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The FAL Rifle. Stevens.
The FAL Rifle. Stevens.
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Our first purpose-printed, Library-quality upgrade of this material. Contains every word originally published in the 3-volume FAL Series, under the following titles:
North American FALs
NATO's Search for a Standard Rifle
By R Blake Stevens (1979)
The development of the now-defunct Canadian Arsenals Limited (CAL) inch-measurement C1 and C2 rifles (later modified to C1A1 and C2A1 configuration) and the short-lived US T48, as made by FN and two old-line US gun companies, (both also now defunct), High Standard and H&R. Notes on all models, accessories, ammunition.

UK & Commonwealth FALS
Volume Two of the FAL Series
by R Blake Stevens (1980)
The story of the L1A1, the "other" inch-measurement FAL, as developed jointly by Britian and Australia with Canadian Arsenals Limited (CAL) as overall Design Authority. Extensive coverage of UK/Belgian/Canadian intermediate cartridge developments. Illustrates and describes many interesting rifle variations and numerous accessories.

The Metric FAL-the Free World's Right Arm
by R Blake Stevens and Jean Van Rutten (1981)
From prototype No 1 (in 7.92x33mm kurz calibre) to the latest PARA, HBAR (FALO) and LAR, this is the complete story of the FAL rifle as manufactured (under the metric system) by Belgium's famous Fabrique Nationale Herstal (FN) and Fn's liscensed (Metric) producers around the world. Contains priceless archieval material on all FAL prototypes plus other experimentals, accessories, and cortridge development. The FAL Rifle concludes with the comprehensive Fal Series Index to all 3 volumes.