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Windrift and Deceleration of the Cast Bullet at Black Powder Velocities. Matthews

Learn the facts that help reduce wind drift to become a better shooter of cast bullets at black powder velocities.

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Casting Premium Bullets for the Black Powder Cartridge Rifle. Matthews

Casting Premium Bullets for the BPCR
Paul A. Matthews-
Takes the relaoder beyond the casting of bullets for plinking with smallbore rifles
or handguns into the realm of big-bore top-of-the-line bullets for competitive long-range accuracy.

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Butchering Small Game and Birds. (Rabbits, Hares, Poultry and Wild Birds). Bezzant.

Butchering Small Game and Birds is essential reading for those who have embraced self-sufficiency, and who regard small game and birds, both domestic and wild, as an essential part of their diet. The volume covers rabbits, hares, quail, chicken and turkey as well as game birds and provides comprehensive guidance relating to all aspects of the craft of butchery.
Topics covered include:
Equipment and how to use and maintain knives correctly
How to humanely dispatch the animal or bird for butchering with speed, precision and almost no suffering [this is of paramount importance]
Butchery techniques including basic small game and bird anatomy, meat inspection and hygiene and dealing with aged birds and animals
Further techniques including paunching, removal of offal, extraction of shot, skinning, plucking, drawing and dressing birds, washing carcases, jointing rabbits and hares and trussing
The preservation of meat, preparing meat for the freezer and hanging and curing of skins is covered following the philosophy that every part of an animal or bird that is usable is used.

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The Art of Flint Knapping. Waldorf.

The author describes and illustrates the simple techniques required to fashion simple or fancy stone arrow points and tools. A section on gun flints is included. The tools required are very simple and easily made, and results are fascinating. You can be making fine arrow points after only a few hours of practice.
The Table of Contents includes the following:
1. Some Preliminary Questions
2. Flint, Flint Sources and Heat Treating
3. Tools of the Trade
4. Theory and Terminology
5. Reduction Strategies
6. Finishing
7. Troubleshooting and Advanced Theory
8. Flake and Blade Cores
9. Some North American Bifaces
Closing Comments

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German Tank Destruction Badge in WW 2. Michaelis

The close-range engagement of tanks became extremely important mainly because of the Soviet T-34 and KV-I tanks, which for a long time were superior to all German tanks and anti-tank guns. Frequently employed in small groups of three to five tanks to support the infantry, these Russian tanks could often be put out of action with close-range weapons. This book provides a concise account of Tank Destruction Badge, and the close-range combating of tanks. In addition to a description of the special badge and the most commonly used weapons, it includes operational accounts by recipients of the badge.

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F W Assmann and Sohne Catalogue

Facsimile reprint of the F.W. Assmann & Sohne catalogue provides a wealth of info on id and use on 100's of items produced by this well-known firm. Full line of cap& uniform insignia, medals, badges, gorgets, belt buckles, dagger hanger hardware, buttons, & other accouterments are illustrated & described for the Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Heer, Polizei, SS, and all other branches of the NSDAP in this invaluable 3rd Reich catalogue.

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Zbrojovka Brno. An Illustrated History. Nutbey

Zbrojovka Brno – An Illustrated History
This illustrated history of Zbrojovka Brno is the account of an Austro-Hungarian arsenal that became one of the world’s most successful arms manufacturers between the two World Wars.
One of the keys to its success was the early introduction of interchangeable parts. In Europe Zbrojovka Brno was one of the first to adopt this “American System of Manufacturing”. The name “Brno Arms” turned into an umbrella trademark synonymous with quality firearms.
Apart from many famous weapons, like the Vz 24 and the BREN machine gun, the Czechoslovak manufacturer designed and produced a wide range of successful products, from machine tools, cars and typewriters to tractors.
During the 1920s and 1930s Zbrojovka Brno was regarded as one of the best managed manufacturing companies in Czechoslovakia that by 1938 belonged to the ten most industrialised nations in Europe.
Today its heritage lives on through the product range Brno Rifles of Zbrojovka Brno s.r.o, a subsidiary of CZ.

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Estonians in the Waffen. Michaelis.

When German troops entered Estonia in the summer of 1941 they were welcomed by the Estonians. Thousands of Estonians wanted to take part in the war against Russia. Besides the Schutzmannschaften of German Police in 1942 Himmler started to build up an Estonian SS-Volunteer Brigade which became later the 20. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS (estnische Nr. 1). They fought most notably at the Narwa-Front, and later in Silesia.

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Ukrainians in the Waffen-SS. Michaelis

With the beginning of the Operation Barbarossa more than 100,000 Ukrainians volunteered for the fight against Stalin and communism. These volunteers were put into Schutzmannschafts-Bataillone under the control of the German Police. After Stalingrad however, Ukrainians were allowed to build up a division sized unit for the frontline. Around 15,000 Ukrainians were drafted and their first combat was at the Brody front in Galicia in summer 1944.

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The 11th SS-Freiwilligen-Panzer-Grenadier-Division “Nordland”Michaelis

Several thousand ethnic Germans in Romania, (the so called Volksdeutscher) were drafted into the Waffen-SS in 1943. With these new troops Himmler built up the new 11th Waffen-SS Division. To fill the ranks Division “Nordland” also took over battalion strength units from Denmark and Norway, though ninety percent of the division were Volksdeutsche from Romania. They were first used in combat in Croatia, the Oranienbaumer, Estonia, and Latvia. After the Soviet attack in Pomerania they fought in Berlin and were destroyed there.

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U-Boat Emblems in World War II. Högel

Georg Högel, a former U-boat sailor who saw service in World War II, experienced the origin of these emblems of the U-boat service. In this book he keeps alive the memory of the legendary, sometimes very original and unforgotten emblems of German U-boats. The author has been able to collect numerous emblems, coats of arms and markings during long years of painstaking, detailed work, in memory of some 30,000 German U-boatmen, more than 80% of those who served on these boats, who were lost in the war. The brief chronicles and excerpts from first-person memoirs make the history of the German U-boats come alive in an impressive way, and documents the background of their existence. In the current edition, the newest source materials have been included, so that many hitherto unpublished emblems, coats of arms and markings are presented for the first time.

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Kunststoffe. A Collectors guide to German WW11 plastic and their markings. Weaver

This book is the first comprehensive and easy to use reference since World War II covering prominent German wartime plastics manufacturers and products. Aimed squarely at World War II German militaria, ordnance, and small arms collectors, the author provides a concise account of the constituents and manufacturing processes, markings, codes, trademarks and material identification techniques of wartime Kunststoff products.

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The Kaminski Brigade. Michaelis

The political and military movement of Bronislav Kaminski in Russia 1941-1944 was a single case in the German occupation politic. Because of his constituted National Socialist Russian Labour Party he became for some time an ally to Hitler. His Peoples Selfdefend Army reached 10,000 men and fought for at least two years with great success against the communistic partisans in his combat area on the Russian front.

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Speer Reloading Manual #14

One of the original go-to sources for handloading information, this is an indispensible tool for every reloader. Its 1,150 pages contain charts, illustrations and photos to take you through the reloading process. It also offers bullet data, detailed ballistic tables, bullet-energy and velocity tables and a problem-solving section. For first-time reloaders or handloading veterans, Speer's Manual No. 14 has the data you need for success.

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Berger Reloading Manual

This 829-page manual contains load data for seventy-one different cartridges.
Also includes numerous informative technical articles of great interest and value for novice as well as advanced shooters.

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Norma Reloading Manual Vol 2

Volume No. 2 contains reloading data for 87 calibers in total. The latest additions are the 6 mm PPC, 6XC, 7 mm Blaser Magnum, 300 Norma Magnum, 300 Blaser Magnum, 300 RUM, 338 Blaser Magnum, 338 Norma Magnum, 375 H&H Flanged Magnum, 375 Blaser Magnum, 500/416 Nitro Express, 458 Lott, 450 Rigby and the 500 Nitro Express 3".

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The Confederate Morse Carbine. Schiffers

One of the rarest longarms of the Civil War and the first American firearm to use centrefire ammunition. This new book covers the first accurate account of the Morse carbine’s production figures and manufacturing dates, as well as a full history of the armoury in South Carolina where they were produced, refuting claims that they were produced in Atlanta! Also includes details about which South Carolina units were issued these unique carbines and why.

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The Spanish in the SS and Wehrmacht, 1944-1945: The Ezquerra Unit in the Battle of Berlin. Martínez.

When talking about the Spanish intervention in the Second World War, the first thing that comes to mind is the Blue Division. However, although it is true that this was the main Spanish involvement in the conflict, there are other much less known aspects of their intervention. One of these is the Spanish participation on the German side in the last months of the war which has been surrounded in rumours, myths and legends. After many years of research, this book tells the story of the reality of the struggle of those few Spaniards who refused to abandon their German comrades in their desperate fight to hold Berlin in the last days of the war. The author gives a day-by-day account of the last weeks of the war to defend Berlin, including information about anti-partisan operations of the Spanish in the north of Italy, the combat together with the Walloons of Leon Degrelle, and their participation in operations against the maquis in France while posted to the German secret service.

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Ott-Helmuth Von Lossnitzer. Field, Martens.

Ott-Helmuth von Lossnitzer: Technical Director of the Mauser Company, 1933–1945 by Leslie E. Field & Dr. Bas J. Martens An oral recollection edited by Leslie E. Field and Dr. Bas J. Martens. This new book is 380 pages in length and contains several black and white photos of experimental arms. The value of this book however is not in its pictures but in the narrative. What is most interesting is that this is not just the reprinting of the transcribed interviews, but something much bigger. The fact that the publication was supported and funded by the late Henk L. Visser, the renowned Dutch arms collector who owned what some called the finest arms collection in the world, tells me that a lot of new research has been done.

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The UZI Submachine Gun Examined. Gaboury.

Although universally recognised, the history of this iconic weapon has gone largely undocumented — until now. Originally designed for the Israeli military by Uziel Gal, the UZI submachine gun has a colourful history that has reached around the globe. Using approximately 1,000 photos, this book examines the history and technical details of all the UZI submachine gun variations, both military and civilian, from its initial design to the current models. Also included are original factory documents, model-by-model features, part variations, accessories and manuals.

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British Commercial Military Carbines 1750 - 1900. Chisnall

A book for collectors and shooters covering the large number of military style carbines, still in existence, which carry private proof marks from London or Birmingham and were not issued by the Board of Ordnance. These carbines were made for private sale to volunteers, officers, police, prison service, The East India Company, overseas military and many others. A history of some of the more important users of these guns in Britain and British colonies is included.

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Big Game Hunting. Montbel.

Worldwide big game hunting - long section on Africa. 255 pp, profuse ill. Zebra end papers. Extra large format. A splendid production. Hunting in Equatorial Africa for the big five, rare antelopes, also in Angola & Mozambique. Then to Europe & Asia. Really great photos, and trophies.

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Hunting The Spiral Horns: Sitatunga – The Sly, Shy, Secretive One. Flack.

The Sitatunga book is also the second biggest of the four volumes published so far with nearly 370 pages and 454 color photos and 36 black and white ones. Nineteen contributors have written brand new and extremely captivating Sitatunga stories and readers may find that it will probably the best of the series thus far. It certainly succeeds in its goal of being THE definitive book on hunting Sitatunga.
The photographs are truly outstanding and include excellent examples of the work of a number of top class professional wildlife photographers, such as Phillipe Aillery, Jofie Lamprecht, Håkan Pohlstrand, Robert Ross, Brendon Ryan and Michael Viljoen, as well as hundreds of other photographs supplied by the contributing authors and excellent amateur photographers.
The chapters of the contemporary authors have been complemented by experts of yesteryear like Maydon (author of Big Game Shooting) who inspired James Mellon, author of the world famous masterpiece African Hunter (excerpts from which are included), William Cotton Oswell (immortalized by his sons in a two volume biography), Selous, Shorthose and Count Szechenyi to mention but a few.
There are chapters on rifles and ammunition, clothing and equipment, field preparation of trophies and hints on how to hunt Sitatunga. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that the book contains everything you ever want to know about this sly, shy, secretive ghost of the African forests and hunting it in its natural haunts.

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It is odd that the smallest of the spiral horns, bushbuck, should end up being the third and biggest book in the five book series on all the 30 members of the extended spiral horn family but I guess that says something about this beautiful but pugnacious yet compact buck. Yes, the book is nearly 400 pages and contains exactly 450 colour and 33 black and white photos. This is 46 pages longer than the Eland Book which was, in turn, 36 pages longer than its predecessor, the Kudu Book. Twenty five contributors have written brand new pieces for the book and, in my humble opinion, it is the best of the books we have done so far and succeeds in our goal of making it THE definitive book on hunting bushbuck.
The works of these authors have been complemented by those experts of yesteryear such as Cornwallis Harris, the first recreational hunter to visit South Africa in 1834; the eccentric Scotsman, Roualeyn Gordon Cumming, who was the first to describe the Limpopo bushbuck for science; Selous as usual; the wonderfully descriptive prose of Vaughan Kirby, the first Game Conservator in Zululand; the Danish Chief Game Warden, Count Ahlefeldt Billie; the young James Chapman who died not long after his book was published but was the first to describe the Chobe bushbuck for science; and many more. There are chapters on rifles and ammunition, clothing and equipment, field preparation of the trophy, how to hunt bushbuck and, in particular, how to hunt the plus 18 inch super rams, as well as an important one on dangerous encounters with these feisty, little buck who seem to have no reverse gear when confronted and especially when dogs are thrown into the mix. In fact, it is no exaggeration t

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HUNTING THE SPIRAL HORNS - BONGO & NYALA The Elite African Trophies. Flack.

Hunting the Spiral Horns – Bongo & Nyala – The Elite African Trophies, edited by Peter Flack, is the fifth and final book in a five book series covering all 30 spiral horn species and subspecies (recognized by both Rowland Ward and SCI) and is designed to be the definitive book on hunting the two bongo subspecies and two nyala species.
It is effectively three books in one and is, therefore, a big book - 432 pages long, with 679 photos of which 642 are in full colour and 37 in black and white. The 30 hunters and authors who contributed material specially written for the book read like the Who’s Who of bongo and nyala hunters and include luminaries such as Robin Hurt, Garry Kelly, Rudy Lubin, Mike Prettejohn, Jason Roussos, Tony Seth-Smith and Coenraad Vermaak to name but a few.
The object of the exercise has been to provide the reader with the complete book on hunting the two subspecies of bongo and the two species of nyala, including all the information it is possible to learn from reading a book on the subject. Each of the hunting stories in the book has been chosen because it is well-written, entertaining and has one or more lessons in it. Some of the lessons are subliminal, others more obvious and direct.

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Parade Medal Bars of the 3rd Reich. Yanacek

Presented for the first time in detail, this examination of German medal bars covers a subject long overlooked in reference books. Illustrating over one-hundred German medal bars in full colour, both obverse and reverse views are shown, as well as close up images that highlight some of the finer details. Medal bars of the military, police, political, and civil organisations are covered. Examples of original award documents are shown, as well as period photographs of medal bars in wear. Information is also presented on maker markings, medal identification, the material used to make the medal, finishes, and measurements.

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Sharps Firearms: Metallic Cartridge Firearms and Model 1874 Sporting Rifles . Marcot, Paxton

Vol 2
This is the first completed volume of the four volume set. It contains ten chapters, starting with the early and developmental Sharps metallic cartridge firearms and ending with chapters on buffalo hunting on the frontier and the legendary Sharps buffalo rifles and the hunters that used them. An extraordinary book for the seasoned gun collector as well as the researcher, historian and astute book collector.
This four volume set will be the definitive books on the Sharps rifles and carbines. The final chapter provides even more context to the story by presenting notes concerning 199 hunters who corresponded with the Sharps company. The amount of information regarding each hunter varies from short extracts from letters they sent the firm, to full biographies that include photographs. From the standpoint of collectors the most important aspect of these remarks is that in most instances they include details of the rifles that were ordered together with their serial numbers. From a broader perspective the accounts are of significance in that they demonstrate the disparate nature of the men involved. Every strata of American society was represented from Civil War veterans to recently arrived immigrants, and youths, eager to make a mark in life. While some were extremely successful, others did not survive the experience.

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British Military Pistols. Brooker

This work is a major expansion of the author's 1978 book on the same subject. That earlier work was 140 pages in black and white. This volume is over three times as long and in full colour. It includes a significant amount of new material due to the intervening 38 years, the addition of related edged weapons, and thanks to the Royal Armouries, new material from their collections on early firearms and on later extremely rare models and variants. This volume contains not only the military pistols and edged weapons of the British military but also those of British India, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. The author has also included those British military pistols used by other countries. An outstanding new reference book.

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Reloading Tools of the Blackpowder Era. Vol 1. Rowe

There has been a need for a through study of the various loading tools of the black powder and early smokeless powders era for rifles, shotgun tools will not be covered. While a book on the subject can never be complete, and odd and unusual examples will continually appear, this book will cover most of what a collector will encounter. The leading experts int he various fields of tool collecting in the United States have been instrumental in correcting these books as the have developed as well as adding additional material and suggestions.
This book started with the idea it would be one volume, plans change and the mass of important material dictated that two volumes were needed. Profusely illustrated with photos and antique drawings.
The Table of Contents includes the following:
Chapter 1: Ideal Manufacturing Co.
Chapter 3: Bridgeport Gun Implement Union Metallic Cartridge
Chapter 3: Ballard & Marlin
Chapter 4: Bullard
Chapter 5: Maynard (Mass. Arms Co.)
Chapter 6: Peabody (Providence Tool)

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Reloading Tools of the Blackpowder Era. Vol 2. Rowe

There has been a need for a through study of the various loading tools of the black powder and early smokeless powders era for rifles, shotgun tools will not be covered. While a book on the subject can never be complete, and odd and unusual examples will continually appear, this book will cover most of what a collector will encounter. The leading experts int he various fields of tool collecting in the United States have been instrumental in correcting these books as the have developed as well as adding additional material and suggestions.
This book started with the idea it would be one volume, plans change and the mass of important material dictated that two volumes were needed. Profusely illustrated with full colour photos and antique drawings.
The Table of Contents includes the following:
Chapter 7: Remington
Chapter 8: Sharps
Chapter 9: Smith & Wesson
Chapter 10: Colt
Chapter 11: Wesson / Whitney
Chapter 12: Winchester
Chapter 13: California
Chapter 14: Small Makers
Chapter 15: Military
Chapter 16: Schuetzen
Chapter 17: Unknown Examples

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