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Shooting with Game and Gun Room Notes. Blagdon. Shooting with Game and Gun Room Notes. Blagdon.

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Shooting With Game and Gun Room Notes By Blagdon Originally published in 1900 by the English gun maker "Cogswell and Harrison Ltd." This book is now very scarce and expensive in its first edition. READ COUNTRY BOOKS have now republished it using the original text and illustrations. One hundred and forty four pages contain nine detailed chapters: How to Shoot. - Gun Fitting. - Modern Guns. - Ammunition. - Grouse Shooting. - Partridge Shooting. - Pheasant Shooting. - Live Pigeon Trap Shooting. - Inanimate Bird Shooting. The contents are extensively illustrated with full page and text drawings and photos. A number of the drawings are by Archibald Thorburn, G. E. Lodge and Henry Stannard. As is to be expected with a famous gun makers publication, there is much technical advise and information, with many of the illustrations being of Cogswell and Harrison products. Also included are fifteen pages of vintage advertisements for guns and shooting equipment. This is a fascinating read for any shooting enthusiast or historian, with much of the information remaining useful and practical today. The chapters on live and clay pigeon shooting are especially informative. Many of the earliest sporting books, particularly those dating back to the 1800s, are now extremely scarce and very expensive.

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Cogswell and Harrison. Cooley, Newton Cogswell and Harrison. Cooley, Newton

Two Centuries of Gunmaking
by G. Cooley & J. Newton
2000 London, 128pp, 30 color photos, 100 b&w photos, 8.5x11, hardcover, dj
ISBN: 978-1-57157-201-1

Cogswell & Harrison, as the business became known in the midnineteenth century, has manufactured an extraordinary diversity of sporting guns and rifles during its long and colorful history. Established in 1770, it is London’s oldest surviving gunmaker. In the nineteenth century, under the direction of Edgar Harrison, the most influential figure in its history, Cogswell & Harrison became known for its ingenious innovations in gunmaking technology. Graham Cooley and John Newton chart the company's changes of fortune that brought great commercial success and some spectacular disasters. They discuss the wide range of guns and rifles produced by Cogswell & Harrison, including side-by-side, over-and-under, and single-barrel shotguns; double rifles; falling-block rifles; bolt action magazine rifles; and rook and rabbit rifles. The authors have gathered a wealth of fascinating historical and technical material that will make the book indispensable, not only to many thousands of "Coggie" owners worldwide, but also to anyone interested in the general history of British gunmaking.

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