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The Concise Illustrated Book of Military Badges and Insignia. Loyd The Concise Illustrated Book of Military Badges and Insignia. Loyd

Entries present a concise description and background information on forty different unit badges and insignia from the armed forces of the United States and other countries

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Tin Hat for Tommy. Carter Tin Hat for Tommy. Carter

Newly Printed Book: Written by J. Anthony Carter and published by the Tharston Press. As many collectors will know J. ANTHONY CARTER, renowned for his GERMAN BAYONET BOOK SERIES in Four Volumes and many other works, died in 2002. Anthony was one of Christian Cranmer s (IMA founder) very closest friends from virtually their boarding school years in England and was in fact the Godfather to Christian s own son Alexander who now runs IMA. Upon Anthony's death, his works both published and in progress became Alexander's and hidden away we discovered a partially completed manuscript covering the traditional "Tommy Helmet". With the great help and expert understanding of John Walter, himself a noted Author, this small work has been completed and is now available in a hard bound, wipe clean color cover edition 9.5" x 6.5" of 80 pages outlining the development, manufacture and issue of these very collectable helmets. Including original photographs and color illustrations this is a useful work every helmet collector should own.

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Agenda Beretta. Beretta. 2005 Agenda Beretta. Beretta. 2005

Agenda Beretta, Diary for 2005
Magnificent military hats from Asia, America, Europe, South America etc for each week of the 2003 Calander year.
An excellent reference for the Military Hat Collector.

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Australians Awarded  A Concise Guide to Military and Civilian Decorations, Medals and Otherawards to Australians from 1815 to 2007 with Their Valuations. Johnson. Australians Awarded A Concise Guide to Military and Civilian Decorations, Medals and Otherawards to Australians from 1815 to 2007 with Their Valuations. Johnson.

A complete reference and standard guide to all Australian Military and Civilian Decorations and Awards from 1815-2007 After years of research, Clive Johnson, the editor, has completed this definitive work on all Australian Medals and Awards, both military and civil from 1815-2007 This exciting new 1st edition provides information on civil awards and decorations to Australians which have never been previously listed. Edited by Clive Johnson Over 400 x pages in full colour printed on gloss paper Hard cover only The definitive guide and reference work for collectors, historians and investors alike covering Medals, Decorations and Awards to Australians with current and realistic valuations.

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Medieval Arms and Armour. A pictorial archive. Hefner-Alteneck Medieval Arms and Armour. A pictorial archive. Hefner-Alteneck

A renowned nineteenth-century cultural historian and specialist on the Middle Ages, J. H. Hefner-Alteneck spent much of his life observing the influence of art on many aspects of human life, including weaponry. His illustrations for this handsome archive — drawn with incredible exactitude — depict a wide array of medieval weapons and armor dating from the early ninth century to the mid-1700s.
Adapted primarily from decorative ornamentation on burial monuments and manuscripts, hundreds of finely executed images depict authentic shields, swords, crossbows, helmets, and highly ornate suits of body armor for knights and their steeds. Newly translated descriptive notes, extracted from the original German text, identify the subjects.
First published more than 100 years ago, this meticulously rendered study remains an invaluable source of permission-free illustrations for artists and designers and an indispensable reference for scholars, collectors, and hobbyists.

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Denison Smock. Collectors Guide. Kibell Denison Smock. Collectors Guide. Kibell

The Denison smock was a coverall jacket issued to Special Operations Executive (SOE) agents, the Parachute Regiment, the Glider Pilot Regiment, Air Landing Regiments, Air Observation Post Squadrons, and other Commonwealth airborne units, to wear over their Battle Dress uniform during the Second World War.

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Oriental Armour. Robinson. Oriental Armour. Robinson.

Detailed, scholarly survey of defensive armour used in the Middle East and Asia — from the scale armour of ancient Egypt to Japanese "modern" armour of the 19th century. Over 300 line illustrations and over 100 photos depict armour of Persia, Turkey, India, China, Ceylon, the Philippines, Korea, Tibet, and other regions.

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Weapons and Armour Weapons and Armour

A misericorde is a medieval poniard or dagger made for one purpose — to give the coup de grace or killing stroke. It was a beautiful, deadly instrument with a graphic mission; its very shape and cut graphically manifest its age and those who used it.
Weapons throughout history chronicle ages, styles, and approaches to life and death; for artists, a weapons archive is a pictorial arsenal of powerful imagery. Here is such an arsenal: over 1,400 copyright-free illustrations of weapons and armor epitomizing the warlike times and peoples of this planet.
Twenty-two categories of offensive and defensive arms and armor include battle-axes, bows and arrows, cannons, catapults, clubs, daggers, handguns, machine guns, powder horns, rifles, spears, swords, tanks, suits of armor, helmets, shields, and other means of combat. These copyright-free black-and-white illustrations (with a few half-tones) have been culled from almost 50 separate sources, ranging from books of ancient armor to scarce foreign periodicals and engravings. Along with the arms themselves are those who wield them — soldiers, warriors, knights, horsemen, hunters, jousters, duelists, arms manufacturers, aborigines, centurions, dragoons, musketeers, samurai, crusaders, in full period regalia. One plate identifies all the parts of a 17th-century suit of armor — visor, gorget, tassets, epauliere, cuisse, chain mail, gauntlet, etc.; many show details of intricate Renaissance and modern carving on pommels, blades, rifle butts, and boomerangs. Some remarkable devices include the Chinese Tartar 2-handed sword, Malay creese, Tormentum, Maxim gun, 16th-century Italian cross-bow, Soviet tank from World War II, Indian damascened cuirass, bamboo lance, halberd, and the scimitar.
Unusual strokes may be visually delivered by such instruments as the Patagonian bola, a cane sword, the Zarabatana native blow gun, and the infamous "holy water sprinkler."
Artists and designers will not find these rare emblems of warfare gathered together elsewhere in such a clearly printed format, so quickly accessible; historians of art, industry, and war as well as weapons fanciers will marvel at all the picturesque means here depicted of giving the coup de grace.

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Uniforms and Equipment of the US Army Soldier. Morel Uniforms and Equipment of the US Army Soldier. Morel

With the way the battlefield has evolved over the last ten years, the soldier's equipment has had to evolve accordingly. Although the media often shows the US Army Boys right in the heart of the fighting in Afghanistan, and up until recently in Iraq, their equipment, material, and weapons have never been shown in detail. This book has now done this, drawing up an exhaustive list of the equipment used by the US Army's infantryman (but also the helicopter pilots and the armoured vehicle drivers) - from the boots to the wrist computer, via the assault rifle and the winter uniform - and the programs intended to make the soldier even quicker, even more effective and better protected.

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German Tank Destruction Badge in WW 2. Michaelis German Tank Destruction Badge in WW 2. Michaelis

The close-range engagement of tanks became extremely important mainly because of the Soviet T-34 and KV-I tanks, which for a long time were superior to all German tanks and anti-tank guns. Frequently employed in small groups of three to five tanks to support the infantry, these Russian tanks could often be put out of action with close-range weapons. This book provides a concise account of Tank Destruction Badge, and the close-range combating of tanks. In addition to a description of the special badge and the most commonly used weapons, it includes operational accounts by recipients of the badge.

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History of the 24. Waffen-Gebirgs Division. Michaelis. History of the 24. Waffen-Gebirgs Division. Michaelis.

Take a detailed look into the brutal anti-partisan warfare in Yugoslavia during the Second World War. The SS war against the partisans, dubbed Bandenkampf (literally "fight against bandits") at the time, differed greatly from the conventional war at the front. The 24. Waffen-Gebirgs [Karstjäger]-Division der SS anti-partisan unit was mostly comprised of ethnic Germans from Romania and operated in the Karst border area of Austria, Yugoslavia, and Italy from 1943 to 1945. This is not only a history of this SS division—including details of formation, training, commanders, and operations—but also an examination of the German Anti-Partisan War Badge in Gold and its recipients from the unit. Very rare examples of actual badges, award documents and soldbuchs, and never before seen war era images are presented.

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Indian and Oriental Arms and Armour Indian and Oriental Arms and Armour

This excellently illustrated volume provides factual accounts of events ranging from the earliest invasions of the subcontinent in 200 b.c. to the First Burmese War in 1824. Also includes detailed information on Arabian and Persian arms and Japanese armor. Illustrations and notes describe helmets, daggers, sabers, and other weapons. 350 halftones and line illustrations.

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Uniforms of the Panzer Troops. 1917 to the Present. Vol 1. Hormann Uniforms of the Panzer Troops. 1917 to the Present. Vol 1. Hormann

All aspects of German panzer troop uniforms in over 200 photos, many in colour.

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Uniforms of the Infantry. 1919 to the Present. Vol 2 Hormann Uniforms of the Infantry. 1919 to the Present. Vol 2 Hormann

All aspects of German panzer troop uniforms in over 200 photos, many in colour.

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Allied Special Forces Insignia. Taylor. Allied Special Forces Insignia. Taylor.

A very well-researched and accurate account of the largely "forgotten heroes" of 1 Group, RAF Bomber Command in the Second World War. The narrative moves at a lively pace which combines appropriate levels of detail regarding operations, aircraft, bases and incidents, in the wider context of the unfolding Second World War, set against a backdrop of policy failings and evolving successes, and more than anything, the sheer determination and bravery of young British, Commonwealth and Polish aircrews who never hesitated in giving everything to the cause of ultimate victory, regardless of the personal cost. An over-due tribute to a major contributing factor towards the ending of the Second World War in Europe, which well highlights the superiority of the RAF equipment made available and tactics adopted as the war developed, the humanity and professionalism of the participants, the amazing odds against which they were flung, and the conveyance of a real feeling of being there re-living these exploits.

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Rank and Rate: Volume II. Coleman Rank and Rate: Volume II. Coleman

With the exception of the royal marines, who adopted light infantry rank insignia from their earliest days, the Royal Navy was slow to introduce distinguishing rate badges for those serving on the 'lower deck'. Even when they were introduced, in 1853, the corresponding introduction of a uniform was still four years away. As for officers, the design and arrangement of buttons also played a part in distinguishing one rating from another.
In a unique compilation, the insignia worn since the mid-19th century by Royal Naval ratings, Royal Marines, queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service, the Women's Royal Naval Service, the Merchant Navy, Auxiliaries, Volunteers, youth, and other maritime organisations, are brought together in a single volume.

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Soldiers Accoutrements of the British Army. 1780 - 1900. Turner. Soldiers Accoutrements of the British Army. 1780 - 1900. Turner.

Eighty-four full-colour plates depict a wide range of the accoutrements and equipment of the ordinary soldier serving in the cavalry, infantry and artillery of the British Army between 1750 and 1900. Accoutrements include everything that is worn by a soldier that is neither his main uniform nor a weapon. This book features all the various types of accoutrements including: sword and bayonet belts, waist belts, pouches, water bottles, haversacks, mess tins, knapsacks, sabretaches, sword knots, musket and rifle slings, intrenching tools and the valise equipment of 1870, 1882 and 1888. Each page shows one accoutrement from all angles and there is a short historical description. All are drawn from actual surviving specimens and all are provided with a scale.

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Rank and Rate: Royal Navy Officers' Insignia Since 1856. Coleman. Rank and Rate: Royal Navy Officers' Insignia Since 1856. Coleman.

For over a century and a half, since the Uniform Regulations of 1856 were introduced, identification of rank among officers in the Royal Navy, its branches and its reserves has not been restricted to a single, or even small number, of insignia. Rank may be seen on jacket cuffs, on shoulder badges, on shoulder boards and on epaulettes. It may be seen on swords and buttons, and in the manner in which buttons are worn. Cap peaks indicate rank, as do collars, cocked hat ornaments and cuff slashes. Rank insignia varies just as much between officers of similar rank. Cap badges and variants of gold lace stripes divide Executive from Civil branches, and from the Royal Navy and its reserves. Civil branches were further divided, and some remain so to this day, by the addition of color between the gold lace stripes. For the first time the complete range of Royal Navy Officers' insignia may be seen and studied in a single, comprehensive guide. The badges, buttons, stripes, wings and stars are catalogued separately in order of rank and date of introduction. Where possible, actual examples are used, and where not, an accurate as possible reproduction is offered. In addition, original photographs show the insignia being worn over the past 150 years.

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The History of Armour.1100 - 1700. Walker The History of Armour.1100 - 1700. Walker

A detailed account of how armour developed through the Medieval, Tudor, Elizabethan, and Civil War eras, carefully itemizing the subtle changes over a 600-year period
This study is organized into chapters each focusing on an individual area of body protection, charting the evolution of each piece over time, from helmets and chest protection to arm guards, gauntlets, leg guards, and sabatons. It also encompasses the use of weaponry and its evolution, including protection for horses. With the aid of photographs and illustrations, it looks at how fashions, as well as its protective qualities, influenced the style of armour. Valuable information has been acquired through the study of effigies over a number of years, and using these existing artifacts, supplemented by the author's meticulous illustrations and practical knowledge of armour construction, it has been possible to reconstruct the design and appearance of a wide range of armour.

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Uniforms of the German Soldiers: An Illustrated History from 1870 - end of WW 1. De Quesada. Uniforms of the German Soldiers: An Illustrated History from 1870 - end of WW 1. De Quesada.

Through periods of glory, defeat and renaissance, the German Army uniform has evolved. Prussianistic and Germanic traditions have remained strong throughout the uniform's history, and can still be found in the insignia and equipment of the present-day soldier. In 1870 the uniforms worn by Imperial German soldiers varied between the different principalities. The spiked helmet (pickelhaube) was first adopted by Prussia in 1842, but it was later used throughout Germany. The pickelhaube was made out of leather, with metal reinforcement and a metal spike. It went through a number of modifications, such as the introduction of a round visor and the replacement of the rear spine. Within the colonies, there was even greater variation in uniform and equipment. In German East Africa, the soldiers wore white service uniforms with white tropical helmets and the national cockade of black, white and red. The East Asia Brigade wore a field grey jacket with four front pockets lined with leather, designed for carrying cartridges. Uniforms of the German Soldier has more than thirty colour photographs and more than 300 black-and-white photographs, giving the reader an unparalleled analysis. Each photograph is accompanied with a detailed caption, explaining interesting aspects of the soldier's uniform, insignia and equipment.

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Camouflage Uniforms. International Combat Dress 1940 - 2010. Brayley Camouflage Uniforms. International Combat Dress 1940 - 2010. Brayley

The term camouflage only came into widespread use during the First World War, and the specialist camouflage units developed by the combatants at the time put the bulk of their efforts into the concealment of artillery, vehicles, observation posts and bunkers. It was not until the Second World War that all major combatant nations issued camouflage uniforms better designed to disguise profile, and also tailored to the appropriate theatre of war.
Camouflage Uniforms contains nearly 400 colour images showing how armed forces all around the world have developed their own methods of concealing troops, often in response to their unique local environments. Studio photographs clearly show the uniforms with their patterns and colours and with explanatory captions this is an essential volume for collectors and military historians.

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Uniforms of the German Soldiers: An Illustrated History from WW 11 to the present day. De Quesada. Uniforms of the German Soldiers: An Illustrated History from WW 11 to the present day. De Quesada.

A photo-history of German Army uniforms, regalia and equipment.

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United Nations Medals and Missions. Borts. United Nations Medals and Missions. Borts.

The peacekeeping operations of the United Nations have grown in number and importance in recent years, producing a thicket of bewildering acronyms (UNIKOM and UNIPOM, UNOMUR and UNAMIR),and for participants a corresponding number of awards, which are often confusingly similar in appearance. For the first time this is all sorted out, in this well-produced guide.
The book features excellent color illustrations of the medals, ribbons, and insignia, with information on the historical context, mandate (mission), participant countries and strengths, fatalities incurred, and number of medals issued. There is also a chronology, a world map of operations, a splendid section on Korean War medals and variants, background essays, bibliography, index, and more, providing comprehensive coverage of this relatively neglected area. Borts' admirable work will likely be the standard on the subject for many years to come, and will be of particular interest to students of contemporary military affairs as well as collectors.

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Royal Navy Uniforms 1930-1945. Brayley. Royal Navy Uniforms 1930-1945. Brayley.

Royal Navy Uniforms 1930-1945 uses over 400 illustrations - both period images and new colour photographs of original items - to show the clothing of both Officers and Ratings in World War II and during the years leading up to it, when Naval uniforms underwent significant modernisation. The illustrations are supported by detailed text describing the development and use of Naval clothing of the time. Its contents include Officers' clothing and effects; Class 1 and III Ratings' clothing and effects; seamens' clothing and effects; battledress and tropical clothing; miscellaneous clothing, personal effects and substantive and non-substantive insignia. This is the first book to offer a detailed study of Royal Navy clothing in the 1930s and World War II and will be a vital resource for collectors, historians and enthusiasts. All of the major uniform types are superbly illustrated with 470 colour and black & white studio images and period photographs.

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A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and use of Arms and Armour of All Countries and All times. STONE A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and use of Arms and Armour of All Countries and All times. STONE

Widely considered the classic book in the field, George Cameron Stone's A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor in All Countries and in All Times is an indispensable resource and reference tool for anyone interested in arms and armor. Originally published in 1934, it remains an essential guide to the field. To describe the worldwide range and variety of weaponry, Stone drew upon the more than 4,000 items in his private collection of Eastern arms and armor, as well as the European arms collection of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, and a variety of other sources. Since the author subsequently bequeathed his entire collection to the Metropolitan Museum, this volume serves as an abbreviated visual reference to that institution's Arms and Armor collection.
By profession a metallurgist, the author focused on techniques of manufacture and workmanship to derive his method of codifying the typology of weapons, relying on an alphabetized dictionary format to avoid the confusions he found in a field without standardized nomenclature. This "glossary" format makes it easy for anyone to locate material on the astonishing variety of weapons covered. These include arquebuses, blunderbusses, flintlocks, wheel locks, matchlocks, and other antique guns; German armor; French rapiers; Roman short swords; Turkish crossbows; all the Japanese bladed weapons (katana, wakizashi, naginata, etc.); the East Asian kris in its countless permutations; and many more.
Illustrated with 875 detailed figures, incorporating thousands of individual photographs and drawings, the book was written from the unique viewpoint of an expert who devoted a lifetime to the field. Hard to locate today (original editions are worth hundreds of dollars), Stone's Glossary represents a peerless resource for scholars, experts, collectors, students, hobbyists, and institutions — any student of the long history and development of weapons and armor around the world.

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Helmets of the ETO. Giard, Blais. Helmets of the ETO. Giard, Blais.

This book proposes a complete study of the variants in the manufacturing of the M1 helmet, illustrated with more than 700 full-colour photos and presents a new selection of helmets coming from the woodwork, stemming from private collections and museums.

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Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction. Price. Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction. Price.

Before there was Iron Man, there were iron men - medieval knights who forged metal suits in preparation for warfare.

Few historical icons can match the evocative power of the medieval suit of armour, and this epic new book is a complete course in the tools and techniques of the modern armourer's art. Through more than 1,000 detailed photos and clear instruction, Brian Price presents a working handbook for aspiring and active armourers who want to develop their skills in the production of medieval armour in the style of the 14th century.

The book is divided into four sections: a sweeping history of armour and its production from its medieval roots to its modern revival; a practical introduction to all the tools and supplies necessary to equip a modern workshop; a thorough review of key techniques; and a series of actual courses in constructing armoured defenses for the head, body, arm, hand and leg. Taking the reader through the construction of an authentic medieval harness from conception to completion, Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproductionis a vital addition to the libraries of serious craftsmen, historians, collectors and researchers.

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Uniforms and Equipment of the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II.  Hewitt Uniforms and Equipment of the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II. Hewitt

Uniforms and Equipment of the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II.

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The Medieval Tailor's Assistant, 2nd Edition: Common Garments 1100-1480. Thursfield The Medieval Tailor's Assistant, 2nd Edition: Common Garments 1100-1480. Thursfield

The Medieval Tailor s Assistant is the standard work for both amateurs and professionals wishing to re-create the clothing of Medieval England for historical interpretation or drama. This new edition extends its range with details of fitting different figures and many more patterns for main garments and accessories from 1100 to 1480. It includes simple instructions for plain garments, as well as more complex patterns and adaptations for experienced sewers.

Advice on planning outfits and materials to use
Range of projects and alternative designs, from undergarments to outer wear
Covers early and later tailoring methods within the period
Clear line drawings, pattern diagrams and layouts
Over eighty full-colour photographs that show the garments as working outfits

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Spiked Helmets of Imperial Germany. Trawnik. Spiked Helmets of Imperial Germany. Trawnik.

This monumental, two volume set, several years in preparation, includes over 400 color photographs, illustrations and period images from the finest collections in the United States and Europe. For the first time, collectors will see a comprehensive full color photographic lexicon picturing helmets from every unit of the Imperial German Army of 1914. Many of the photographs exhibit helmets of such rarity that they have never been seen outside a select group of advanced collectors. Carefully selected, each photograph and illustration affords the reader information not to be found elsewhere. Presented in a clear and easy to understand format, the detailed text covers evolution of the Pickelhaube from 1842 until 1918, helmet nomenclature, front plates of the Active, Reserve and Landwehr regiments, and identification tables for officer and other ranks helmets. Without a doubt, these are the most extensive and comprehensive books on this subject ever published in English. The information presented here will make this book essential for the novice and advanced collector, military historian and restorer.

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