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Classic Military Aircraft Colouring Book. Wilde.

The perfect gift book for aircraft fans of every age! With detailed line drawings of some of the greatest combat aircraft from WWI and WWII, this stylish and original colouring book will provide hours of fun.
Book Features:
Accurate line drawings of 30 classic warbirds
60 great aircraft stickers in authentic colours
Essential facts for every featured aircraft
Perforated pages to colour in, pull out and keep
Includes 60 colour stickers

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Woodstove Cookery. Cooper.

Fire up your woodstove and get cooking! In this informative and inspiring guide, Jane Cooper brings together dozens of recipes and expert tips from seasoned woodstove cooks. Keep your kitchen warm and cozy as you whip up breakfast pancakes, mouthwatering roasted meats, delicious pies, and irresistible loaves of freshly baked bread. With plenty of advice on buying, installing, and maintaining your woodstove, you'll be sure to enjoy cooking over a controlled, crackling fire for years to come.

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150 Best Meals in a Jar. Salads, Soups,Rice Bowls and more. Linton

Canning jars are perfect for a healthy and delicious salad. The dressing goes on the bottom, with heavier or harder ingredients making up the next layer(s), perhaps topped off with some fresh leafy greens. Everything stays crisp and separate until it is time to toss the salad in a bowl ready to serve and enjoy.
When made ahead these 150 tempting and innovative recipes last for days in the fridge for almost a week's worth of lunches and/or dinners. These "grab and go" salads are ideal on those harried weekday mornings or busy weekends. Tanya Linton includes creative snacks and breakfasts as well as a chapter devoted to rice bowls and even desserts.
Lettuce-based salads like Italian Salad (chopped salami, spicy green beans, white beans and Pecorino), Green Goddess (sugar snap peas, proper peas and edamame with hoisin chicken) or Sweet and Salty Salad (arugula, figs, buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto) are great for the whole family.
For something more hearty, there are also noodle and grain/legume based salads like Pasta Carbonara Salad (pasta, cooked eggs, cooked pancetta, baby arugula), Chicken Soup Salad (noodles, carrots, celery, chopped kale and chicken) and Layered Tabbouleh Salad (couscous, cucumber, tomatoes, parsley, onion).
For a dessert idea for an office celebration or a picnic, Pretty Pavlovas, Layed Cheater Chocolate Cheesecake and Banana Bread Parfait are favorites.

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From Airbus to Zeppelin. Facts, Figures and Quotes from the World of Aviation. Ferguson.

With riveting facts, figures, quotes, and statistics from the high-flying world of aviation, From Airbus to Zeppelin has it all. D is for Desert Island Discs: just what would Dambuster Guy Gibson have liked on marooned on his desert island? E is for Everest: did you know that two Scotsmen were the first to fly over the magnificent mountain? F is for Faster than the sun: which aircraft was the first to fly faster than the Earth’s rotation? This is a must-read for anyone—and may even win the reader a pub quiz or two!

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Conspiracy Theories. King.

Did Michael Jackson fake his own death in a bid to escape financial ruin or was he murdered? Was it aliens that helped to build the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids and what were they trying to cover up? Is the food industry colluding to make us addicted to sugar? You'll discover startling evidence on these topics and many more in this compelling compendium of the world's scariest and wackiest conspiracy theories. It leaves no stone unturned as it delves into such conundrums as: * the mysterious circumstances of Bruce Lee's death * the alleged withheld evidence pertaining to the 7 July bombings * the controversy surrounding Barack Obama's rise to power * the unsolved disappearance of Flight MH 370 Whether you're a sceptic or a self-confessed conspiracy junkie, you'll find a cover-up for every occasion. And remember, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you..

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Windrift and Deceleration of the Cast Bullet at Black Powder Velocities. Matthews

Learn the facts that help reduce wind drift to become a better shooter of cast bullets at black powder velocities.

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Casting Premium Bullets for the Black Powder Cartridge Rifle. Matthews

Casting Premium Bullets for the BPCR
Paul A. Matthews-
Takes the relaoder beyond the casting of bullets for plinking with smallbore rifles
or handguns into the realm of big-bore top-of-the-line bullets for competitive long-range accuracy.

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The Beginner's Guide to Hunting Deer for Food. Landers.

Hunting deer is the most inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to acquire organic, grass-fed meat. An average deer provides about 40 pounds of the most local meat available. With "The Beginner's Guide to Hunting Deer for Food", local food advocates can reduce or entirely eliminate the carbon footprint associated with the processing and transportation of food. For anyone who wants to become more self-sufficient, eat the safest and most nutritious meat possible, protect the environment, or save money, hunting deer for food is an excellent solution. This book is a perfect guide to a freezer full of fresh, local meat.

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Put 'em Up! Fruit : A Preserving Guide & Cookbook. Vinton.

This creative cookbook will inspire you to not only preserve summer's fruit harvest, but use your homemade jams, jellies, and conserves in a host of sweet and savoury dishes. Whip up a batch of peach jam and marinate shrimp kabobs in it overnight, or suspend grapefruit in lavender honey for an enticing custard topping. The flavors are fresh and contemporary and the instructions are thorough and easy to follow. Putting up -- and serving up -- the harvest has never been so delicious.

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Complete Art and science of Sausage Making. Reinhard.

There are techniques and secrets to learning how to make sausages in the home kitchen. Making sausages is an ancient art that has made a remarkable comeback in recent years. Tania Reinhard explains the science to making sausages, taking all the guesswork out of it, making it a fun, safe and exciting project for any aspiring sausage maker. Starting with the right tools and equipment there are step-by-step instructions that explain just how healthy sausages can be made simply by using the right ingredients and seasonings. The book has an extraordinary variety of recipes with the best techniques from all over the world. Ingredients range from the classic pork, beef, lamb, chicken and turkey, to wild game, fish and even vegetarian and vegan sausages. Here are some of these tantalizing recipes: * Classics like Chorizo, Frankfurters, Salami, Keilbasa, Liverwurst, and Breakfast Sausage; * Pork recipes include Sicilian Sausage, Sage Potato Sausage, American Brat, Pesto Pork Sausage and Jamaican Jerk Sausage; * There is also a huge variety of chicken and turkey recipes like Chicken Parmesan Sausage, Persian Chicken, Turkey de Provence, Christmas Turkey and Athenian Chicken; * The vegetarian and vegan recipes include Malaysian Satay, Sausage De Bologna, Greek Sausage, The Nutty Vegan and Lebanese Majadra. Meal planning is easy with complete menus and the perfect pairings for a sausage. The expert instructions, techniques and tips are crucial for any home sausage maker.

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Nazi Millionaires. The Allied search for hidden SS gold. Alford, Savas.

During the final days of World War II, German SS officers crammed trains, cars, and trucks full of gold, currency, and jewels, and headed for the mountains of Austria. Fearful of arrest and determined to keep the stolen loot out of Allied hands, they concealed their treasures and fled. Most of these men were eventually apprehended, but many managed to evade capture. The intensive postwar Allied investigation that followed recovered only a sliver of this mountain of gold. What happened to the rest of it, and what fate befell these men? Authors Alford and Savas answer these questions and many more in this fast-paced and well-written new book. Their groundbreaking study is based upon thousands of pages of previously unpublished and recently declassified documents. The result is a fresh and absolutely original reading experience that offers insights into the minds and methods of these SS thieves, the Reich Security Main Office (RSHA) within which they labored, how they achieved their positions of near-absolute power, the complex Allied investigation into their activities, and what happened to the vast sums of wealth they looted from Europe's Jews. Nazi Millionaires deftly captures the high drama surrounding these men and women and the secrets they carried with them during the closing days of World War II - and in some cases, to the grave. It is a remarkable tale of greed, lust, fraud, deceit, treachery, and murder. And it is one you will long remember. About the Authors: Kenneth D. Alford, of Richmond, Virginia, is the author of Great Treasure Stories of World War II and The Spoils of World War II. Theodore P. Savas has written or edited a dozen books, including Silent Hunters: German U-Boat Commanders of World War II. He lives in El Dorado Hills, California.

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Food Storage for Self-Suffficency and Survival. Paskett.

Be Well Prepared and Well Fed!
With all the uncertainty in the world today, there is peace in preparing. In an emergency, you don't want to depend on a grocery store or government agency to feed your family. Storing food assures your family's self-sufficiency year-round and benefits your budget when you plan correctly.
This in-depth, nuts-and-bolts guide to storing food teaches you a variety of food storage methods that you can customise to meet your family's unique circumstances including family size, tastes, ages, health concerns, income, and living conditions. This is not a generic manual on stocking dehydrated meals that have ten-year shelf lives. It's the guide to storing foods your family loves so you can eat well no matter what challenges life throws at you.
Inside you'll find:
Food-storage options for 72-hour emergency kits, short-term emergencies and long-term survival.
Food-storage planning methods that incorporate the foods and meals your family loves.
Tips for how to maintain balance and variety in your food storage.
Budget-friendly ways to purchase food for storage.
Easy and practical ideas for cooking with food in storage so nothing expires or goes to waste.
Organization and storage methods for easy food store maintenance.
Water storage and purification methods.
Canning, freezing and dehydrating methods to preserve food you produce at home.
Storing food gives you the freedom to stretch your income in tight-budget months, pack quick meals for short-notice trips, and create healthy meals without constantly going to the grocery store. Plus your stored food is available if you do experience an emergency power outage, natural disaster, long-term illness or job loss. Let this guide help you start building your self-sufficiency and food storage today.

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Fermented Vegetables. Shockey.

Even beginners can make their own fermented foods! This guide includes in-depth instruction for making kimchi, sauerkraut, and pickles and then offers more than 120 recipes using the same methods to make over 80 other fermented vegetable and herbs, including pickled Brussels sprouts, curried golden beets, carrot kraut, and pickled green coriander. Many of the recipes can be made in small batches (such as single pint). There are also recipes for using the fermented foods.

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Smoking Food at Home with Smoky Jo.Hampson.

Let Smoky Jo and Smoky Georgina guide you through their easy-to-follow and informative book. The authors, owners of the highly regarded food smoking school, Smoky Jo's are masters of their craft and have removed the mystery and imparted the fun into smoking food. Whilst still being aimed at the novice or the professional smoker alike, in this second edition of their book, the authors push back the boundaries of smoking food, opening up an exciting world of possibilities and culinary delights. With up to date information on food smoking, food safety, new smokers and smoking accessories they encourage the reader to have fun, to experiment and to smoke the usual, the unusual and the extraordinary. In their new chapter they will have you smoking everything from flour and tomatoes to asparagus and chocolate. No other book on smoking food will encourage you to tantalise the taste buds in the way that Smoking Food at Home with Smoky Jo will.

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Panzerkampfwagen 1v. The Backbone of Germany's WW11 Tank Forces. Doyle.

The Panzerkampfwagen IV, or Panzer IV as it is more popularly known, formed the backbone of Germany’s tank formations during WWII. With production totalling more than 8,500, the Panzer IV was the most plentiful German tank of the war, and the only German tank that remained in production for the duration of the conflict. Through more than 180 photos, this volume chronicles the design, development, and operational deployment of this ubiquitous German tank. This material is arranged in nine chapters, each focusing on a specific production model (Ausführung) of the tank. Comprehensive tables reveal the details of the performance and technical specifications of each variant. A concise, easy to read text, and detailed photographic captions expose the secrets of this iconic tank. Part of the Legends of Warfare series.

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Britians Toy Car Wars. Dinky vs Corgi vs Matchbox. Chapman.

Diecast-metal Dinky Toys arrived in 1934. In 1953, Lesney launched the Matchbox series. Mettoy brought its Corgi range in 1956, with working suspension, seats, steering wheels, and opening doors and hoods. The brand hit the jackpot with its James Bond movie tie-in: a 1:43 scale Aston Martin DB5 with working versions of the on-screen gadgets, including ejector seat. Dinky hit back with models based on Gerry Anderson TV shows. From the U.S. (but made cheaply in Hong Kong), Mattel’s Hot Wheels arrived in 1968. The British establishment was left reeling. Throughout the 1970s, the nation’s three toy car heroes battled on, trying to alter their offerings so that they offered as much "play value" as possible.

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Ballistic Allsorts. Thompson

Ballistic Allsorts is, as the name implies, the compilation of an assortment of topics centred around the theme of the ballistics of small arms, with a separate chapter devoted to each such topic.
With over half a century of professional, sports and competitive shooting behind him, Ian is well qualified to offer his readers this book. During his career as a ballistician, Ian has worked on trouble-shooting and product-improvement programmes for a variety of existing weapons systems and on research into possible future systems, as well as running the ballistic consultancy service, Baltec. This accumulation of experience, together with his lifelong interest in the 'hows, whys and whens' of shooting allows him to cover the field with an unusual depth of understanding.

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Butchering Poultry, Rabbit, Lamb, Goat and Pork. Danforth.

More and more people are deciding to raise small animals for meat. This is the book that shows exactly how to handle the slaughter and butchering of small livestock in a humane and sustainable way. With step-by-step photographs of the farm to table process, it is destined to be the bible on the topic. It begins with general information about food safety, freezing and packaging, tools and equipment, butchering methods, and pre-slaughter conditions before moving into the specifics of slaughtering and butchering each type of smaller animal - chicken and other poultry, rabbits, sheep, pigs, and goats. It includes detailed descriptions of speciality cuts and how to make them.

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Military Pistols. Handguns of the Two World Wars. Bruce

This book provides a convenient reference to the history and characteristics of the self-loading pistols that were adopted by the military forces of the nations involved in the two World Wars. It presents a selection of nineteen self-loading pistols - and the firms engaged in their manufacture - during this period, together with a technical appraisal of each weapon.
For each pistol a history of both manufacturer and pistol is provided, along with a colour photograph and cutaway views of both the pistol and its breech operation. Details and cutaway views are also provided for the cartridges used by these pistols. All of the weapons illustrated are representative of the pattern issued to the military, and in many cases they continued to be produced for the commercial market.
With a wealth of technical information and high-quality illustrations prepared specially for this book, Military Pistols - Handguns of the Two World Wars will be an invaluable addition to the library of anyone with an interest in the weaponry of the mid-twentieth century.

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Crazy Horse.The Lakota Warriors Life and Legacy. Matson.

The Edward Clown family, nearest living relatives to the Lakota war leader, presents the family tales and memories told to them about their famous grandfather. In many ways the oral history differs from what has become the standard and widely accepted biography of Crazy Horse. The family clarifies the inaccuracies and shares their story about the past, including what it means to them to be Lakota, the family genealogy, the life of Crazy Horse and his motivations, his death, and why they chose to keep quiet with their knowledge for so long before finally deciding to tell the truth as they know it.

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Ian Flemmings Secret War. Cabell.

While Ian Fleming's extravagant and glamorous lifestyle is well known, little has been published concerning his contribution during the Second World War. As this book reveals, Fleming, the creator the iconic James Bond, 007, and a man who lived life in the fast lane, spent the Second World War in the 'cloak-and-dagger' world of intelligence, counter-intelligence and special force units. In the very early days of the War, Fleming was selected by the Director of Naval Intelligence as his 'right hand man'. From the outset he was in the centre of events, with access to key political and military figures as well as those of exceptional intelligence, experience and courage. All this was to give him invaluable background when he came to write the Bond novels in the post-war era. The author has uncovered through official documentation, private papers and contacts the depth of Fleming's work in Naval Intelligence. Fascinating insights emerge of those he worked with and details of covert trips to Europe and North Africa emerge. Of particular interest is Fleming's close association with 30 Assault Unit, a crack special team who took the fight to the enemy.Ian Fleming's Secret War lifts the veil of secrecy from one of the best known and charismatic literary names of the twentieth century.

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Trench Art. 2nd Edn. Saunders.

Trench art is the evocative name given to a dazzling array of objects made from the waste of industrialized war. Each object, whether an engraved shell case, cigarette lighter or a pen made from shrapnel, tells a unique and moving story about its maker. For the first time, this book explores in-depth the history and cultural importance behind these ambiguous art forms. Not only do they symbolize human responses to the atrocities of war, but they also act as mediators between soldiers and civilians, individuals and industrial society, and, most importantly, between the living and the dead. Trench art resonates most obviously with the terror of endless bombardment, night raids, gas attacks and the bestial nature of trench life. It grew in popularity between 1919 and 1939 when the bereaved embarked on battlefield pilgrimages and returned with objects intended to keep alive the memory of loved ones. The term trench art is, however, misleading, as it does not simply refer to materials found in the trenches. It describes a diverse range of objects that have in some way emerged from the experience of war all over the world. Many distinctive objects, for example, were made during conflicts in Bosnia, Vietnam, Northern Ireland and Korea. Surprisingly, trench art predates World War I and it can be made in a number of earlier wars such as the Crimean War, the American Civil War, and the Boer War. Saunders looks at the broader issues of what is meant by trench art, what it was before the trenches and how it fits in with other art movements, as well as the specific materials used in making it. He suggests that it can be seen as a bridge between the nineteenth century certainties and the fragmented industrialised values and ideals of the modern world. This long overdue study offers an original and informative look at one of the most arresting forms of art. Spanning from 1800 to the present day, its analysis of art, human experience, and warfare will pave the way for new research.

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Butchering Small Game and Birds. (Rabbits, Hares, Poultry and Wild Birds). Bezzant.

Butchering Small Game and Birds is essential reading for those who have embraced self-sufficiency, and who regard small game and birds, both domestic and wild, as an essential part of their diet. The volume covers rabbits, hares, quail, chicken and turkey as well as game birds and provides comprehensive guidance relating to all aspects of the craft of butchery.
Topics covered include:
Equipment and how to use and maintain knives correctly
How to humanely dispatch the animal or bird for butchering with speed, precision and almost no suffering [this is of paramount importance]
Butchery techniques including basic small game and bird anatomy, meat inspection and hygiene and dealing with aged birds and animals
Further techniques including paunching, removal of offal, extraction of shot, skinning, plucking, drawing and dressing birds, washing carcases, jointing rabbits and hares and trussing
The preservation of meat, preparing meat for the freezer and hanging and curing of skins is covered following the philosophy that every part of an animal or bird that is usable is used.

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Blade's Guide to Making Knives, Kertzman.

Learn the Secrets of Knifemaking From the Masters of the Trade With an all-star cast of renowned knifemakers, BLADE's Guide To Making Knives 2nd Edition brings you the most up-to-date, inside information available on fashioning edged implements. In this full-color, meticulously illustrated volume: * John Lewis Jensen, designer and fabricator of one-of-a-kind ornamental edged weaponry, presents a step-by-step guide to creating your own art knife in "Desk Daggers: A Limited Edition Jensen Knives Trio." * Tim Zowada, forger of damascus and smelted steel, reveals his trade secrets and methods in "Making the Using Knife." * Allen Elishewitz lends his knowledge and know-how in "Making Patterns and Using a Pantograph," for those in the design stages of fashioning fine knives. * Don Fogg, arguably one of the best sword makers on the planet, shares his expertise in "Forging Steel from Raw Materials." * Vince Evans, crafter of Scottish dirks, Viking swords, Central Asian weaponry and other exotic and historical pieces, reveals his methods for "Making and Carving a Scottish Dirk." * Rick Dunkerley, known for his mosaic-damascus masterpieces, opens his world of knowledge in "Building a Damascus Locking-Liner Folder." * Kevin Hoffman unlocks the mysteries of "Lost Wax Casting for Guards & Pommels," illustrating each and every step of this tedious yet rewarding process. It's All Here! Forging - Grinding - Heat Treating - Etching - Polishing - Sharpening Blades - Guards - Pommels - Bolsters - Handles - Sheaths Whether your interest in making knives is new or you've been crafting blades for years, BLADE's Guide to Making Knives 2nd Edition arms you with knowledge to help you reap the rewards of a fruitful and fulfilling knifemaking hobby or career.

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Hawker P.1127, Kastral and Harrier. Developing the Worlds First Jet. V/stol Combat Aircraft. Buttler.

This illustrated history covers in detail the design and development of the Hawker P.1127, Kestrel and Harrier. It examines how their designs came together, the flight testing undertaken by the manufacturer and the RAF, and it includes some of the designs, showing alternative and rejected ways of performing the vertical take-off role for the RAF. It considers proposed developments and the Sea Harrier, focusing on the work done in the late 1950s-1970s.

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Story of the Spitfire. An Operational and Combat History. Delve.

A compelling account of a remarkable aircraft and its pilots The Spitfire symbolised Britain's fight against the Luftwaffe in World War Two. Its power, combined with well-trained and aggressive pilots, saw it dominate the skies. Fighter Command pilots in 1938 were delighted with the Spitfire. By the Battle of Britain the RAF was ready to forge the Spitfire legend. There were 19 squadrons during the summer of 1940; it was only later the numbers swelled. At times the combat initiative was lost to Bf 109s and Fw 190s, but with better training and increased performance Spitfire clawed its way back. By 1944 it was employed as fighter-bomber in various theatres of war; many pilots thought strapping bombs below this aircraft verged on insult but with aerial targets in short supply this as the most effective way of reaching the enemy. Spitfire saw action up to 1948 and there are still around 50 airworthy today. AUTHOR: Ken Delve joined the RAF as a navigator and in a 20-year flying career served with many squadrons (Canberra and Tornado). On leaving the RAF he became Editor of FlyPast magazine and subsequently Editor-in-Chief with Key Publishing with responsibility for eight aviation magazines. He is now a training consultant in the Middle East. His books include 'Bomber Command', 'D-Day: The Air Battle' and 'Night Fighter'. SELLING POINTS: Contrasts the Spitfire's performance and firepower with its German counterparts Based on official sources and first-hand accounts Featuring official reports alongside technical and tactical developments Extensive research from a noted aviation historian and expert in the field With a foreword by Alfred Price 16 mono, 30 b/w illustrations

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Luger. The Story of the Worlds Most Famous Handgun. Walter.

An accessible one- volume study of the development, manufacture and use of the Luger pistol he elegant but menacing silhouette of the Luger is immediately recognisable. It is the only gun of its type to have entered modern folklore. Nearly two million had been made by the end of World War I and it was still being manufactured in the dying days of the Third Reich in 1945. This is the most comprehensive one-volume guide to the world's most famous pistol: a simple history not overly complicated by technical details. This is an updated edition designed to appeal to collectors and more general military historians. This edition will include a foreword by Reinhard Kornmayer, one of the world's leading Luger historians. AUTHOR: John Walter has been writing military history books since 1968 and has published more than 50 books, translated into 11 languages. He is a regular contributor to key military journals including 'Guns Digest', 'Gun Collector's Digest', 'Shooter's Bible' and 'The Armourer'. He is one of the world's best-known authorities on guns of the twentieth century. The author had a toy Luger as a child. SELLING POINTS: Classic history of the most iconic weapon of World War II The pistol's complete 100 year history Well-illustrated guidebook intended for use by both collectors and enthusiasts Brings the Luger's manufacture up to the present day with the unveiling of the 'American Eagle' model made by Mitchell Arms 16pp mono, 80 b/w illustrations.

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Second U-Boat Flotilla. Paterson

Fritz-Julius Lemp's tragic sinking of the Athenia in a Second U-Boat Flotilla boat opened Germany's U-boat war against England. The following six years of bitter combat found the flotilla at the forefront of distant operations. Leading the attack, Legendary commanders such as Albrecht Achilles, Werner Hartenstein and Reinhard Hardegen littered the Atlantic and Indian Oceans with the twisted steel of sunken ships. Drawn extensively from various war diaries and veterans' personal reminiscences, the Second U-Boat Flotilla describes the tumultuous fortunes of the most successful unit of Karl Donitz's Grey Wolves.

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Blacksmith Techniques. Ares.

The perfect resource for starting work in metal forging, this guide introduces the traditional techniques from a modern perspective. It focuses on the basics, and includes classic procedures of the craft like punching and bending, as well as modern processes such as plasma cutting, heating with a blowtorch, or the use of manual power tools. With clear instructions and over 500 detailed full-colour photos throughout, the book introduces the craft’s materials and tools, from the raw material (iron and steel), to the fuels, to the forge and its accessories. Next, basic techniques in eight key subject areas are taught step by step. The book includes instructions for ten creative projects ranging from a cold-forged table trivet to a candelabra, and even a large sculpture applying industrial processes. A creativity-inspiring photo gallery features a selection of pieces by artists worldwide.

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Bladesmithing with Murray Carter. Carter

Bladesmithing with Murray Carter provides detailed explanations of traditional Japanese bladesmithing techniques that until now have been cloaked in mystery and myth. After spending 18 years in Japan, where author Murray Carter lived and worked as a village bladesmith, he now wants to share his wealth of information for the benefit of the curious reader and Japanese knife enthusiast alike. Throughout Bladesmithing with Murray Carter, the reader will be provided with an in-depth look into traditional Japanese Cutlery forging techniques and their modern applications, along with a collection of photos that document a large selection of Carter's blades. The detailed information guides an inspiring bladesmith to become a successful smith in the Japanese style of blade making. Fans of Murray's 15,000 knives will be delighted to see a comprehensive book written by the knives' creator. Also: Photos document a large selection of Carter's blades, which will provide a useful reference for Carter Cutlery Blade collectors.

Our Price: $60.00