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455 Webley No 1 Revolvers. #9. Skennerton. 455 Webley No 1 Revolvers. #9. Skennerton.

.455 WEBLEY No. 1 REVOLVERSSkennerton
Soft cover, 11¾ x 8¼ in., 48 pp, 60+ illust.; photos, assembly & pattern drawings, thread-sewn binding, laminated cover, 1997. ISBN 0 949749 30 3.
A ready comparison of the various marks of Webley service revolvers with interchangeability charts of parts between Mks 1 - VI. An invaluable reference for owners of the .455 Webley revolvers, for maintenance or restoration.
(SAIS #9)

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The British Bulldog Revolver. Layman The British Bulldog Revolver. Layman

THE BRITISH BULLDOG REVOLVER; The Forgotten Gun that Really Won the West
George Layman
Generations of Hollywood Westerns have led us to believe that the Colt Single Action Army was the "Gun That Won the West." But could the real honors belong to an inexpensive, yet powerful pocket revolver that is only now beginning to be appreciated by historians and collectors? In this long-awaited new collector's guide, noted author George Layman tells us the true story behind these diminutive, yet devastating, weapons. Perhaps ten times as popular as the Colt and Smith & Wesson combined, "British Bull Dog" revolvers were first introduced by Philip Webley & Co., but were soon duplicated by the American gun manufacturing giant Forehand & Wadsworth and countless Belgian copyists. Far from being uninteresting and identical, these pistols exist today in almost limitless variety. Learn how to identify rarities and valuable variations, including prices that should be expected for each type. Also, learn which models were carried most in the West by riverboat gamblers, soiled doves and gold miners. Even "Billy the Kid" might have packed one! So while the gun may have "British" in its name, the story is all American - and one that has remained untold until now. Introduction by renowned author Norm Flayderman.

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Webley Air Pistols : Their History and Development. Bruce Webley Air Pistols : Their History and Development. Bruce

Despite a long history of involvement in the design and production of firearms, the Birmingham firm of Webley & Scott is probably better known to the general public for its manufacture of airguns than for any other product. Until now, there has been no published reference that concentrates exclusively on the history and development of Webley air pistols. This book has been prepared to offer a comprehensive guide for all those interested in the subject and who appreciate the traditional British craftsmanship entailed. It embraces all models based upon the same initial patent, which were produced between the years 1924 and 1999, commencing with the original 'Mark 1' and progressing through twelve other models to the final 'Webley Tempest' introduced more than half a century later. In addition to the pistols themselves, there are sections of the book relating to pellet styles and various shooting accessories produced by the same company. The whole work is divided into twenty-two sections, the text being accompanied throughout with 226 original photographs and over 70 line illustrations, each of which has been prepared by the author.

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British Single Shot Rifle. Webley, Kynoch & Eley. Winfer British Single Shot Rifle. Webley, Kynoch & Eley. Winfer

Webley, Kynock & Eley
Wal Winfer
The sixth volume of the series covers the Webley company, its history and the companies that were combined to make the firm. Also covered in detail are the rifles produced: the Scott-Field Webley-Wyley, Model of 1897 and the famous Model of 1902. Webley was, during the late 1800s and early 1900s the largest British manufacturer of sporting arms. This is not widely known because Webley was a wholesale maker and most of their production carries a retailer's name. This story and the various models, of single shot rifles that Webley produced will be studied in detail.
The remaining sections of this volume cover a little know rifle, the Ingram-Coster of 1897 of which only one is known. The history of the two major makers of British ammunition. Eley and Kynock as well as their activities and developments from black powder days, through Cordite and its problems and the development of Nitro for black loads comprises the balance of the book. Also included is a large section devoted to additional information and corrections of material covered in the previous five volumes.

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Webley and Scott Automatic Pistols. Bruce. Webley and Scott Automatic Pistols. Bruce.

This book is not intended as an historical review of the Webley & Scott company, nor is it a summary of all the products which have emerged from that factory over the past decades. Rather, it is the story of one man whose tenacity and dedication enabled him to reach the top of his profession. William John Whiting created the first automatic pistol to be successfully produced in Britain and became responsible for a whole family of weapons manufactured by the Webley & Scott firm between 1900 and 1925. Recognition for his achievements in the field of gunmaking is long overdue. It is hoped that this book, plus the many fine examples of Webley & Scott automatic pistols held by collectors and museums all over the world, might serve as an acknowledgement of his work.

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Webley Solid Frame Revolvers RICs, MPs & No 5 Webley Solid Frame Revolvers RICs, MPs & No 5

Reveals long rumored, but never before seen, Webley revolvers. New info on Webleys sold to police agencies before the RIC. Reveals Webleys chambered for cartridges like the .44 Russian. 1404 color images; 9x12 inches, 320 pgs.
With over 1400 images and thorough text, this book provides new research on the Webley RIC, MP, and No. 5 revolvers, revealing examples never before seen in print. Includes new information on Webleys purchased by police agencies prior to the RIC models. Covers Webley production from 1864 to 1938. Early Webley models used a wide variety of frames from different firms, giving the impression the company produced firearms in greater numbers than they did. A number of Webley's miscellaneous solid frames are also included, along with a discussion of military purchases of solid frame Webley revolvers, and displays of Webley loading tools, cartridges, cartridge boxes, the 1903 catalog, and previously unknown caliber offerings. This book is an absolute must for all dedicated firearms collectors and dealers.

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Webley Solid Frame Revolvers, Nos 1, 1 1/2, 2, Bull Webley Solid Frame Revolvers, Nos 1, 1 1/2, 2, Bull

Photos & thorough text bring to light detailed info on these often elusive, solid-frame, short-barreled handguns. Cartridges, cartridge boxes, & loading tools are featured with a scale of relative rarity & numerous appendices. A must for all who are passionate about historical firearms. 814 Color photos; 9x12 inches, 320 pgs.
Popular from the late 19th through the early 20th centuries, the British Webley Pug & Bull Dog revolvers, manufactured by P. Webley & Son of Birmingham, provided security for many at home or concealed in coat pockets. Over 800 photos & thorough text bring to light detailed information on these often elusive, solid-frame, short-barreled handguns. Many models were previously unknown, such as the ring trigger .22 No. 2 & the Silver & Fletcher No. 2 Bull Dog.
Includes Belgian & other English makers of the Tower Bull Dog, the Scott, Tranter Bulldog, & the Greener No. 5. Cartridges, cartridge boxes, & loading tools are featured with a scale of relative rarity & numerous appendices. This book is a must for all who are passionate about historical firearms.

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Webley Air Rifles 1925-2005. Thrale Webley Air Rifles 1925-2005. Thrale

Webley Air Rifles" comprises a comprehensive history of all the air rifles made by the company between 1925 and 2005; from the introduction of the Mark 1, right through to modern pre-charged guns such as the Venom Viper. Beyond dealing with the rifles themselves, this book also covers the circumstances under which the early rifles were introduced, together with information as to how and why they were subsequently developed in the way they were. It also examines the myriad of fascinating accessories produced to complement the Webley air rifle, together with a chapter discussing the various promotional aids and advertising material used. All these artefacts are supported by colour photographs, some of which have never been published before. This is a book not just for those who collect Webley air rifles, but for anyone interested in how one of England's greatest firearms manufacturers introduced a fascinating range of air rifles and accessories, the popularity of which is still great after some eighty years of production.

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Webley Revolvers. Bruce, Reinhart Webley Revolvers. Bruce, Reinhart

This book is second hand and is in good condition. Mylar covered with creases. Binding tight.

256 pages, b/w illus from photographs and drawings. A major revision of Dowell's original work with new photographs and drawings. A highly respected work.

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