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Simplified V Springs. Ravenshear

The late Kit Ravenshear created these gunsmithing manuals to share his workshop knowledge and experience acquired during his 50 years of practice. These 7-1/2 x 8-1/2" soft cover booklets of about 20 pages are aimed at the innovative craftsman. Mr. Ravenshear shows that you don't need highly technical equipment. His techniques are amazingly unsophisticated, but very effective to learn and use.
This booklet explains the secrets of making V-springs the easy way. Buying the right steel, with wide temper tolerance, will allow you to make a good springs despite home tempering.

Our Price: $20.00
Metalwork: Part 1. A Guncraftsmanship Manual. Ravenshear

Volume one is on cleaning, hardening, ageing, bluing, browning, coloring, and hardening metals. Finishing is one secret to success. Sixteen pages.

Our Price: $20.00
Metalwork: Part 2. A Gun craftsmanship Manual. Ravenshear

Volume two takes you through disassembly of antique arms, with hints on removing rusted screws, repairing broken castings, and how you can reshape new castings to resemble antique parts.

Our Price: $20.00
Woodworking: Part 1. A Gun craftsmanship Manual.Ravenshear

Volume one explains the steps in making a gun stock from a blank, setting up the parts, final shaping, and how parts dictate final shape. Volume one explains the steps in making a gun stock from a blank, setting up the parts, final shaping, and how parts dictate final shape.

Our Price: $20.00
Woodworking: Part 2. A Guncraftsmanship Manual.Ravenshear

Volume one explains the steps in making a gun stock from a blank, setting up the parts, final shaping, and how parts dictate final shape. Volume one explains the steps in making a gun stock from a blank, setting up the parts, final shaping, and how parts dictate final shape.

Our Price: $20.00
Tubes and Tools. The Guncraftmanship Manual. Ravenshear

This booklet discusses gun barrel work: install underlugs, sights, breech plugs, touch hole liners, attach under ribs, and learn to straighten barrels with confidence.
The second half of the book is a recommendation on which tools will be worthwhile for the gun maker, in the serious workshop.

Our Price: $20.00
Craft and Practice: Part 1 . A Guncraftsmanship Manual. Ravenshear

Volume one covers lock reconversion, fitting pans, frizzens, frizzen springs, and making gun screws. Assembly of locks from "as cast" parts, essential lock geometry, and fine tuning locks is discussed.

Our Price: $20.00
Craft and Practice: Part 2 . A Gun craftsmanship Manual. Ravenshear

Volume two covers the making of troublesome parts, such as forming ramrod pipes and other furniture made from sheet metal. Tapering wooden ramrods, making ramrods longer than 48" , and making and mounting sling swivels is included in volume two.

Our Price: $20.00
How to Customize your Glock. Boolman

You can take your state-of-the-art Glock straight out of the box and start shooting. And that's what you should do if you plan on using it for personal defense. Nothing you can do will make it work any better in that definitive role than it already does. But what if you want something that makes your Glock a little different from everybody else's, a little more suited to your specialized needs? The same design simplicity that makes the Glock easy to manufacture and use also makes it easy to customize.
This mini-"Glocksmithing" course by Glock enthusiasts Robert and Morgan Boatman first explains why you would make a specific modification and what you gain in terms of improved performance – or lose in the trade-off. It then presents step-by-step procedures for altering triggers, extending magazines and slide releases, adding new sights and incorporating other alterations for practical carry and use, as well as providing detailed instructions for basic disassembly and assembly, cleaning and routine maintenance. The workbook format makes the manual simple to follow as you work on your Glock, and high-resolution photos illustrate each part and step precisely.

Our Price: $22.00
Poor Man's Scout Rifle. Cashner.

Until Bob Cashner published the first edition of Poor Man's Scout Rifle in 2003, owning a scout/utility rifle was impractical for most people. Commercial versions were rare and very expensive. Using common tools and easy-to-come-by parts, Cashner showed the average shooter how to fashion his own home-built scouts from a variety of tried-and-true, battle-tested military actions. His versions stayed true to Col. Jeff Cooper's original concept of accuracy and durability as the overriding criteria for such weapons, and to qualify as a poor man's rifle, he made sure his scout rifles were affordable to those on a limited budget. Many things have changed in the firearms world since 2003. The increased popularity of scout rifles – along with the skyrocketing prices for what were once cheap surplus rifles – convinced Cashner to update the original book to meet the needs of today's shooters. This revised how-to guide contains a variety of long-eye-relief scope-mounting hardware that wasn't even on the market when Cashner completed the first book, as well as information on the newest scout rifle scopes; revised prices for rifles, parts and ammo; and some additions and modifications requested by readers. Each of his creations meets the basic specifications of a scout/utility rifle yet costs less than a quarter of what the commercial models would have.

Our Price: $25.00

Smith & Wesson® M&P Pistols & SHIELD
M&P9, M&P40, M&P45 and SHIELD Models
The only current printed manual that includes information on ALL models.
Easy to use -- Comb binding lies open and flat on your work surface.
20 pages & 52 high-resolution grayscale images.
Cardstock cover. Bright white paper

Our Price: $25.00
Gun-Guides, Mauser Rifle K98 M48 & All Variants Disassembly & Reassembly.

• Gun-Guides® are the #1 Best Seller and the only current printed manual that includes information on ALL models with up-to-date clear, concise information.
• 16 pages & 30 high-resolution grayscale images.
• Gun-Guides® have a brief history, complete disassembly and reassembly.
Please see our Table of Contents image for this specific Gun-Guide®.
• Easy to use - Comb binding lies open and flat on your work surface.
• Cardstock cover. Bright white paper.

Our Price: $25.00
Gun-Guides, Ruger .22 Automatic Pistols.

RUGER .22 Automatic Pistols 1947 ~ 2004
For your Ruger Standard, Mark I, Mark II, 22/45, Competition, Government, Slab-sides and all special models prior to the release of the new Mark III series introduced in 2005. So, you decided to disassemble your Mark pistol and now YOU CAN'T GET IT BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!
The only CURRENT printed manual that includes information on ALL models from 1947 ~ 2004 (Mark I, Mark II, 22/45, etc.)
Easy to use -- lies open and flat on your work surface
56 pages - 55 high-resolution grayscale images
Includes "rare" complete serial numbers and manufacturing dates from 1949 ~ 2004
The Ruger .22 Automatic Pistol
William Batterman Ruger
August 1949
Instant Success
Mark I Target Pistol
Military Models
Mark II Pistols
Mark II Government Models
Mark II 22/45
Ruger Turns 50!
Year 2002 and Beyond..

Our Price: $30.00
Gun-Guides Assembly / Reassembly 1903 Springfields.

The only current printed manual that includes information on ALL models.
Easy to use -- Comb binding lies open and flat on your work surface.
16 pages & 37 high-resolution greyscale images.
Serial number ranges with dates from all manufacturers.
Cardstock cover. Bright white paper.
Brief History
Exploded Part Diagrams
(68 parts - 2 Pages)

- How to use this guide.
- Clear Firearm
- Remove Bolt
- Bolt Disassembly
- Mainspring
- Firing Pin Rod
- Striker
- Safety
- Bolt Sleeve Lock
- Extractor
- Floorplate
- Magazine Spring
- Follower
- Upper Band
- Lower Band
- Front Sights
- Handguard
- Stock
- Trigger Guard
- Barreled Action
- Floorplate Catch
- Cut Off Screw
- Ejector
- Sear Pin
- Trigger
- Buttplate
- Rear Sights
Resassembly Tips

Serial Number Ranges.
Includes Springfield Armoury, Rock Island, Remington, and Smith Corona. 1903 ~ 1944

Our Price: $30.00
Gun-Guides Assembly / Disassembly Model 1911 Series Pistols.

Model 1911 Series Pistols
For your M1911, M911A1, Series 70/80 and All Variants

The only current printed manual that includes information on ALL models.
Easy to use -- Comb binding lies open and flat on your work surface.
16 pages & 20 + high-resolution grayscale images.
Cardstock cover. Bright white paper.

Brief history of the 1911 Series Pistols:
Exploded parts view with 54 part names.
Safety First!
Different types of recoil spring assemblies
Barrel bushings
Slide stop
Guide rod and recoil spring(s)
Remove barrel bushings
Firing pin stop plate
Firing pin
Grip panels
Safety lock plunger
Mainspring housing and pin
Slide release plunger and spring
Grip safety
Sear Spring
Hammer pin and hammer assembly
Sear Pin, Sear, and Disconnector
Magazine catch
Trigger assembly
Reassembly and tips

Our Price: $30.00
Gun-Guides Assembly / Disassembly Buckmark 22LR

The only current printed manual for the Browning Buck Mark & Challenger Pistols!
Easy to use -- Comb binding lies open and flat on your work surface.
16 pages & 20+ high-resolution grayscale images.
Cardstock cover. Bright white paper.

Brief History
Safety First
Exploded Parts Diagrams
(2 pages - 73 Parts)
Sight Base & Hoods
Recoil Spring Assembly Slide
Firing Pin Assembly
(Pre/Post 2001)
Magazine Latch Disconnector & Spring Mag & Disconnector
Latch (Post 2005)
Stop Open Latch
Hammer Spring
Safety Click Plate
Hammer & Pivot Pin
Safety Assembly
Sear, Sear Spring,
Sear Spring Pin
Disconnector Pin
Magazine Latch & Trigger Pin
Magazine Ejector Pin & Spring Ejector
Reassembly Tips
Date of Manufacture Codes
1985 ~ Current

Our Price: $30.00
Gun-Guides Assembly / Disassembly Glock Pistols.

Disassembly, Cleaning, Lubrication and Reassembly. Keep your GLOCK® running smoothly or add that new must- have accessory!
28 pages & 53 high-resolution gray-scale images
Easy to use - Comb binding lies open and flat on your work surface
Cardstock cover. Bright white paper
NEW IN 2016: Introduction: Brief History – What GEN is your GLOCK®? Exploded Parts Diagrams & Parts List (6 full pages)
Disassembly - Safety FIRST - Slide - Recoil Spring - Barrel - Cover Plate - Firing Pin Assembly - Channel Liner - Firing Pin Spring - Firing Pin Spring Cups - Extractor Depressor - Spring Loaded Bearing - Firing Pin Safety & Spring - Extractor - Locking Block Pin - Trigger Pin - Slide Stop Lever - Locking Block - Trigger Housing Pin - Ejector - Trigger Assembly - Connector - Slide Lock - Magazine Catch - Magazine
Cleaning & Lubrication (2) Pages
Reassembly - Frame - Slide Lock & Spring - Magazine Catch & Spring - Trigger Assembly - Locking Block & Pin - Trigger Pin - Slide Stop Lever - Trigger Housing Pin - Firing Pin Assembly - Extractor Depressor Plunger - Firing Pin Safety Pin & Spring - Extractor - Slide Cover - Barrel - Recoil Spring - Slide to Frame
3D Cutaway GLOCK® Current Models Grid
Universal Gun Safety Rules

Our Price: $30.00
Gun-Guides Assembly / Disassembly Ruger Single Action Revolvers.

Ruger Single Action Revolvers - For your Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk, Vaquero and Bisley Models
The only current printed manual that includes information on ALL models.
Easy to use -- Comb binding lies open and flat on your work surface.
16 pages & 20+ high-resolution grayscale images.
Cardstock cover. Bright white paper.

Brief History
Safety First
Exploded Parts Diagram
Parts List
- Clear Weapon
- Grips
- Mainspring
- Grip Frame Screws
- Grip / Cylinder Frames
- Pawl Spring
- Cylinder Latch
- Old Three Screw Models
- Trigger Spring
- Trigger Pivot Pin
- Gate Detent Spring Clamp
- Hammer & Cross Pin
- Transfer Bar
- Trigger
- Cylinder Stop
- Gate Spring
- Loading Gate
- Hammer Plunger & Spring
- Ejector & Hosuing
(21) Listed Steps and Tips

Our Price: $30.00
Gun-Guides Assembly / Disassembly Ruger Mark 111

Ruger Mark III Series 22 Pistols - Standard, Target, Government Target, Competition, Hunter and 22/45 Models.

The only current printed manual that includes information on ALL models.
Specific disassembly and reassembley instructions for the differences between the Standard and 22/45 models.
Easy to use -- Comb binding lies open and flat on your work surface.
19 pages & 36 high-resolution grayscale images.
Cardstock cover. Bright white paper.
Brief History and discription of
previous Models
Exploded Part Diagrams
(46 parts and descriptions)
- Clear Pistol
- Magazine
- Internal Lock
- Mainspring Housing Latch
- Bolt Stop
- Bolt
- Firing Pin Stop
- Barrel / Receiver
- Recoil Spring Assembly
- Firing Pin
- Firing Pin Support & Spring
- Extractor
- Grips
- Hammer Pivot Pin
- Safety
- Hammer Assembly
- Magazine Disconnect
- Hammer Bushing
- Sear Assembly
- Trigger Assembly
- Sear Assembly
- Sear Assembly
Serial Number for ALL models
from 2004 ~ 2008

Our Price: $30.00
The Modern Kentucky Rifle. Illustrated instructions for gun builders. McCrory.

This 62 page booklet was one of the first on building the long rifle. The author shows his work, and scratch builds almost every piece.

All of these parts can now be purchased, but the price of this book will quickly be saved by gun makers who follow these instructions. Nearly 100 photographs illustrate his techniques.

The series of photos on fitting the butt plate is worth the price! Soft cover, in 5 x 8" format, with separate full-scale 1820 Golden Age long rifle plans included.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
Editor's Note
The Planning Stage
The Patchbox
Ramrod Ferrules
The Muzzle Cap
The Barrel
The Stock Blank
Inletting the Barrel
The Ramrod Hole
Locating Barrel Lug Holes
Inletting the Ramrod Ferrules
Installing the Buttcap
Inletting the Lock
Inletting and Installing the Trigger
Installing the Triggerguard
The Triggerplate
Installing the Patchbox
Shaping the Buttstock
The Toeplate
The Lock Escutcheon Plate
Shaping the Forestock
The Muzzle Cap - Fitting
Shaping the Lock & Breech Section
Finishing the Stock
Browning the Barrel and Other Iron Parts
Polishing the Brass
Making the Ramrod
Percussion Locks
Wood Repairs
Second Edition Addenda (1962)
Third Edition Addenda (1968)
Parts List

Our Price: $35.00
Lock Stock and Barrel. Antique Gun Repair. McCrory.

Practically every repair or restoration problem encountered with the muzzleloading gun is addressed. A partial list of topics include: Stock repair shows several typical damages, breaks, gouges, missing wood, illustrated and repaired. Wood finishing, cleaning, refinishing, spot finishing after local repairs. General information on metals, basics about metals used in old guns, iron, brass, hardening, tempering, and annealing. Lock repairs, typical lock faults and how to repair them. Barrel work, unloading, cleaning, removing breech plugs, lugs and sight. What to work on and what to leave alone. Soft cover format, 5 x 8" of 122 pages with 175 illustrations.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
Stock Work
Major Breaks
Missing Wood
Inlay Repairs
Split Forend
Lengthen Forestock
Dent Removal
Wood Finishing
Bumps and Warpage
Spot Refinishing
Tempering-Heat Treating
Welding and Soldering
Silver Soldering
Figuring Out Threads
Making Screws
Worn Threads
Use of Taps and Dies
Removing Broken Taps
Screw Removal
Lock Repairs
Broken Sear
Tumbler Notches
Tumbler Shaft
Refacing Frizzens
Spring Replacement
Loose Hammer
The Missing Lock
Replacing a Flintlock
Replacing a Percussion Lock
Fitting Drum and Nipple
Reconversion to Flintlock
Frizzen Spring
Hammer Fitting
Top Jaw Fitting
Closing Drum Hole
Vent Hole
Barrel Work
Removing Breechplug
Bore Cleaning
Barrel Relining
Crown Muzzle
Lugs and Sights
Ramrod Ribs and Pipes
Dent Removal
Metal Finishing
Rust Removal
Wire Brushing
Disc Sanding
Draw Filing
Brass-Cleaning and Polishing
Spot Refinishing
Disassembly Notes and Miscellaneous Repairs
Barrel Band
Barrel Removal
Lock Removal
Spring Removal
Nipple Removal
Making a Hammer
Ramrod Pipes
Brass Triggerguard Repairs
Set Triggers
Proof Testing and Safety
Making Fuse
Fake Detection
NRA Code for Gun Collectors
Note to Readers

Our Price: $35.00
The Gun Digest Book of Rimfire Rifles Assembly / Disassembly

Gun Digest Book of Rimfire Rifles Assembly/Disassembly
By Kevin Muramatsu
Take Your Rimfire Rifle Apart. And Get it Back Together ... With Confidence!
Step-by-step photos for 74 models & 228 variants!
You'll Love This If:
You need to take your rimfire rifle apart to repair or modify it
You want to be able to completely disassemble your small bore long gun for cleaning and maintenance
You're a gunsmith and want a valuable aid in rimfire disassembly and reassembly
You're evaluating the best rimfire rifles before buying one.
Over 1800 Photos and Easy-to-Follow Instructions
The Gun Digest Book of Rimfire Assembly-Disassembly, 3rd Edition offers crystal clear disassembly and reassembly instructions you can put to use immediately for rimfire rifles. It features 1,800+ photographs, including step-by-step gun disassembly instructions of the best .22 rimfire rifles and others. Simple text makes it super easy to take apart most popular (and some obscure) makes and models of rimfire rifles.

Our Price: $40.00
Ruger Double Action Revolver Vol 1. Kuhnhausen

The Ruger Double Action Revolvers: A Shop Manual, Vol. I
Ruger Double Action Revolvers Book CoverThe only detailed gunsmithing and repair manual published on the original Six Series Ruger D.A. Revolvers. 100's of crystal clear photos and illustrations. Click here for a sample page from the book. Volume I covers troubleshooting & problem solving; timing; parts inspection and replacement; and complete repair and rebuilding of the Ruger Six-Series Double Actions - models include the Security-Six, Police Service-Six, and Speed-Six Double Action Revolvers.
In this book, the author places attention on Six-Series' special design features, including interaction of the trigger & transfer bar with the hammer & firing pin. Important action design related subjects are covered in detail including: trigger and cylinder latch fitting for correct latch pull down and smooth trigger return; pawl (cylinder hand) fitting and adjustment; proper cylinder carry up/rotation; on-time cylinder latch drop, and smooth action function. This information packed manual provides a wealth of practical information on these unique revolvers.
With over a million made, the Six-Series Double Action Revolvers were the parent design for Ruger's later Redhawk, Super Redhawk, and GP Series double actions.

Our Price: $40.00
Gunsmithing With Simple Hand Tools. Dubino.

Stackpole Classic Gun Book
Classic reference by a master gunsmith
How to repair, modify, and improve firearms
Before the advent of the lathe, shaper, milling machine, and surface grinder, gunsmiths used hand tools to produce classic firearms. Such tools can still be used today to modify any design a firearms enthusiast has in his collection. With detailed information on planning a workshop and acquiring the basic tools, this practical reference is a must-have for anyone interested in repairing and improving firearms. Topics such as metals, files, abrasives, small parts, and how to blue and polish a gun for a finished look are all covered in this informative guide.

Our Price: $45.00
The US M1911 Shop Manual Vol 2. Kuhnhausen

Volume 2 continues on where Volume 1 leaves off-
And, Volume 2 has even more:
More on basic pistol function; more on design theory; more parts data; more on parts fitting; more on barrel fitting; more on accurizing; more on reliability; and more on everything...

Our Price: $45.00
Guerilla Gunsmithing. Benson

There may come a time when government restrictions severely limit not only access to firearms but the tools and means to repair and maintain them, or you may someday find yourself in the boondocks with a busted weapon. That's where the guerrilla gunsmith comes in. Ragnar Benson has had experience fixing "junk" guns in some tough places around the world, and here he shares some innovative ways to patch up, cobble together and otherwise make operational everything from antique rifles still found in remote war zones to modern firearms suffering from appalling abuse. Drawing on lessons and stories from backwoods experts he's worked with under desperate conditions in Africa, the Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan and beyond, Ragnar tells how to employ last-resort but effective techniques to remove hopelessly stuck rounds and other barrel obstructions, straighten bent barrels, replace lost parts, smooth out dented magazines, make repairs to some pretty hopeless stocks, scrounge up workable ammo and more.

Our Price: $45.00
Centerfire Rifles Assembly and Disassembly. 3rd Muramatsu.

Hot off the presses and new is Kevin Muramatsu’s third upgrade to his extremely popular Gun Digest Book of Centerfire Rifles Assembly/Disassembly.
We routinely turn to Kevin for all our assembly/disassembly volumes for a number of reasons. For one, he’s a very solid writer, and boy oh boy does he know his stuff when it comes to firearms of all types. Rimfires, pistols, shotguns, and, of course, centerfire rifles—he’s got the taking apart and putting ‘em back together process as streamlined as can be, and he does it in a way that even the first-time gun owner can appreciate.
You remember when you went to take apart your first gun and how intimidating that proposition was—and oh, the pit in your stomach when there was a leftover part on your workbench after you thought you’d gotten it done right. Kevin does away with the angst and anxiety, simplifying the process from start to pieces and back to a whole unit again.
This third volume has assembly/disassembly for more than 60 of the most popular modern sporting rifles you’re bound to encounter, plus their close variants, everything from a Swiss Schmidt-Rubin Model 1911 (and, yes, that’s a rifle, not a pistol), to a Steyr Mannlicher Scout, Howa 1500, Remington Rolling Block, Savage Model 99, and the Winchester 1892. In this 3rd Edition, Kevin also added a variety of new guns, including those from CZ, Ruger, H&K, Springfield, Thompson/Center, and others. Altogether, an invaluable reference for anyone with a centerfire rifle or three in their safe.

Our Price: $45.00
The Gun and its Development. Greener.

1st published in Great Britain in 1881 & revised 9 times between then & 1910. Traces the fascinating history of weaponry. The classic, authoritative reference of interest to marksmen, hunters, gun collectors, & military or industrial history buffs. 400 B&W photos & engravings; 846 pgs.
Covers the obscure, ancient origins of the slingshot and the bow, the invention of the crossbow, possibly around 1000 AD; the introduction of gunpowder into Europe in the fourteenth century; the development of sporting and military guns over the centuries thereafter; and the rise of modern, mass-produced firearms in the early twentieth century.
Chapters cover early to modern handguns; gunpowder ignition methods from fuses and flintlocks to percussion fulminates; shotguns; hammerless guns; ejector guns; the history of the firearms industry; manufacturing methods and their development in Britain, America, and elsewhere; how to use and handle different types of guns; ballistics; the development of rifling and smokeless powder; and much more. Copiously illustrated with photographs and marvelous engravings.

Our Price: $45.00
Lock Stock and Barrel. Adams, Braden.

Making an English Shotgun & Shooting with Consistency
by Cyril Adams & Robert Braden
Robert Braden and Cyril Adams shot fine English shotguns for decades all over the world, and they are unashamed in their preference for an English-made shotgun. In this book they give the most complete description ever of the process of making a best-grade English gun from a lump of steel and a walnut tree trunk. Never before has this production process been described with such clarity, giving the reader a total understanding of what goes into such guns and why they are so expensive. The second section of the book contains the most practical advice on consistent field shooting with a double shotgun. In addition, professional tips are provided on choke, shot pattern, shooting distance, and other technical aspects. This is a superb shotgun and shooting book that is a must for all who own and shoot such a weapon. Foreword by Bob Brister. This book has received some of the best reviews ever of any of our publications. In addition, it was selected as one of the ten best sporting books of 1996 by Sports Afield!

Our Price: $45.00