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The Basics of Shotgun Shooting The Basics of Shotgun Shooting

(HANDBOOK ONLY) This handbook on shotgun shooting is one in a series of NRA publications on the basics of shooting. It is the student text for the Basic Shotgun Shooting Course and includes such topics as how your shotgun works, ammunition, selecting a shotgun, safety, caring for your shotgun, the fundamentals of shotgun shooting, a look at the opportunities of shooting.

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Shooters Guide to Shotgun Games.  Sisley Shooters Guide to Shotgun Games. Sisley


Expert instruction and clay breaking how-to

The truth about shooting a moving target

Extensive coverage of the best shotguns for the games

Reloading tips for serious shooters

Whether you want to improve your skills, find your next shotgun or just settle in for a good read, this is the book for you!

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Straight Shooting : With A Special Guide To Duck Hunting. Pollard. Straight Shooting : With A Special Guide To Duck Hunting. Pollard.

Softcover, G Cond, 4th Edn
Straight Shooting : With A Special Guide To Duck Hunting,

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Instinctive Shooting. The Making of a Master Gunner. Fawcett Instinctive Shooting. The Making of a Master Gunner. Fawcett

Learn to point and shoot like a pro. After a number of years and extensive research into shooting methods, Fawcett rediscovered his talents through a technique called “Instinctive Shooting.” Practical and hands-on, the book covers such topics as determining your dominant eye, achieving proper shotgun fit, how to correct point and shoot, selecting equipment, practice regimens, mounting, and much more. 150 color Illus; 224 pgs.
More Information:
Here, point and shoot.” These words from his father propelled Buz Fawcett’s shooting success as a child, gaining him a number of High Gun awards at local trap clubs by the time he was fourteen. Because of his success, his father awarded him his grandfather’s Model 1912 Winchester, which he mastered, even though it “kicked the whey” out of him.
However, his amazing shooting abilities as a kid didn’t follow him into adulthood. Fawcett entered into what he calls his “Dark Ages” of shooting after accepting an associate editor position at Sports Afield in New York City, where he had to read and edit what other gunmen were writing about shooting techniques. Eventually, he took a position as editor of Guns & Ammo magazine, located in California. He soon found himself in a position where he could shoot as much as he liked.
This research and a lot of practice finally led to teaching a workshop on instinctive shooting to help others become adept at this miraculous “point and shoot” method. Instinctive Shooting is Fawcett’s guide for other gunmen, describing exactly how and what needs to be done to achieve the ultimate shooting instincts.

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Handbook of Shooting the Sporting Shotgun. Basc Handbook of Shooting the Sporting Shotgun. Basc

Designed for newcomers to sporting shotgun shooting, this Handbook of Shooting has much to offer more experienced shots, too. It covers shotgun safety, the basic rules of gun handling in the field, while travelling and at home; it examines the parts of the shotgun and their respective functions in some detail, as well as cartridges, and discusses the effective ranges of both in relation to particular quarry; it outlines the law as it relates to shooting, possession of guns, the game seasons, the schedules of protected birds, landownership and sporting rights; it discusses specific aspects of the sport - roughshooting, game shooting and wildfowling. It also includes chapters on behaviour in the field, the role of gundogs, the part played by gamekeepers in habitat and game management; it has a comprehensive section on quarry species and their identification illustrated in full colour.

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Complete Guide to 3-Gun Competition. Adams Complete Guide to 3-Gun Competition. Adams

Hot guns and hotter action, that's what you get and more in The Complete Guide to 3-Gun Competition, by the master of the craft himself, 3-Gun Nation's own Chad Adams. This explosive, high-octane sport is setting the world of shooting sports on fire. Now, with The Complete Guide to 3-Gun Competition, novices and experts alike have an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the match design kings, the wildly wonderful guns and gear, and the hot-shot accuracy superstars that are thrilling crowds everywhere. Inside you'll find: The fascinating history behind the sport, from its not-so-humble beginnings with the controversial Soldier of Fortune organization to the bright lights and big money payouts of today's championship shoot in Las Vegas and the rockin' TV show that are introducing an entirely new crowd of X-tremers to the sport. Gun and gear highlights that cover the minimalists to the custom works and novel inventions bringing new meaning to the term "speed shooting." Highlights from the first two years of the sport in front of the camera, the thrilling coverage that is 3-Gun Nation, rocking TV consoles everywhere on the NBC Sports Network. And more! Maybe you've dabbled in IPSC, IDPA, and the other sports that came before 3-Gun. Or maybe you've never even heard of "speed shooting" but wondered if there was more to you and your guns than punching holes in paper. Either way, The Complete Guide to 3-Gun Competition will have you hooked. Game on!

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Move, Mount, Shoot. Bidwell Move, Mount, Shoot. Bidwell

Sporting clay shooters are constantly striving for consistency. Move, Mount, Shoot describes the maintained lead method, an easily learned technique. which will help both novice and expert alike achieve spectacular results. The book also examines the importance of mental preparation,. and includes advice on choosing a gun and equipment. Move, Mount, Shoot is the only comprehensive manual of this winning technique. AUTHOR: John Bidwell is a leading shooting instructor who has had immense success at national and international level, and won the prestigious World FITASC Sporting Crown in 1988.

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Clay Pigeon Shooting. Yardley. Clay Pigeon Shooting. Yardley.

Yardley has created a remarkable history of clay pigeon shooting. His work starts with the very first competitive shoots using live pigeons, and then it tracks the development of the glass ball target, the rise of the great trick shooters such as Annie Oakley, the birth of the Olympics, the history of the royal family and clay pigeons, and the use of clay pigeons by Second World War fighter pilots to hone their skills in knocking down moving targets. It's more than just a history of a sport from its very beginning to right up to the modern day. It's a tale of a civilization and how society has treated its best shooters. We see that in the late nineteenth century clay pigeon shooters were the most highly regarded sportsmen of all; then there were decades when the sport was ignored; and now, today, shooting stands on the cusp of a staggering new popularity. It's not just a good history; it's a great read. Includes profiles of Bogardus, Carver, Annie Oakley, and many of the early luminaries of live pigeon and target shooting.

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Advanced Competition Shotgunning. Forehand Advanced Competition Shotgunning. Forehand

"Advanced Competition Shotgunning" describes advanced techniques in competition shotgunning specifically in the areas of Olympic Trap, Double Trap, Helice (ZZ-birds), Box Birds, and Columbaire (hand-thrown pigeons).
If you are an experienced shooter who wants to improve and win more competitions, this book is for you. It deals not only with the physical aspects of the game, but the mental aspects of winning. The book will allow you to analyze and prepare yourself for your own game.

This is an enjoyable book, complete with the following sections:
Table of Contents
23 “Steps” for better shooting
Specifics on Olympic Trap, Double Trap, Helice (ZZ-birds), Box Birds, and Columbaire
Practice Techniques
Psychology of Winning
Rules of the Game (the five games)
Some good stories
Glossary & Index.....
"Advanced Competition Shotgunning" introduces a formalized shooting method to increase scores and to win tournaments. It is not written for the hunter or field shooter - the beginner or novice. It is written for the experienced shooter to improve competition scores specifically in the disciplines described - even if you have shot for many years. This formal shooting method will help you become a better shot.

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Live Pigeon Trap Shooting. Adams. Live Pigeon Trap Shooting. Adams.

Houston’s Cyril Adams is one of the most influential figures in the revival of interest in British guns—particularly hammer guns and those with Damascus barrels—that swept America in the 1980s and ‘90s. During the period he owned London’s Atkin Grant & Lang (1984-1999), Adams resuscitated the once-great maker and aided by the expert tutelage of Ron Solari produced some of the finest sporting shotguns made in Britain during that time. In 1996, along with co-author Robert Braden, Adams published Lock, Stock & Barrel, which remains one of the best single-volume primers on the principles and methods of best quality British gunmaking.

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