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The Sash Hook Smith and Wesson Revolvers. Whittington lll, Gabel The Sash Hook Smith and Wesson Revolvers. Whittington lll, Gabel

This is a loose manuscript written by Robert A Whittington lll and Kolman A Gable analysing the inclusion of the Sash Hook for the Russian Army on the S&W revolvers.
Pages stapled at the top left.
Sold individually.

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Smith and Wesson Handguns. Mchenry, Roper. Smith and Wesson Handguns. Mchenry, Roper.

This is a facsimile of the book originally published in 1945 entitled Smith & Wesson Hand Guns by Roy McHenry and Walter Roper about the history of Smith and Wesson Revolvers.

For years this was the standard reference work for the Smith and Wesson revolver aficionado, and it is easy to see why. This book contains a comprehensive treatment of Smith and Wesson revolvers from the founding of the company all the way through World War II.

The book is divided into three distinct sections; the story of Smith and Wesson, illustrations of Smith and Wesson revolvers, and detailed descriptions of Smith and Wesson revolvers and their changes through the years.

The story of Smith and Wesson spans over 130 pages and contains the complete history of the company and its developments up to WWII. The illustration section contains over 40 pages of photographs of various models of Smith and Wesson revolvers. The description section contains written details of every Smith and Wesson revolver developed through 1945, including notes about frames, barrels, bolts, hammers, etc. for each model.

Whether you are an avid Smith and Wesson collector or just looking to learn more about one of America’s greatest manufacturing companies, this book will be a valuable addition to your library.

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Standard Catalogue of Smith and Wesson Standard Catalogue of Smith and Wesson

Second hand, 1st Edn
Excellent condition, slight creasing to dust jacket, no tears

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Standard Catalogue of Smith and Wesson 3rd Edn Standard Catalogue of Smith and Wesson 3rd Edn

Collectors of Smith & Wesson products cannot be without this book! More than 775 models of guns and variations produced by Smith & Wesson since 1857 are completely listed accoRding to model and year of manufacture with accurate, updated prices in up to five grades of condition. Production and historical notes provide important background data for determining rarity.
Many models found in this book are not found in other firearm-pricing guides making this the most comprehensive list of Smith & Wesson products and prices available. The finest Smith & Wesson collectibles are showcased in sixteen full-color pages.
- Lists more than 775 models of guns manufactured since 1857
- Includes a range of serial numbers for each year of manufacture
- Complete list of all Smith * Wesson products with prices
- Provides production and historical notes for determining rarity.

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History of Smith & Wesson . Jinks. History of Smith & Wesson . Jinks.

Second Hand, 7th edn, GC, ex Neil Speed library.

History of Smith & Wesson Roy G Jinks
The Smith & Wesson Historian, Roy G. Jinks carefully details the evolution of the company and, step-bystep, describes the development of each of their firearms from 1852 through and including 1977. Facts,
production information, and data on variations and modifications fo all post-1945 Smith & Wesson firearms.
Information necessary to every S&W gun collector.

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History of Smith & Wesson . Jinks. History of Smith & Wesson . Jinks.

History of Smith & Wesson Roy G Jinks
The Smith & Wesson Historian, Roy G. Jinks carefully details the evolution of the company and, step-bystep, describes the development of each of their firearms from 1852 through and including 1977. Facts,
production information, and data on variations and modifications fo all post-1945 Smith & Wesson firearms.
Information necessary to every S&W gun collector.

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Smith and Wesson. 1857 - 1945. Neal, Jinks. Smith and Wesson. 1857 - 1945. Neal, Jinks.

434 pp., illus. Acknowledged as the bible for the S&W collection.Tells the story of the most exciting period in the development of American handguns in a readable text, complimented by nearly 400 b/w photos. This is a quality reprint of the second edition, previously out-of-print for many years.

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Magnum. The S&W .357 Magnum Phenomenon. Mullin Magnum. The S&W .357 Magnum Phenomenon. Mullin

MAGNUM - The S&W .357 Magnum Phenomenon
by Timothy J. Mullin
Deluxe First Edition, 2012
282 pages, 224 illustrations, 138 in color

Today, the most sought-after versions of the Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum revolver are the pre-war Registered and non-registered models, and these are given pride of place in the first 16 of this book's 24 chapters, plus a detailed, 28-page serial number Database.
The .357 Magnum was the result of the two-pronged development of a new revolver and a new cartridge. The .38 S&W Special cartridge was developed to counter the shorter, weaker .38 Colt round, which was the government issue handgun cartridge at the turn of the 20th century.
Then in 1929 the Colt .38 Super automatic threatened the long-established popularity of the .38 Special M&P revolver as an arm of choice for law enforcement. This led to the introduction of a pair of new .38 caliber S&W revolvers called the Heavy Duty and the Outdoorsman's, both built on the massive N frame used for the .44 Hand Ejector series, and firing a more powerful cartridge called the “.38/44 S&W Special”.
The next step was a cartridge with even more pressure, velocity and power, which could well have been hazardous to fire in ordinary revolvers. The solution was to lengthen the .38 Special case by 1/10", resulting in a new round which was christened the .357 Magnum. The N-frame 357 Magnum revolver was announced, with deliveries beginning on April 8, 1935.
Coverage of the modern S&W .357 Magnums begins with the rare post-war long-action “transition” model. The new short-action Magnum was introduced in 1950, and numbers replaced names in 1957, the Magnum becoming the Model 27. K-frame Model 19 “Combat Magnums” were introduced in 1956; the first stainless steel Magnums in 1970; the new stronger L-frame Magnums in 1981; and finally, Magnums with cylinders made of titanium and frames made of exotic scandium-aluminum alloy. Today, tiny lightweight J-frame Magnums are available, weighing well under a pound.
Custom Magnums from the S&W Performance Center, and some interesting Magnums of other makes, both domestic and foreign, are also discussed and depicted.

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Smith & Wesson Sixguns of the West. Chicoine. Smith & Wesson Sixguns of the West. Chicoine.

SMITH & WESSON; Sixguns of the Old West
David R. Chicoine
Whether your interest is in martially marked examples or the colorful guns that won the West, this is the book for you. Both collectors and shooters will agree that the level of detail is unprecedented, including many hundreds of technical drawings and close-up photographs showing the very markings and features that are discussed in the text. This is the kind of hands-on, useful guide that will be your constant resource...a true, standard reference on all aspects of these fascinating sixguns. No one with an interest in historical firearms can afford to be without it. This is the story of the revolvers that made Smith & Wesson's reputation on the frontier, the battlefield and the shooting range...and no detail is left out.
In this indispensable guide you will find
~ The exciting history of these intriguing revolvers
~ A complete mechanical description
~ Comprehensive identification guides
~ Illustrations of all the parts
~ Instructions for disassembly, reassembly and maintenance
~ Extensive hints for shooting and reloading
~ Instructions for gunsmithing and repair
~ Ammunition specifications

The Schofields, The Americans, The Russians, The New Model #3s, and The DAs.

Our Price: $100.00
Standard Catalogue of Smith and Wesson. 4th Edn. Supica, Nahas. Standard Catalogue of Smith and Wesson. 4th Edn. Supica, Nahas.

In this highly-anticipated, detailed revision of a classic work, authors Jim Supica and Richard Nahas present a fully annotated identification and price guide to the world of Smith & Wesson - revolvers, semi-autos, shotguns, rifles, military arms and other collectibles. If it says "Smith & Wesson" on it, you'll find it in this exhaustively-researched volume.
New information adds 144 pages to the previous edition, for a grand total of 528 pages of pure Smith & Wesson:
14 new revolver models added since last edition
Dozens of new variations of the M&P pistol
New rifles and shotguns, including many new M&P 15 rifles
Hundreds of detailed, full-colour photos
For fans of Smith & Wesson firearms, this book is a must-have. With listings organised to quickly and accurately identify firearms, and nearly 800 models of Smith & Wesson guns and variations, including many models not found in other firearm-pricing guides, this is the book for Smith & Wesson enthusiasts and collectors.

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Smith and Wesson Revolver. A Shop Manual. Kuhnhausen. Smith and Wesson Revolver. A Shop Manual. Kuhnhausen.

The S&W Revolver: A Shop Manual
S&W Revolver Book CoverThe Kuhnhausen S&W manual was originally published in 1986 and, with introduction of the new 5th edition, is now in it's 19th printing
The new expanded 5th edition S&W manual covers traditionally designed and manufactured pre WWII, post WWII, transitional named model, and later numbered model S&W J, K, L, and N frame hand ejector revolvers manufactured through circa 1996 and includes a new historical section, traditional model listing, and expanded troubleshooting guide. This manual is chock full of new digital photos, principle illustrations, sectional illustrations, graphics, and basic and advanced revolversmithing information. Subjects include, but are not limited to: basic revolver function checks, disassembly, reassembly, parts inspection, parts data, parts fitting and replacement, timing and timing adjustment, ratchet problems and solutions, cylinder and yoke endshake (endplay) remedies, barrel/cylinder clearence, headspace, firing pin protrusion, barrel requalification and replacement, and complete repair and action tuning.
Section III includes basic data on the nontraditional, post 1997 MIM (powdered metal component) S&W revolver models and provides insight into the actual nature of MIM parts. The MIM components shown are examples of new replacement parts and parts from post 1997 S&W revolvers examined by author prior to publication.
Section III also covers things gunsmiths and revolversmiths can do to repair these revolvers and improve function. Complete revolver action rebuilding by discarding the original MIM action parts and fitting and installing Power Custom well heat treated tool steel components is shown and discussed at the end of the section.
Soft cover Bench Edition, 207 pages.

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The K-Frame Revolver. Mullin. The K-Frame Revolver. Mullin.

iinThe K-Frame Revolver - The S&W Phenomenon, Volume II
by Timothy J. Mullin
520 pages, 592 illustrations, most in color
This book is a follow-on to our 282-page title MAGNUM - The S&W .357 Magnum Phenomenon, published in 2012.
Beginning with an introductory thumbnail history of Smith & Wesson, including all the changes in corporate ownership to date, the book follows the K-frame through the decades since its introduction in 1899, with chapters on Developments Prior to World War I; Contemporary Evaluations, taken from the author's extensive collection of early arms-oriented periodicals; The Scourge of "Those Spanish Imitations" during the 1920s; and The Depression of the 1930s, when the first K-22 was introduced. A full chapter on The K-Frame During WWII includes new material on the 9mm Light Rifle, the .38/200 Revolver, made in unprecedented quantities for British and Commonwealth forces (including an experimental 9mm version), and the U.S. Victory Model. The short-lived prewar short-action K-22 "Masterpiece" was introduced, while later, in 1944, a fatal accident involving a Navy Victory Model mandated the crash development of a new, more positive hammer safety.
Demand from police and civilian shooters alike surged in the "K-Frame Boom" after WWII, and many ex-wartime .38/200s and Victory Models were converted for civilian sale, or were specifically marked for issue to police forces in Occupied Germany. New commercial target models and the alloy-frame "Airweight" were introduced, and a little-known copy of the M&P was produced in limited numbers in Israel, in 9mm Parabellum caliber.
Numbers Replaced Names in 1957, with the standard M&P leading the way as the Model 10. The Airweight Model 12 was used by the Swedish Air Force, and a special version was produced for the French police with a manual safety on the sideplate. The .357 Magnum chambering was added, first in the Combat Magnum (Model 19) and then in the fixed-sight Model 13. Stainless steel K-frames were introduced in 1970, and the special Model 547, in 9mm caliber, was produced for the French Gendarmerie. Many other recent K-frame models are depicted and discussed, including the Scandium-alloy Model 315 Nightguard.
A multi-chapter Retrospective includes Features of the K-Frame; Competitors of the M&P from U.S. and foreign makers; Famous Users (including, among others, Elmer Keith, Ed McGivern, Herrmann Goring, Col. Rex Applegate, Bill Jordan, and Ian Fleming); Postwar Military Use of the K-Frame, including the USAF M13 "Aircrewman" and military cartridges and accessories; Unusual Variations and Rarities, including some spectacular engraved examples; Custom Features (stocks, sights, barrels, revolver safeties, etc.); and Commercial Accessories (ammunition, holsters, boxes and cases). The book concludes with a Bibliography and a comprehensive Index of this book and our earlier title MAGNUM.

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Smith and Wesson American Model Smith and Wesson American Model

An amazing compilation of data about the S&W American, including historical background, U.S. army and Navy experiments and purchases, civilian and foreign government use, accessories and ammunition. Also covers the exotic Russian contracts and the various models of the S&W #3. contains a wealth of previously unpublished archival information, including a staggering array of historically identified pistols and serial number ranges for rare types. A priceless asset!

Our Price: $120.00
Serious Smith and Wesson. N and X Frame Revolvers. Mullin. Serious Smith and Wesson. N and X Frame Revolvers. Mullin.

NEW! Serious Smith & Wessons
The N- and X-Frame Revolvers:
The S&W Phenomenon, Volume III

by Timothy J. Mullin

Serious Smith & Wessons is the third volume in our ongoing series on S&W revolvers. The series began with in 2012 with our 282-page title MAGNUM - The S&W .357 Magnum Phenomenon, followed in 2013 by the 502-page Volume II, titled The K-Frame Revolver. In order to facilitate reference within the series, the chapter, page and figure numbers run sequentially throughout all three volumes.

We begin with the small series of pre-production N-frame prototypes chambered for the rimmed-case version of the experimental Frankford Arsenal "Model 1906" .45 caliber cartridge, known at the factory as the ".45 S&VV Special". These were followed by another pre-production N-frame series of twelve .44 Special "Club Guns".

The First Model .44 Hand Ejector (the "New Century" or "Triple Lock"), introduced commercially in 1908, has long been considered by many to be "the finest double-action revolver in existence".

In 1915 the Triple Lock was superseded by the Second Model Hand Ejector, which did away with the third locking feature and the enclosed ejector rod. Most of these were procured for military use during WWI, in the British and Canadian ".455 Government Model" configu¬ration, or as the .45 ACP U.S. Model 1917.

The Third Model (the "Model of 1926") resurrected the distinctive ejector rod housing, and formed the basis for N-frames chambered for the beefed-up .38 Special High Velocity (.38/44) cartridge and the .357 Magnum, introduced during the nineteen-thirties.

The story continues with the military use of the Model 1917 during WWII, followed by the introduction of the new short-action N-frames (circa 1950), and the .44 Magnum, introduced in the mid-1950s.

Mention of the .44 Magnum and the later .41 Magnum, developed in 1963, introduces Elmer Keith, who was a main driving force behind both programs. From the March, 2015 auction of items from the Elmer Keith Estate we depict a number of Keith's personal N-frames, as well as his highly-modified "Number Five", the ultimate Colt Single Action.

The watershed change from model names to numbers was announced in 1957, and the firm has since introduced an ever-increasing array of new N-frame models, many constructed from stainless steel and lightweight, space-age alloys.

Most recently the N-frame lineup has been augmented by the bone-crushing S&W .460 and .500 Magnums, built on the mammoth stainless steel X-frame, the firm's largest.

Serious Smith & Wessons concludes with a comprehensive Index of all three volumes in the series.

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