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Inglis Diamond. The Canadian Highpower Pistol. Law Inglis Diamond. The Canadian Highpower Pistol. Law

Inglis Diamond - The Canadian High Power Pistol
by Clive M Law
Deluxe First Edition, 2001
312 pages, 379 illustrations
During World War II the Ordnance Division of the John Inglis Company of Toronto, Ontario became one of the largest ordnance factories in the British Empire, occupying a floor area of nearly one million square feet.
Among its many highly specialised products, critically important to the Allied war effort, were approximately 150,000 examples of the excellent 9mm Inglis Browning High Power pistol, contracted initially for the Nationalist Chinese.
From the collector's standpoint, the Inglis Browning High Power is an ideal subject for study. It was Canada's first (and indeed only) mass-produced handgun, in production for a very brief span of time and consequently made in relatively few numbers. Nevertheless, Inglis pistols exist in four basic model/marks, within which can be found a complex and often bewildering variety of markings, some of which have never been satisfactorily explained to this day.
This well-researched new title, designed as a companion volume to R Blake Stevens' classic The Browning High Power Pistol, sheds more light than ever before on the robust, reliable Inglis Browning, which has provided over half a century of sterling service in numerous armies and still remains the officially adopted sidearm of the Canadian Forces.

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Browning Arms and History. West Browning Arms and History. West

Black Leather cover with Gold Embossed Title on Spine and Cover 2nd edition,

Complete Browning History from 1831 (forerunners) , J M Browning Patent Arms, F N, Browning Co to Date.

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FN Browning. 100 Years of Sport and Military Firearms. Francotte, Gaier. FN Browning. 100 Years of Sport and Military Firearms. Francotte, Gaier.

Secondhand, some slight scuffing to dustcover. G Cond.

This is one the best books to have been written about the FN-Browning industry. Early photographs show the company installation at the beginning. High quality photographs show some of their best firearms and other items that were manufactured in their facility

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The Browning High Power Automatic Pistol. Stevens The Browning High Power Automatic Pistol. Stevens

An in-depth chronicle covering over ninety years of High Power history, beginning with John M. Browning's original 16 shot prototypes of 1922. Profusely illustrated with rare original photos and drawings from the FN Archive to describe virtually every sporting and military version of the High Power. The numerous modifications made over the years to the basic design are accurately arranged in chronological order, to aid in dating any FN High Power to within a few years of its production. Includes a full chapter on the WWII Canadian made Inglis Browning High Power.
The First Edition of this popular book appeared in 1984, and over the years it has been reprinted numerous times. The expanded 1990 edition contained 30 new pages on the interesting Argentine selective fire (PB a Ráfaga), the FN ’K3' and BDA9 pistols, plus FN's revolutionary P90 5.7x28mm Personal Defence Weapon, an Index, and more.
This 2014 Limited Edition reprint includes everything from previous printings plus a further brand new, full colour 12 page section covering events such as the 1973 establishment of the FN Viana sporting arms assembly facility in Portugal, and High Power models introduced in more recent years, such as the FN .40 calibre HP, the apparently unauthorised Indian MK IA (clone) of the Inglis No. 2 Mk. I* pistol produced by RFI (Rifle Factory Ishapore), and the Bulgarian ARCUS 9mm High Power copy.

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The Belgian Browning Pistols. 1889-1949. Vanderlinden. The Belgian Browning Pistols. 1889-1949. Vanderlinden.

"The Belgian Browning Pistols is the first work of its kind to concentrate on the early Browning pistols and the many contract variations. The work is the product of years of research and collaboration between the author, collectors, European museums, ministries and the factory.The book includes the 1899 compact, 1899 Large, 1900, 1903, Grand Browning, 1910, 1922, Grand Rendement, and High Power pistols. Licensed copies like the 1907 Husqvarna and Inglis High Power pistol are also included. Most of this work is set up chronologically to facilitate study. A photographic chapter on holsters was also added to further aid collectors."

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