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The Model 1911 and 1911A1 Military and Commercial Pistols. Poyer.
The Model 1911 and 1911A1 Military and Commercial Pistols. Poyer.

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The Model 1911 and Model 1911A1
Military and Commercial Pistols
2nd Edition, Revised & Expanded

by Joe Poyer
A new revised and expanded edition of the Model 1911 and Model 1911A1 Military and Commercial Pistols is now available. Sixteen pages of new information regarding models, stocks, mainspring housings, magazines, markings, serial numbers, and finishes to help identify your Model 1911 or Model 1911A1 more exactly.

Nearly five years in preparation, this books examines John Browning's most famous pistol from barrel bushing to hammer to lanyard loop on a part-by-part basis.

As always in the “For Collectors Only®” series any change or variation in a part is described by serial number range, making it possible to determine the authenticity of any Model 1911 or Model 1911A1 by year of manufacture.
The Model 1911 and Model 1911A1 Military and Commercial Pistols is now 560 pages long. It includes 82 tables detailing parts and markings and 672 photos and drawings. An eight page color insert includes rarely seen examples of the Model 1911 and Model 1911A1.
Parts are described in chapters organized by assembly—receiver, slide and magazine. Each part of each assembly—trigger system, magazine release, sights, etc are then described complete with markings and other identifying characteristics. Parts are differentiated by model and manufacturer, i.e. Colt, Springfield Armory, Remington Arms-UMC, Singer, Ithaca , Remington Rand and Union Switch & Signal. All Colt model and variation parts are also described where they differ from the .45 ACP part.
All military and commercial markings are listed by date or serial number range of use. Serial numbers are listed in twenty-six individual tables both by military and the individual commercial models, and by other manufacturers. An appendix contains a serial number listing organized both by manufacturing and shipping date. Serial numbers for British military, Canadian, Argentine, Norwegian, and Russian military pistols are also given.
Individual chapters and appendices provide detailed examinations of markings on receivers, slides and barrels, including military inspection and commercial markings, and photographs of all slide markings. Finishes are discussed for both military and commercial pistols by serial number ranges. Accoutrements and accessories are thoroughly explored and photographed including all belts, magazine pockets, and holsters .
A complete listing of all U.S. military Model 1912, 1916, M3, M7, and M15 holster manufacturers is included. U.S. military-issue ammunition in .45 ACP is described in detail. A photo-illustrated assembly/disassembly procedure shows the most efficient way to service the pistol.
Our technical adviser, Karl Karash, has produced a portfolio of over 5,000 color photographs of Model 1911/1911A1 pistols, both military and commercial (see examples below). This collection is an invaluable tool for researching the M1911/M1911A1 pistol. A total of 205 pistols were photographed to show full size and in color, right and left views of each pistol from serial no. 43 to the end of U.S. military and commercial production, plus close-ups of all significant parts and markings (over 5,000 photographs in all). Each photograph can be enlarged 4 times on your computer screen without losing resolution.

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