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Mauser Rifles: An American Rifleman Reprint Mauser Rifles: An American Rifleman Reprint

A collection of articles from American Rifleman magazine (published by the National Rifle Association (NRA), revised in 1992. This softcover book measures 8.5 x 11 inches, with 32 pages, liberally illustrated with black and white photos, charts and detailed illustrations.

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Gun-Guides, Mauser Rifle K98 M48 & All Variants Disassembly & Reassembly. Gun-Guides, Mauser Rifle K98 M48 & All Variants Disassembly & Reassembly.

• Gun-Guides® are the #1 Best Seller and the only current printed manual that includes information on ALL models with up-to-date clear, concise information.
• 16 pages & 30 high-resolution grayscale images.
• Gun-Guides® have a brief history, complete disassembly and reassembly.
Please see our Table of Contents image for this specific Gun-Guide®.
• Easy to use - Comb binding lies open and flat on your work surface.
• Cardstock cover. Bright white paper.

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Swedish Mauser Rifles. Kehaya & Poyer Swedish Mauser Rifles. Kehaya & Poyer

The writing team that brought you "The SKS Carbine" has done it again with the "Swedish Mauser Rifles." One the earliest military surplus imports into North America after World War II, more than 300,000 of these beautiful rifles are now in private American and Canadian hands and another 75,000+ in European gun racks. Yet, only two books have been written about this finest of all Mauser rifles, one in German and the other directed more toward shooters than collectors.
"The Swedish Mauser Rifles" provides the “Fore Collector’s Only” part-by-part examination for every one of the14 different models of this fine military and civilian match rifle. Every marking, every code is explained. A new, first ever list of serial number ranges by year has been compiled. All military and many civilian accessories are included with photos. Line drawings illustrate every part to provide the clearest view. A new color insert provides photos of the various models.
Also included is a discussion of production methods and total rifles produced for each model. Serial numbering is clarified between carbines and rifles (many share the same serial number). Each model is discussed in detail and illustrated with photos.
The target versions of this very fine rifle are analyzed and photographed. A complete discussion of the various sniper rifle models are included (with photos) up to the present PS90 based on the AWS Sniper Rifle. Ammunition types are listed and performance data is included. Appendices discuss production methods and totals produced; the obscure m/39 and /40 rifles, the development of the Swedish arms industry to the present, a short military history of Sweden, the composition of Swedish steel - which did not change from 1894 to the end of production in 1944 - and assembly/disassembly and trouble-shooting. We think this book will be a major contribution to the field of arms collecting.
"The Swedish Mauser Rifles" contains 263 pages packed with information and illustrations and photos. Perfect bound with four-color cover.

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Mauser Rifles and Pistols. Smith. Mauser Rifles and Pistols. Smith.

This is a facsimile of “Mauser Rifles & Pistols” by W. H. B. Smith, originally published in 1958.

This book has been prepared directly from the records of the Waffenfabrik Mauser, from reports and publications by directors of the Mauser Werke A.-G., (Firearms Factory), from the Mauser memorial and records of R. H. Korn, who was Paul Mauser’s personal patent attorney, from the records of Ludwig Loewe and Co. of Berlin who were Mauser partners for many years, and from accounts of the Württembergische Vereinsbank of Stuttgart, financial partners and bankers for Mauser.

All photographs and drawings and all specifications except as noted are from the original drawings, photographs and specifications prepared by the Mauser organization for their official reports or for their international sales organizations.

Wherever possible direct translations from the pertinent German records have been retained in their essence, being expanded, edited and elaborated only where necessary to amplify the original text.

This book, while essentially an historical hand book for gun enthusiasts and for the millions of soldiers who possess European Mauser rifles as trophies, also has a secondary purpose. That secondary purpose is to present a detailed study of the advance of German small arms development through the years, so politicians and economists and statesman will have available an integrated study of one facet of militaristic evolution which has never before been presented.

This book is confined entirely to the facts of the Mauser history and of the arms Mauser developed; but its implications in world affairs are there for any analysts who are in a position to use them.

As a history of the rise and development of the Mauser line of weapons, this work is intended to satisfy all except the ultra-technical.


Countries Using Mauser Rifles

Author’s Note

Historical Foreword

1. The Zündnadelgewehr of Nicolas Dreyse

2. The Mauser-Norris 67-69

3. The Earliest Mauser Rifles

4. Model 71, the First Production Mauser

5. Model 1873 German Army Rifle

6. The Rise of the Repeating Rifle

7. Model 71-84 the First Successful German Repeating Rifle

8. The Development of the French Competition

9. The First Serbian Repeater

10. The 9.5-mm Turkish Mauser

11. Model 88 German Infantry Rifle

12. Model 88 Carbines

13. The Rise of the Mauser Clip Loader

14. Model 1889 Belgian Mauser

15. Operation of the Mauser System

16. Model 1890 Turkish Mauser

17. Model 1891 Argentine Mauser

18. Model 1890 Spanish Mauser

19. Model 1893 Spanish Mauser

20. Gewehr 98., Kar. 98K., Kar. 98K42

21. Miscellaneous Early Mauser Rifles, 1895-1907

22. Description Of Modern Mauser Rifles, 1898-1944

23. Semi-Automatic Mauser Rifles

24. Mauser Sporting Rifles

25. Mauser .22 Caliber Single Shot Rifles

26. Mauser .22 Caliber Repeating Rifles

27. Mauser-Type Rifles

28. Mauser Pistols

29. 9-mm Mauser Military Pistol

30. 9-mm Parabellum Mauser Military Pistol

31. Model 712 Full Automatic, 7.63-mm Mauser

32. Model 06-08 Automatic

33. W.T.P. I, Vest Pocket, 6.35-mm Browning (.25 ACP)

34. W.T.P. II, Vest Pocket, 6.35-mm Browning (.25 ACP)

35. Automatic Pocket, 6.35-mm and 7.65 Browning (.25 and .32 ACP)

36. H Sc Automatic Caliber .32

37. Uncommon Mauser Pistols

38. Luger and P-38’s Manufactured by Mauser

39. Early Mauser Pistols and Revolvers


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Know your Broomhandle Mauser. Berger Know your Broomhandle Mauser. Berger

Know Your Broomhandle Mausers by R. J. Berger.
This out-of-print concise reference guide describes different models and variations of these famous German pistols with information on proof marks, serial numbers, foreign production and copies.
96 pages with B&W photos and exploded view drawings.

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Mauser Military Rifle Markings. 2nd Edn. Lapin Mauser Military Rifle Markings. 2nd Edn. Lapin

Military Markings, 2nd Edition

by Terrence W. Lapin.

This book contains the most complete listing of military markings to be found on any of the dozens of models of Mauser bolt action rifles used by any country in the world, from Argentina to Yugoslavia. The markings are categorized by type, nation, language, numerically and alphabetically. Categories include coats of arms, emblems, German Wartime and Police District codes. All inscriptions, numbers and tests are translated from both Western and non-Western languages.

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Arming the Dragon. Goldsmith. Arming the Dragon. Goldsmith.

Arming the Dragon, Mauser Rifle Production in China 1895-1950 by Dolf L. Goldsmith A detailed study of Chinese Mausers that helps collectors to understand the serial numbers and other markings on these fascinating rifles that were produced at a variety of arsenals throughout China. This is a comb-bound guide rather than a professionally produced book, so do not expect fancy pictures or typesetting. However, this is nonetheless a very useful tool that is simply packed with practical data and is very highly recommended.

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The Mauser 98 Performance Tuning Manual. Watson. The Mauser 98 Performance Tuning Manual. Watson.

The Mauser 98 Performance Tuning Manual
Gunsmithing tips for modifying your Mauser 98 rifle
This book takes the reader through 161 pages and loads of photos of accurizing the classic Mauser 98 battle rifle from A-Z.
Learn about:
History of how the rifle came about!
How to purchase and what to look for in a Mauser 98!
Correct cleaning, maintenance and testing! Stocks, bedding, modifications and after market parts!
Barrel, bolt and action modifications and tuning!
How to perform trigger jobs and replacement performance triggers
Iron sights, optics, after market items and zeroing!
How to choose the right ammunition or hand load for this classic rifle!
Specialised shooting techniques suited to this classic rifle!
Trouble shooting for your Mauser 98!
Special gunsmith techniques and tips to squeeze the most out of your Mauser 98!
This book helps the reader to purchase, clean, restore, tune, modify and compete with this wonderful piece of living history - all at home.
This book unlocks the gunsmithing secrets and special techniques of how to get the most out of this rifle. This book is for the average shooter who wishes to hunt with something classical or surplus, for the sportsman who wishes to compete in historical military service rifle competition, for the collector and enthusiast who simply wants to enjoy the nostalgia and wants to put the modern 'tacticool' shooters to shame!
This book provides the reader with step by step instructions and detailed photographs on how to modify and tune their rifle for standard competition, as well as 'no holds barred' modifications for absolute accuracy.

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History of the Mauser Rifle in Chile: Mauser Chileno Modelo 1895, 1912, and 1935. Nielsen History of the Mauser Rifle in Chile: Mauser Chileno Modelo 1895, 1912, and 1935. Nielsen

As part of its rise as a regional South American power, Chile chose to emulate the highly successful Prussian military system in the last decades of the 19th century. Prior conflicts and the prospect of war with Argentina, which came to a head in the early 1890s, can be seen as the pretext for Chile’s purchase of “Prussian” military equipment, including Mauser rifles and Krupp cannons. This book summarizes important regional events, while also offering a general historical overview of Mauser developments. It will then proceed to expose the particulars of Chile’s Mausers, purchases that resulted in the Model 1895, 1912, and 1935. Also detailed are the technical specifics of each of these three models and the historical events surrounding their acquisition. The result is the first comprehensive attempt at documenting these important artifacts and events, which will, it is hoped, initiate further research into this fascinating topic.

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K98K Rifle, The (Propoganda Photo Series). Vries, Martens. K98K Rifle, The (Propoganda Photo Series). Vries, Martens.

The first volume of the Propaganda Photo Series, a unique series of books on World War II small arms. Each volume covers all essential information on history & development, ammunition & accessories, codes & markings and contains photos of nearly every model and accessory. The most important quality of the Propaganda Photo Series however, is a unique selection of original German World War II propaganda photos, most never published before. The combination of solid information and original photos makes the Propaganda Photo Series the most extensive and reliable source of German small arms"in-use", depicting the weapons and equipment as they were actually used. This book describes and depicts the K98K rifle, the"workhorse" and most important small arm of the German armed forces during World War II. It contains a detailed description of the history, use and accessories of this rifle, but also covers the sniper rifles, rare variants and special accessories as the curved barrel device and the silencers. About the Author Guus de Vries is a historian, specialising in the field of firearms. Thus far, he has written fifteen books on firearms history, mostly together with Bas Martens, and numerous articles for magazines in Belgium, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Russia, the United Kingdom and the U.S.A.

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Mauser M91 - M98 Bolt Action Rifles. Kuhnhausen. Mauser M91 - M98 Bolt Action Rifles. Kuhnhausen.

The Mauser M91~M98 Bolt Actions: A Shop Manual

Mauser M91~M98 Bolt Actions Book CoverThe only really detailed gunsmithing and repair manual on these superb actions ever printed. 100's of crystal clear photos and illustrations. Click here for a sample page from the book. Covers troubleshooting & problem solving (including the cause of and remedy for safety-off fires); parts identification and inspection; parts fitting and replacement; complete repair; trigger work; rebarreling and chambering; magnum conversions; action shortening; bolt work; sight installation; data on reheat treating M98 receivers and bolts for optimum use in custom sporting rifles, and much more.
The effects of firing modern high pressure cartridges in small ring Mauser actions originally designed and barreled for cartridges in the approx. 37,000 to 40,000 psi range is included as a safety warning for those unfamiliar or in need of reminding. Photographs of sectioned receivers show receiver lug surface setback caused by firing 50,000+ psi cartridges in M93/95 Mauser actions with moderate and softer heat treats.
Expanded edition - 224 pages with plastic laminated soft cover.

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Sniper Variations of the German K98 Rifle. Law Sniper Variations of the German K98 Rifle. Law

Sniper Variations of the German K98k Rifle
by Richard D. Law
Volume II of Backbone of the Wehrmacht
Deluxe First Edition, 1996
240 pages, 291 illustrations
Sniper Variations completes this important author's in-depth study of the German K98k rifle by concentrating on the telescope-sighted K98k, the specialist rifle of choice for most German snipers during World War II. Three different types of telescopes were mounted, on specially selected K98ks, first by designated Army Ordnance Supply Offices of the Heereszeugamter (H Za) and then by selected private contractors, using a variety of mounts. All are fully discussed and clearly depicted. As in Volume I of Backbone of the Wehrmacht, Sniper Variations is enriched by many rare, previously unpublished official documents and original photographs.

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FN Mauser Rifles - Arming Belgium and the World. Vanderlinden FN Mauser Rifles - Arming Belgium and the World. Vanderlinden

FN Mauser Rifles, Arming Belgium and the World, by Anthony Vanderlinden, is the only book devoted to the history, models, variations, contracts, and accessories of the Mauser rifles and carbines built by Fabrique Nationale and Belgian arsenals.
The research for this book took more than seven years and includes the cooperation of FN, the Ars Mechanica Foundation, museums, and collectors. Attention was spent on addressing common misconceptions and detailing factory production processes and historical happenings.
This book covers the classic line of FN military Mauser rifles and carbines including contracts for the Model 1889, the Spanish Mauser (1893), Model 1922, Model 1924, Model 1930, and variants. Belgian arsenal models like the Belgian Model 1935 and 89/36 are covered in detail. Training rifles such as the Model 1905 and postwar Model 1930 variants are also discussed among other single-shot sporting rifles. The line of FN Deluxe and Supreme sporting rifles, especially variants imported into the United States, are also included. Much attention was spent on documenting and illustrating FN and Belgian bayonets and explaining common misconceptions.
Chapters further cover the history of Fabrique Nationale, the Belgian arsenals, wartime production, and the surprising role of the Belgian riflemen with their Model 1889 Mauser rifles in the Great War.
The book is illustrated with more than 1,250 color and black & white photographs; many of the period photographs have never been previously published.

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Mauser Bolt Rifles. Olson. Mauser Bolt Rifles. Olson.

MAUSER BOLT RIFLES is the most complete, precise, authoritative and comprehensive work ever done on Mauser bolt rifles . . . so inclusive that a thorough knowledge of it will make you a Mauser expert in your own right! Within its covers are: Exhaustive data on each development, all specific characteristics, variations, models, innovations, modifications. Countries who made or bought Mausers and their changes and markings. Complete ammo data, ballistics, effectiveness and uses. How to identify details. "How-it-works" drawings/pictures with step-by-step instructions. Foreign and contract rifles. Sporters including Oberndorf and foreign models. Experimental rifles. And, pictures - hundreds of beautifully photographed original rifles, many so rare they are not even in museums, but hidden in the finest private collections. Makes positive identification of valuable collectibles sure and easy. Saves bucks and embarrassment at gun shows and in the shop. There are so many thousands of Mauser rifles in the U.S. that you cannot trade, fix or collect guns without encountering them - making the book an invaluable tool of the trade on your bench or in your library. For, if Mauser made it, designed or developed it - and it was a bolt rifle - it's in the book!

Over 672 photos, drawings, exploded views, cutaways. Hundreds of charts, spec tables, data tables and symbols. Thoroughly cross-indexed not only by Model, but also by variations, Countries, accessories used and people in Mauser's history. Extensive bibliography, listing all the books, catalogs, articles and foreign sources. Detailed listing of all the people who helped. Everything about Mauser bolt rifles is here - and to know and understand Mauser rifles is to understand all rifles . . . for this is the one they all copied. And, it is all in one magnificent volume.
An extremely handsome, lavishly illustrated book. Deluxe hardbound cloth cover. Bound a special way to lie flat. Printed on the finest, dull-finished, coated paper to bring out every minute detail in the photographs and drawings. Extensive use of background color helps highlight many of the precise line drawings. All proof marks and Country marks are shown greatly enlarged for easy, positive identification of those marks on guns. No effort has been spared to be sure that in your gunsmithing, collecting or firearms hobby you can use the book easily - and frequently - confident that MAUSER BOLT RIFLES is the ultimate, encyclopedic source with everything you need right at your fingertips.

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Backbone of the Wehrmacht. K98 Rifle 1934-1945 Law Backbone of the Wehrmacht. K98 Rifle 1934-1945 Law

The most comprehensive study ever published of the 14,000,000 bolt-action K98k rifles produced in Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. Contains extensive information on the military and commercial background to the K98k; the materials and methods used in the manufacture, inspection and acceptance of the components of the K98k; a year-by-year chronology of K98k manufacturers, with illustrations of markings and data sheets on over 100 contractor/year variations, plus exhaustive data on quantities produced, manufacturing times, personnel, and costs; commercial and contract K98ks, and many 'one-offs' and experimentals. Illustrates and describes virtually every K98k accessory ever produced.

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Crown Jewels. The Mauser in Sweden. Jones Crown Jewels. The Mauser in Sweden. Jones

Here is the first in-depth study of all the Swedish Mausers - the 6.5mm m/94 carbines, m/96 long rifles, m/38 short rifles, Swedish K98Ks (called the m/39 in 7.92x57mm, then, after rechambering to fire the 8x63mm machinegun cartridge, the m/40); sniper rifles, and other military adaptations such as grenade launchers and artillery simulators.
Then the focus shifts to the experimental prototypes and trial match rifles of the 1950s - some in .30-'06 - and finally to the precision competition rifles which became famous around the world. These include the CG 63 and its two military versions, the m/6 and m/7; the folding-stock CG 62 and the CG 63S Biathlon rifles; the CG 63E, which was approved by the British National Rifle Association; the CG 63 Junior Rifles in .22LR calibre; and the later match rifles such as the FFV 67 and CG 80.
The Swedish 6.5x55mm m/94 cartridge, one of the most accurate military rounds ever designed, was further improved in 1941 by the adoption of the excellent m/41 boat-tailed "torpedo" bullet, and numerous loadings are depicted and discussed.
We also cover a wide variety of the micrometer-adjustment rear sight inserts and "diopter" receiver sights which were produced in order to allow shooters to take full advantage of the accuracy and precision of the Swedish Mauser. Full chapters on bayonets and the many accessories, both military and civilian, conclude.

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Argentine Mauser Rifles. 1871-1959 Webster. Argentine Mauser Rifles. 1871-1959 Webster.

Argentine Mauser Rifles, 1871-1959
by Colin Webster
Argentina was one of the first nations to adopt the radically new bolt action rifle designed by Paul Mauser, the Model 1871. This began a tradition with the Argentine military that lasted until 1959, when the switch was made to the FAL self-loading rifle manufactured locally. While thousands of Argentine Mausers are available at reasonable prices to collectors, very little has been written about this line of major bolt action rifles. Colin Webster has corrected this situation. He has collected Argentine Mausers for years and while living and working in Argentina from 1999 to 2001, he took the opportunity to research the history and production of the Argentine Mauser. To that, he has added definitive analyses of the Mauser models of 1871, 1889, 1888, 189, 1909 and 1933. Various chapters cover each model complete with all variations including carbines, bayonet, sniper rifles and optics, and all accessories issued to the soldier. This is one of the most definitive works we have yet seen. The book is hardbound, 296 pages long, and profusely illustrated. It will answer any and all questions you could ever have about these fine rifles.

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The Mauser Archive. Speed. The Mauser Archive. Speed.

All the previously available information on Mauser sporting arms has already appeared in the author's two previous Collector Grade titles: Mauser: Original Oberndorf Sporting Rifles (1997) and Mauser Smallbores: Sporting, Target & Training Rifles (1998). After their publication the author felt that no more significant discoveries remained to be made in this field, as any further factory documentation had presumably been lost or destroyed.

However, recently there have been two miraculous discoveries. First, hundreds of previously unpublished company documents have been located, which give us unprecedented insight into the workings of the Mauser firm almost from its inception right through both World Wars and the French occupation period. These include actual production and sales data, inventory lists, and cost and sale price calculations for all types of Mauser products - black powder arms, pistols, military arms (the Standard Modell, the K98k, the MG81 and MG151 and the Flak 38), centrefire hunting, sporting and target rifles, .22 sporting, target and training rifles, pressure test units, and more.

Secondly, some 300 fragile glass plate negatives have miraculously survived, which depict a variety of hitherto unknown Mauser sporting models in their original configurations. Many embody features not often encountered, and include rare prototypes and in-the-white or low-serial-numbered examples of most early and later Mauser .22 rifle models, Schützen-style, Wehrmanns and Einheits target rifles, and some never-before-seen factory-engraved and custom rifles. The book ends with a selection of full-colour views of high-grade Mauser sporters, many with special features, from the world's finest collections.

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Paul Mauser. Baudino, Vlimmeren. Paul Mauser. Baudino, Vlimmeren.

Paul Mauser: His Life, Company, and Handgun Development 1838-1914 by Mauro Baudino and Gerben van Vlimmeren. Simpson Publishing brings you this brand new volume, the result of the authors' research and detailed study of Paul Mauser's private archive and the early Mauser company archives. Biographical information, a thorough history of the firearms, accessories, contracts, designs, and historical documents are illustrated in full colour for the discerning collector or historian.

Our Price: $175.00
Training Rifles of Third Reich Germany. Simpson. Training Rifles of Third Reich Germany. Simpson.

The most comprehensive book about the pivotal guns of Germany’s rearmament. Over 750 full color pages full of photos, histories, technical information, and markings of the world’s largest collection of .22 training rifles. This groundbreaking work thoroughly investigates these arms, often brought back by veterans and not given much thought- until it was realized that these were the guns that taught the German population to take up arms in the effort to bring about the Third Reich.

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German Military Rifles 88 and 91 Firearms. Vol 2. Storz German Military Rifles 88 and 91 Firearms. Vol 2. Storz

This second volume deals with the 88 and 91 model firearms of the Imperial German Army. There has been no comprehensive work based on original sources dealing with these weapons and their history before now, although they were crucial to the transition from the black powder that had been in use for centuries to the nitrocellulose powder also known as smokeless powder. This change of propellant was a quantum leap in military armament, which changed conditions on the battlefield and within a few years led to the introduction of a less colourful and therefore less conspicuous field uniform.

Our Price: $240.00
German Military Rifles. Werder to the M/71.84 Rifle. Vol 1. Storz German Military Rifles. Werder to the M/71.84 Rifle. Vol 1. Storz

This work provides a detailed picture of the development of German rifles from the Werder rifle up to the M/71.84.
The text is accompanied
and supported by more than 900 original contemporary photographs, reproductions of documents and high quality colour photographs of existing items, including hundreds of details in close-up. Many of the objects, weapons and accessories are shown here for the first time. The result is a largely new portrayal, built on a broad base of primary sources, of the development of German long arms in the years after 1870, which is bound to remain the standard work on the subject for the foreseeable future. This book describes German military rifles of 11 mm calibre. Their common feature was that they fired cartridges with metal cases and black powder as their propellant. In Germany, it was Bavaria that was at the forefront of this development, with the M/69 rifle, also known as the Werder rifle. The reader will discover how this weapon was developed, produced and used, the problems which arose, how they were solved and how the rifle was finally taken out of service. Naturally all the variations, the accessories and the ammunition are also described in detail and shown in photographs.
The M/71 and M/71.84 rifles are dealt with in the same way and for the first time the Chassepot rifles used in the German Imperial Army are comprehensively presented.

Our Price: $240.00
The M98 Rifle and Carbine . Storz. The M98 Rifle and Carbine . Storz.

In 1898 the German army introduced a new rifle that was to influence not only the armament of the German armed forces until the mid 20th century, but also that of many other countries. This book deals in detail with the history of M 98 rifles and carbines in Germany between 1898 and 1918.
The book relies above all on the collections of the major military historical museums in Germany such as the Bayerisches Armeemuseum in Ingolstadt, the Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung in Koblenz and the Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr in Dresden. The Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin and the Royal Army Museum in Brussels also made their stocks available for this book. After years of research work in the archives in Munich, Dresden, Stuttgart and Suhl, new data, facts and contexts can now be presented to the public.
Hitherto unknown experimental rifles originating from the Prussian Rifle Inspection Commission allow the path to be reconstructed leading to the new weapon. Exotic models and special patterns such as rifles with telescopic sights, accessories, ammunition, bayonets and many other things belonging to the rifle are presented in detail in the illustrations and text. But the book is not confined to describing the artifacts, it also illuminates the historical, military and technological background.

The reader learns how troops handled weapons, how rifles and carbines were maintained at the time, how and according to which principles rifle training was carried out in peacetime and during the war and what role the rifle played in combat. The book also treats in detail technical modifications, manufacturing methods, the organization of mass production, state-run and private arms industry, production figures and the problems of arms supply during the First World War.

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The Broomhandle Pistol. 1896 - 1936. Limited Edition. Erickson, Pate The Broomhandle Pistol. 1896 - 1936. Limited Edition. Erickson, Pate

As New
Limited Edition
Leatherette Cover with Gold Embossing, Gilt edges, Leatherette Slipcase, Cloth slip cover with flap for complete protection.

#25 of 100 ever printed

The Broomhandle Pistol 1896-1936 is a visual reference guide to assist collectors identify the history of these remarkable pistol and many variations of the Broomhandle Pistol made between 1896-1936 including shoulder stocks, holsters and Accessories.
This book is the essential reference guide used extensively by Firearms Museums, Libraries, gunsmiths and collectors world-wide. Fully illustrated with B&W and color photographs identifying the pistols correct bluing and strawing and many other factual details not found in any other Mauser Broomhandle pistol Book of its kind.
The book covers The Early History; The Early Ten-Shot Pistols (The Model 1896 Prototypes, Conehammers, Flatsides, & Large Ring Transitionals); The Standard Ten- Shot Production Pistols (The Model 1896 Prewar Small Rings, Wartime Military & Commercial Pistols, Postwar Reworks, Bolos, the Model 1930 & Model 1932 Schnellfeuer); The Rarities (Mauser 6-Shots, 20-Shots & Carbines); The Spanish & Chinese Copies; and, the Accessories (Cleaning Rods, Conversion Kits, Ammunition & Chargers). It also covers the U.S. and Swiss Test Trials. Very Scarce and highly sought after.

Our Price: $1,250.00