in eleven countries, including six trips to Russia, four to Canada, and two to Spain. Along that journey he accomplished a Triple Slam: a Grand Slam of North American sheep (Dall, Stone, Rocky Mountain bighorn, desert bighorn), an Ovis World Slam (twelve species of wild sheep), and a Capra World Slam (twelve species wild goats). During that process, he maintained a journal and took thousands of photographs of his hunts around the globe. Hunting Wild Sheep and Goats around the World is the culmination of those efforts.
Come travel with Latham as he hunts wild sheep in the magnificent Rocky Mountains, the icy Northwest Territories, and the desiccated Chihuahuan Desert. Feel your heart pound as he stalks ibex in the heart of Central Asia. Watch the sun break over the rugged ridgeline of the Dzhugdzhur Mountains in Siberia's Far East and set sublimely on the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Struggle with him up the rugged, picturesque Caucasus Mountains-from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea-while hunting wild tur, and tremble with him from exertion as he climbs after blue sheep in the shadows of the Himalayan Mountains. Experience with him the incredible highs of hunting ibex in the Taurus Mountains of Turkey and the bitter lows of failing on a Marco Polo sheep hunt in the mighty Pamir Mountains. Follow along as he pursues ibex and chamois in the Gredos, Cantabrian, Pyrenean, and Beceite Mountains, and be amazed at the grandeur of the vast Verkhoyansk Mountains as he hunts snow sheep near the Arctic Circle.
So, grab your rifle and come along with Latham as he finds adventure in Hunting Wild Sheep and Goats around the World.

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Norma Reloading Manual Vol 2 Norma Reloading Manual Vol 2

Volume No. 2 contains reloading data for 87 calibers in total. The latest additions are the 6 mm PPC, 6XC, 7 mm Blaser Magnum, 300 Norma Magnum, 300 Blaser Magnum, 300 RUM, 338 Blaser Magnum, 338 Norma Magnum, 375 H&H Flanged Magnum, 375 Blaser Magnum, 500/416 Nitro Express, 458 Lott, 450 Rigby and the 500 Nitro Express 3".

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An Annotated Bibliography of books relating to Hunting Wild Sheep and Goats of the World. Czech, Valdez An Annotated Bibliography of books relating to Hunting Wild Sheep and Goats of the World. Czech, Valdez

What do you get when you pair the world's foremost bibliographer of English language hunting books with one of the world's leading experts on mountain game? One darn good bibliography . . . which is exactly what Ken Czech and Raul Valdez have produced with this volume.
So much of our hunting literature began with the mighty British Empire's quest to stretch itself across the entire globe. From the time of Queen Elizabeth I, the wildest regions on earth were explored, strange animals never before seen were hunted, and books on exploration and hunting were penned. As exotic locales slowly became civilized and travel became safer, more convenient, and reliable, sportsmen and women from Britain ventured forth in greater numbers than ever before. The result was an explosion of books that described their adventures and explorations in far-flung parts of the world. These books, often narratives of their lives abroad, were published mostly in London.
The very first titles dedicated to mountains game were devoted to the game of the European Alps, but right on their heels came books on sport in the great Himalayas. This makes sense if one looks at a map of the region, for the Himalayas formed the northern frontier of the Indian subcontinent, an immense area ruled by Great Britain. By 1900 the first mountain hunting books on North America started to appear. After World War II fewer books were published in London, but by that time North American publishers had begun to pick up the slack.
If you enjoy books on wild sheep, markhor, chamois, tahr, ibex, pasang, goral, serow, or any of the other mountain ungulate, you need this book, for it will not only guide you in collecting these books but will also give you insight into what is worthwhile reading. Books on the New Zealand Alps are also included in this work.
Each entry includes the following: title; name of the author; full details on publisher; publication data; page types and count; physical appearance of the binding; and information on plates, maps, photos, and charts. Possibly best of all, the authors give a summary of the content of each book: where the hunting took place, what kind of mountain game was pursued, and anything of unusual note in that particular title.
Czech and Valdez also offer interesting anecdotes about the authors-anything unusual about their works or any special peculiarities that might be of interest to the reader. In all, there are nearly 800 entries to be found herein. This book is accentuated with full-page color photos of many of the great mountain-game titles of the last 160 years.

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Ovis Ammon. Madrazo. Ovis Ammon. Madrazo.

Ovis means sheep and ammon is a derivative of the word Amun, the ancient god of Egypt who is depicted with the large horns of a ram. Just as the gods of Egypt loomed larger than life, so do the mighty sheep of Central Asia. To the modern-day hunter, these sheep have attained almost mystical status . . . and for good reason. The longest Marco Polo horn on record—75 inches—is longer than any other horn or antler ever recorded.
Pepe Madrazo has devoted his hunting career to the greatest sheep of them all, the Ovis ammon or argali. Pepe began his quest for Marco Polo sheep with a hunt in Tajikistan, and since then he has taken multiple trips in his search for different argali, the kings of all sheep that have the longest horns, the most mass, and live at the highest altitudes. They make any other sheep look, well, small. After his poli hunt, Pepe’s quest became a mission to take Littledale, Kara Tau, Sair, Severtzov, Karaganda, Gansu, Gobi, and Altai argalis. In the far reaches of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan, he met furious snowstorms, nonfunctioning planes, and other hard-to-endure conditions in his search for the Ovis ammon.
The book is written as honestly as it happened, and both failure and success are recorded. Sheep hunters know that success is by no means guaranteed when trying to find an old specimen of these elusive, shy, and wary mountain animals. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn’t, and if it doesn’t, you need to try again. Here the reader will find a series of Central Asian trips for high-elevation hunting that is only for the strongest and fittest. Oxygen is scarce, conditions are difficult, and the shots are sometimes impossible. As Pepe discovered, however, in the end it is all well worth the journey.

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Song of the Summits. Yuren's. Song of the Summits. Yuren's.

Jesús Yurén’s book is a hymn to the great love of his life: mountain hunting. A master of sheep and ibex hunting, Yurén is one of only a handful of men who has hunted in practically all the mountains of the earth, from Alaska and Mexico to China, Mongolia, and Russia. Accumulating a North American Grand Slam as well as a super slam of sheep, he has hunted just about every variety of wild sheep and goat in the world. Starting in 1972 with a desert bighorn, he continued for...

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Obsessed. Golabchi. Obsessed. Golabchi.

At Safari Press we have only published a few sheep hunting books in the past. However, those few have been by most standards the best sheep hunting books published in the last forty years. And we are adding one more, this time by Soudy Golabchi. There is no person we know of who has hunted in the Pamirs for Marco Polo more than Soudy. Besides having numerous poli over 60 inches, he has hunted sheep in just about every conceivable place on earth, and he holds a number of world records as well as numerous top-ten heads. Soudy has close to 100 wild sheep hunts to his name, and once you have reached such a phenomenal number you can only write a book about the most interesting hunts and the highlights of your career. Whether it is the North American Grand Slam of Sheep, the huge argali rams of Central Asia, or the urials of his native Iran, Soudy has hunted them all as well as most ibex and chamois. This is a phenomenal story of a single-minded obsession that has taken the author more than four decades to fulfill.

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Another Rifle Another Land. Jones Another Rifle Another Land. Jones

by Dr. J. Y. Jones
J. Y. Jones’s first book, One Man, One Rifle, One Land, was a book of note, and the fact that we have reprinted it three times is a sure sign of success in book publishing. Now in his follow-up book (his thirteenth book), he ventures beyond North America to hunt the big game of Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific. And no, there is no African hunting. Yet the variety of game being hunted is enormous, and this is a fact that few people realize—Asia rivals Africa in numbers of species of game animals.
The book is organized by game categories and starts with high-altitude game such as chamois, Asian and European ibex, bezoar, tur, and tahr. Practically all the animals in the book are free ranging, and all but a few come from their native range when they are available there. For those who like sheep and sheep hunting, included are two chapters on snow sheep, three on argalis, three on mouflon, three on urials, and two on blue sheep. That should be enough to keep any reader going for many long evenings of leisurely entertainment.
There is not just one subspecies of each game animal included, but sometimes several. For example, the chamois and ibex sections alone contain five chapters each, and every chapter deals with a separate subspecies. Using a similar format to One Man, One Rifle, One Land, this tome includes natural history and background; good quality photos of the animals in their habitat; and the icing on the cake, his own hunting experiences with each particular animal. As before, this new work by Dr. Jones is exhaustive in its scope.
This book, of course, is more than just a comprehensive survey of mountain game. Included are the giant red stags and maral, the two subspecies of roe deer, the small miniature deer such as water deer and muntjac, and all the sizes in between. There are 18 chapters covering the various deer categories, and that is without including Asian and European reindeer and moose, which add another four chapters. Next up is an array of gazelles, and then we have the wild cattle, bears, wolves, and boars. In all J. Y. Jones has collected 118 varieties of big game without ever having hunted in Africa, a feat never accomplished by anyone else, as far as we can discern.
If you like a good, thick book that features diligent background research, well-executed color photos, and a lifetime quest by one person for the major game animals around the world, you will greatly enjoy this book. We at Safari Press believe this book is not likely to be equaled, let alone surpassed, for a very long time.

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Wind, Dust, and Snow II. Anderson Wind, Dust, and Snow II. Anderson

Robert Anderson knows his sheep and Caprinae and has spent a lifetime gathering modern and historic photos and stories about the world's most coveted game animals. (He, himself, is also a hunter of mountain game.) In this, his second book on Asian mountain game, he has pulled out all stops: The book is filled to the rim with contemporary photos of great argali, urial, mouflon, blue sheep, markhor, tur, and ibex that will make every mountain-game hunter worldwide get an elevated heart rate! Also included are great modern and historical stories about unbelievable hunts that will be the envy of every sheep hunter alive. Complementing these stories are two detailed historical chapters on Marco Polo sheep hunting that sets conventional thinking on its head. It turns out that immediately after World War II several individuals managed to penetrate the Pamirs in search of fabled Marco Polo rams, even though most think that Asian hunting wasn't opened until decades later.
Anderson takes a long and hard look at Elgin Gates shikars to Asia. It was Gates's 1959 hunt for Marco Polo that made the hunting world sit up and take notice, although he and his companion Herb Klein were by no means the first hunters after World War II to obtain this sheep. Several large mysteries surround Gates and this hunt, which is not surprising since Gates himself wrote at least five versions of this account. What Anderson discovers is fascinating.
Another larger than life sheep hunter is Art Dubs, and Anderson devotes a lengthy chapter on Dubs's mountain hunting career in Asia. Love him, like him, or hate him, Art Dubs was one hell of a determined sheep hunter and arguably the most accomplished sheep hunter of them all.
Then there is a chapter on Al Means, a quiet and self-effacing man, whose accomplishments rank alongside the two others.
A famous sheep hunter once said, "All sheep hunters are crazy!" No one is likely to dispute that notion after reading about hunting at altitudes that make breathing a seriously belaboring activity and getting a mature old ram or billie a virtual impossibility because of the steepness of the terrain and the intelligence of the quarry. Even given these environmental and physical obstacles, each year a handful of individuals persists and climbs the highest mountains on earth to seek trophies that are almost impossible to get. The pages of this book reveal a sheep- and goat-hunting paradise for those intrepid enough to scale the rooftops of the world. Magnificent photos and engaging text take you to this place.

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Great Rams 111.  Anderson Great Rams 111. Anderson

Avid sheep hunters and conservationists have long anticipated the next book in the franchise series Great Rams by Robert Anderson. The latest installment honors the traditional format of its predecessors, and, again, the book features high-quality production, paper, and printing. The content is classic Great Rams fodder: stories of legendary sheep hunts and hunters, colorful photographs, features on historic trophy areas and conservation efforts, and a look at yesterday's-and today's-sheep hunter.

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