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The Basics of Shotgun Shooting The Basics of Shotgun Shooting

(HANDBOOK ONLY) This handbook on shotgun shooting is one in a series of NRA publications on the basics of shooting. It is the student text for the Basic Shotgun Shooting Course and includes such topics as how your shotgun works, ammunition, selecting a shotgun, safety, caring for your shotgun, the fundamentals of shotgun shooting, a look at the opportunities of shooting.

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Layne Simpsons Shooters Handbook Layne Simpsons Shooters Handbook

For more than 20 years, while writing Shooting Times' very popular Questions & Answers column, Layne Simpson accumulated an extensive archive of valuable shooting information. Drawing on this and other bodies of work, he has created one of the most interesting and educational books available to shooters, hunters and gun collectors: Layne Simpson's Shooters Handbook.
Organized into six categories - rifles, handguns, cartridges, shotguns, reloading and optics - the book features more than 600 questions from active shooters and hunters on a huge range of topics, as well as over 100 photos to help illustrate key points. Published in a handy, portable format, this book is sure to become the gun enthusiast's favorite reference and will be referred to again and again. Readers will find answers to questions such as:
-What is the maximum range of inline muzzleloaders?
-How much should I compensate when shooting uphill and downhill?
-Will the 44 magnum work on moose?

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Sharpshooters: Marksmen Through the Ages. Yee Sharpshooters: Marksmen Through the Ages. Yee

From the Middle Ages on the most precise shooters have been employed as marksmen or sharpshooters, and equipped with the best available weapons. The German states made the first serious use of sharpshooters on the battlefield during the Seven Years War. Some of these talented riflemen were then employed as mercenaries in America, where the tactical use of the rifle in wooded terrain was valued. By the Revolutionary Wars, American riflemen were formidable, able to blend into the landscape and take out targets at long range. Their potential was noted by the British who began to train rifle units; during the Napoleonic Wars, the Green Jackets were the elite of the British army. The mid-19th century saw the advent of mass-produced high-quality firearms, and the development of optical sights, meaning that the units of sharpshooters raised in the Civil War were even more lethal. In World War I the press coined the term 'sniper' at a time when accurate German rifle fire was terrorising the British trenches, leading to the creation of dedicated snipers and developments in weapons technology, sniper training and counter-sniping that has continued ever since.

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Practical Markmanship. M. M. Johnson. jr. Practical Markmanship. M. M. Johnson. jr.

Most gun people know about Melvin Johnson from the M1941 Johnson rifle he designed with his company, Johnson Automatics, as a competitor to John Garand's more successful design. Few realized that he was also a serious marksman involved in formal competition shooting.

As the name implies, Practical Marksmanship is an overview of real world field and military shooting with rifles and machine guns. While not directed specifically at competition shooting, it derives influence from the competition world, as does all high level marksmanship. Noted in the chapter, "Target Practice and the Combat Training of the Soldier":
"Target practice, properly conduced over a sufficient period of time and with correct psychological approach, is the most efficient, the most practical, and the most valuable means of creating military character, or 'Fighting Heart.' "
Johnson goes from there and give guidance for making elevation and windage corrections at unknown ranges, engaging with snap shots, against moving targets, and gunnery with machine guns. Overall, this is a fairly complete, yet concise, book on field shooting I've read to date.

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Hunters Guide to Long Range Shooting. Zwoll Hunters Guide to Long Range Shooting. Zwoll

Hunters Guide to Long Range Shooting
Determine your maximum effective range under a variety of conditions
Tips on range estimation, rangefinders, and wind-doping
How temperature and elevation influence bullet travel
If you are hunting wary prey with a strong sense of smell on terrain with long site lines, you probably aren't going to get many close-up shots. Learning how to shoot your rifle accurately and consistently from a long range is the only way you are going to have success in the field. Hunter's Guide to Long-Range Shooting explains all the variables involved in the science of shooting from long distances. Early chapters explore the colourful history of shooting, and sections on technical subjects such as ballistics are written in plain English that can be easily understood by even the most casual shooter. The book gives a detailed overview of rifles and ammunition, sights and scopes, and includes extensive ballistics tables with data on cartridges for deer and elk at various distances. From choosing barrels, bullets, and sights to understanding optics, you'll be prepared for that shot you always thought was impossible. And you'll make it.

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Gun Book For Boys. Calabi Gun Book For Boys. Calabi

Calabi, Silvio, et all
This book is aimed at young readers interested in guns and shooting but who have no firearms mentors and don't know where to begin. Thoroughly illustrated with drawings and photos, it defines firearms terms, provides hands-on advice about using and maintaining guns, and explains aspects of shooting that range from historic target matches to military sniping. When the reviewer at Safari Press started reading it, he found himself drawn into the facinating history of the various action types...

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Guns the Right Way. Introducing Kids to Firearm Safety and Shooting. Luciano Guns the Right Way. Introducing Kids to Firearm Safety and Shooting. Luciano

Regardless of age, every child can benefit from learning about gun safety. Whether you want to introduce your child to firearms for hunting or sport – or simply ensure that he or she knows how to be safe around firearms – this is the book for you !

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Ballistic Allsorts. Thompson Ballistic Allsorts. Thompson

Ballistic Allsorts is, as the name implies, the compilation of an assortment of topics centred around the theme of the ballistics of small arms, with a separate chapter devoted to each such topic.
With over half a century of professional, sports and competitive shooting behind him, Ian is well qualified to offer his readers this book. During his career as a ballistician, Ian has worked on trouble-shooting and product-improvement programmes for a variety of existing weapons systems and on research into possible future systems, as well as running the ballistic consultancy service, Baltec. This accumulation of experience, together with his lifelong interest in the 'hows, whys and whens' of shooting allows him to cover the field with an unusual depth of understanding.

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Sight Alignment, Trigger Control & The Big Lie. Owens. Sight Alignment, Trigger Control & The Big Lie. Owens.

NEW Updated 7th Edition The power-packed book that helped hundreds of shooters improve their groups and scores, some by as much as forty or fifty points. Written by Master Sergeant Jim Owens, his 20+ years of Marine Corps Shooting Team experience will give you the skills and insights to excel in any type of rifle competition. Jim’s book covers the core basics, in-depth as only he can. With his tips you will master breathing, natural point of aim, sight alignment, sight picture, focus and trigger control. Includes additional sections on mental conditioning, marking your sights, zeroing, normal come ups, light effects, damage to the crown, care in cleaning, throat erosion and way more. Jim's advanced theory section has been praised by High Masters and numerous National level competitive marksmen. This updated edition includes a new extra chapter on "Analyzing Groups". Revised and updated as of 2013, this new version is a must-have for every student of shooting.

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Beyond Expert. Buol Jnr. Beyond Expert. Buol Jnr.

The Department of Defense spends millions on ammunition and facilities, but motivated teenagers on top junior shooting teams can often outshoot military-trained snipers and special-operations personnel. This doesn't mean soldiers can't shoot, only that many levels of skill beyond qualification are possible. Military marksmanship traces its roots back to competition-shooting programs. The ratings on skill badges retain the same names as classifications; however, the skills have diverged greatly. As warfighting has become ever more complex, some base skills, like marksmanship, have declined.
In this book, three-time All-Army Champion, distinguished marksman with both rifle and pistol, and small-arms instructor Sergeant First Class John M. Buol Jr. proves that with thoughtful practice even a shooter—military or civilian—qualifying as "expert" can develop a threefold increase in shooting skill. The training is simple, requiring a minimum outlay of equipment, expense, and time, but the results are staggering. Not hyperbole or a careless boast, these methods will teach you how to precisely measure marksmanship ability and develop a 300- percent jump in skill.
Beyond "Expert": Tripling Military Shooting Skills will help maximize your skills in any marksmanship endeavor and allow you to triple your weapon skills beyond "expert" qualification.

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Make Every Shot Count. Olmsted. Make Every Shot Count. Olmsted.

We all like to think we are pretty good with a rifle in the field. But we all have limits. Of course, most of us can punch holes in the ten-ring off the bench, but conditions on the range differ greatly from real life. And it's not too difficult for most of us to make an 80-yard shot from a solid rest in the field. But when that big mule deer appears at the head of the canyon 250 yards away, when your rifle is buffeted by a monster cross-wind...

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The Ultimate in Rifle Precision: Whelen The Ultimate in Rifle Precision: Whelen

Good cond, some bumping to corners,
The Ultimate in Rifle Precision:
Covering Bench Rest, Target, Varmint and Hunting Rifles, Their Ammunition and Their Use

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Clay Pigeon Shooting. Yardley. Clay Pigeon Shooting. Yardley.

Yardley has created a remarkable history of clay pigeon shooting. His work starts with the very first competitive shoots using live pigeons, and then it tracks the development of the glass ball target, the rise of the great trick shooters such as Annie Oakley, the birth of the Olympics, the history of the royal family and clay pigeons, and the use of clay pigeons by Second World War fighter pilots to hone their skills in knocking down moving targets. It's more than just a history of a sport from its very beginning to right up to the modern day. It's a tale of a civilization and how society has treated its best shooters. We see that in the late nineteenth century clay pigeon shooters were the most highly regarded sportsmen of all; then there were decades when the sport was ignored; and now, today, shooting stands on the cusp of a staggering new popularity. It's not just a good history; it's a great read. Includes profiles of Bogardus, Carver, Annie Oakley, and many of the early luminaries of live pigeon and target shooting.

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The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters. Miller, Cunningham. The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters. Miller, Cunningham.

The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters
The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” — William Arthur Ward
Readers often ask us: “Is there a decent, easy-to-comprehend book that can help my wind-reading?” Many of our Forum members have recommended The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters by Linda Miller and Keith Cunningham. This 146-page book, published in 2007, is a very informative resource. But you don’t have to take our word for it. If you click this link, you can read book excerpts and decide for yourself. When the Amazon page opens, simply click the book cover (labeled “Look Inside”) and another screen will appear. This lets you preview the first few chapters, and see some illustrations.
Other books cover wind reading in a broader discussion of ballistics or long-range shooting, such as Applied Ballistics for Long-Range Shooting by Bryan Litz. But the Miller & Cunningham book is ALL about wind reading from cover to cover, and that is its strength. The book focuses on real world skills that can help you accurately gauge wind angle, wind velocity, and wind cycles.
All other factors being equal, it is your ability to read the wind that will make the most difference in your shooting accuracy. The better you understand the behavior of the wind, the better you will understand the behavior of your bullet. — Wind Book for Rifle Shooters

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Shooting WW2 Small Arms. Venturino Shooting WW2 Small Arms. Venturino

Shooting World War II Small Arms
Mike Venturino
Mike's new book is one of the most comprehensive books available on WWII firearms. While most books cover the history behind the firearms and how they performed in battle, they stop there. Mike covers all that plus shooting these old firearms today. He also has worked up reloading data for these firearms, some of which is only available in this book. If you love WWII era firearms or own one, this book will help you learn more about it and show you how you can shoot it today.

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