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The Luger Snail Drum and Accessories for the Artillery Luger.  Sayre The Luger Snail Drum and Accessories for the Artillery Luger. Sayre

The ultimate guide to Artillery Luger accessories. Includes everything: holsters, snail drums, stocks, pouches, loading tools, sight adjusting tools, dust covers, etc. An amazing amount of material is presented on the exotic Snail Drums used with this pistols, including all manufacturers and models. Serial number data too! Heavily illustrated and coated paper. Every Luger collector should own this essential new reference.

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Luger. The Story of the Worlds Most Famous Handgun. Walter. Luger. The Story of the Worlds Most Famous Handgun. Walter.

An accessible one- volume study of the development, manufacture and use of the Luger pistol he elegant but menacing silhouette of the Luger is immediately recognisable. It is the only gun of its type to have entered modern folklore. Nearly two million had been made by the end of World War I and it was still being manufactured in the dying days of the Third Reich in 1945. This is the most comprehensive one-volume guide to the world's most famous pistol: a simple history not overly complicated by technical details. This is an updated edition designed to appeal to collectors and more general military historians. This edition will include a foreword by Reinhard Kornmayer, one of the world's leading Luger historians. AUTHOR: John Walter has been writing military history books since 1968 and has published more than 50 books, translated into 11 languages. He is a regular contributor to key military journals including 'Guns Digest', 'Gun Collector's Digest', 'Shooter's Bible' and 'The Armourer'. He is one of the world's best-known authorities on guns of the twentieth century. The author had a toy Luger as a child. SELLING POINTS: Classic history of the most iconic weapon of World War II The pistol's complete 100 year history Well-illustrated guidebook intended for use by both collectors and enthusiasts Brings the Luger's manufacture up to the present day with the unveiling of the 'American Eagle' model made by Mitchell Arms 16pp mono, 80 b/w illustrations.

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The Luger P.08 Vol.1: The First World War and Weimar Years. Guillou. The Luger P.08 Vol.1: The First World War and Weimar Years. Guillou.

The first of two volumes on the legendary P.08 Luger (Pistole Parabellum), this illustrated book presents the design, manufacturing, and development of the various models from 1900 through the Weimar Republic period of the 1920s. Adopted by the Swiss in 1901 and then by the German army, the Luger would remain in service until the beginning of World War II and see use in the postwar East Germany, as well as many other nations throughout the world. Details include close-up views of markings, as well as a serial numbers list, and a visual breakdown of the weapon. Accessories such as magazines, ammunition, holsters, and cleaning kits are featured throughout the book, as well as rarely seen combat-related uniform and equipment items.

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Luger Tips. Reese Luger Tips. Reese

Revised edition by Michael Reese II. One of the most comprehensive books on Lugers currently in print. Revised and expanded with much new data including information on the Borchardt, Commericial, DWM, Military & Swiss models. Chapters on the history of the Parabellum pistol and its inventor, George Luger, shooting the Luger, and leather goods and accessories for this popular handgun. Softcover, color cover, 120 pages.

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9MM Parabellum. A History of the Worlds 9MM Pistols & Ammunition.  Konig, Hugo 9MM Parabellum. A History of the Worlds 9MM Pistols & Ammunition. Konig, Hugo

The world’s 9mm weapons are covered in this detailed volume, showing the variety of weapons and ammunition in the 9mm format from Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, France, Italy, Israel, Austria, Poland, South Africa, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and the United States.Among the famous makes covered are the Mauser, Walther, Llama, the various Berettas including the models now used in the American Armed Forces, the UZI, Colt and Smith & Wesson. Over 500 photographs, including detailed interior shots, and numerous line drawings makes this book ideal for the collector and enthusiast.

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Lugers at Random. C Kenyon Lugers at Random. C Kenyon

Lugers At Random is a great place to start. It describes the basic differences in models and types and shows side by side photographs to help clarify them. It has disassembled guns with individual part names and a brief section on Proof Marks (6 pages). Then it goes right into photographs of Luger pistols. The Accessories chapter of the book is thin compared to what is available for the Luger. Same with the Proof Marks. Also there is no history of the Luger in the book. Of course that is not what this book is designed for. Also the title sums it up pretty well, Lugers at random. There is not much order to this book at least not to a beginner. Once you have learned your Lugers, the ordering makes sense.

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The Luger Pistol. Datig. The Luger Pistol. Datig.

Secondhand VG Cond. 2 X scuff marks on dust jacket
The Luger Pistol (Pistole Parabellum) Its History and Development - Monograph II: The German Military Pistols 1904-1930

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The Parabellum is Back! 1945 - 2000. Baudino & Van Vlimmeren The Parabellum is Back! 1945 - 2000. Baudino & Van Vlimmeren

Pistols, accessories, archives, blue prints. A must have book for Luger Collectors! 700 color & B&W photos; 560 pgs.
Pistols, accessories, archives, blue prints, all in a 560 page book with over 700 photographs, in full color with some vintage black & white images. A must have book for Luger Collectors.

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The Luger Pistol. Datig The Luger Pistol. Datig

Secondhand, G Cond.
"Here at long last is a book relating for the first time the complete and authentic story behind the most famous automatic pistol of all times -- Luger, Parabellum, P - 08. On these pages will be found a wealth of little - known and heretofore unpublished facts dating from the early days of the Borchardt, predecessor of the Luger, to the Walther P - 38 which finally superseded it

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Simson Lugers. Tinker, Johnson. Simson Lugers. Tinker, Johnson.

1 of 100 Deluxe Leather Edition
Embossed card on fly page with Authors Signatures.

This book is intended for an expert collector or historian who wants details about the Simson Luger, a gun manufactured predominantly between World War I and World War II in Germany. The authors are themselves collectors and they have amassed a catalog of information on this weapon; the strengths of the books are the extensive digital photos, including close-up images of gun markings, e.g., serial numbers, and the story of the Simson Company, drawn from diverse sources. Another strong point is an even-handed discussion of controversial issues, such as the origin and purpose of some Simson Luger stamps. The weakness of the book is that it is written only for fellow collectors and others familiar with the jargon. Because some important terms are undefined, the novice has to consult other sources for background material. This quibble aside, this book is the most comprehensive to date about this slice of gun history. Amateur experts and collectors often express their intention to "write-the-book" about their given specialty and here we see the results from two men who made good on that promise. 200 PAGES

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Borchardt & Luger Automatic Pistols. Gortz, Sturgess. Borchardt & Luger Automatic Pistols. Gortz, Sturgess.

The book is entitled The Borchardt & Luger Automatic Pistols: A Technical History for Collectors from C93 to P.08, and it is written by Joachim Görtz and Dr Geoffrey Sturgess. Herr Görtz was a German collector (sadly passed away a few years ago) who had written a landmark book on the Luger in German, and Dr. Sturgess is an Englishman (now residing in Switzerland, where he can maintain his collection) who has to our knowledge the most comprehensive collection of Lugers and contemporary early automatic pistols in the world. Between these two figures, you can reasonably expect an impressively comprehensive book…and they have not disappointed.
The book is actually a 3-volume set with nearly 2000 pages, all glossy and loaded with excellent color photos. DVD NOT Included.

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Imperial Lugers and their Accessories. Vol lV. Still Imperial Lugers and their Accessories. Vol lV. Still

Covered in detail are the Army and Navy Lugers of Imperial Germany, their holsters, magazines, loading tools, cleaning rods and literature. For the first time these accessories are related to the Luger variations with which they were originally issued. Unit marked Lugers issued to infantry, riflemen, machine gun crews, cavalry, combat engineers, artillery crews, air ships, railway crews, munitions columns, Army staff, Kaiser's Headquarters, ambulance units and the III Seebattalion are described with photographs and related World War I battle scenes. Also covered are Lugers used by Germany's ally, Bulgaria, and the Lugers tested by the U.S. Army that influenced the Luger design adopted by the Germany Army in 1908. Over 55 Luger variations are described with 460 photos and battle scenes. Replaces all previous references on DWM and Erfurt Lugers.

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