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Atkin, Grant and Lang. Masters Atkin, Grant and Lang. Masters

A Detailed History of Enduring Gunmakers
by Don Masters

Don Masters was a leading figure in the British gunmaking business for decades. His previous book on the Churchill gun company received universal praise. Well known for his accurate and meticulous research, Masters has undertaken a detailed study of the gunmakers that would eventually be known as Atkin, Grant & Lang. But this book is more than a simple chronicle of the firms of Henry Atkin, established in 1877, Stephen Grant, founded in 1867, and Joseph Lang, formed in 1825. It is also the history of these three makers and their several relatives making guns under their own names. In addition, Masters covers many other companies whose histories are intertwined with that of Atkin, Grant & Lang: Hussey, Grant & Woodward, Lancaster, Watson, Harrison, Beesley, Hellis, and Wright. Each company had a long, successful run in manufacturing double guns, mainly shotguns. Until WWI, the British sporting gun reigned supreme. But after that cataclysmic war, the fortunes of the industry changed drastically; once WWII ended, it went into a severe decline. All three firms, however, managed to hold on until eventually they were merged to form the famous trio. In the pages of this book you can learn all the details of the gunmakers: their dates, premises, main employees, and rises and declines in sales fortunes, as well as the many interesting historical anecdotes and insights we have come to expect from Don Masters. This is a must-have reference work containing hundreds of illustrations in black & white and color, written by a man who has done more research into the extensive archives of all these gunmakers than anyone else.

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