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The Shooting Field: 150 years with Holland & Holland. King. The Shooting Field: 150 years with Holland & Holland. King.

The Shooting Field: 150 years with Holland & Holland.
Historical view of the London Gun Trade, through the eyes of H & H, its customers, rivals and its craftsmen.

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The British Single Shot Rifle Holland & Holland's Cartridge Paradox. Winfer The British Single Shot Rifle Holland & Holland's Cartridge Paradox. Winfer

Holland & Holland, Holland's Cartridges Paradox
Wal Winfer
The fifth volume of the series covers the activities of Henry John Holland and how from humble beginnings, developed a firm that is today, second to none. He started in 1835 and as his fame grew he turned his attention to building guns for the top end of the London market. Holland had little interest in target rifles, devoting his efforts to building the highest quality sporting guns and rifles.

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Paradox Vol 1. Baker, Lake. Paradox Vol 1. Baker, Lake.

2010 1st edition.  Pp281. Colour & b/w photographs & illustrations. Pictorial boards. Author  David Baker. This first volume of a planned two-volume set is a detailed examination of the work of Colonel G.V. Fosbery, especially his invention and development of the Paradox gun, produced commercially by Holland & Holland. The Paradox was designed for both shot and bullet. Essentially a smooth-bore, it was provided with an inch or two of rifling at the muzzle. With shot, the makers claimed performance comparable to the best cylinder bore shotguns ofthe time, and with bullets, the same accuracy as an Express rifle at 150 yards. The forthcoming second volume covers "other ball and shot guns made by other British and American makers. The making of the Paradox and other Holland & Holland sporting guns. .Technical aspects of the Paradox. Howthe Paradox was marketed and sold by Holland & Holland. .Notable customers and famous hunters. the evolution of the Holland & Holland and the impact of the Paradox on the company's fortunes. The Paradox today including the development of the re-introduced Paradox and the uses of the Paradox today." A thorough and interesting treatment of a little-known subject

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Holland and Holland  The Royal Gunmaker.Dallas Holland and Holland The Royal Gunmaker.Dallas

The Complete History New Edition
by Donald Dallas

2014 London, 392pp, color and b&w photos, 9x12, hardcover, dj

Donald Dallas's bestselling book on England's most beloved gunmaker has now been completely revised and updated. Beautifully illustrated throughout with a considerable number of new photographs, this is the definitive history of Holland & Holland, written with the full approval and cooperation of the company. The title refers to Holland & Holland's well-known trademark, "The Royal," first advertised in May 1885. It was intended to apply to their best shotguns and rifles only. Royal shotguns and rifles have been in production ever since that date, and the choice of the name symbolizes the excellence of the company's output.

This brand-new edition brings the history of the company right up to the present day. New appendixes include a detailed explanation of the development of the .700 Nitro Express cartridge as well as many illustrations and descriptions of very rare Holland & Holland guns and rifles. Several additional appendixes will be of special interest to gun enthusiasts and owners. All fifty-one patents owned by the company are described, the dating of Holland serial numbers is given from 1855 to the present day, all the trade labels are illustrated, and the rifle cartridges developed and introduced by the company are also examined in detail.

The book includes a foreword by Daryl Greatrex, Managing Director of Holland & Holland.

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