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Air Guns. Wolff.

Historical reference covering many makers, European & American guns, canes & more. Illus; 204 pgs.

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Daisy Air Rifles and BB Guns. The First 100 years. Punchard.

Few brand names in American history enjoy the same instant recognition as Daisy. Since 1888, children and adults alike, have considered the name synonymous with BB guns. Inexplicably, this highly designed look back at the first 100 years of Daisy BB rifles and pistols, toy and cork guns, accessories, packaging, and period advertising and literature is the book of its kind to examine the history of this legend, let alone in such a stylish fashion.
Flash back to the days of your youth and recall fond memories of your Daisy. Daisy Air Rifles and BB Guns looks back fondly on the first 100 years of Daisy BB rifles and pistols, toy and cork guns, accessories, packaging, period advertising and literature. Wacky ads and catalogs conjure grins of pure nostalgia as chapters reveal how Daisy used a combination of savvy business sense and quality products to dominate the market.

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Webley Air Pistols : Their History and Development. Bruce

Despite a long history of involvement in the design and production of firearms, the Birmingham firm of Webley & Scott is probably better known to the general public for its manufacture of airguns than for any other product. Until now, there has been no published reference that concentrates exclusively on the history and development of Webley air pistols. This book has been prepared to offer a comprehensive guide for all those interested in the subject and who appreciate the traditional British craftsmanship entailed. It embraces all models based upon the same initial patent, which were produced between the years 1924 and 1999, commencing with the original 'Mark 1' and progressing through twelve other models to the final 'Webley Tempest' introduced more than half a century later. In addition to the pistols themselves, there are sections of the book relating to pellet styles and various shooting accessories produced by the same company. The whole work is divided into twenty-two sections, the text being accompanied throughout with 226 original photographs and over 70 line illustrations, each of which has been prepared by the author.

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Quackenbush Guns. Groenewold

When you mention H.M. Quackenbush or just Quackenbush to a gun collector, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the .22 calibre rim fire rifles made by the H.M. Quackenbush Company. When you mention H.M. Quackenbush to an air gun collector the first thing that usually comes to mind is the most common air rifle, the Number 1. Mention those words to anyone else and there is no telling what response you will get. Most people and many experienced collectors are just not familiar with the man, company or products. The company has been in existence since 1871.

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Lincoln Jeffries and BSA Air Rifles. Knibbs

Revised and updated in 2012, this enlarged book will be a mine of information to the gun enthusiast, detailing the history of the famous Mr George Lincoln Jeffries and his many inventions that have pioneered modern air rifle shooting. And the adaptions of his inventions and innovations by the Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited when they refined and improved his ideas allowing them to enter the airgun market in which they became the world leaders.

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