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Tan Your Hide. Hobson Tan Your Hide. Hobson

Make your own handcrafted leather vests, hats, belts, and wallets! This in-depth guide shows you everything you need to know to successfully tan and work with furs and leathers. With practical advice on selecting appropriate hides, tanning tools, chemicals, and making your own dyes, Phyllis Hobson also provides an overview of basic leatherworking techniques and easy-to-follow patterns for a variety of fun projects. Discover how easy, enjoyable, and cost-effective it is to craft your own beautifully unique and durable leather products.

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Home book of Taxidermy and Tanning  Grantz Home book of Taxidermy and Tanning Grantz

All the basics for turning out successful taxidermy and tanning projects. Step-by-step instruction s are easy to follow and fully illustrated.

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The Complete Guide to Traditional Taxidermy. Reed. The Complete Guide to Traditional Taxidermy. Reed.

Here in one comprehensive source are all the age-old instructions for correctly mounting all kinds of game, from birds and deer to fish and beyond. The Complete Guide to Traditional Taxidermy will show you the pleasure of performing taxidermy work for yourself and the profit to be gained in performing the art for others.
The authors’ thirty-five years of experience support every explanation and detailed instruction as they break down what it takes to be a collector, properly use the tools of the trade, and clean, skin, and mount a wide variety of game. Inside are all the original instructions for handling game from start to finish, including sections on mounting heads, fish, and reptiles, tanning skins, collecting and exhibiting insects and eggs, using tools and gathering materials, selecting eyes and wires, and much more.
Complete with hundreds of illustrations, there’s no better foundation for the beginning home taxidermist.

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Home Taxidermy for Pleasure and Profit. (Illustrated Edition). Farnham Home Taxidermy for Pleasure and Profit. (Illustrated Edition). Farnham

"Home Taxidermy for Pleasure and Profit," by Albert Farnham, is a guide for those who wish to prepare and mount animals, birds, fish, reptiles, etc., for home, den, or office decoration. Though first published in the early 1900's, "Home Taxidermy for Pleasure and Profit" contains a wealth of information that will be helpful to those learning taxidermy, as well as experienced taxidermists, today. Chapters include: "History of the Art," "Outfit-Tools and Materials," "Preservative Preparations & Formula," "Panels, Shields, and Natural and Artificial Mounts," "Field Work, Collecting," "Skinning and Preserving Skins," "Making Scientific Skins," "Preparing Dry and Wet Skins for Mounting," "Mounting Small and Medium Birds," "Mounting Large Birds," "Tanning, Cleaning, and Poisoning Skins," "Making Animal Fur Rugs," "Fur Robes and How to Make Them," "Mounting Entire Small Animals," "Mounting Large Animals," "Mounting Heads of Small Animals, Birds and Fish," "Mounting Heads of Large Game," "Mounting Horns and Antlers," "Mounting Feet and Hoofs," "Mounting Fish," "Mounting Fish - Baumgartel Method," "Mounting Reptiles, Frogs and Toads," "Skulls and Skeletons," "Sportsmen's Trophies," "Odds and Ends, Taxidermy Novelties," "Groups and Grouping," "Animal Anatomy," "Casting and Modelling," "Market Trophy Hunting," "Collecting and Mounting for Sale," and "Prices for Work." This edition is nicely laid out (as opposed to a facsimile edition), and includes the many (more than 100) useful black and white illustrations offered in the original edition. A great book for taxidermists and anyone interested in learning more about taxidermy.

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The Complete book of Tanning Skins and Furs. Churchill The Complete book of Tanning Skins and Furs. Churchill

The finer points of tanning with background information on the necessary tools and equipment. Photos; 6x9 inches, 224 pgs.

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Taxidermy.  Turner Taxidermy. Turner

From style wilderness to height of cool, taxidermy has staged an extraordinary comeback. No longer confined to stately homes, stuffed animals are appearing everywhere from modern apartments to luxury department stores. High-profile artists have rejuvenated the medium and museums have dusted down their historic collections and put them back on display. Illustrated with stunning photography that explores this rich art form, past and present, this title is the most comprehensive and beautiful survey of taxidermy ever produced.

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A Naturalist's Life Study in the Art of Taxidermy. Ward. A Naturalist's Life Study in the Art of Taxidermy. Ward.

Rowland Ward. London. - 1913 pp227. Frontispiece photograph portrait, b/w plates. Original pictorial cloth gilt. Corners slightly knocked, slight use but a very good copy. Rowland Ward's own telling of the story of the famous firm of taxidermists, originally printed for private circulation. It is believed that as few as fifty copies of the first edition were produced. Chapters include; some random collections; progress and development of the business - Wardian furniture, famous domestic animals, the mounting of groups; interesting specimens and new discoveries - various specimens (1872-1894), elephants, antelopes, tigers, white rhinoceri, giraffes and okapis, various specimens (1895-1900); wardi; various specimens (1901-1912); some noted big-game sportsmen; author and publisher, scientific collections acquired, presentations to museums, etc.

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