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Hunters Guide to Long Range Shooting. Zwoll Hunters Guide to Long Range Shooting. Zwoll

Hunters Guide to Long Range Shooting
Determine your maximum effective range under a variety of conditions
Tips on range estimation, rangefinders, and wind-doping
How temperature and elevation influence bullet travel
If you are hunting wary prey with a strong sense of smell on terrain with long site lines, you probably aren't going to get many close-up shots. Learning how to shoot your rifle accurately and consistently from a long range is the only way you are going to have success in the field. Hunter's Guide to Long-Range Shooting explains all the variables involved in the science of shooting from long distances. Early chapters explore the colourful history of shooting, and sections on technical subjects such as ballistics are written in plain English that can be easily understood by even the most casual shooter. The book gives a detailed overview of rifles and ammunition, sights and scopes, and includes extensive ballistics tables with data on cartridges for deer and elk at various distances. From choosing barrels, bullets, and sights to understanding optics, you'll be prepared for that shot you always thought was impossible. And you'll make it.

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Lady Death. Pavlichenko. Lady Death. Pavlichenko.

Lyudmila Pavlichenko was one of the most successful – and feared – female snipers of all time. When Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa in June 1941 she left her university studies to join the Red Army. Ignoring offers of positions as a nurse she became part of Soviet Russia’s elite group of female snipers. Within a year she had 309 confirmed kills, including 29 enemy sniper kills.
Renowned as the scourge of German soldiers, she was regarded as a key heroic figure for the war effort and, in 1942, on Stalin’s personal orders, she travelled as part of a Soviet delegation to the West, fundraising in Canada, Great Britain and the USA. Dubbed ‘Lady Death’, she spoke out about gender equality in the Red Army and made the case for the USA to continue the fight against the Nazis in Europe. The folk singer Woody Guthrie wrote a song about her exploits – ‘Miss Pavlichenko’ – and she visited the White House, where she formed an unlikely but long-lasting friendship with Eleanor Roosevelt.
In November 1942 she visited Coventry and accepted donations of £4,516 from Coventry workers to pay for three X-ray units for the Red Army. She also visited a Birmingham factory as part of her fundraising tour.

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On Patrol with the SAS. Sleeping with Your Ears Open. McKay On Patrol with the SAS. Sleeping with Your Ears Open. McKay

Experience what it was really like on patrol with Australian SAS in the jungles of Borneo and Vietnam.
On Patrol with the SAS takes the reader into the heart and soul of the men of the Australian Army's Special Air Services Regiment. It provides a clear insight into the rigours of the SAS selection process, training for war in Papua New Guinea, then in graphic and sometimes raw and brutal detail into combat behind enemy lines in Borneo and South Vietnam.
'It is an engrossing soldier's story. One in which the qualities of the men, their mental, physical and psychological toughness together with their superb battlecraft, essential for operating in small teams isolated in the enemy's backyard, emerge as the key components for their success in these two conflicts.' Brigadier Rod Curtis, AM, MC (Retd)
'McKay has done what few other authors writing about the SAS achieve. He debunks the myths and lets the men who served in the Regiment tell it as it was. My children ask me what it was like to serve with the SAS in South Vietnam: I will give them this book to read.' Brigadier Chris Roberts, AM, CSC

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Sniping in France Hesketh-Prichard Sniping in France Hesketh-Prichard

The crack-shots of the war in the trenches Military historians have always been interested in the activities of snipers. For the uninitiated, there is something romantic about the lone marksman, far away from the security of his lines and his comrades, who lies camouflaged and still until the opportunity arises to strike down one of the enemy. It is a lonely and perilous way to make war and requires an individual not only possessed of great weaponry skills, but one with the mental fortitude to execute his task. For the enemy, death, coming swiftly and unseen from an unknown quarter, is a terrifying and demoralising prospect. We know much of the snipers of modern times, armed with their high powered and technical equipment, but the 'bolt from the blue' is as old as warfare itself. Kipling told it well in his poetry when he wrote, 'two thousand pounds of education drops to a ten rupee jezail.' This book concerns the snipers of the British Army as they operated in France during the First World War. It is an excellent book written by an author with first hand experience. The reader is taken through activities at the first Army School of Scouting, Observation and Sniping and the principles of sniping as they applied to the trench warfare. The author describes the genesis of sniping as the British Army went to war and includes many first hand accounts and often amusing anecdotes of the activities, snipers and observers operating between the battle lines at the height of the conflict. Recommended for all those interested in the Great War.

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Stalkers and Shooters. An Oral History of Military Snipers. Dockery. Stalkers and Shooters. An Oral History of Military Snipers. Dockery.

Since the Revolutionary War, long-range riflemen have held a place of reverence and awe in the public's imagination. Their stories are the stuff of legend. And their history is still being written-in places like Afghanistan and Iraq, and in civilian law enforcement. Here are their stories, their traditions, their techniques, and their tools.

Most importantly, readers will learn about sniping from the experts themselves: military snipers from all branches of the service, as well as civilian police and SWAT snipers. Capturing the suspense and action of the hunt, the words of these men will draw readers into the close-knit world of one of the most lethal weapons the world has ever seen.

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One Shot Kills. History of Australian Sniping. Wahlert, Linwood. One Shot Kills. History of Australian Sniping. Wahlert, Linwood.

A sniper is not just a good shot. While marksmanship is crucial, it is not this alone that defines the sniper. Snipers must also be superb bushmen, possess limitless patience, iron discipline, rat cunning, extraordinary stamina and attract more than their share of luck. The well-trained sniper will stalk his enemy or lie in wait for his target to appear. He will eliminate his target with just one shot and escape to repeat his mission time and again. The history of the Australian Army is replete with untold tales of brave men who built reputations as daring and skilful snipers. From the training grounds of the Boer War and First World War, Australian snipers honed their deadly skills and earned a fearsome reputation. In the Second World War they duelled with their German counterparts in the Western Desert and the hardy Japanese snipers of the Pacific War. The valuable lessons of two major wars had to be relearned for the Korean War where ‘naïve young men who knew nothing of combat sniping’ learned quickly or didn’t survive.
The snipers of today’s Australian Army have learned the lessons of history and are held in the same high regard by friend and foe as their Gallipoli forebears. Snipers have become an essential force multiplier and have deployed on every operation since Somalia. One Shot Kills is the story of the sniper’s journey from the South African veldt to the recent battlegrounds of Iraq and Afghanistan. It is also the story of the development of the modern sniper’s combat weapon system in which technology has been harnessed to produce extraordinary results on the battlefield. Australian Army snipers are justifiably regarded as among the best in the world.

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Sniper One on One: The World of Combat Sniping. Gilbert. Sniper One on One: The World of Combat Sniping. Gilbert.

For the ordinary soldier, modern warfare is an impersonal business over which he has little direct control, where as for the sniper it is a deadly one-to-one confrontation. The sniper usually operates alone, sometimes having to wait motionless for hours, or even days, before he fires his shot. This study examines the technical aspects of sniping in detail, looking at the historical background as well as the role of the sniper in such recent conflicts as Vietnam, the Falklands and the Gulf War.

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SAS and Elite Forces Guide: Special Forces in Action. Stilwell. SAS and Elite Forces Guide: Special Forces in Action. Stilwell.

From the Gulf War to the invasion of Iraq, via the war in Afghanistan, the search for war criminals in the Balkans, drug baron hunting in South America, hostage rescues in Africa, and the counter-terrorist initiatives since 9/11, the book brings the reader full details of the often clandestine and varied roles of the world’s elite soldiers.
In 1991, Coalition forces were active deep inside Iraq, hunting down SCUD missiles and their launchers before they could be fired. In 2011, special forces were responsible for the assassination of the world’s most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden. In the intervening 20 years, elite military formations played an increasingly important role in the policing of the modern world.

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Beyond Expert. Buol Jnr. Beyond Expert. Buol Jnr.

The Department of Defense spends millions on ammunition and facilities, but motivated teenagers on top junior shooting teams can often outshoot military-trained snipers and special-operations personnel. This doesn't mean soldiers can't shoot, only that many levels of skill beyond qualification are possible. Military marksmanship traces its roots back to competition-shooting programs. The ratings on skill badges retain the same names as classifications; however, the skills have diverged greatly. As warfighting has become ever more complex, some base skills, like marksmanship, have declined.
In this book, three-time All-Army Champion, distinguished marksman with both rifle and pistol, and small-arms instructor Sergeant First Class John M. Buol Jr. proves that with thoughtful practice even a shooter—military or civilian—qualifying as "expert" can develop a threefold increase in shooting skill. The training is simple, requiring a minimum outlay of equipment, expense, and time, but the results are staggering. Not hyperbole or a careless boast, these methods will teach you how to precisely measure marksmanship ability and develop a 300- percent jump in skill.
Beyond "Expert": Tripling Military Shooting Skills will help maximize your skills in any marksmanship endeavor and allow you to triple your weapon skills beyond "expert" qualification.

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Guns & Ammo Guide to Sniping: A Comprehensive Guide to Guns, Gear, and Skills Guns & Ammo Guide to Sniping: A Comprehensive Guide to Guns, Gear, and Skills

The Guns & Ammo Guide to Sniping is packed with a wealth of valuable information compiled by the foremost firearms writers today. A vast range of topics is covered in these articles, including:
Unusual shooting positions
The US Army’s XM2010
The sniper’s ultimate “one gun”
Modern reticles
Temperature effect
Distance shooting for police
Ballistics for beginners
And much more!
Discover tried and true tips, tactics, and techniques from the pros along with guidance on buying gear and firearms from experts including Caylen E. Wojcik, Tom Beckstrand, Todd Hodnett, and Jeff Hoffman. The Guns & Ammo Guide to Sniping has everything you need to know about sniping!

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The Complete History Of The SAS: McCrery. The Complete History Of The SAS: McCrery.

The Full Story of the World's Most Feared Special Forces.
There have been many books written on the SAS, most telling of individual events in the Regiment's history. This book tells the full story, from formation in the sand dunes of Africa in World War II to present action in the Middle East. You'll get an inside look at modern selection and training and the combat engagements that have made the SAS one of the most feared and respected special forces units.

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Down Range Data. Falin Down Range Data. Falin

This is a guide to extreme long rang shooting with your “Buffalo Rifle” written by William T. Falin, Jr. This book is targeted toward the demographic of Black Powder Cartridge Rifle shooters, aficionados of the Sharps , Winchester Hi-Wall and Remington Rolling Block rifles and indirectly to shooters with similar interests such as Cowboy Action Shooting. Contains background information on the development of the cartridges used in these rifles and chronicles the process of data collection resulting in this book. The famous shot made by Billy Dixon at the second battle of Adobe Walls is central to the creating of this book and is examined in detail. Given is specific guidance in the use of the vernier sights commonly used on such rifles, recommendations regarding both black and smokeless propellant usage, ballistic tables and much more

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The Sniper Encyclopedia. Walter. The Sniper Encyclopedia. Walter.

The Sniper Encyclopaedia is an indispensable topic-by-topic guide to a fascinating subject.
This beautifully illustrated, comprehensive volume covers virtually any aspect of sniping. The work contains personal details of hundreds of snipers, including not only the best-known, world-renowned marksmen such as Vasiliy Zaytsev and Chris Kyle, but also many crack shots whom history generally overlooks. Among them are some of more than a thousand Red Army snipers, men and a surprising number of women, who amassed dozens and even hundreds of kills in the ferocious fighting of World War II’s Eastern Front. Some of the best-known victims of snipers are identified, and the veracity of some of the most popular myths is explored.
The book pays special attention to the history and development of the many specialist sniper rifles – some more successful than others – that have served the world’s armies since the American wars of the nineteenth century to today’s technology-based conflicts. Attention, too, is paid to the progress made with ammunition, without which, of course, precision shooting would be impossible. The development of aids and accessories, from optical sights to laser rangefinders, is also considered.
Finally, The Sniper Encyclopedia examines places and specific campaigns – describing the ways marksman have influenced the course of the individual battles and the locations which have played a crucial part in the history of sniping.

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Eastern Front Sniper: The Life of Matthäus Hetzenauer. Kaltenegger. Eastern Front Sniper: The Life of Matthäus Hetzenauer. Kaltenegger.

Eastern Front Sniper is a long overdue and comprehensive biography of one of World War II’s most accomplished snipers.
Mathäus Hetzenauer, the son of a Tyrolean peasant family, was born in December 1924\. He was drafted into the Mountain Reserve Battalian 140 at the age of 18 but discharged five month’s later.
He received a new draft notice in January 1943 for a post in the Styrian Truppenübungsplatz Seetal Alps where he met some of the best German snipers and learned his art.
Hetzenauer went on to fight in Romania, Eastern Hungary and in Slovakia. As recognition for his more than 300 confirmed kills he was awarded on the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on April 17, 1945.
After nearly five years of Soviet captivity Mathäus Hetzenauer returned to Austria on January 10, 1950. He lived in the Tyrol's Brixen Valley until his death on 3 October of 2004.

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The White Sniper: Simo Hayha. Saarelainen. The White Sniper: Simo Hayha. Saarelainen.

Simo Hayha (1905-2002) is the most famous sniper in the world. During the Winter War fought between Russia and Finland in 1939 - 1940 he had 542 confirmed kills with iron sights, a record that still stands today. He has been a role model for snipers all over the world and paved the way for them by demonstrating their significance on the battlefield. Simo Hayha was a man of action who spoke very little, but he was hugely respected by his men and his superiors and given mnuany difficult missions, including taking out specific targets. Able to move silently and swiftly through the landscape, melting into the snowbound surroundings in his white camouflage fatigues, his aim was deadly and his quarry rarely escaped. The Russians learned of his reputation as a marksman and tried several times to kill him by indirect fire. He was promoted from corporal to second lieutenant and he was awarded the Cross of Kollaa. For sniping Simo Hayha only ever used his own m/28-30 rifle. Eventually his luck ran out and Simo received a serious head wound on March 6, 1940, though he subsequently recovered. After the war Simo Hayha lead a quiet, unassuming life in farming and forestry.His roots were deep in the Finnish soil and he loved life in rural Finland. A true patriot, he epitomized the traits of a professional soldier, performing his duty and setting an example of bravery that personified the Finnish spirit when confronted by the Russian onslaught. The White Sniper fully explores Simo Hayha's life, his exploits in the Winter War, the secrets behind his success including character and technique, and also includes a detailed look at his rifle itsel

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SOG. A Photo History of the Secret Wars. Plaster. SOG. A Photo History of the Secret Wars. Plaster.

This is the companion photo history to SOG: The Secret Wars of American's Commandos in Vietnam. In 1972 the U.S. military took steps to ensure that such a book could never be printed by destroying all the known photos that existed of the top-secret Studies and Observations Group. But unknown to those in charge, SOG veterans brought back with them hundreds of photographs of SOG in action and kept them secret for more than three decades. More than 700 irreplaceable photos bring to life the stories of SOG legends Larry Thorne, Bob Howard, Dick Meadows, George Sisler, "Q" and others, and documents what really happened deep inside enemy territory: Operation Tailwind, the Son Tay raid, SOG's defense of Khe Sanh, Hatchet Force operations, Bright Light rescues, HALO insertions, string extractions, SOG's darkest programs and much more.

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